Right,from now on, any italic words will be the thoughts, and the conversations. Smaug will also use his mind to talk with Saphira, Eragon, and Brom later. So here's how it will go

Smaug and Saphira Thoughts/mentally talking


The night brought a fierce storm, which released a harsh curtain of cold twin down upon the two dragons, who lay cuddled against each other for better protection against the twin (Mostly Saphira, since Smaug didn't mind the cold rain). Bolts of Lighting crackled between clouds, piercing the night with their brief, fierce flashes of light, followed by rumbling booms of thunder.

Smaug wasn't even bothered by the cold wind and rain, being a Fire-drake from the north, which is a very cold place, many dragons developed a resistance against the cold. It proved advantageous if a Fire-drake got into a fight with a Cold-drake. The great red dragon, has had his share of fighting Cold-drakes. But like all others who dared face Smaug...

They were killed, either quickly, or slowly and painfully.

The former King under the Mountain, (though Smaug still calls himself it) exhaled loudly has he looked at the shivering blue female beside him. Seeing her shiver, cold and frightened by the Lighting brought a unrecognisable sting to his black heart.

Smaug wasn't the type to care for anyone or anything but his gold! The Gold was all he cared for until it was taken from him! Taken by the disgusting dwarf, Oakenshield! If he could go back, he'd kill them all, rip their flesh, burn them to bones and take back what belonged to him.

Their probably filling the mountain with their wretched scent. Smaug said to himself mentally. He got rid of his dark thoughts and looked where the two humans rested under his large protective wing.

He reluctantly, had allowed Eragon and Brom to rest under his wing, but told them to not expect it every night. He wouldn't lower himself to be some servant dragon, he'd burn them if they even asked that of him.

Sighing, the Great red Dragon, put his other wing over Saphira and tightened his hood on her, she stopped shivering and snuggled into his wing.

What a hatchling. Smaug thought to himself with a head shake before laying his large head down and shut his eyes, the peaceful slumber of sleep took him to the land of dreams.

Whenn morning came, the storm had not long passed. The clouds still remained in large patches, scintillating sunlight streaming in bright rays between them. The rising sun tinted the grey clouds with a new hue of bright light, and everything on the ground below gained a sharp contrast, lit brightly on one side, deeply shadowed by the other. Ordinary things took on a strange beauty.

Smaug woke first, as usual, and stretched his long neck, wings, tail, and hind legs. If he was human, he'd probably have rubbed his face to get the sleep out. Since, he no longer slept in a silent mountain under a horde of good, Smaug woke a lot early now. He hadn't slept in the wilderness since before he took Erebor, outside noisy, inside quiet.

His long tail moved to the side, brushing against Saphira's flank, causing him to freeze. Growling in surprise, the red dragon moved his tail the other way, he had no idea what just happened and why he done that. Why did I do that? I did not move my tail in any shape or form! the red dragon thought to himself. He reluctantly turned his gaze to the beauty sleeping next to him, slightly hoping she didn't notice what happened. He exhaled in relief when he saw she had her head tucked under wing, still sleeping underneath his. He moved his wing off and placed it against his side, soon Saphira began to stir and awwoke as well. She uncovered her head and looked sleepily at Smaug.

Good morning Smaug

"Morning." The red dragon muttered, he still wanted to know why she was making him feel something in his stomach. It couldn't be a feeling, he was a dragon! The greatest of the third age! The descendant of Ancalagon the Black himself.

Yes, he was in fact descendant from the largest dragon in history, and Morgoth's greatest creation. Ancalagon was the first dragon to be feared, Glaurung coming second, Smaug coming third.

"How do you feel?" Smaug shook his thoughts away, to ask the blue Dragoness this.

Saphira placed her head on her paws, growing uncomfortable. Cold, wet, and stiff. What about you?

Smaug's deep laugh, rumbled in his throat. "Slightly the same, being a dragon of the north has it's perks and advantages. Anything I can do to make you feel better?" Smaug blinked, where did that come from? he shook the thought away.

Saphira rose and stretched like a cat, her yawn revealing her sharp white teeth. Not for the time being, for the protection you offered me last night was better than anything I could have asked for, She said, poking his chest with her snout in a playful manner, even though he wasn't the playing type.

