Through The Eyes Of Ron

Chapter Twenty

Another Chance

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            Ron came out of the dining room fireplace and ran upstairs to his dorm.  He lay on his bed.  Had he been brainwashed to want to come back here, or was he just that angry with his father?  Ron knew it wasn't either of those reasons that made him come back.  Ron had grown comfortable, bored, but comfortable at Bridgeton, and his dad made him feel the total opposite.

            His door opened.  The Headmaster had his wand out, and he was ready to yell, but once he saw Ron, he closed his mouth.

            "Ron, what are you doing back so soon?  I said you could stay for a week, not a half hour."  Headmaster Campbell said.

            "I'm not allowed here either?"  Ron asked with hurt in his voice.

            "No, Ron, you're always allowed here.  Where weren't you allowed?  I was just wondering why you wanted to give up your week vacation.  I know how you were dying to get out of here.  I didn't mean to make you feel unwelcome."  Headmaster Campbell apologized.

            "I know you didn't, and I'm sorry.  It's just… you talked to my brother Percy, who thought it would be a nice surprise for my parents if I came home.  It was a surprise, because he didn't ask either one of them.  My mum was so happy to see me, she was so proud of me, but my dad forgot something and came home from work, and he started lecturing Percy for letting me come home.  I didn't want to stay if it was going to cause so much trouble.  The problem is, I didn't think it would.  I never thought that my house wouldn't be my home anymore, but it isn't my home anymore.  I don't have a home anymore."  Ron said pulling the ends of what little hair he had with frustration.

            "That was wrong of your father."  Headmaster Campbell said slowly.  He went to continue, but Ron wouldn't let him.

            "No, he's not wrong.  He didn't want me there, because he can't trust me.  I don't deserve his trust.  He can't trust me not to run away.  I ran away three times, I give him more reasons not to trust me, than I give him to trust me, and I'm not mad at him.  I'm mad at me, because I can't ever get that back.  And no matter how good I'll be until the day I die, I can't change the way my dad looks at me.  Why did I have to be such a screw up?  I had everything that money couldn't buy, and now I have nothing.  Why couldn't I be good like my brothers?"  Ron asked.

            "Because you're not your brothers.  Ron, you messed up, yes, and you realize that.  Why can't your father change his mind about you?  Why can't he give you just one more chance?  I give you plenty of chances, and you show me why you deserve them.  This isn't just your fault Ron.  Your father is wrong not to give you another chance.  And you don't have nothing now.  You have a brain full of knowledge, your wand, full functioning of your body, and you have a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and a bed.  You also have friends.  Your dad doesn't speak for everybody in your family Ron.  Why do you think your brother wanted you to come home, why was your mother so happy to see you Ron?  Your father is one person, and he may mean a lot to you, and his trust may mean a lot to you, but he is not your whole world.  And you did give him reasons to trust you.  You could've ran anywhere in the country, but you came here.  And Ron, your family and your friends aren't the only people who care about you.  There's me, and all of the Professors here.  And whether you like it or not this is your home.  You have a home."  Headmaster Campbell said.

            "I know, but when I complete my seventh year, I won't have a place to go to while I find a job."  Ron said.

            "First of all, we'd never throw you out on the streets.  If you couldn't find a job and an apartment by the time you were nineteen, we'd get you a job and a place to stay."  Headmaster Campbell said.

            "But if you ever said I was able to go back to Hogwarts, I really want to go back there, I wouldn't have a place to stay during the summer, and I'm finished with living on the streets, unless you kick me out."  Ron said.

            "Ron, you are in my custody.  I could let you go back to Hogwarts next week, and during the holidays, you would come back here."  Headmaster Campbell said.

            "So next May, if I don't screw up, I could go back to Hogwarts for two months, and then spend the summer here?"  Ron asked.

            "If you wanted to go back in May, yes.  However, I thought you wanted to go back to Hogwarts sooner, perhaps next week."  Headmaster Campbell said.

            Ron's jaw dropped.  "That's not funny, that's mean."  Ron said.

