Hermione Granger shifted uncomfortably in her bed. She couldn't keep her mind off what had happened today and what happened today was a very odd thing. Hermione had gone down to the Quidditch pitch after she knew the Gryffindor practice was over for the day. She had been looking for her best friend Harry Potter. They were supposed to be studying for their Potions lesson with their other best friend Ron Weasly, but Harry had never shown up. After he had been an hour late Hermione had left Ron in the library to go and find Harry. When she had gotten to the pitch Hermione had screamed for Harry, but gotten no reply. She shook her head at his inconsiderate nature towards his friends. But then she figured he had probably stayed practicing after the rest of the team had finished. Harry was such a dedicated player, now captain after Oliver Wood, he had probably spent extra time perfecting some move. He was probably still in the looker room, Hermione thought and headed in that direction.

When Hermione opened the looker room door she heard a shower turn off. She looked up just in time to see Harry pulling a towel of the rack to cover his naked body. Hermione squealed nervously and hurried back up to the school, only hopping that Harry hadn't noticed her. One look from him when he eventually made it back to the castle dashed all her hopes. He knew she had been there and she could die from embarrassment at the thought of it. When Harry had found her and Ron in the library and apologized for being late he kept trying to talk to Hermione alone. But she wouldn't let him. She kept finding excuses not to leave Ron's side. Hermione had even refused to go to dinner, saying that she wasn't hungry and had work to do.

That night Hermione had sat in the common room for what seemed like hours listening to her stomach growl. She had tried to look at her Arithmancy homework, but couldn't concentrate. When Harry and Ron finally returned to the common room they went up to their dormitory to get their books. While they were gone Hermione disappeared to her own dormitory pretending she was quite tired and needed rest. That's where she found herself now. Hermione could see the sun disappearing behind the horizon through her window. She felt ridiculous, what was she doing? Was she going to avoid Harry for the rest of her life?

"Yes that sounded good." She said quietly to herself as she rolled away from the window and tried to sleep again. But of course that idea was ludicrous she had nearly every lesson with Harry not to mention that her only other friend was also Harry's friend and almost never left Harry's side.

"I'll just have to make new friends. It's that simple." Hermione groaned at her own stupidity. "That won't work either. Fifth year is way to late to change your friends at Hogwarts." Just as Hermione was deciding she would simply have to change schools some one knocked on her door.

"Who is it?" She called.

"Me," it was Ron, "I want to talk to you."

"Not you as well." Hermione said to herself as she got out of bed and walked towards the door. "Come in Ron." She instructed after reaching the door and pulling it open.

"Why are you avoiding Harry? Did something happen that I don't know about?"

"I'm not avoiding Harry, Ron. I've been very busy today."

"Yeah right Hermione and Snape loves Gryffindor. What is really going on?"

"Nothing, absolutely nothing Ron, everything is fine. Especially between Harry and I."

"Well than you wont abject to meeting him in the common room tonight. You may not have anything to say to him, but he says he wants to talk to you." Hermione had been afraid of that. Of course Ron would be on some mission from Harry.

"Alright Ron if he wants to talk to me that is fine."

"Good, I'll go and tell him. And Hermione you really can talk to me if you need to. You know that right? And anything you say I wont repeat I swear not even to Harry."

"I know Ron. Thanks." After Ron closed the door Hermione rolled her eyes. "Yeah right, I know you mean well Ron, but you couldn't keep a secret from Harry if someone sealed your mouth up." Hermione paced her dormitory for a while. She got to thinking about what Harry might say. Thinking about Harry brought the image of his naked body back into her head. Hermione had never noticed before how gorgeous a guy Harry had developed into. He was lean, his stomach tight with firm muscles. She had always thought he was cute, but seeing him today made her think of him in a whole new way. Hermione could just imagine stripping down and joining Harry in that shower this afternoon. He would drop his towel and turn the faucet back on, getting them both soaking wet. Harry would run one of his hands up her neck as he leaned it to kiss her.