Smaug stared into her beautiful sapphire eyes for a short while, before he looked away. He suppose his pride should feel great at having the attention of a female, but Smaug mostly had gold and a mountain to conte t him for 60 years instead of a mate. Shaking his thoughts away, Smaug turned his attention to the two humans sleeping underneath his other wing. "Wake up." He said, impatiently. He didn't want to waste time, and definitely didn't want these two sleeping under his wing any longer.

The two humans stirred, awoken by the sudden exposure to the cold morning air. They clambered to their feet,still staggering slightly as they tried to restore feeling to their limbs.

Smaug heard Saphira take a deep sniff, taking in the morning air. The rejuvenated earth smelled fresh, clearing the groups troubled minds and raising their spirits, (for Smaug slightly) once more. The red dragon turned to watch her as she sniffed the damp soil and moist air. Her scales, after the downpour last night, were shiny and clean, reflecting the light of the sun as dawn appeared over the trees. The scales shimmered, their beautiful blue shade catching the light, producing a dazzling display of bright blue sunlight.

Smaug watched in slight awe at the beautiful dragoness before him, the sunlight made her look attractive. The red dragon quickly shook that thought away. He watched as she stretched, craning her neck towards the heavens, and roared happily. Cardoc and Snowfire bolted in fear at the menacing roar of a beast that could end their life in an instant. Eragon managed to wrestle them back and calm them down, having been Joores by Saphira's ear-spliting roar.

Smaug chuckled at her roar, before raising his head and letting loose a powerful roar, Saphira glanced at the red male in surprise.

"Saphira! Smaug! Be quiet! We're too close to yazuac for you to be unnecessarily noisy. Someone might hear you, or even worse, the Ra'zac could be close!" Brom scolded.

"I thought we were following them." Eragon said, as he looked at Brom with a look of utter confusion on his face.

"Following them, yes. Confronting them, no. We will track them until they reach their lair, and only up to that point, so that we can know where they are when you are ready." Corrected Brom, a scolding look in his eyes.

"I'd be careful in this town, something has set a bad feeling within me. And when it comes to dragons and bad feelings, worse things happen." Smaug suddenly said, even though telling someone to be careful wasn't something he did, there was a bad feeling within his stomach.

"Okay, Smaug, we will. You be careful out there too." Eragon said, nodding in obedience. Smaug snorted in offense, he's always careful.

Why should we be careful? I believe that our history of getting in trouble on our own is a lot less eventful than yours, little one. Saphira said, laughing in her throat.

"Eragon is right. The Ra'zac might still be around, and we wouldn't want you getting captured." Said Brom, his voice emitting a tone of concern.

Smaug snorted. "No blade can Pierce me. My teeth are swords, my claws are spears, my wings are a hurricane, my tail a thunderbolt, my breath is death. I am the greatest dragon of middle-earth. None, have fought me and lived." Smaug's pride basically showed itself there

They wouldn't last a minute against me. Saphira said, growling aggressively. She was surprised at hearing what Smaug said, no dragon has lived after fighting him.

The red dragon looked at her. "They wouldn't even last five seconds before I burned them, dear Saphira. I'd personally like to see if you can last longer than that in a fight with me."

Saphira snorted and looked at him. Oh please, you'd probably last a minute in the air against me.

Smaug raised a scaly brow, detecting a challenge. "Is that a challenge, my dear Saphira?"

Saphira gave him a draconic grin. Indeed it is, my dear Smaug.

"if you two are done flirting." Brom said, the two humans watching the two dragons basically challenge each other to a fight. He noticed Eragon grin and wheeled on him with a dark smile. "Don't think Smaug testing his combat skills gets you out of sparring this morning." He picked up something behind him, then tossed a stick sword from behind him at Eragon, then twirled his own. Eragon groaned, eliciting a smile from Brom.

Eragon and Brom assumed their battle stances, while the two dragons watched on the sidelines. The two humans slowly circled each other, waiting for the other to make the first move. Eragon broke the impasse, lunging forward in a diagonal slash that Brom caught on his upraised stick. Brom twisted the stick, turning Eragon's to the side, then delivered a swift strike to Eragon's side. Eragon winced, jumping back as he quickly rubbed the sore spot he was hit in.

