I know that the last chapter was short and uninteresting but the context was needed. Also, anything in Sindarin ('Elvish' if you did not know, but in this story it will be a substitute for an ancient wolf language - drulathren) will eventually come up and it shall be in italics. I will write the translations at the bottom of the page.

Training. Training. Training. My life, in other words. I am 16 years of age now. I feel like an expert, but I am sure there are people who specialise in these things who are way, way better. We are still pretty darn good though.

Oh, I forgot about the guys. Basically, the few people who help me NOT lose my mind are: April, Riley, Conor and Damien. Damien joined the 'gang' about 2 months ago. Okay, fine. I'll admit it! I kind of… like Damien. I have no idea how he feels about me though! He is really nice and always agrees to go with me in training and just… and Riley reckon he likes me too but I don't want to risk it. I was a little concerned when I told April because she had that glint in her eyes that you see when someone knows something you don't.

Just before I continue, you should know that… we are Wolfbloods. Yep, you heard me, wolfbloods. Don't freak out on me just yet. The only thing is that we have not yet undergone our inauguration, or, in our language, mist. This translates to 'wandering' in English. This is when we go through our initiation and we travel with the spirit of a wolf, hence the translation of 'wandering'.

We must pass a series of tests, and, if we pass, we merge with the spirit of the wolf that chose us and it becomes our friend. It is like the essence is our conscience, in a way. That is our version of mist all right, not the form of water vapour you are familiar with. I know it sounds kinda freaky, but just try to stay with me here. Our parents (well, in my and April's case) have no idea that we are what we are. Yes, to answer your question, it can be VERY tricky at times. For example this one time… you know what?

How about we just leave that part out. Anyway, getting back to our faroth (that is 'group of hunters' for you human speakers), Damien comes from a wild Wolfblood pack. His adar is dangerous, and I mean dangerous. He also happens to be the leader of the wild Wolfblood pack, which is kinda cool because Damien gets to inherit that, but it also sucks, because it means that Damien's adar can do umm… a LOT.


Back to training, let's see… Now that I remembered to tell you about some of the most important people in my life, I can tell you what weapons we specialise in and how we pre-train for using our claws (yes, claws) as weapons. I specialise with daggers, Damien with swords and April with spears. Riley and Conor don't specialise in anything yet though. We all do archery, horse riding, advanced weaponry, extreme gym training, karate, and most sports such as: swimming, rock-climbing, ice-skating, rowing etc.

We use these awesome strap-on claw things. That sounds really undescriptive and weird, doesn't it? "Haaaaaaa", basically, imagine the wolverines' claws but as gloves with claws rather than hands. Then imagine the gloves are wrap-up (training) boxing gloves. That is what we use to sorta get a feel for claws. Yep, obviously it's going to be different when we are in wolf form because we are going to have paws rather than hands.

Oh yeah, just so you know, Riley and Connor aren't actually wolfbloods; they just know about April, Damien and I. They still train with us, they just do less intense things as they can never really be on our level as we are wolfbloods so we have amplified: hearing, sense of smell, eye-sight, reflexes, strength, sensitivity to our surroundings and yeah… those would be a list of all our amplified abilities. We also like aes, we do not devote our diet to it, but we do like it quite a bit. We also love to be in nature, are naturally really good at sport, we can speak drulathren fluently and the majority of us have the ability to transform into a wolf once we have undergone our mist.

16 is the general age for this, so naturally, Damien, April and I are all super excited; we even managed to get Riley and Conor perked up about it! We all reckon April will be first, but, being her modest self, she reckons it's going to be either me or Damien. I wonder when it will happen to us.

Apparently there are also Wolfblood abilities you can receive if you are powerful enough called Ancien and eolas. Ancien is when you touch a object and it shows you its' past whereas eolas is when you feel the nature around you and focus on a single person/wolfblood, and all your senses hone in on that person, and you travel mentally until you can see them. It is like the thing they do in the movie Zoom with the superpowers. I mean, these aren't really superpowers although humans could potentially consider them as that.

How do we know all this if we've had no one to guide us? Well, first of all, there's Damien who has been brought up in his packs way and thus knows everything there is to know about us, along with things like what the pack healers and the alpha... right, stay on topic Onyx. We didn't really know much at all before Damien came, only that we were different and that we smelt the same.

I came before Damien though - my family moved to New Zealand because of my dad's job, and I was fine with that. I seriously have no idea how April dealt with that for so long without telling anyone (although admittedly, when she told me, she started cracking - very rare for her especially), but after all, she is the one and only April! Well, time to go running as I've been waiting for a while and April and Damien still haven't shown up.

Deep breath in… deep breath out… deep breath in… deep breath out… It was nightfall and I had been running for hours straight. I had circled back the forest at some point, so I reckon I was somewhere deep in the middle of the forest. I slowed down to a walk and happened upon a huge oak tree. An idea suddenly popped into my mind; why don't I just climb the tree and sleep there for the night? My parents wouldn't be worried about me as they trust that I am responsible enough, and besides, in the morning I can just tell them I was staying over at April's – it is the weekend after all. It didn't take me very long to climb up the tree, it was a little harder than usual as it was a huge oak with branches that only begun after 50 meters of the mammoth tree, but I did it in the end and found myself a nice crook for the night. I got comfortable in the crook of the tree (which is much, much easier for us Wolfbloods rather than you humans as we have a much stronger connection to nature), and, surprisingly (as it usually takes a long, long while) I felt myself almost immediately give in to the soft lull of sleep.

And the ground will be sanguinolent… all shall suffer at the hands of fate, even those with the purest of gûrs. Twisted and corrupt, in the môr. And the ground… the ground is sanguinolent. It shall never… come to pass. Corrupt and twisted… sickening and cold in the môr. It is guruthos… it will bring only guruthos… and the ground shall be sanguinolent. Thuds of bloodied rhaws as they hit the ground. Hidden from sight… all will burn in naur… and the ground will have been sanguinolent… …

"Quick, this way! Follow me out! Come on…"

The voice said something else, but it was incoherent, and it faded away into the dark, eternal abyss.

Sorry there are so many words that needed to be translated guys and that it took so long for this chapter. I had lots of schoolwork. I'll try to get to the next one faster! This chapter is also very short, I know. Once we get the context out of the way, it'll be much more interesting. Tell me if you like the new formation!

Adar – Father

Mist – Wandering

Faroth – Group of Hunters

Aes – Meat

Gûr – Heart

Môr – Darkness

Guruthos – Death

Rhaw – Body

Naur – Fire

Drulathren is the name of an ancient wolf language. I created the name.