"Oh this is ridiculous." Hermione shook her head fervently. She looked at herself in the mirror behind the dormitory door and shook her head again. Her once-bushy brown hair was laying neatly on her shoulders and her face looked strained. Hermione had straightened her hair that summer when she went to visit her boyfriend Victor Krum in Bulgaria. "Why would Harry want a plain girl like me? I bet he can have any girl he wants." Again she thought of Harry's emerald eyes and wet hair. Water glistening as it gently dropped off his hard, muscular .

"Ooohhh." Hermione exhaled as she flopped face down onto her four-poster. She needed to get the image of Harry out of her head. What was she thinking? She had a boyfriend. Hermione looked up exhaustedly at a picture of her and Victor outside his house the day she had come back to England. Both her and Victor were smiling brightly. She looked at the envelopes lying under the picture frame, all of them letters from Victor, he really was a very nice boy.

Eventually Lavender Brown and Pavati Patil came up into the dormitory.

"Hermione," Lavender said lightly, not sure whether or not Hermione was awake.

"What Lavender?" Hermione asked still lying on her stomach. Her voice muffled by the blankets.

"Harry asked me to ask you to meet him downstairs now."

"Thanks Lavender." Hermione said darkly. It wasn't that she was mad at Lavender, she was just dredging going downstairs. Hermione got up reluctantly and headed out the door.

"Hermione," Pavati called her back into the room.

"What Pavati?"

"Your not going downstairs like that are you?" Hermione looked down at herself, she was wearing her normal pajamas. A pair of rather short shorts and a tank top. Hermione thought of changing but decided she just wanted to go downstairs and get it over with.

"Yeah Pavati, Harry's waiting for me. But thanks for asking." Hermione smiled and slowly walked down to the common room. It was late and the common room was dark. Hermione couldn't see anything so she called out.


"I'm over here Hermione." Harry's voiced answered back from a couch set away from the fire. Hermione started over to the sofa, but Harry got up and met her half way.

"Look I'm sorry Harry about this afternoon. You were late and."

"It's okay Hermione. I know you didn't mean to."

"If your not mad at me, why did you wont to talk to me?"

"Well for two reasons. I wanted to make sure you were okay since you've been avoiding me. Even if you told Ron you weren't. And the other was to ask you." Harry mumbled something, but Hermione couldn't hear him.

"Ask me what Harry?"

"Ask you ." Again Hermione couldn't hear him.

"What is it Harry? You can ask me anything."

"I know Hermione it's just kind of embarrassing. I just want to ask you .what you saw?" Hermione's eyed widened.

"Well Harry, I saw - um - well I kind of saw everything. I didn't mean to Harry you know that right?"

"Of course I do Hermione. Oh this is going to be awkward between us now isn't it?"

"Probably. We should probably get to bed Harry it's late."

"Yea alright Hermione, goodnight pleasant dreams."

"Goodnight Harry." They both headed back up into their respective dormitories. Hermione sat on her bed and pulled her hangings closed behind her. She lay down and pulled the covers over her head. Things were always going to be awkward between her and Harry for the rest of their lives. She had looked forward to having Harry and Ron as her friend forever, but if she couldn't get the image of naked Harry off her mind that wasn't going to be possible. Hermione could feel herself getting flushed thinking about Harry again. That night Hermione had a very pleasant dream.

The next day was Saturday, thank God. Hermione would be able to sleep late and hopefully not run into Harry at breakfast. She dressed quickly in tight jeans and a loss sweater. Unfortunately Harry had slept late too. He and Hermione were the only ones at the Gryffindor table.

"Morning Hermione."

"Good morning Harry." Hermione avoided Harry's eyes as she sat down across from him. Her dream was still playing in her head. She found herself looking at the bulges under his sleeves where his muscles were suddenly apparent to her.

"Hermione are you okay?" Hermione took her eyes away from Harry's arm and looked down at his plate.

"Yeah Harry I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

"Because you've been staring at my arm since you came down her and when you poured your orange juice it landed in your cereal. You sure you're okay."

"Well honestly Harry, no."

"What's wrong?"

"I can't tell you here," Hermione looked around the Hall.