"Don't be so obvious with your attacks!" Brom said, twirling his piece of wood, "you need to keep your opponent guessing. Keep your feet moving so that you can attack from any direction."

"I know, you said that last time!" Eragon said, gritting his teeth. He lunged forward again, and received yet another blow, this time to his thigh. Brom gave a laugh, watching Eragon hope around, massaging his leg.

The sparring session ended when Brom decided that Eragon had been beaten enough. Eragon sat down heavily, rubbing the welts left by the stick. Saphira gave a choppy, growling laugh as she watched Eragon attempt to sooth his injuries.

It never gets old watching the old one beat Eragon. Saphira said to Smaug. Smaug smiled slightly, he too had been in Eragon's position when he was trained in fighting when he was old enough to begin. Saphira looked at the red male, nudged him, then rose. Come on, time for that challenge. Smaug smirked and followed her into the air.

They flew towards the Nienor river, soaring gracefully on the wind currents. Saphira suddenly looped in the air, coming out of the loop above Smaug. Smaug whipped his head around to look for her just in time to receive an unexpected shove towards the ground. Smaug wobbled in the air slightly, but managed to steady himself, then he looked at her again. Saphira wasn't behind him anymore.

Down here, Smaug! Saphira said, Smaug looked down to see her flying towards him. Smaug quickly flew back to avoid being barreled in the chest by the dragoness. Smaug smirked, this may be one of his greatest challenges.

The red dragon quickly flew in, wrapped his tail around Saphira's, surprising her. He then flew around in a circle, going faster with each hard beat of his wings. Once he was very fast, he released her and she went flying into the river.

Smaug flew to the ground with a chuckle as Saphira's head resurfaced. "I wouldn't last a minute against you in the air? More like you wouldn't be able to last a minute in the air against me."

Saphira came out of the water, letting it drip from her scales and wings. The water on her beautiful scales, made them even more beautiful.

"Now it is time for ground combat, let's see if we can get less scratches than the other." Smaug said, Saphira growled playfully, her tail twitched as the two circled each other. The only difference between them, if Saphira had four legs while Smaug USD the two fingers and thumb on his wing to move along with his hind legs.

Smaug may have the size advantage, being a bit bigger than her, but she was more agile. Smaug charged first with a roar, leapt and pinned her down with his forelegs holding her shoulder's, but Saphira somehow managed to wiggle out of his hold. She quickly rolled to her feet, and charged at him again.

Smaug used a powerful thrust of his wings to jump back, successfully dodging the dragoness' charge attack.

"Come on, my lovely Saphira, show me how much of a dragon you are and not some weak hatchling." Smaug taunted with a grin on his draconic lips.

I'll show you who's the weak hatchling! Saphira roared, charging again. This time Smaug did the same, the two bodies of red and blue collided, attempting to stand tall over the their opponent. Smaug used his tail to whip Saphira in the face before clamping his jaws on her neck and threw her into the water.

"Come on! Does my might intimidate you so much, you cower before me?" Smaug taunted, using his years of taunting to anger her. He wanted a fight! A challenge!

Something seemed to snap inside Saphira, for when Smaug blinked, Saphira had burst out of the water, tackled him down, and clamped her jaws around his neck, wrapped her tail around his and used her wings to try keep his down.

Surrender. Your beaten. Saphira said. Smaug chuckled before suddenly rolling over, surprising the female. He pinned her forelegs down with his wings, straddled her and wrapped his tail around hers and itched his jaws to her neck.

"How about, you surrender?" He mocked with a chuckle. Saphira glared up at him, her draconic pride refusing to back down from him. She darted her head forward and clamped her jaws on his throat, surprising him. The surprise allowed Saphira to push back and claw and scratch at the red male with her forelegs, her jws still on his neck.

Smaug considered using his fire breath to get her to go back, but her jaws were around his throat, using his fire, it could be blocked on the way up and damage his insides. With a sky grin, Smaug used his wings to pull her on top of him, with him falling onto his back, he used his hind legs to kick her off and got right back up.

