Suite Life: Mistakes Can Be Brighter- Co- Written by ZayaForever19951

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Summary- 16 years ago, Zaya and Cailey gave birth to twin daughters, with Zaya having their 2 year old daughter and Cailey at Yale, they realized that they had to give up their youngest daughters for adoption. Now 16 years later, the four girls reunite for the first time. What drama will hit them? Will they be able to have a sister relationship after being separated for 16 years? Co-written with ZayaForever19951

Chapter 1: "Super Sweet and Sour 16!"

16 years ago, Zachary Thomas Martin, his girlfriend, now wife, Maya Elizabeth Bennett-now Martin gave birth to twin girls, Maci Michelle and Merci Ryleigh on January 12th, 2012. They decided that it was best to give Merci up for adoption because Maya and Zack knew it would've been hell if they kept them both, because 2 years ago, Maya had given birth to their daughter, Savannah Nicole Martin on May 11th, 2009. They were 16 years old at the time. It would be so crazy if they had the twins and Anna. They'd have three kids under 5. It would be so hard to get everything done they wanted to do if they had three kids. They decided that it would've been easier if Merci was given up for adoption, so that's what they did, even if it would be so hard to say goodbye to the baby girl Maya carried for 9 months with Maci.

Zack's twin brother, Cody Mitchell Martin and his girlfriend, now wife, Bailey Marie Pickett-Martin had given birth to twin girls herself. They named them, Kayleigh Annalysse and Karina Allison. Karina was going to be given up for adoption. As much as Cody and Bailey wanted to keep their baby girl, they've been so busy that college would've been not even finished with. They wanted to go to medical school and become doctors, and with twins, it would be just as crazy. So, Karina was put up for adoption. Kayleigh and Karina were also born on January 12th, 2012.

The four babies would be cousins, two of each would be sisters.

Kayleigh and Karina and Maci and Merci.

16 years ago, January 12th, 2012, 1:30AM

In Bailey's hospital room, 1:30am

Bailey was nine months pregnant with her twin daughters, Kayleigh Annaylsse and Karina Allison, she was now in labor. She was so ready to get them out, but was she ready to give her baby girl up for adoption?

There was no turning back. She would be been better off if Karina was given up for adoption.

Bailey looked up at Cody, who was squeezing her hand tightly.

"Come on, Bails. Just one more push."

Bailey nodded as she gave one more huge push and their daughter, Kayleigh made her way into the world.

She cried as she was wrapped up in a blanket.

Cody smiled. "She's beautiful, babe."

Bailey nodded. "She is…"

Dr. Adams smiled. "You ready for baby number two?"

Bailey gave a tired, exhausted smile, as she pushed her youngest daughter, Karina into the world, she gave a scream as Karina came into the world. Bailey layed back on the pillow and sighed. "She's beautiful too…"

Cody nodded as he kissed his girlfriend's head. "Yeah, she is, Bails."

Next door, Maya was also in labor with her daughters, Maci Michelle and Merci Ryleigh. She breathed deeply as she gave another big push.

Zack squeezed her hand. "Come on, babe, you can do it."

Maya scareamed as she pushed again. Her doctor, Dr. Johnson nodded. "I see her head. Come on, Maya...Maci was easy...Merci shouldn't be so hard…"

Maya groaned as she gave a final push. She layed back on the hospital as Zack kissed her head. "I love you, babe...They're beautiful…"

Maya nodded. "They are."

16 years later, January 12th, 2028, Zaya's house, 9:00AM

It's been 16 years since Zack, Maya, Cody and Bailey welcomed their daughters, Kayleigh and Karina and Maci and Merci into the world.

Karina and Merci were given up for adoption.

Maci, Merci, Kayleigh and Karina are now 16 years old. Their birthday is January 12th, 2012.

Zack and Maya have a daughter, Savannah Martin, who is now 18 years old.

They got married right after their daughter, Mackenzie Mayah was born. She was born two years after the birth of Maci and Merci. Her birthday is February 14th, 2014, she's 14 years old.

Two years after Maya gave birth to Mackenzie, she got pregnant a third time, and to her and Zack's surprise, she ended up having triplets, two boys and one girl, their names are Dylan Thomas, Bentley Brayden and Meghan Elizabeth Martin were twelve years old. They were born on June 24th 2016.

Two years later, Maya became pregnant again with her and Zack's twin daughters, Selena Neveah and Sierra Nerissa Martin. They were born on November 27th 2018. They're ten years old.

Two more years went by, and Maya ended up pregnant again, with twins again, a boy and a girl. Their names are Preston Michael and Serena Annabeth Martin, they were born on March 11th 2020. They're now eight years old.

Their Aunt and Uncle, Cody and Bailey got married six months after their son, Kayden was born.

Two years after giving birth to Kayleigh and Karina, Bailey fell pregnant again with their oldest son, Kayden James Martin was born on March 20th 2014, he's now fourteen years old.

