AN: Another Story, this was inspired by DONOVAN 94's Dragon-Bound, only I'm putting Smaug in Alagaesia, so we can see how he handles dragons having riders. He may turn slightly OOC, but he won't accept Eragon or Saphira until he feels like it.

Dragon thoughts

Dragons speaking


Flying in the skies, over the ruins of the city known as Dale. A large creature flapped his wings as he flew towards Lake-town with the intent to burn it to ashes. This creature was a dragon, he had red scales and a golden underbelly, his golden eyes filled with nothing but revenge for those miserable dwarves and those tub-trading Lake-men. Instead of four legs, he had two hind legs, on his wings were two fingers and a thumb to be his forelegs. His tail long like a whip.

This was SMAUG! The King under the mountain! Conquer of Dale! The Chiefest and greatest of Calamities!

Why was he flying towards Lake-town you ask? Well it goes like this...

Smaug was sleeping within the mountain, and his gold, he only awoke to satisfy his hunger and thirst. Sixty years it had been since he took Erebor from the Dwarves.

They decided to come back, but only twelve of them. Including Thorin Oakenshield.

Smaug was awoken from his sleep when he sensed movement on his gold, so he brought his head out and looked around for the thief, using mocking words to try and coax it into coming out of the Shadows. Eventually the Thief did, but it wasn't what Smaug was expecting.

It was a small creature that had big, hairy feet. Smaug had never encountered this type of creature in his travels or his life so he didn't know what it was.

The thief declared that he only came to gaze upon Smaug's magnificence because he didn't believe the tales! This tiny, insignificant creature would dare question the Majesty of Smaug?! Smaug the Golden?! Smaug the Terror?! The dragon was going to alter that.

The little thief tried to use flattery, but that wouldn't keep him alive, not with Smaug. The red male stated that he had never smelt the kind of the thief and asked for its name and where it came from. The thief said that it came from under the hill, Smaug's curiosity began getting the better of him. The thief also stated that he was he who walks unseen.

Smaug had to admit, that was impressive, smaug's interest peaked when the thief said he was a barrel-rider, that was very interesting. Smaug then asked for were the Dwarves were, being that he knew the smell and taste of dwarf, no one better!

The barrel-rider denied that there were no dwarves, that Smaug had got that all wrong. Smaug was never wrong, any who dared call him wrong were quickly killed, but this thief knew where the dwarves were so kept him alive to play his little game.

It was obvious to Smaug that those dwarves sent the thief into the mountain to do their dirty work while they skulk about outside. The thief told Smaug that he was mistaken while mentioning one of his titles, Smaug remembered the words he said to the thief that lead to the chase.

"You have nice manners, for a thief and a LIAR!" Smaug roared. "I know the smell and taste of dwarf! No one better! It is the gold! They are drawn to treasure like flies to dead flesh!" The little thief soon began running for it. "Did you think I did not know this day would come?!" Smaug asked and slammed his head against a column, shaking the mountain. "That a pack of canting dwarves, would came crawling back to the mountain?!" He knocked down another column that shook the mountain.

Smaug then went on to explain that the king under the mountain was dead, he took his throne and eat his people like a woof among sheep. Smaug's most known words were spoken for what he does.

"I kill WHERE I wish, WHEN I wish! My armour is iron!" Smaug said, pride evident in his voice as he flew after the thief before landing on a big table,his claws gripping it. "No blade can pierce ME!"

The red dragon then knew just who it was that sent the thief into the mountain. Thorin Oakenshield. Of course, he sent the thief into the mountain for the Arkenstone. The thief was quick to deny this, but Smaug told it to not bother denying it, he guessed his foul purpose sometime ago.

"But it matters not." Smaug then said. "Oakenshield's quest will fail." Smaug then grinned evilly. "The darkness is coming, it will spread to every Corner of the land."

Smaug went on to tell the their that he was being used by the Coward, Oakenshield, who weighed the value of the thief's life and found it worth nothing. He almost laughed when the thief denied that as well.

"What did he promise you?" Smaug had asked. "A share of the treasure?" He lifted some coins up with his left swing before letting it fall back to the rest. "As if it was his to give." Smaug muttered. "I will not part with a single coin! Not. One. Piece of it!" Smaug then lifted his tail and saw the creature flying through the air with the Arkenstone not that far. "My teeth are swords! My claws are spears! My wings are a HURRICANE! And my breath is DEATH!"

Smaug heard the thief mutter something to himself and demanded to know what but the thief quickly said that Smaug's reputation proceeded him, that he truly had no equal on this earth.

Smaug felt like laughing, indeed he didn't have an equal. But perhaps a part of him wanted a mate to help him with guarding the treasure and mountain, maybe some hatchlings along the way. It was a dream for Smaug when he was younger to become a father, to prove he wasn't like his own who abandoned him and his mother when Smaug was just an egg.

Shaking himself from those thoughts, Smaug saw the thief look at the Arkenstone that was there, ripe for the taking. "I am almost tempted to let you take it. If only to see Oakenshield suffer, watch it destroy him, watch it corrupt his heart and drive him MAD!" Smaug grinned sadistically, after all, his grandfather Thrór was driven mad by dragon sickness.

But the little game ends there, Smaug asked for the thief's way to die as he made to tear it apart but the little creature somehow vanished from Smaug's eyes! Enraged, the red dragon sent a wave of flames from his mouth, hoping the burn the little creature.

Smaug looked for the thief before finding it, but with company.


The dragon glared at the dwarf runt as the other dwarves came through, weapons armed and ready. Smaug only roared and charged at them, his chest glowing with fire ready.

"YOU WILL BURN!" Smaug roared as he unleashed his fire at the dwarves and thief who jumped down a slope of good and ran through a hallway, Smaug began searching for them but lost them.

