I have literally NO idea where I'm going with this story. '_'

I just read 'Diaries of a Broken Man' - a FF VII fanfiction - and was inspired to write something like it. I think they'd call this genre slice-of-life, right?

I'm still testing the waters with this idea, and any tips on how to structure the writing would be helpful.

'The Dragon is in position, I repeat, Dragon is in. position. Everyone else?'

'That's a negative, Puppy's having trouble with the release, Mirror over.'

'I'm fine over here, trigger's just a little jammed. I'll be ready by launch-time, Puppy over.'

'Copy that, Puppy. Thief?'

'Arabian Thief is in position, locked and ready to go, over.'

'Jay, for the umpteenth time! I said one-word names! One. Word.'

'Just Thief sounds so lame Evie! Arabian Thief rolls of the tongue just right….Uh over.'

'Shhh! The targets are on their way! Everyone, get ready. We go in 5…4…3…'

The Royal Gowns made their way down the streets of Auradon, their presence hard to ignore considering they were a group of seven teenagers dressed in gowns on a hot summer day.

There weren't many cliques in Auradon, and of the few that existed, almost none were as notable as the Royal Gowns.

Perhaps it was because the seven ladies were obsessed with wearing royal gowns every day of the week. Or perhaps it was because the students of Auradon Prep knew them as stuck up and snobby.

Every day, the Royal Gowns would snicker and gossip about what everyone wore behind the backs of the students. Although they whispered, it was clear what they were thinking from their gestures and glances.

But perhaps for future reference, this was exactly why so many students admitted to being responsible for what happened today. For some reason, the professors were unable to determine who was actually responsible for pelting the Royal Gowns with water balloons.

Today was a hot Sunday - nothing the people of Auradon couldn't handle - but certainly not an ideal day to be wearing regal wear.

Even when everyone else was wearing short-sleeve t-shirts and sleeveless tops, the Royal Gowns strutted the streets of Auradon in fluffy gowns and took pride in it.

However, little did the Royal Gowns know that during their weekly walks down the coast of Auradon, they would be bombarded by water balloons in the market district.

Marilyn, daughter of Anastasia and niece to Cinderella, was the first to raise suspicions once she noticed how barren the market streets were. Everyone was either shopping or stood underneath some cover, no matter how crowded it seemed.


Marilyn was also the first to be hit by an incoming water balloon, the sound of splashing overshadowed by her screech. The rest of the Royal Gowns had no time to respond as they were assaulted right after.

After 5 minutes of non-stop bombardment, the oncome of water balloons halted and Marilyn looked around frantically through her soaked bangs for whoever was responsible.

However every adult was either frozen in shock or smiling at how ridiculous the girls looked in their soaked gowns, while practically every child and teenager was laughing at how frantic the girls were.

Marilyn looked up at the sky out of desperation and swore she saw a flash of purple in the palm trees before it vanished behind the large leaves. She screamed in frustration and stomped away from the market district, with the rest of the Royal Gowns following in suit.


Mal was lying on her bed and looked up from her sketchbook to see Ben leaning into her dorm. Even though it was obvious a lot of people had beef with the Royal Gown, Mal had a feeling Ben would know it was her.

She just didn't expect him to come find her barely half an hour after the whole fiasco.

"Ben! I didn't know we had anything planned today," Mal commented offhandedly as she went back to her sketchbook.

She didn't trust herself to look at Ben in the eye. Ever since the two had reconciled after Cotillion, Ben made it his mission to see straight through her; to see her real emotions and feelings.

Not that this sudden increase in attention annoyed her – matter of fact, it made her all warm and fuzzy to know that someone could love her so much.

It just made it all the more harder to hide things from her boyfriend. True, there weren't many things to hide, but a girl still needed her privacy.

And so she went back to her drawings half-handedly, waiting for what Ben would do next. Ben on the other hand, settled for standing at the doorway watching her.

"…So do you plan on confessing, or should I just come out and accuse you four of whatever evil has struck Auradon?"

It's not like Ben was actually mad at Mal, and Mal knew it. Throughout all their time together, Ben had only gotten mad at her once, and that was when he found out at the Enchanted Lake that she had lied to him.

