Sorry it took so long. These ideas are in my head, but it's hard to fill the pages when it comes to actually writing the text. I do enjoy writing these however, and I've been thinking about maybe trying to be an author one day once I start taking some classes in the future.

Any grammatical errors pointed out or advise on how to make the text flow more naturally would be greatfully accepted.

Evie stared at her phone for the fifth time in the last 10 minutes. She and Mal had been texting one another for awhile now, but Mal stopped responding.

Chalking it up to Mal being occupied, Evie had put her phone down and left the matter alone. Yet here she was 10 minutes later, checking her phone again to see if Mal responded.

At the sound of her door opening, Evie looked up from her phone and saw – and speak of the devil – Mal enter their dorm.

Evie's first reaction was to laugh, as she took in the sight of Mal in all her glory: completely soaked down to the boots with her hair sticking to her face.

Try as she may, Evie failed to hold it in as she let a snort out. Then after hearing Mal's boots squish, she completely lost it.

"Did – snort – did you decide to go for another dip?" Evie asked jokingly in between laughs. Mal gave her a sarcastic smile before pushing her hair to the side and walking to her closet, grumbling all the way there.

"Seriously though, what happened to you?" Evie yelled to Mal's closet once she got herself under control.

"Apparently, it's pretty funny to give me a taste of my own medicine," Mal said as she came out of her closet in camouflage cargos to go with yet another purple top.

"You mean to tell me somebody pulled one over Maleficent Mal?" Evie asked with a disbelieving smile. "Girl, you are losing your touch."

"This is Auradon, the land of goody-two shoes princes and princesses! How was I supposed to expect somebody would have it in them?" Mal said as she threw her hands up.

"And it wasn't just somebody. Get this," Mal said as she sat on her bed and leaned in for suspense. "Royal. Gowns."

Evie's jaw dropped. "You're joki – no you're not joking. The Royal Gowns? They got even with you?"

"OH. It doesn't even end there," Mal said with a sarcastic laugh to compliment her excessive enthusiasm. "I could've sworn I saw Benny-boo hiding behind one of the stands during the whole fiasco."

"Oh come on Mal," Evie said as she blew off Mal's insinuation. "Ben's too much of a gentleman to be pulling pranks on you."

"That's not true, not anymore," Mal rejected as she pointed a finger at Evie, drawing her attention. "He's changed since you guys brought him to the Isles of the Lost."

Now this caught Evie's attention. Nobody really knew that the VK's snuck Ben to the Isles for Mal, whose absence was also unknown to the public. If people were to notice Ben acting differently, it would eventually raise suspicions.

The Isle certainly had the ability to taint even the purest of souls if left unchecked, but of course Ben was special. If anything, Ben was too good of a human being, so much that he risked blowing their cover during time on the Isles.

Thinking back to their short trip back home, Evie remembered trying to teach Ben how to fit in with the kids on the Isles. Recalling their short demonstration of 'Chillin' Like a Villain', Evie almost palmed her face. Perhaps Ben got the message too well, and took it to heart.

"Seriously! He has this feisty attitude and doesn't even think twice about responding with some witty comment. Not to mention he literally blackmailed me into swimming – and yes, he did tell Fairy Godmother to double my summer homework if I didn't go with him. Abuse of power much?" Mal threw her hands up in frustration.

"…Um…is that…really bad though?" Evie slowly asked Mal. The Mal she grew up with was the kind of girl who liked bad boys. Although she clearly matured, she never lost that attraction, even liking the chauffeur who'd been so rude to them on their first trip to Auradon.

"…No actually, I kind of like it." Mal's voice toned down dramatically and her hands fell to the bed in what seemed like shock, almost as if she just had just realized this herself.

"…So we're good then?" Evie asked with two thumbs-up. Mal shrugged and nodded in response before shaking her head.

"That's not the point!" Mal said as she brought them back to the main discussion at hand. "The point is, the Royal Gowns are too snobby to even think of this. Xia would've just complained to her mother about it."

Evie pondered on Mal's remark. Would Ben really pull one over Mal? For a moment, Evie denied it, thinking Ben was too proper a gentleman to be messing around like that.

But then again, she doubted that the Royal Gowns could think of getting back at Mal all by themselves. That left only three people on Auradon who would dare prank Mal: Carlos, Jay and Ben.

As far as Evie knew, Jay had practice with the Swords and Shield team. And Carlos wasn't really the kind of person to start trouble, even on the Isle. Although he was certainly mischievous, he was more like the kind of person who'd tag along happily.

Evie was brought out of her trance when her phone started ringing. Lifting her phone, she saw Carlos' name on the front screen, and picked up the call. Before she could even greet him, Carlos was already talking.

- "What did you guys do?"

Evie sat there for a moment and blinked, trying to process what he just said. "Um, excuse me?"

- "I've been getting these weird stares from everybody in the dormitory, and I can't think of any other reason for it except you guys having done something. And Jay is at practice, which only leaves you and Mal."

"Who is it?" Mal asked from her bed. But Evie didn't respond, her mind working on overdrive. It wasn't long before she put two and two together.

"Carlos, you might want to get indoors as soon as you can," Evie advised Carlos. Considering Mal's situation, Evie could only assume someone was planning to prank Carlos too. It seemed like the VK's had a huge target on their back.

Mal's eyes widened as she realized who was on the phone and she grabbed Evie's arm to get her attention.

"Here, tell him to come here," Mal told Evie, who nodded her head in agreement.

Leaving them to talk it out, Mal rose from her bed and went to close the curtains. It seemed pretty ridiculous to think someone was watching them, considering they were on the third floor. But Mal had already been caught off guard once today, it was NOT happening again.

"Carlos is on his way right now." Evie said as she ended the call.

"So," Mal sighed as she flopped back onto her bed. "What do we do exactly?"

Evie bit her lip slightly in hesitation. She could tell Mal wanted to get payback, it was practically written all over her face. But Evie was still hesitant, feeling as if they were still jumping to conclusions about Ben.

"You do realize how bad it'll look if you're wrong, right?" Evie asked Mal.

Not that Ben would be upset, of course. When it came to Mal, the mistakes she made had him head over heels more often than not. It was adorable in Evie's opinion, but the public likely feel the same way.

"Then ask Doug to check it out. He's pretty close with Ben after all," Mal countered as she grabbed Maleficent's tiny cell and opened it to find her mother, in her lizard form.

Evie stiffened slightly. Even when she was stuck in the form of a tiny, harmless lizard, the presence of Maleficent unnerved her.

"I don't know what's going on in that head of yours Mal, but how about we not get your mom involved?"

Mal shrugged as she looked down at her mother tenderly, rubbing her spine gently.

"Just, thinking about all this: throwing water balloons, starting pranks, getting payback. It reminded me of what we used to do on the Isle; of who I was probably going to be if we hadn't come to Auradon."

Evie chose not to respond, seeing how Mal was deep in thought and was having a moment. Sometimes, she felt envious that Mal could be with her mother even if it were under odd circumstances. But if reuniting with her mother meant having to lose what she had here in Auradon, she could bear with the separation.

"I'll show you mom," Mal said as she closed Maleficent's tiny cell and placed her back on the dresser table. "I can still be a bad girl."

Evie and Mal heard their door open and close once more and looked over, expecting to see Carlos enter. But to their surprise and amusement, what they saw was Jay doused in eggs and yolk.

Yolk was dripping from his hair and starting to seep into his uniform, while the egg white completely covered his face.

"Anyone know why Lonnie just bombarded me with like, 4 dozens of eggs?"