"I'd say that was a draw." Smaug said, slightly out of breath, cuts and scratches all over his red hide, the same for Saphira over her blue hide. A dragon's hide is tough against swords, arrows, but not against another dragon's teeth and claws. Smaug had to admit, this female gave him a lot of scratches, clearly the anger helped her, he though it would cause her to loose focus, giving him the easy win.

Boy, was he wrong.

Yes. Saphira answered, getting her breath back before looking over hers and his scales. You've got impressive skills.

Smaug chuckled as he began licking his wounds, walking over and laying beside her. "The flattery is appreciated. But you've got your own set of impressive skills, never before has my fights ended in a draw. We seem to be evenly matched, I'm impressed."

Thank you. Saphira said, before darting her head forward and licking one of his cuts. Which surprised him, but he let her, slightly calm at feeling her moist tongue against his scales. Once the two had finished treating their wounds, they took a drink from the river before laying down. Smaug's eyes closed and enjoying the peace and quiet. Smaug? Saphira asked.

Smaug cracked an eye open slightly, before shutting it. "What?" He asked.

Could you tell me about your home? She asked nervously. She knew Smaug's past was something he didn't want to bring up, but learning of his world was much better than that.

Smaug sighed as he opened his eyes, raised his head and looked at the sky. "Middle-earth. A beautiful land, probably the sister to this one. It is like any land you could find, but once it was ruled in darkness. The dragons of middle-earth were created by the dark lord named Morgoth, the biggest of us being Ancalagon the Black, my ancestor. Ancalagon was the size of a mountain, he was the most feared dragon during his age. Glaurung, the father of dragons, came second, me coming third.

Middle-earth has a variety of creatures, Elves, Men, Orcs, Goblins, Eagles, Dwarves, and other dark creatures from demon words and the ancient world. I was born during the third age of middle-earth, my father abandoned my mother when I was still an egg, so my mother had to raise me and my little sister herself. I was a slightly rebellious hatchling during my years of growing up." Smaug gained a far away look in his eyes as he spoke, Saphira didn't dare interrupt him. "It was weird for me to be like that during those times, considering the dragon I am now..." Smaug stared into the sky, as if searching for something, but soon snapped out of it. "I've told you enough." He said before laying his head down, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Oh Smaug. Saphira thought to herself, staring at the red dragon. Something happened that made him turn into the cold hearted dragon he says he is. But what? And his hate for dwarves was mysterious, what if they ran into a kingdom of dwarves? Would Smaug burn them?

Saphira shook her head before laying her head down to rest between her claws, closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Brom and Eragon walked through the silent village gate into Yazuac. The lack of noise was unnerving, setting both of them on edge.

"Shouldn't there be guards?" Eragon asked, glancing into an open door. "And people?"

"Indeed, Eragon. I feel that something foul has occurred here. Stay on your guard." Brom said, drawing his sword and resting its flat against Snowfire's saddle. Eragon strung his bow and nocked an arrow.

A terrible stench filled the air s they heared the village center. Eragon and Brom emerged from behind a building to find the village plaza filled with a pile of corpses.

The mountain of bodies rose above them, each corpse stiff and grimacing, clothes soaked in blood. The ground beneath the pile was stained crimson. Slaughtered men lay over the women they tried so valiantly to protect, mothers still held their children close, and lovers still shielded each other from death's cold embrace. Black arrows stood out from the corpses. No one survived, not even the young or elderly. Perhaps the worst site of all was that of a spear, jutting from the top of a pile, an infant's corpse Kay impaled on it.

Eragon's eyes burned with tears as he tried to look away from the site. He couldn't even make himself turn away, though. The dead faces of the townspeople held his attention, dead eyes still open. He felt a sudden wave of hopelessness sweep over him. What does our existence mean when it can end like this?

A crow dipped out of the sky like a black shadow, and perched on the spear. It cocked its head and greedily eyed the infant's corpse.

"Oh no you don't," snarled Eragon, pulling back the bowstring and loosing the arrow at the bird. The crow fell over in a puff of feather's, the arrow sprouting from it's chest. Eragon was about to string another arrow when a wave of nausea swept over him,causing him to leave his stomach's contents over Cardoc's side.

Brom patted the boy's back until the boy had finished. "Do you want to wait for me outside the village?" Brom asked gently, eyes filled with concern for the young rider.