Two years later, Cody and Bailey welcomed two more twin girls into the world. Their names are Karlee Marie and Karyssa Rose Martin. They were born on June 13th 2016 they're now twelve years old.

Yet, another two years go by, and Kyle Noah Martin made his way into the world on March 23rd 2018, he's now ten years old.

Katelyn Marissa, Kacey Jacqueline and Kinsley Nevaeh Martin were born in July 31st 2019. They were born a year and four months after their brother, Kyle was born. They are now nine years old.

A year later, Bailey gave birth to their third son, Kayson Karter Martin on August 28th, 2020. He's eight years old.

Two years later, Kristina Bailee Martin was born. She is the youngest daughter of Cody and Bailey. Her birthday is on November 23rd 2022. She's now six years old.

Savannah, Zack and Maya's oldest daughter had given birth to her daughter, Janna Nicole two years ago on March 15th, 2025. Janna will be 3 in March. Savannah's boyfriend, James is Janna's father. They've been together for 5 years now. Savannah goes to North Carolina State, so for a few months of the year, she's in North Carolina with James and Janna.

The last 16 years, Karina was in California until a month ago, her family moved to Boston Massachusetts. With Merci, though, she was living in Massachusetts all of her life, just in a different town, different school and everything, so Merci and Maci never ran into each other.

At Zack and Maya's house, 9:00am,

Maci Michelle Martin is 16 years old today. She's sixteen. Her parents, Zack and Maya Martin have been together for 17 years, married for 14 years and together, they've had 10 children together, that Maci knows about, but she doesn't know about her sister, Merci...Zack and Maya technically had 11 children together, Savannah, Maci, Merci, Mackenzie, Meghan, Dylan, Bentley, Selena, Sierra, Preston, and Serena.

Maci's aunt Bailey and uncle Cody have also 11 kids together, counting Karina, who was adopted. They have Kayleigh, Karina, Kayden, Karlee, Karyssa, Kyle, Katelyn, Kacey, and Kinsley, and Kayson, and Kristina, who is mostly called Kristi for short.

Maci has zero idea that sometime soon her life is going to be turned upside down. Who knew she had a twin sister somewhere in the world? Oh, wait, her parents did. She is turning sixteen today…The big one sixteen...Gotta have something sweet...And then something sour to go along with it…Like, this year will be something sweet and sour sixteen for both Kayleigh and Maci.

Maci walked downstairs to see her parents and siblings eating breakfast.

Maya Martin, Maci's mother smiled at her second oldest. "My baby is sixteen! Oh my God, I'm so old!"

Maci laughed. "Mom, I'm just 16, not 40…"

Maya groaned. "Even worse...I'd be older!"

Maci shook her head. She turned to her father. "Daaaddd, make her stop!"

Zack Martin, Maya's husband and her children's father, looked at his wife. "Honey, stop please, she's getting annoyed."

Maya glared at her husband. "Zachary Martin!"

Zack sighed, raising his hands up. "Sorry!" Turning his daughter, he sighed. "Sorry, Mace."

Maci sat at the kitchen table and looked at her parents. "So...What are we doing later?"

Maya laughed. "Movie and dinner?"

Maci groaned. "Mom!"

Maya laughed. "Maci Michelle, I'm kidding. We have to get your makeup and hair done at 1, and drive to the venue at 3. Party starts at 6 and then ends at we have a long day today, sweetheart."

Maci smiled. "But, it's worth it, right?"

Maya nodded. "Yep."

Mackenzie smiled. "Your dress is in Mom's closet."

Maci looked at her mother. "My shoes are in there too?"

Maya nodded. "Yep. Now, please. Eat your breakfast before I shove it down your throat."

Maci nodded. "Okay! Okay!"

Mackenzie smiled. "Boy, I can't wait for my own Sweet 16!"

Maya sighed. "Only downside for the triplets is Meaghan is going to have to have her own birthday party, Selena and Sierra too, they're gonna have to do a double sweet 16."

Selena and Sierra smiled and nodded. "Yes, we want double sweet sixteen when we turn sixteen."

Zack sighed out of relief. "Thank God!" He looked at them. "You two are my new favorites!"

Maci, Bentley, Dylan, and Mackenzie shook their heads, rolling their eyes. "Hey!"

Maya glared at her husband. "Zachary, shut up!"

Zack just nodded. "Sorry, babe."

Savannah, Zack and Maya's oldest daughter walked into the room. "I'm home!"

Maci jumped up, excited, ran over to her sister. "Anna!"

Savannah hugged her sister back. "Hey, Mace! Happy birthday!"

Maci smiled. "Thank you!"

