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A/N: Comment-Fic fill for cozy_coffee's prompt, "enjoy the moment"

"Yeah, Buffy, what are we gonna do now?"

Six and a half years of her life lie at Buffy's feet. Landmarks the shaped her world, the graves of loved ones, and the hallways where she'd met her best friends.

She inhales and her mouth fills with dirt, her lungs take in dust and debris.

On the bus, there are bleeding and broken girls. Robin holding on somehow. In the pit, they'd left behind so many of their own.

Her burnt hand hurts worse than her stab wound.

But they'd left behind the sewer in which she was supposed to die at only sixteen, the battlegrounds they'd been defending for half a decade against gods, demons, monsters, and angry nerds. The First is depowered, its army is defeated.

There are thousands of women who are only just about to realize that there are so many things they don't yet know.

Cleveland and the rest of the world, and all the malls it contains, are waiting for them. The fight is moving, not over. Never over.

But for now, for this moment, they won.

Might as well seize it.