Okay this is not my first ficcy of the Yu-gi-oh! variety but I might as well say this one is somewhat based on Yo Xi Wang's 'an angel in disguise.' And that story belongs to her. So I give her credit for most of the things that appear in here. But this one is mostly my own. I do not own Yu-gi-oh it belongs to it creator who I forgot the name of. But thanks for reading my babble.

A young sixteen year old walked down the street away from Domino High. He walked alone no one beside him. He wore the normal blue school uniform jacket. Dark blue pants, with black tennis shoes. Under the jacket was a white shirt. He was particularly short for his age. This lonely child had outrageous black hair with crimson lining. His golden bangs covered his violet eyes, full of loneliness. He walked at a quick pace, he didn't want the bullies to get him. This lonely child barely had any friends… The only ones he had were far away from him. They couldn't help him with bullies like they use too. He missed those two Egyptian's so much. He wished they were here now. This boy's name was Yugi Motou. He and those two weren't really that close. They would chase the bullies away when he was in junior high. They would play with him occasionally when they had nothing else to do. The three of them had fun while it lasted. But soon they had to leave… Leaving me open to bullies.. But it wasn't there fault… He thought. It was true it really wasn't there fault.

No one but those two ever really liked him, because he was intensively picked on but the bullies. This had been going on since he was in grade school. The people who weren't strong enough to beat him, always pointed and laughed at him. He was always the butt of the jokes. His junior high days were the happiest he could remember. The first day of school, when he was getting picked on, then a boy around his age stopped them. Yugi could still see the generous smiled he had. And his little sister who was in the same grade but not the same age. She had a sweet, smile. A truly caring smile. But before the last year of junior high they had to leave him all alone. After they left, every one picked on him again. He couldn't mange the courage, they had shown. He let them do it to him, for they could. He sighed. All he really had was his games, toys and music. It mildly forget all his pain in this world. The toys and games were from his Grandpa. He moved to live with him, after his parents die. He was really young, when they left him. The music was his best escape. He had many favorite singers but his favorite the top of the top was. Lutfi. (A/N: Ya I know it's sounds like a female name. It's male though. it's Arabic) An extraordinary male singer.

He didn't why he liked him, he just did. Maybe it was the air of mystery around him. No one had even seen his face. Yugi guessed he was worried about being chased by girls. The only thing anyone saw of the singer were his eyes. And possibly his feet. Lutfi's eyes were stern but with an aloof look to them, but yet Yugi saw kindness in them. They were crimson, but more of a purple-crimson. Yugi liked his deep, and rich voice. Lutfi's voice was calm and soothing, to Yugi. The words he uttered clamed him. Seemed very truthful to him. Yugi stopped when he heard the deep, and rich voice of Lutfi. Must be from the radio… Yugi thought but he stopped to listen anyways.

We dreamers have are ways.

Of facing rainy days.

And Somehow we survive.

We keep the feelings warm.

Protect them from the storm.

Until our time arrives.

Then one day the sun appears.

And we come shining through those lonely years.

Yugi liked the next part and mouthed, the next verses. He wished it would become true for him.

I made it through the rain.

I kept my world protected.

I made it through the rain.

I kept my point of view.

I made it through the rain.

And found myself respected.

By the others who, got rained on too.

And made it through.

For the past few years Yugi felt like he had been rained on. More alone than anyone else. He felt like this song was somewhat like his life. But of course he didn't know when the would get out of the rain in his life.

When friends are hard to find.

And life seems so unkind.

Sometimes you feel so afraid.

Just aim beyond the clouds.

And rise above the crowds.

And start your own parade.

'Cause when I chased my fears away.

That's when I knew that I could finally say

I wish… Yugi thought. He loved the rhythm of the song, the words, everything about it. He always wondered why Lutfi's music had this effect on him. He often felt like this song was just for him and only him. Encouraging him to rise above everyone, and not be by himself anymore.

I made it through the rain.

I kept my world protected.

I made it through the rain.

I kept my point of view.

I made it through the rain.

And found myself respected.

By the other's who, got rained on too.

And made it through.

I made it through the rain.

I kept my world protected.

I made it through the rain.

I kept my point of view.

I made it through the rain.