            "It would be a mean joke, however I'm not joking.  I had a conversation with Professor Dumbledore over the past week.  With your many O.W.L.S. and your improving behavior, he agrees to let you try and go back to Hogwarts.  However, you would have to come back here every weeknight, so that Remus could tutor you in Muggle Studies, Arithmancy, and the Study of Ancient Runes, as asking for a Time-turner is out of the question.  Also, I would be counseling you for a half an hour to an hour during the evenings, just to see how your day was, to make sure nobody's getting you too upset, and to make sure you're all right."  Headmaster Campbell said.

            "Why are you doing this to me?  It's not possible.  The Malfoy's threatened to press charges if I attended another day at Hogwarts before I attended a year here."  Ron said.

            "They may press charges, but Professor Dumbledore and myself would be more than happy to pay for you.  However, Mr. Malfoy was missing when the Minister went to question him about your attack, I doubt he would come out of hiding to press charges.  And the contract clearly reads that you could not attend Hogwarts until you've attended at least a year at Bridgeton, or until the authorities there, or me, decide that you're able to attend school in a civilized manner.  I said I thought it would be a good idea for you to go back to Hogwarts; Mr. Malfoy has no reason to press charges.  However, I must ask you to behave yourself as you did on the day of the chess tournament.  You know you're stronger than Malfoy, you've proven it.  If he hits you, ignore him.  He's not worth your time and temper.  I know it won't be easy, but you need to do this."  Headmaster Campbell said.

            "I will sir."  Ron said.  "Thank you so much."

            "You earned it."  Headmaster Campbell said.  "Want a game of Chess?"

            "Is this your way of getting me to talk about what bothers me, because I'm in the mood to talk, and you don't have to use Chess to bribe me."  Ron said.

            "Actually, I wanted to see if I could beat you."  Headmaster Campbell said.

            "Oh all right."  Ron said happily.

            "But I also wanted to get some more out of you."  Headmaster Campbell confessed.

            "All right."  Ron said setting up the chessboard.

            "Ron, what did you feel or see when you were touched by the dementors.  Some people see the worst moments of their lives relived; others just feel terrible.  Do you remember what you felt or maybe saw?"  Headmaster Campbell asked.

            Ron dropped the pieces on the board, and they walked to their positions.

            "I felt a lot of hate and disappointment towards me.  I saw my parents, brothers, and teachers looking disappointed or angry with me.  I felt lost.  I felt scared.  Spiders were crawling all around me… I felt embarrassed, I remember being kicked out of Hogwarts and having to go live with my Grandfather… I felt dead.  I saw my Grandfather dead on the armchair- just like the day I came home from Cork.  I ran through the rain, and even before I got off the train, I knew something had happened, I just didn't know what and I didn't think it had anything to do with him.  I felt all the pain that I had felt before when I was at his funeral.  I tried to forget it, but I felt it all again, and worse this time, because my Grandfather's probably seen all of the bad things I've done."  Ron said staring at the chess set as tears blurred his vision.

            "I felt like the whole world hated me, and I was reminded when I saw my cousins laughing, when I saw my dad angry, when my dad almost hit me.  I felt lost, like I didn't belong anywhere anymore, because that's what I had felt like when I went to America.  I felt scared, and I remembered the muggle bullet that just missed me.  I felt so terrible and guilty, because I raped a muggle girl.  She kissed me, and one thing lead to another, but still I hurt her!  Then I felt neglected because at the time I didn't want to be here, and my parents just dumped me here.  Then everything was dark, and I had to reflect, on all of that!"  Ron said looking up not believing what he had just told the Headmaster.

            He covered his face with his hands.  "Please, please don't hate me."  Ron cried.  He couldn't help but cry, everybody else hated him, and the one person who was giving him more chances than he ever deserved and actually cared whether or not Ron was happy, would probably hate him too after all of the horrible things he did.

            "Ron," Headmaster Campbell said putting a reassuring hand on his shoulder.  "I don't hate you, I can't hate you.  I'm not saying I approve of all of your actions, especially not forceful intercourse with a young lady, but you just told me everything that was weighing you down.  Isn't that a relief that it's off of your chest now?"