"Why not?"

"It's kind of embarrassing Harry."

"After what happened yesterday how can anything be embarrassing?"

"Well it just is. Don't worry about it Harry."

"No. Come on Hermione were going to go outside and talk about it." Hermione was reluctant to go with him, but when Harry stretched out his hand to lead her outside she couldn't refuse. They walked out of the castle and Harry stopped, but Hermione led him further outside till they were down by the lack.

"Are we far enough away from the castle yet?"

"Yeah Harry I guess we are."

"So tell me what's wrong?"

"Well -" just then a barn owl came swooping down to Hermione and dropped a letter at her feet. It was from Victor. Hermione picked up the letter - it was very thick. He obviously had a lot to say. "Great" Hermione said sarcastically with a roll of her eyes.

"What's great Hermione?"

"Nothing absolutely nothing is great Harry. I have a great boyfriend who sent me a rather long letter about who knows what and I spent all last night having erotic dreams about my best friend." Harry looked shocked by what she said, but Hermione had not said all she had wanted to. "Now I feel guilty because Victor keeps sending me letters and I've had no time to write him back. Everything is getting out of control. Harry I though I could handle having a long-distance relationship with Victor, but I have no time for him." Hermione sat down on the ground in a huff and Harry sat down next to her. He still couldn't get over what she had said about dreaming about him, but he realized that was not the thing to be concentrating on now. Now Hermione just needed her friend back.

"I'm sorry Hermione. I didn't realize you were so stressed about everything." Harry put his arm around her shoulder and she leaned into him gently. Silent tears streaming down her face.

"Oh Harry, I'm used to being stressed. But I'm not used to having a boyfriend. I've never had one before Victor. Even at that we didn't start dating until the summer and we only spent a week together than. I just don't now how to talk to him. I'm used to talking to boys - you and Ron, but not a boyfriend. Harry I just don't now what to do."

"It's okay Hermione I'm here for you. Ron is too, well he tries to be."

"But things have changed Harry. After what happened yesterday and last night I don't see how you and I can be friends anymore."

"Come on Hermione how can that make us not be able to be friends anymore. So you saw me naked I'll get over it."

"Well I wont."

"Why not?"

"Like I said Harry I had a dream about you last nigh. A couple dreams actually. I can't get you out of my head Harry."

"Oh am I that attractive, I'll have to let girls walk in on my showering more often." Hermione shoved Harry jokingly and laughed. His joke had had its desired effect.

"Shut up Harry."

"Well I got you to laugh didn't I."

"Yeah I guess. But it really isn't fare that I saw you naked."

"Well you could strip off in front of me and then we would be even." Harry was trying to make another joke to make her laugh. But judging on how Hermione was looking at him now, she hadn't taken it as a joke.

"That's a good idea Harry."

"What are you taking it seriously? It was a joke Hermione."

"No Harry it's a good idea. Then we will be even. Then maybe I'll feel better about it."

"Hermione I don't want you to do something you don't want to do."

"No Harry I want to. But where could we go."

"I don't know Hermione." Harry said skeptically. He had no intention of giving Hermione any ideas either. He really had meant it as a joke.

"I know the locker rooms. Come on Harry."

"I don't know Hermione. I really don't think this is a good idea. It really was only a joke." Hermione turned to him and gave him a very stern look saying that she had made up her mind.

"Harry it will make me feel better." Hermione picked up her letter from Victor and led Harry down to the locker rooms. Each team had a separate locker room and the Gryffindor's would be empty today. Hermione sat Harry down on one of the benches and then went into the showers to strip down. Hermione was very uncomfortable, but this was the only thing she could think of that would make her feel better about the situation. She took on of the clean towels and wrapped it around herself. She refused to be naked for longer then was necessary to ease her mind. Hermione looked down at the letter from Victor one last time before walking out to where Harry was waiting. He was sitting there looking nervously at the floor.

"Harry." Hermione called and he looked up at her.

"Are you sure you want to do this Hermione because you can just go back in their and get dressed. We can forget that this ever happened." Hermione came and sat down next to him on the bench.