"No...I'll stay." Eragon said shakily, wiping the remnants of the incident from his mouth. "Who could have done...?" He could not force himself to speak the words.

"It was done by those who love the pain and suffering of others. They wear many guises and faces, but only have one real name:evil. There is no understanding it, only pitying and assisting the victims." Brom said, bowing his head.

He dismounted Snowfire and inspected the ground carefully. "The Ra'zac passed this way, but this wasn't their doing," Brom said slowly, "This is Urgal work; the work on these spears is their make. Perhaps a hundred of them passed through. It's odd though, I...know of only a few instances where they have gathered in such..." He knelt and examined a footprint intently, cursed, then ran back to leap in o Snowfire. "Ride, Urgals are still here!"

Their horses were spurred in haste towards the boundary of the village, and were almost at the wall when Eragon felt a tingle in his palm and he saw a flicker of movement to his right. He turned to get a better look, and then a massive fist smashed him out of the saddle. He flew back over Cardoc and smashed into a wall, holding onto his bow only by instinct. Eragon staggered upright, hugging his side in agony. An Urgal stood over, it's massive form clad in too-small armour. In it's hand it held a short, wicked blade.

Saphira's head lurched upwards, awaken an annoyed red male from his slumber.

"What now, Saphira?" He demanded irritably.

Eragon's in trouble, I just know it. I can feel it in my soul. Saphira said, ignoring his irritation. Her eyes darted eastward towards the village.

Smaug sighed in irritation at being woken up, and rose, spreading his wings before taking to the skies. Saphira behind him. Together, they flew towards the village at a high speed.

Behind him, Eragon saw Brom rein in Snowfire and start back towards him, but the old storyteller was stopped by the appearance of another Urgal wielding an axe, blocking his path. "Run, you fool!" Brom cried out, drawing his sword and cleaving at his enemy.

The Urgal in front of Eragon roared and swung the sword, causing Eragon to leap back with a startled yelp as the weapon whistled overhead. He spun around and headed for the Village center, his heart pounding in his throat. The heavy thuds of the Urgal's boots pursued him down the street. Eragon sent out a desperate cry for Saphira and even Smaug, then forced himself to go faster.

Saphira! Smaug! Help! Urgals!

came Eragon's panicked mental voice in both dragon's minds, and over their mental link. Smaug was surprised at the sudden voice, only Saphira's voice sounded in his head, but it was different hearing someone else speak in his mind. It was like he had gone crazy and started hearing voices!

We're already on our way, little one, be careful. Saphira said, increasing her already breakneck pace.

Eragon let loose an arrow at the Urgal, who only laughed evilly as he caught the shaft on his shield.

Eragon briefly wondered where the rest of the Urgals were. Surely they couldn't be the only ones in Yazuac?

He heard a loud smack, and Snowfire reared, whinnying. Brom doubled over in his saddle, blood streaming down his arm. The Urgal howled in victory, raising his axe for the death blow.

A deafening scream leapt from Eragon's throat as he charged the Urgal head-on. The Urgal paused in astonishment, then faced him, face filled with contempt. Eragon ducked under the Urgal's fiercely swung double-handed axe blow, clawing at the Urgal's side, leaving bloody furrows in the exposed midsection. The Urgal's face twisted with rage, and the monster slashed at Eragon again, missing as Eragon ducked down a side alley, intent on leading the beasts away from Brom.

He ran down two alleys, took a right, then rucked down another, the Urgals close behind him. He skidded to a halt as he encountered a dead end. He turned to see the Urgals advancing upon him, weapons raised and malicious grins on their faces. Eragon's head darted side to wide, looking for an escape, but there was none.

As he faced the Urgal's, images flashed through his mind: dead villagers pilled high, the infants body impaled on the spear. Their fate burned in his mind, burning with rage and the desire for vengeance.

A fiery power grew in his mind, gathering from every part of his being, more than just a desire for justice. It was his entire being rebelling against the fact of death, of him ceasing to exist. The power grew stronger and stronger until he felt ready to burst with the contained force.

