Hi all those who are reading this. This is my first fanfic and this is just the prologue. Please review, give any ideas (once I get to the plot line it will be easier), check out 'The Mind of the Mad', and tell me what you think.

Soldier, weapon, dangerous, free. That's what I am training for. No one can know. It's my secret. Everyone has theirs, and I can finally have mine. I'll be who I always dreamed to be. Roaming the forests, daggers in hand, bow slung over my back, silent and fluent with my own language. I am finally old enough at the age of twelve to initiate my plan. It is time. I've waited for this moment for five years. It took a lot, and I mean, a LOT, to convince my parents to get a punching bag along with gloves, a treadmill, and one of those exercising foot things that I have no idea what to call (though I have suspicions that they are called steppers). Let me explain further – at the age of seven I read: The Hobbit and shortly following, Lord of the Rings. When I found out there were movies, I immediately watched them and loved them as well. Although I was a huge fan of Tolkien and I loved the books, I couldn't get over the idea of Legriel – Tauriel and Legolas together. They inspired me and I finally started planning my plan in immense detail. This is the result. After five years, I am about to begin my rigorous training. I have already begun the archery, but after turning the storage room into a gym (really if I am being brutally honest, it is now a place to hold all my personal training sessions), I am prepared to start my home training. As it is now the big break for holidays in 2017-2018, I have enough time to start. I already do karate which I am a junior black belt in (you can only become a senior black belt by the age of sixteen by the law). I have also, very recently found a website that ships daggers (they are basically real but are modified to be less dangerous as they are exact replicas of the ones of Tauriel's daggers and Legolas's knives in: The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings in Legolas's case). I have purchased them and they just arrived yesterday! The only thing that could possibly dampen my spirits is the fact that my clumsy self somehow managed to shut my finger in the glass door of my shower. That hurt, but at least it improves my resistance. If you don't know what I mean by 'resistance', I mean how high my pain tolerance is. By frequently being in pain, I become more used to it and I can resist it better. This is also part of my training. So I suppose that makes two things in the past day that would improve my resistance – my finger, and when Libertee Shaw repeatedly kicked me in the legs today for absolutely no reason, because that's what friends are meant to do, right? Yep, that basically sums up all my friends for you. Let's see, they are (supposedly): Mackenzie Bentley, Allegra Lee, Imogen Stewarts, Libertee Shaw, Jemma Reynolds, Eva Williams, Jillian Cooper, Paige Thomson, Abby West, Valerie Fletcher, and Amy Freedman. The only half decent people are Eva and Amy. Mackenzie reckons she has issues and that she is smart. I constantly find this amusing because she thinks she is 'mature' and that she can order everyone around when it is really the exact opposite. Imogen recently just left for another country, but she always thought that she was better than everyone. Jemma is Libertee's sidekick and thinks that she has mental and physical issues and that she is tougher and stronger than anyone else which she is most certainly NOT. Libertee acts as though she is the smartest person in the world, but she is pretty darn unintelligent. Which makes Jillian the most unintelligent and funniest failure out of them all. She has no strategy whatsoever and tells everyone if they are doing something that annoys her (relating to the 'NO STRATEGY AT ALL' part). Absolutely NO ONE likes her (and I have proof of this as I have asked everyone), she is clingy, and she always starts the dumbest arguments (or does stupid things) and blames other for them, from there, she is so dumb, you constantly have the upper hand in EVERY SINGLE ARGUMENT. These people make my life a living hell and are helping me lose my mind, they are also very easy to read (well, being honest, for me, everyone is easy to read, so maybe I'm just good a reading people). Please understand. This is another reason as to why I have planned my plan and finally initiated it. Well, now that you know some basic stuff about me, let us launch into my totally uninteresting life that I hope will intrigue you by some miracle. Oh, and by the way, I'm Onyx.

If your name is one of the 'friends' names, please do not be offended. I just used random names that do not really mean anything. I look forward to seeing you guys again with my next chapter! p