An Imbalanced life

Edward left and Jake and Bella fell in love, they started planning a future but when Bella leaves to college out of state and finds out she's pregnant she breaks it off with Jake…. And this is what starts the change in Jake to occur. Bella does not know of the Wolves

Thank You for taking the time to read this! this is my first story so please let me know if you are enjoying this story! These are not my characters they are just borrowed for your entertaining-VickPink

Chapter 1

My real home

It's been years since I've been back home, driving for hours, I was so tired it almost felt like days and the pain in my chest was getting easier with every mile that I got closer,

Closer to La Push and to Jake

"Mama" a little voice exclaimed from the back seat.

"Yea baby?" I asked

"Princess song! Now please!" she yelled.

"Ok bunny and remember use your inside voice"

"ok mama" she whispered. I smiled at her response I could barely hear her, she didn't know the difference between her normal loud voice and trying to have an inside voice, which is basically her just mouthing words. She's to much like her father, outgoing, funny and crazy smart.

"were going to see grandpa Tyty, are you excited?" I couldn't wait to see Charlie, these last few years he's been my rock, he's supported me and took care of Ty and me. When I left for school I didn't know I was pregnant and when I found out Charlie helped financially so I could keep going to school and finish my English degree. With the help, I could put her in daycare and focus on studying when I needed to. And when he would come visit he would stay with us and watch her so I could rest and study.

"Fishes and boats" Ty screeched over and over again and It made me jump, man this kid is loud, five years and she is still keeping me on my toes.

And then too soon I saw the "Welcome to Forks" sign, my heart started to beat erratically the thought of just going straight to La Push almost won but I needed to gather my thoughts and make sure what I was going to do plus, I know the second I get into town HE will know I'm here. And this terrible ache will be easier to deal with. I made it to Charlies and the second I parked in the driveway Charlie came out, he ran out and went straight to the back door and got Ty out.

"Grandpa! I missed you! Look mama brought my bed to sleep here with you! Can we go see the boat? Can we go get fishes?" Ty just kept asking question after question and of course Charlie answered all of them.

"Of course, Tyty, let's get you inside so I can help your mom get your bed in the house and then we can get some cookies" I heard Charlie telling her while he walked her inside. While I just stood here and couldn't believe he complete just left me here.

"Oh, hi dad, nice to see you also, how was the drive you ask? It was great thanks for asking" I muttered to myself while I opened the trunk to start taking all our stuff out.

"Hi Bella, if it makes you feel better, he just walked right passed me and didn't even notice me" I turned and saw sue next to my SUV smiling at me.

"Hi Sue, it's great to see you" I hugged her and thanked her when she started helping me get bags out. I'm pretty sure Charlie is inside and Ty got him to play or who knows maybe they sneaked out to go fishing. Of course, I was correct and when I walked in Charlie had Ty on the couch tickling her.

"Excuse me chief, can I interrupt? Some help with the bed?" using my mom voice had no effect and after a few minutes I realized I was being ignored, well this is great I thought, so I guess I'll get everything down myself.

"come on Bella we can do it, he's been antsy all week knowing you were coming back" sue said before she walked out. Before following Sue I looked back at my daughter and my dad and saw how happy they were to be together and all that flashed before my eyes was Jacob and if he would be happy to find out that he has a daughter. Who am I kidding he was going to go ballistic.