And found myself respected.

By the other's who, got rained on too.

And made it through.

And made it through.

I made it through.

Yugi sighed, he thought he's life could never be like that. He thought his rain would never go away. What Yugi didn't know that this song didn't come from a radio. But came from a person in a different building. Who he couldn't see. Two pairs of eyes were watching him. One a purple-crimson, and the other a light lavender. They watched him in his misery. They felt sad for him. So the purple-crimson eyed boy, started another song.

When October goes.

The snow begins to fly.

Above the smoky roofs.

I watch the planes go by.

The children running home.

Beneath a twilight sky.

"What is it a marathon?" he questioningly whispered. This song made him feel like he wasn't the only one who was lonely. And that made him feel a bit better.

Oh, for the fun of them.

When I was one of them.

And when October goes.

The same old dream app-

Suddenly it stopped. Yugi sighted and started walking again, until he heard "Hey! Shrimp!" Yugi cringed and stopped in his tracks. Oh no… Then he suddenly bolted, and he ran as fast as he could. So he could get away. The bully ran after him. The bully's name was Taro. The meanest bully in Domino High. He was big, tall and muscular. His eyes were a cold and mean blood red color. "Get back here!" Taro shouted. He was also big, tall and muscular. Yugi ran as fast as he could to get away. The two who were previously watching him. Looked at each other and decided to follow them. Yugi soon turned the corner and found it to be a dead end. Yugi gulped. No… His eyes registered fear. He was about to turn around and head out of the blocked passage. Only to be confronted by Taro. "Got you. Avoiding me the whole day, now running away from me. You know the punishment." Yugi felt being lifted off the ground, and being bruised, when he knocked up into the brick wall. The two could only watch from afar. "How come we can't!" The lavender eyed one shouted at the older one. "We have to wait for HIM!" the purple-crimson one shouted back.

Yugi whimpered at the pain. He knew that we WAS trying to avoid Taro all day. One he didn't want to get beaten up. Two he didn't want his money taken from him. Yugi somewhat passively let the bully beat him. Yugi did squirmed against Taro's grip. But to no avail. He only got hit harder, and faster. Making in even more painful. He also cried, verbally and with tears. The tears trickled down Yugi's slightly bruised face. He didn't want this anymore. But the two who usually protected him, were gone. Plus it was a Friday, no body cared about him but those two. Everyone was oblivious to him, his cries, and his pain.

Nobody cared about him… Someone please… help. Me… Was his silently plea as he felt another fist in his stomach. The tears strolled down his face. Then out of nowhere, Yugi barely saw the boy that walked by. Yugi cried again. The boy turned to see right in his view. Taro beating Yugi up, the boy was around Yugi's age, possibly older. The two who were watching smiled. It was the person they were waiting for, to finally show up. He wore all leather, so it didn't look like he went do Domino high. He had stopped twiddling the keys around his finger when he heard and turned to Yugi's cries. "Eh..?" He frowned. Then shouted "Hey asshole! Pick on someone your own size!" Taro turned about read to beat the shit out of the twerp who just interpreted his session with Yugi. But what he saw. Made him too shocked to move… He was just too damn confused.

The boy who stepped in… Looked just like Yugi! Taro went wide eyed, and dropped poor Yugi on the ground. "Huh?" He blinked to see if it was just his imagination. As he looked on the ruby eyes bore into his puny mind. They were filled with dislike. He was so dumbstruck, as the boy came closer. That he stumbled away in confusion. He nearly fell over and landed face first into the sidewalk. The boy stifled a laugh, and walked over to Yugi who was on his knees. As soon as the bully stumbled away the purple-crimson eyed boy ran to the side of the building where no one could see him and began again where he left off. Before he was so rudely interrupted by Taro scaring him silly.

The same old dream appears.

And you are in my arms.

To share the happy years.

"Hey, are you okay?" The boy kneeled down and touched Yugi's shoulder. He studied, bruises that began to form on Yugi's soft pale skin. When Yugi felt no more impacts he opened his eyes, looked up and saw the person who looked just like him. "Yipe!" He shouted, in utter shock. "Who the heck are you!? How come you look like me?" Yugi looked the boy over. It confirmed what he thought, this boy looked just like him. The only exception was the boy had ruby eyes. That were intense, and sharp. Had three bangs whisked back into the rest of his hair. He was taller and, a more adult like, then himself. Lastly, was that Yugi's pale skin, had an air of innocence and purity. While Yami was tanned and was aired by mystery and darkness.

