The cat and the fox had created the bear – something Charlie had never quite been able to duplicate, the closest for her being Bellora the Ballerina.

And Bon Bon.

Speaking of Bon Bon, Circus Baby had found it easy to manipulate – telling it that Raina would ruin everything, that the cat, and the fox, and the dog, and the bear would leave Bon Bon alone in the dark.

Tubby, booger eatin' little Bon Bon with the chewed nails and the speech impediment that got her teased, whom Charlie drowned in a toilet after luring her away from her birthday party with promises of fresh baked cookies before soaking the cheap hand puppet that she now possessed in her blood, had been terrified of the dark.

And still was.

Mike, or rather the bear, let Bon Bon live in his pocket, and supplied cookies.

Bon Bon loved cookies almost as much as being alone at night terrified her.

The bear hadn't minded her mush-mouthedness; teaching her how to use the voices of others, even if she didn't understand half the words sometimes.

The dog was weird, but useful, carrying Bon Bon when the bear forgot about her.

Which these days, was often.

The cat and the fox tolerated her.

They too, were useful. After all, they, along with a second fox who once upon a time abandoned them all, created Bon Bon's favorite toy– chasing the man he once was through the building, ignoring his screams as laughing, they tore him apart to the snapping of bones before stuffing what was left into the first thing that fit because it was funny.

Mike was a LOT of fun once he woke up the next night, teaching them all new games, showing them how to kill more efficiently, drawing out the chase, prolonging the fun.

He'd changed, after a while, but that was all right, teaching them new games that distracted everyone, letting Circus Baby do whatever it wanted to him as long as it left the others alone.

After play time, they'd all curl up in the dark on top of the bear so that nobody was alone.

Yes, the cat and the fox had been easy – all it had taken was one little whisper in their ears from Bon Bon.

That Raina would take Mike, the bear, away from them.

And leave them alone once more.

In the dark.