He soon found them but they tried distracting him by running from one bridge to another, Smaug was not amused at this game of dragon and dwarf. Soon, he caught up to Oakenshield, the thief and another dwarf. Smaug sent another wave of fire at the dwarf who jumped onto something that went down into a pit, Smaug quickly followed, wanting to end this dwarf's life!

Suddenly the dwarf went flying past Smaug's head, making his eyes widen slightly in confusion before he tried biting Oakenshield, but it only made the dwarf fall onto Smaug's snout. The red dragon opened his Jaws, ready to eat the dwarf but Oakenshield jumped onto another rope while something crashed into Smaug's hea, knocking the dragon off course.

Seeing his prey get out of the pit, Smaug sent another wave of flames at the dwarf but he evaded it and Smaug began climbing up from the pit and heard Oakenshield speak.

"I did not look to see you so easily outwitted." He taunted as Smaug came out of the pit. "You have grown slow, and fat, in your dotage slug." Smaug glared at the dwarf before unleashing his flames through the gate, leading to the Dwarven forges. The fire only lightened up the furnaces, not caring for this, Smaug began smashing his way through the gate.

Soon the red dragon smashed down the gate and looked around for the dwarves before seeing the thief on top of a platform. Grinning evilly, Smaug made his way toward the thief before stopping and turning his head to see Oakenshield.

The dwarf shouted a command and as Smaug went to burn him, his flame was extinguished by water. But the dragon didn't let that stop him as he began making his way towards Oakenshield, ignoring the flash flames that were smashing against his face, tricks like that don't work on him.

After another distraction, Smaug shook everything off before seeing the thief and chased after him. The thief slid down a flat surface that lead to the gallery of the kings. Smaug quickly smashed through the curtains and landed on the ground.

"You think you can device me, barrel-rider?!" Smaug hissed as his fierce, glaring eyes searched for the creature. "You have come from Lake-town." Smaug knew then, those cowards in Lake-town had formed a scheme with the dwarves, trying to take his mountain and gold from him. "This is some sort of scheme hatched between these filthy dwarves and those miserable tub-trading lake-men. Those snivelling cowards with their long how's, and black arrows! Perhaps it is time I paid them a visit." Smaug hissed as he began making his way to the exist.

He soon heard the thief shouting for him to not go to Lake-town, Smaug knew the creature cared about the lake-men, then he can watch them die. The dragon was nearly at the gate when a familiar voice shouted to him.

"Here! You witless worm!" Smaug growled as his eyes narrowed, this dwarf would dare insult HIM?! THE GREATEST DRAGON OF THE THIRD AGE?! Oh He'll show them all why he is feared.

The dwarf declared that he was taking back what Smaug stole. It almost made him laugh as he moved towards the dwarf who was standing on a statue of a dwarf. Smaug disagreed that the dwarf would take nothing from him. Many have tried, only to fail!

Smaug declared that he put terror in the hearts of men, that he was King under the mountain. Oakenshield declared that this was not Smaug's kingdom, these were dwarf lands, dwarf gold and they will have their revenge before pulling a chain that lead to the statue falling apart, revealing a golden statue of a dwarf. Smaug became drunk with his obsession with gold as he stared at it, before it suddenly began bursting with liquid.

Smaug was then submerged by the yellow liquid, it fueled his anger! The dwarf spoke about revenge? He'll show him revenge! Bursting out of the Liquid, Smaug made a terrifying promise. "REVENGE?! REVENGE?! I WILL SHOW YOU REVENGE?!" He roared as he made his way to the exist and smashed through the gate and took to the skies, the golden liquid falling off him.

Smaug spread his wings and made his way to Lake-town. "I am Fire, I am... DEATH!" Smaug hissed as he flew towards Lake-town.

And that leads us to now, Smaug dived in and his chest glowed before he unleashed a wave of flames on the town, burning everyone who was in the way. Smaug didn't care for the screams, this was simple revenge! The dwarves knew a price would be paid for breaking into his mountain! Lake-town was that price!

Smaug flew back and forth around the town, burning every inch of it he can find. He soon felt arrows hit his chest and knocked down a tower before flying back and landing onto a few houses, he turned his head to see a man standing on the tower he just destroyed.

"Who are you that would stand against ME?" Smaug hissed, glaring at the man as he lifted up a broken bow, Smaug nearly laughed. "Now that is a pity." He said mockingly as he began approaching the tower. "What will yo do now, BOWMAN? You are forsaken. No help will come!" Smaug then saw something next to the Bowman and his tongue slithered out his mouth like a snake. "Is that your child? You cannot save him from the fire! He. Will. BURN!"

Smaug saw the Bowman set up and arrow and used his son as the bow, Smaug almost laughed at the feeble attempt before speaking. "Tell me, Wretch, how now shall YOU Challenge ME? You have nothing left, BUT YOUR DEATH!" Smaug then roared as he stomped through the houses, intending on burning the Bowman and his child.

He didn't see the black arrow coming until it hit its target,Smaug's eyes widened as he flew off course and smashed through the houses before flying into the air, groaning in pain before the life left his eyes.

Smaug was dead.

His body fell and landed atop the master of the Lake, killing him.

Once the survivors of Lake-town left the burned town, it was all quiet. Two figures dressed in black, one male, the other female.

"Are you sure this is right for him?" The male asked.

"Yes." The female said in a beautiful, melodic voice. "He deserves the one thing he never had." The two figures muttered a spell and Smaug's body disappeared. "May the Valar and the Alagaesian Ancestors protect him."

"And the last female dragon of Alagaesia." The male reminded before the two walked away and faded away, like ghosts.