Title: Fixing Pandora's Box

Pairing: Peter/Bella

Ra: M

Summary: They had one shot to fix their future, to do that they needed to save Jasper…

Chapter Four

True to her mates' word Jasper placed her with his current second hand who was currently leering at her as he chuckled when she came face to face with the fucker or well in her case, face to chest. He was as tall as Garrett and as big as Emmett, which was just perfect because she could single headedly kick the ass of both of them and Garrett too was in the wars during his younger years and was close to her Mate's skill in combat.

"Oh this is going to be easy and when I'm done with you, I'll have a little fun after." The fucker chuckled darkly while cracking his fingers in what he assumed was an intimidating move but just reminded her more of Emmett than anything else.

The sound that escaped her lips was a strangled sound between a laugh and a snort that cut off in a choke as she tried to swallow it before anyone heard it. There was no stopping the amusement from bubbling up and out, not with the image of Emmett in her head, his dimpled grin and waggling brows.

Keep your head in the game! Peter's voice echoed through her memory. Don't let anything distract you when facing off on an opponent that's larger than you because it will end fuckin' painful, never quick.

Shaking the memory from her mind Bella quickly jerked her head to the side and twisted her body to avoid the attack that she nearly missed. A growl reached her ears from the direction of her mate and she could just feel the dissatisfaction over what just happened, she also knew that he would be having some serious words with her at the fact she came close to losing a limb… especially since it was a very predictable move and the very one she was first taught to do and avoid.

Peter was not going to be pleased to find out her head was in the future and not in the now.

A growl escaped her lips as she took a hit to the chest, her hands digging into the elbow joint instead of falling back like he intended and gouged her fingers in, tearing it from his body with a little help from a Sparta kick to the fuckers stomach.

"Sorry, is this yours?" She taunted while holding the limb up, enraging the idiot further and pushing him one step closer to fucking up spectacularly. Anger leads to mistakes, it pushes you to irrational thought and instinct. Jasper's voice whispered softly, it was a lesson he had taught before everything went tits up.

The limb in her hand twitched and she tossed it behind her, smirking wider as the sound of a crackling pop filled the air when it landed in the roaring bonfire for the disposal of newborns. Peter said to kill him and kill him she shall. There was once a time when she was against such violence, a time when she thought the same way as Carlisle but not after everything that happened, the change and then the war, the death of her brothers, sisters in heart and venom had broken that… She was just as vicious as her mate, her sire…

Laughter spilled from her lips as she twirled around the charging Lieutenant, swinging up her arm in an arch as he passed and tore four jagged gouges in his side, taking a bit of flesh with the end of her swipe. A hiss escaped her lips as something crashed into her hard and the familiar sensation of a bite to her shoulder, thankfully her shield was up. Peter's roars were heard next as she kicked up using the attacking Lieutenant as a springboard and tossed the newborn to her mate's oncoming form.

A glance over her shoulder saw her Mate taking down a newborn and then another as he fought to her side once more, a familiar scene that triggered something deep within her. No, no, no, no! Her mind screamed as her beast was set free, decapitating the asshole with a quick flick of her wrists.

Jasper watched everything that was happening with a bland expression, he was — surprised to say the least, he had placed the girl against his lieutenant to test her – them. She had pushed his lieutenant to the point he lost his rationality, a lesson he tries to teach those who survive the longest. The emotions between the two were not something he had felt in a long while or if ever. What he did not expect was for the rage that burst forth from both of them at the sight of each other in danger, nor did he expect the familiar numbing anger to unleash from the girl.

Many of the newborn were torn to shreds in her path and tossed into the fire. His Mistress would not be pleased for the loss in numbers; some that were culled by the newborns beast were still not even close to their expiration date.

"What is the meaning of this?" Maria growled darkly as she stormed into the barn, her dress skirts swishing around her in her haste. "Why have you not stepped in?"

Jasper tore his eyes away from the newborn to face his Mistress and maker. "She's gifted. She killed Carlos as he provoked her beast." He lied, unsure as to why he did it. "She and the male she was with are littered with scars, none of them have a carrier scent."

Maria eyed the decapitated head and body a few feet away with a bland look then to the newborn who had done it and then to the male she was standing next to. They did indeed have scars, more so than any of her newborns, the male had near the amount as her Major while the female had a little less. Interesting. "Gifts?"

"She's a physical shield, unsure of what gift he has but both of them are fighters." The Major reported.

Stop her… stop her… death… FAILURE!

The words in Peter's head had him snapping out of his battle lust to grasp his wife and squeeze his mating mark tightly, flicking his thumbnail across the raised edge. A moan escaped Bella's lips as the burning sensation rushed across her flesh, the scent of her mate filling her nose over the scent of venom and burning vampire, effectively knocking her from her bloodlust.

His eyes shot up to where he knew the Major was standing and stiffened as he saw the bitchpire that used to be his sire, the queen tormentor of his and Jasper's vampiric lives Maria. Fuck, this was not something he had expected, not now. He had expected to see the bitch after they fed, or before the fight with one of the territories.

A hiss escaped Bella's throat as she saw the female next to her brother, the whore who started the destruction of Jasper and the one who helped deliver the blow to him…. the one they had to save him from. She was not what she expected; smaller than normal with little scaring but something sinister seemed to surround her.

"Not now," Peter warned under his breath, tearing his eyes from the two and stepping back from his mate when a rolling wave of emotion washed over him. Bella clenched her jaw but nodded as she allowed Jasper to take control of them, they had a part to play and for now, she will play the puppet.

Maria roamed her eyes over the two pleased. "Good, perhaps then we will finally get the territory with Miguel once the last few between us are gone, you did well mi guerrera. Feed them and then change more, we need to replace those they have destroyed."

"You are not displeased by the waste?" Jasper asked with a cocked brow.

A pleased purr left Maria's lips as she cupped his face. "No mi amor for you have brought me two soldiers worth more than them and a shield. I am pleased, feed them, change more and then join me for your reward."

The Major nodded and stepped back. "As you wish Mistress."

Author Note: So, yep...