"No Harry I'm sure. I think I need to do this Harry to ease my mind about what happened. Just accept this Harry as something I feel I need to do."

"Okay, but I'm looking under protest."

"Sure Harry that's fine." Hermione moved out in front of him and opened her towel slightly. She hesitated and looked at Harry. He was staring intently at her eyes. But then Hermione heard movement outside. And then the door to the door to the main locker room building opened. That door was only two away from the Gryffindor locker room. Then they heard the voice.

"Harry - Hermione are you in here?" It was Ron. Hermione ran back into the showers, grabbed her cloths and hid in one of the bathroom stalls just as Ron walked into the Gryffindor locker room.

"Harry didn't you here me call you? Where is Hermione? Someone said they saw you two leaving the castle and then I thought I saw you two walking in here as I came outside."

"Yeah we came out here to talk and Hermione needed to use the bathroom so we came in here." Hermione took the cue. She flushed the toilet and came back out of the showers fully dressed, with Victors letter in her hand.

"Oh hi Ron. Sorry we didn't wait for you at breakfast but I needed to talk to Harry again."

"It's okay I understand."

"Well Harry, Ron I'm going to go back to the Tower. I need to write to Victor. See you two later."

"Okay Hermione"

"Bye Hermione." Hermione walked up to the castle quickly. That was close. Oh God if Ron hadn't called out before he walked in he would have seen her stripping down in front of Harry. Hermione was beginning to think this was a bad idea, but still it sounded like the only way she would feel better. When she reached her dormitory she sat down on her bed and ripped opened Victor's letter.

It was a very sweet romantic letter. Victor said he had missed her and couldn't wait to see her again. That he couldn't stop looking at the photo they had taken before she left. Victor was very kind to her. But Hermione couldn't not tell Victor the truth about what had happened between her and Harry. She took out some parchment, a quill, a bottle of ink, all of Victors letters, and the picture of them. She took them down into the common room and sat down at a table away from everyone. Hermione needed all these things to think about how she would tell Victor and what she would tell him.

She sat there for hours looking at the blank piece of parchment until finally it all came to her. How hard it was for her to be separated from him. How she had never been in a relationship before and didn't now how to be in a relationship let alone be in one with someone who was so far away. Then she got to what had happened with Harry. Then she tolled him that she had dreamed about him. That she had enjoyed the dream. She finished the letter by telling him that she didn't tell him all these things to hurt him, but that she needed to tell him to ease her soul. She borrowed one of the school owls to send it to him and then went back to the common room. Harry was waiting for her there.

"So where did you ditch Ron?"

"I didn't he said he had to go to the library for something."

"He knows the library is where they keep all those books he's always making fun of me for reading right?"

"I guess not."

"So Harry I was thinking that we could go back down to the pitch tonight using the invisibility cloak. It really is the most private place on the grounds, when it is empty."

"Listen Hermione you really don't have to do that."

"Yes I do."

"Okay Hermione, I'll see you at around midnight."

"Okay." It was about time for lunch, but Hermione wasn't hungry. She went up to her room and read. It took her mind off what was going on in her love life. She went down to dinner, but didn't eat much. Then she retreated back up into her dormitory. In no time it was eleven thirty and Lavender and Pavati came up to go to bed. Hermione waited till they had gone to sleep. Then she got off her bed, pulled the curtains closed, and went down to the common room to wait. Harry was already sitting down there waiting for her. The common room was empty so they took the opportunity to sneak out unnoticed. They threw the invisibility cloak over themselves when they got out into the hall. It seemed to Hermione that it took no time at all to get back down to the locker rooms.

For the second time that day Hermione stripped down in the showers and wrapped herself in a towel. Once again Harry was waiting for her on the bench. Again she slowly opened the towel and hesitated.

"You know I half expect Ron to come bursting in again."

"He wont I made sure he was asleep before I left."

"Good, now all I have to worry about is the rest of the school."

"Hermione if you're nervous don't do it. It's okay."