Maci actually met her ex boyfriend/ex fiancé, Cole Mathews at a party over a year ago. They had a one night stand and started dating. A month and half later, Maci found out she was pregnant herself, just like her sister had. Maci snuck out to a party with her friends that night, she met 18 year old Cole, they ended up having a night stand, ended up pregnant with their daughter, Vanessa Michelle Martin- Mathews. Vanessa is now nine months old. She was born April 23rd, 2027. Maci and Cole actually decided that was best if they got engaged so, Cole proposed when Maci was 5 months pregnant, but after a huge fight on how they wanted to raise Vanessa, things got out of hand, and they broke up. Leaving Vanessa in the middle of everything. Maci then started dating Ryder four months ago. Maci and Cole ended their relationship three months after Vanessa's birth.

Maci and Cole have joint custody of their baby girl. Maci has Vanessa on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Cole has Vanessa on Thursday nights, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Monday mornings.

Maci didn't think that she and Cole would end things like they did. But they did.

She thought she would be with him forever, but she was terribly wrong.

Now, she is with Ryder. A bad boy. Not right for her, but she still loved him. She let Vanessa meet him, but of course, Vanessa is only nine months old.

Maya looked at her daughter, Maci. "Mace, is Vanessa up?"

Maci nodded. "I fed her at 7, she's in her playpen, Mom."

Zack look at his daughter. "Alright."

Later into the late afternoon, Maci's cousin, Kayleigh Martin walked into her bathroom with her mother, Bailey.

Kayleigh Annaylsse Martin is also sixteen today. The cousins decided it would be best to have a double Sweet 16.

Kayleigh is Cody and Bailey's oldest child. She doesn't know about Karina, like Maci doesn't know about Merci. Both never knew.

It was a family secret.

Kayden James, Kayleigh's brother, Cody and Bailey's third child. Karina is actually Cody and Bailey's second child. But with the fact, the girls never knew about her or Merci.

A huge lie to their daughters. They just wanted to wait until they were 18 years old to meet.

Karlee Marie and Karyssa Rose are Cody and Bailey's twin daughters. Kyle Noah is their second son.

Katelyn, Kacey, and Kinsley are Cody and Bailey's triplet daughters.

Kristina is their youngest daughter. She's the baby of the family, except for Vanessa. But to Cailey and Zaya's kids, Kristi is the baby.

Zack and Maya have been trying for another baby for a while, and after having no luck, the decided that 11 kids is good enough for now.

Maci smiled when she saw Kayleigh in her robe, jacket and jeans. "Let's get our makeup done."

Kayleigh smiled. "Aunt Maya took you to the salon?"

Maci nodded. "Yep! I'm guessing Aunt Bailey did the same to you?"

Kayleigh nodded. "Yeah."

Maci smiled. "I'm so excited!"

Kayleigh nodded. "Me too."

Bailey walked over to her sister in law.

"The boys are at the venue?"

Maya nodded. "Yeah. Don't worry, I had Mackenzie and Karlee go with them. They wouldn't know where to put anything."

Bailey laughed slightly. "Good idea, May."

Maci looked at her mother. "Mom?"

Maya walked over to her daughter. "Yes, Mace?"

Maci sighed. "Cole is coming, right? I know Vanessa would want to see him."

Maya nodded. "Yes, he's coming, sweetheart. He took Vanessa out for a while. It doesn't take that long to dress a nine month old baby."

Savannah groaned as she walked into the very large bathroom. "It's very hard to dress a two year old! Is my hair messed up?"

Maya had her daughter turn around. "Let me curl the curls and hairspray it. She didn't mess up much."

Bailey straightened her niece's dress. "Your dress is fine."

Maya smiled. "I'll go into my and your father's bathroom. It's crowd in here. I don't think we want to pull a light."

Savannah laughed. "No, thank you for that, Mom."

After getting makeup done, Maci and Kayleigh headed to the venue. By the time, it was now 3pm. Three hours before the party was supposed to start.

Cole Mathews, Maci's ex boyfriend and Vanessa's father walked into the venue and knocked on the door where the girls were, with Vanessa, their nine month old.

"Can I come in?"

Carey, Cody and Zack's mother, Maya and Bailey's mother in-law, and their kids grandmother opened the door.

"They're all decent."

Cole nodded as he walked over to Maci.

"Hey Mace. Happy birthday!" He handed her flowers and then turned to Kayleigh and handed her flowers. "Happy birthday to you to, Kay!"

Kayleigh smiled. "Thank you."

Maci smiled slightly. "Thanks, Cole."

Maci kissed her cheek. "No problem."

Maci slightly blushed. "Um…"

Cole laughed slightly. "What? We were a couple and we have a daughter together. I can't give you a small kiss on your cheek?"

Maci shrugged her shoulders. "I guess it's okay."

Cole smiled. "Is Ryder coming, I'd like to kick him where…"

Zack cleared his throat. "Remember you have a nine month old in your arms. Is he even coming?"