He stood ramrod-straight, all fear vanished into oblivion. He raised his brow camly, and the Urgals only laughed and raised their crude shields. Eragon sighted down the shaft, as he had done thousands of times, and aligned the arrowhead with his target. The energy blazed through his body with the force of a thousand suns. He had to release it or it would destroy him from within.

He shot his arrow and a single word leapt from his lips "BRISINGR!

The arrow glowed a crackling blue. It stuck the lead Urgal dead center of the forehead and exploded, the shock wave burst outward, killing it's companions. It reached Eragon too, only to pass him without harm.

A sudden wave of exhaustion rolled over him, and he sunk to his knees, panting. The gedway ignasia burned slightly on his palm before fading back to normal. He felt like he hadn't eaten in days, and his head throbbed. He stayed like that for a few moments, until a modicum of strength returned to his body. He pushed himself up and staggered to where he had left Brom.

The Storyteller was knocked out, laying against Snowfire. Once Eragon calmed the old man's frightened mount, Eragon examined his wounded arm. It bled profusely, but it wasn't cut deep or wide. He had to bind it before Brom lost too much Blood. Attempting to lift him out of the saddle, Eragon's weakened state failed him, and they dropped to the ground.

Before he could rise, a scream of rage filled his head as Saphira and Smaug landed in front of them, the red dragon's eyes sweeping over the rider and storyteller's forms before looking around for the ones who did this.

"Who did this?" Smaug said coldly, his anger fueled by seeing that his friends were nearly killed. Smaug paused, were they friends? Smaug wasn't the type to have friends. But, there was something growing between him, Saphira, and Eragon.

And Smaug didn't know if he should be disgusted at this, or feel weird.

Shaking these musings from his head, Smaug got back to the matter at hand. His chest glowing with his fire, ready to be released if anything pops up.

"Urgals." Eragon answered the red male's question. "And their already dead, Smaug."

This caused the two dragons to look at him, both with shock in their eyes, though Saphira voiced it. What? How?

With tense words he explained what happened since entering the town while wrapping Brom's arm with rags from the saddlebags. Smaug went over to check, not caring that his large wings leaned on the buildings, causing the roof to collapse. He came to the pile of bodies and his anger raised at seeing Children dead, it rose even higher when he saw the infant impaled by the spear. Seeing something to release his fire on, Smaug took a deep breath before opening his jaws and unleashing a wave of flames on the bodies,burning them so no one else had to see this.

Not that there won't be a town to see.

Glancing back to his two companions, the red male said. "Leave. I'll catch up." He said, the rider and dragoness looked at each other, then him before slightly nodding.

"What are you going to do?" Eragon asked after putting Brom on Saphira's saddle. Without, looking at the young rider, Smaug replied.

"Giving these people a proper burial, the least I can do."

Brom began waking up but Saphira had taken off before he could say something, Eragon got on Cardoc and held Snowfire's Reins. Glancing back at the red dragon one more time, Eragon took off.

Now alone, Smaug waited till they were gone before flying over to the gate, he looked over the twin before flying into the air and with a deep breath, chest glowing, he unleashed his death.

Eragon and Saphira went into the woods away from Yazuac, where they could hear the sounds of what sounded like fire. Eragon and Saphira shared a look as Brom got down from Saphira's saddle.

"What happened? Where's Smaug?" The storyteller asked. Eragon explained what the red male told him and Saphira to do, causing the old man to sigh. "I wonder what he's doing."

They heard the fall of wings, and Smaug came flying into the area. His eyes hard. He went over to a tree underneath the shade and curled up, layed his large head down and closed his eyes.

The three others shared looks, before letting it go, knowing Smaug wasn't in the mood to discuss what he did, though they had a pretty good idea what he done when Eragon explained Smaug's anger at seeing the corpses,so they left the red dragon and Eragon explained him using magic. Smaug listened in, but soon fell asleep, wanting to sleep off the destruction he brought upon Yazuac.

So, that's the fourth chapter done! Yazuac has passed! Smaug is getting comfortable with them, but only just. He knows something's growing between him, Eragon, and Saphira, but he doesn't know how to take it. As for him burning Yazuac, he may be a cold, heartless dragon, but I think seeing the children an infant reminded him of something from his pass.

But what?

Anyway, hope you liked it, along with the line breaks.