"No Harry I have to get over my nervous eventually." And with out another word Hermione not only opened the towel, but she threw it on the ground behind her. Harry's jaw dropped. Hermione's curved and shapely body was staring him right in the face. Hermione sat down next to Harry on the bench and his eyes followed her.

"Harry stop starring at me."

"Hermione - your, well your perfect. I don't mean to stare, but you really are beautiful."

"Harry your just saying that to make me feel better."

"Are you kidding Hermione? I wouldn't lie about that. I mean have you looked at yourself in a mirror lately."

"No Harry I'm not a big fan of mirrors."

"Well I'm sure they are big fans of you. Come over her Hermione." Harry took her over to a full-length mirror. "Just look at yourself."

"I can't see anything Harry it's to dark in here." The only light in the locker room was coming from the showers, which were as far away from the mirror as possible. Harry conjured up some candles. He lit them with his wand and put them on the ground around the mirror. Harry though Hermione looked even more gorgeous in the candlelight.

"But Harry just look at my hips, their all chubby. And my arms are flabby."

"Listen Hermione everyone's arms are flabby when they aren't flexing. Even mine are look." Harry pulled his shirt off over his head and let his arms fall to his sides. "See Hermione."

"Yeah I guess but my hips are still chubby and so is my stomach."

"Hermione I think your seeing things." Harry reached out and touched Hermione's right hip. She drew back from him slightly. His hand was cold. "I don't feel anything," he put his other hand on her other hip, "on either side." Then he wrapped his arms around her stomach. "Nope noting there either. Just because you stomach isn't rock hard doesn't mean it is 'chubby'. Which by the way I think looks like a girl has been starving herself. Really I don't understand why girls do that to themselves."

"Yeah, I guess your right Harry." Hermione turned around so that she was facing him. Also making it so Harry's hands rested on her butt. "Your such a good friend Harry." She hugged him tight and let her head rest just on his shoulder.

"No problem Hermione." They stood there wrapped in each others arms for a few minutes and then Hermione burst into tears again. "Hermione are you okay. Why are you crying?" Hermione pulled out of Harry's arms. She grabbed her towel from where it lay on the floor and after wrapping herself up init again sat down on the floor and rested herself against the mirror. She was still crying heavily. Harry sat down next to her. As he had done this morning when she was crying Harry put his arm around her shoulder. She put her head on his shoulder again.

"Because Harry. Victors letter."

"Oh yeah I forgot about that. And him."

"Well it was really sweet and romantic and I wrote him back telling him about all the problems I was having with our relationship. I mean God Harry what kind of girl am I? I send my perfect loving boyfriend a horrible letter about problems when he sends me a letter basically telling me he loves me. And then I strip of in front of my best friend because I was feeling guilty about seeing him naked just to feel better about the situation. Of course thinking that it would make me feel better. When all it did was make me feel guiltier about what I'm doing to my sweet boyfriend."

"You're not doing anything to him Hermione. All you did was tell him how you're feeling. Hermione if you're having doubts about your feelings for Victor or your relationship with him then you need to tell him. It's that simple."

"Harry how can you know so much about relationships?"

"Well Hermione I know you and I guess the advice just comes from there. You can't not tell the truth. You've always been that way. Sure you've lied a couple of times to get Ron or me out of trouble, but when it comes to the important things your still the most honest person I know."

"Thanks Harry."

"Yeah Hermione. No problem. I love you Hermione."

"Oh I love you to Harry. You're my best friend." Harry kissed the top of Hermione's head and she leaned into him even more.

Harry absentmindedly rubbed his eyes as the sunlight poured into the Gryffindor locker room. He looked down to find Hermione still pressed in on his chest. They had fallen asleep together. The candles Harry had conjured the night before still flickered around them.

"Hermione wake-up." Harry said as he shook her gently. Hermione awoke, her eyes still half closed against the sun.

"What are you doing in my dormitory Harry?"

"We're not in you dormitory Hermione. We never made it back to the castle last night. I guess we just fell asleep, though I don't really remember when."

"What," Hermione said in surprise and sitting up with a start. "Oh God Harry. I think I hear someone coming."

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