            Ron nodded.  "I couldn't stop once I started.  I just remembered and it all flashed back like it did with the dementor."  Ron said.

            "Ron, if there's one thing I remember my father telling me, it was to treat others as you want to be treated.  You've been hurt so many times, not always intentionally, but the pain was still there, and because you didn't have anybody to tell it to, it built up inside you.  Your pain could've killed somebody Ron, and it nearly did kill Draco Malfoy.  You hurt that girl, and you've run away to escape your own problems."  Headmaster Campbell said.

            "I don't understand how.  It only created more problems."  Ron said moving a pawn.

            "Did you think about any of your problems when you were with that girl?"  Headmaster Campbell asked.

            Ron thought for a minute.  "No."  Ron said.

            "When you were in here, you had nothing to do but think the first couple of days.  When you were running away, were you thinking about all of the pain inside of you, or were you worried about somebody catching you?"  Headmaster Campbell asked.

            "You're right, I didn't have to think about it."  Ron said.

            "Ron, have you ever let go of the pain of your Grandfather's death?  I'm not saying that the pain will ever go away, because you loved him a lot, but have you ever let it all out?"  Headmaster Campbell asked.

            "No.  I try to pretend it isn't real that he's gone.  I know he is, but I try not to think about it, but so many things make me remember.  Whenever I play Chess, I remember whose pieces these are, who taught me to play.  I remember one time when he asked me when I was good at, because all of my brothers were so talented or gifted.  I was only five at the time, and I told him the only thing I was good at was getting into trouble or getting in people's way.  He taught me how to play chess, and I've never lost a game.  Chess is the only other thing I'm good at besides getting into trouble.  Then when I do something wrong, and actually think about it, I know he's looking down on me with disappointment.  Then when you threw my watch away, I nearly lost it.  He gave me that watch, and I broke it when I punched the wall the night he died.  I kept it anyway.  It made me feel like he wasn't completely gone.  I know that sounds stupid, but he gave it to me, for my sixth birthday, and he gave it to me, like he gave me his chess pieces, only he bought that watch especially for me, and I could wear the watch at all times."  Ron said.

            "I didn't know it meant anything to you Ron, I am really sorry.  I thought it was just a weapon."  Headmaster Campbell said.

            "I used it as one, I guess I deserved it to be taken away, but still- Check."  Ron said.

            "Did you cry at his funeral Ron?"  Headmaster Campbell asked.

            "Yes, I couldn't stop crying, even when I tried to.  I embarrassed myself in front of my family.  Fifteen year old boys aren't supposed to cry."  Ron said.

            "Well they will if someone they loved so much passes on.  Anybody will Ron, whether they're fifteen or fifty."  Headmaster Campbell said.

            "Thanks for this.  I feel a bit better now that I've gotten some of this off of my chest."  Ron said.

            "Well, we'll get some more off tomorrow."  Headmaster Campbell said.

            "Checkmate."  Ron said.

            Ron followed the students as they traveled from Hogsmeade over to the carriages.  He kept the hood of his robes up, so nobody could see him.  He didn't need trouble so soon.  He figured Malfoy couldn't do any harm under teacher supervision.

            Everybody was starting to take seats in the Great Hall, while they waited for the sorting to begin.  Ron saw Ginny sitting next to Hermione; he ran up to her and tickled her before sitting down right next to her.  Ginny was startled by such physical contact from a complete stranger.

            "Boo."  Ron said taking down his hood.

            "Ron!"  Harry, Hermione, and Ginny said at once in surprise.

            "Ron, you need to go back to Bridgeton, right now, or Dumbledore will never allow you back here."  Hermione urged.

            "But he said I could start this week, didn't you know?  Headmaster Campbell thought it would be a good idea."  Ron said.  "And Professor Dumbledore agreed.  I'm back, and this time I'm going to be good."

            Ginny hugged him, Hermione kissed his cheek, and Harry smiled.  Ron was back.

The End

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