And even then, he had chased her to the Isle of the Lost and apologized for going all beastly on her.

"Evil is taking it a little far," Mal said as she gave up and rolled her eyes. "Calling it a harmless prank would be a little more realistic. And what makes you think I needed three others to do it?"

"So you're telling me that you didn't get Jay, Carlos and Evie – the rest of the VK's – drawn into your little schemes?" Ben asked.

"Well what makes you think they'd even be interested?" Mal challenged Ben. She loved moments like these. "We're good now, unless you didn't get the memo?"

"See that's the thing," Ben said as he entered Mal's dorm and sat beside Mal, settling for playing with her hair. " You are far from the good person you claim to be. I know you four better than you think."

"Oh please," Mal smirked at Ben as she pulled his hand out of her hair and intertwined it with her own. "Do tell."

"Well, Jay was definitely the easiest. All you have to mention is 'trouble', and he's already in." Ben looked at Mal for confirmation and smiled when she shrugged off-handedly. So far, so good.

"Carlos was probably against it, especially since his girlfriend is Fairy Godmother's daughter. But he caves in pretty easily to you, and so you roped him into it. Shame. On. You."

Mal and Ben both laughed. Mal felt guilty at first about Carlos, but once they got into the details of the plan, it was clear Carlos was enjoying himself again.

"And Evie was definitely against it altogether, considering how the Royal Gowns are one of her most dedicated customers. But wherever you go,"

"She goes," Mal finished Ben's sentence. "And all this time I thought I was the only one you were paying so much attention to."

"Oh don't get me wrong," Ben stared into Mal's eyes, getting lost in them. "You're the one I need to watch the most."

Ben's intense gaze sent a shiver down Mal's spine, and she looked away before she herself could get lost staring at Ben.

"So, what happens now? Are you going to punish me?" Mal asked as she tossed her sketchbook to the side and settled for turning on her back to stare at Ben.

Ben froze and stared off into space. Obviously, he hadn't thought this whole scenario out very carefully. Mal let out an ungraceful snort when she saw how Ben lost looked, catching his attention in return. He smiled at Mal, suddenly arriving at an idea.

"As a matter of fact, I am." Ben declared. "In 20 minutes, we're going on a trip to the Enchanted Lake again."

Mal laughed as she got up and leaned on her elbows. "I don't know if you people in Auradon know this, but the whole point of a punishment is to teach me a lesson."

"Oh you're going to learn something, I promise you that."

"Um ok," Mal gave Ben a skeptical laugh and raised an eyebrow in suspicion. "And what is that supposed to meet, mister?"

"I'm going to teach you how to swim today."

Mal froze before sitting upright on her bed, the smile having vanished off her face. "What? Um, no. That's not happening. I think I'll take a raincheck this time."

Ben laughed at Mal's sudden panic attack. It wasn't often that someone could catch Mal off-guard. The daughter of Maleficent was always composed with some sassy remark on the tip of her tongue.

"You don't have a choice Mal. This is your punishment, remember?" Ben reminded her as he got off her bed.

"Well what if I just don't go?" Mal challenged Ben. The both of them knew Ben could never force her to do anything. Even on mandatory meetings with people like Aladdin and Jasmine, Ben did everything but get on his knees to convince her.

"Then I'll have Fairy Godmother triple your homework for the upcoming summer instead." Ben smiled at Mal with a hint of mischief before making his way towards Mal's dorm door.

Mal secretly loved this streak of mischief that Ben discovered on the Isle of the Lost, but right now it was really coming back to bite her. And at this moment, all she could think about was the fact that the King of Auradon had just played her, the daughter of Maleficent.

"…Wait, you wouldn't!" Mal yelled after Ben, who had already turned into the dorm hallway and vanished out of sight.

"I already told Fairy Godmother!" Ben's voice could still be heard from down the hallway, and he made no attempt to hide the smug satisfaction in his voice.

Mal groaned and flopped back onto her bed in defeat, thinking that perhaps pranking the Royal Gowns wasn't really worth this.

She either spends her whole summer writing essays on why being Good is more beneficial than being Evil, or spend a whole day splashing like a fool in front of Ben.

"…I need to buy a swimsuit."