I turn my head away.

To hide the helpless tears.

Oh how I hate to see October go.

He laughed at Yugi's shocked stare. Those violet eyes staring him intently. "I'm Yami." He gently spoke. "What is your name?" "Yugi, and thank you for helping me…" His eyes got wider when her realized what had happened. "How did you get Taro to leave me alone?" He had to ask, his natural curiosity had to know. "I just stared at the jerk." Yami laughingly spoke. "When you show them your not afraid they have a tendency to freak out, and stop picking on you. I'm only sorry, that I didn't get here earlier. Looks like you took quite a beating." Yugi blinked. Why would someone who hardly knew him, even care? Why only did he care, while nobody else did? Well besides his two Egyptian friends. He asked himself this while Yami helped him up.

I should be over it now.

Yami turned to hear the music. "You like Lutfi?" He asked and Yugi nodded. Yami smiled. "How would you like a ride home after this song is over? My motorcycle isn't far." (AN: Sorry but I don't remember if motorcycle's have keys or not.) Yugi blinked. "Wha..? Really? That's okay?" Yugi was in disbelief. No one had ever offered him a ride home. Yami smiled a kind smiled. "Of course…." Yami wasn't able to finish. "Why are you doing this for me?" Yami only smiled. "Because I don't like to see people getting hurt. Plus you seem like a nice kid. Now lets listen." The lavender eyed person smiled as did the purple-crimson person.

I know.

It doesn't matter much.

How old I grow.

I hate to see October go

"Come it's this way." Yami said after the song was over. Yugi followed Yami to the parking lot that was near the school. His eyes sparkled, in awe as he saw the dark red Harley Davidson. Sparkling in the afternoon sun. Yami tossed Yugi the only helmet he had at the moment. "What about you?" Yami waved it off. "I'll be okay. You need it more for your sensitive little face." Yugi flushed. Yami was right, his skin was soft and barely exposed to the hash wind. The taller one, in one swift motion got on. "Come, you sit behind me." He spoke as he helped the smaller form of him on. Yugi's feet couldn't even reach the foot rest. So his feet hang loosely around the sides. He was nervous…. He had never been on a motorcycle much less a Harley! No one had ever given him a ride home. No one besides his grandpa, and the two Egyptians had ever cared about him, in anyway. Then Yami's voice broke his thoughts. "Yugi where do you live?"

"The Turtle Game Shop, on Orchid Drive." Yami smiled. "Alright then. Hold on tight, Yugi." When he finished he started the engine. Yugi remembering seeing people ride before, holding onto driver. He timidly, and gradually secured his arms around Yami. Yami sensing his tenseness, said "It's alright. I wouldn't want you to fall off now, during the trip." With that Yugi held on to Yami tighter. Thinking this was going to be like an amusement ride. While grinning Yami, turned (or pressed) the accelerator and sped off.

The wind whipped around Yami's bangs harshly in his face, but he didn't really care. Yugi thankful for the helmet and Yami shielding him from the hash wind. He closed his eyes and slightly relaxed. He enjoyed riding it, the only thing that really bothered him was the roar of the engine. Yugi sighed, very satisfied. He was experiencing something not all to new to him. But this time he felt happier, than in junior high, as he was being driven home by his new friend. Even thought it was someone who he barely knew. And the two who had been watching him from afar smiled at each other. They were glad that Yugi was happy. They left knowing the next day they would see Yugi again.


Okay that's the end of this chappy. I know. I know it seems like the other story but it is a bit different. And yes the two watching Yugi are going to have a bigger role in this story. Oh and the two songs in this story were both done first by Barry Manilow. The first being 'I made it through the rain', the second one is 'When October goes.' The songs seemed fitting. Oh I do give credit to Yo Xi Wang for HER work! I know I borrowed most of the idea's like Yugi being beaten by a bully, the motorcycle and what not. And the lonely factor. But I am trying to make this my own work. Thanks bai