Maci shook her head. "He said he was, but then flaked on me last I have no one to walk me out…"

Cole turned to her. "I'll do it if you let me, Mace."

Maci looked at him. "Really?" A smile formed her face.

Cole nodded. "Of course. Again, I was your boyfriend, then fiancé at one time, and we have a daughter. It shouldn't be that weird. I can walk you and Vanessa down. She's being wheeled down."

Maci got out of her chair, walking over to him and hugged him. "Thank you!"

Cole smiled down at her. "No problem."

Kayleigh looked at her brother. "You are walking me down?"

Kayden nodded. "Yeah, sis."

Kayleigh smiled. "Good."

Later that night, Cole walked Maci down and then their daughter, well, wheeled down. Next Kayden walked his sister, Kayleigh down.

Maci's dress was a long, lace and hot pink with ruffles and silver as the top. Her shoes were two inch heels the color was black.

Kayleigh's dress was a pink and white dress with gold and silver stones as the top and the pink and white covered the bottom. Her heels were black and they were two inch heels.

The theme was a Paris, France theme since they were convicted in Paris. Cody, Bailey, Zack and Maya decided to take a couples trip together 16 years ago. That's where Maci, Merci, Kayleigh and Karina were convicted.

The cake was pink with white icing. The also had a candy bar. They had dancing, the father and daughter dances.

Cole and Maci were dancing, and Cole looked at her.

"Can we talk about what happened between us for a minute?"

Maci nodded. "I guess…"

Cole sighed. "What happened, Mace?"

Maci sighed. "To be honest I...I don't know, Cole."

Cole looked at her. "Mace, we had a good relationship...We had a daughter, we were going to get married…What happened?"

Maci slightly choked up. "I guess it was a rush relationship, Cole. We were only in a relationship for a month before we had sex and then I got pregnant. Five months later, we were engaged and I was moving into your apartment...I was only 15 years old, Cole…"

Cole frowned slightly. "Why didn't you tell me? Why did you say yes, then?"

Maci sighed. "I...I loved you, and I thought it was the right thing to do at the time. I thought it would've been better if our daughter was raised in one house with her parents, Cole." Tears came to her eyes, she fought them back. "Then when she came into the world...I thought I was going to be able to be a mother and a wife so young, I guess I couldn't do both at fifteen. I wasn't ready…"

Cole sighed as he squeezed her hand. "Mace...I'm so sorry, I didn't know. Why didn't you tell me that you were just overwhelmed?"

Maci squeezed his hand right back. "I guess I just thought it was best to break up with you at the time…" She looked him into his eyes. "Cole, I have a different love for you. I love you for being here for Vanessa. I'm happy she has her Dad in her life. Most Dads leave after the mothers break up with them, and they don't stay for their kids…" She wrapped her arms around him. "Thank you."

Cole smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist. "Mace, I will be here for you and our daughter no matter what weather you and I are together or not. You mean everything to me and she means the world to me."

Maci gave a smile when he pied her tears away. "I'm sorry I just ran away from you for Ryder...I guess you are right, he is an ass."

Cole laughed. "You didn't figure that out until now? He's not here."

Maci frowned. "And, you are. Thank you."

Cole smiled. "No problem. Whenever you need me, I'll be there for you and Vanessa."

Maci leaned up and kissed his cheek. "That's a thank you."

Cole smiled as he spinned her. "You're welcome."

Maci let go of him. "Do you want to dance with Vanessa?"

Cole nodded. "Of course I do."

Soon, their daughter was dancing with them.

Soon, someone tapped Cole's shoulder.

Maci saw it was Ryder. "What are you doing here?"

Ryder smiled. "To celebrate your birthday, babe…"

Maci looked at Cole, who nodded and walked away. Maci looked at her boyfriend. "Celebrating my birthday , huh? Well, you are a lot late. It's almost over...Nice to know you actually give a damn about me!"

Ryder sighed. "Mace, I…"

Maci shook her head. "No...I can't do this anymore. I can't be with someone who forgets my birthday and thinks I won't be upset about it!"

Ryder sighed. "I'm sorry…"

Maci shook her head. "Sorry my ass!" She pressed the flowers close to him as she ran to the bathroom, that lets anyone in, Cole ran after her before handing Vanessa to Mackenzie. He ran after her and knocked on the door before walking in.


Maci looked up at him as she wiped her eyes. She choked up slightly. "Why did I ever leave you for that asshole out there?"

Cole closed the door. He walked over to her, bent down. "Mace, stand up."

When she did, Cole faced her in the mirror. "You are beautiful, smart and you don't need him to treat you like shit…"

Maci looked at him. "Again, why the hell did I leave you for him?"

Cole gave a small smile. "You thought you just needed a start and you didn't think straight. He isn't…"

Maci sighed. "Like you…" She cupped his cheeks. "Cole, you and I may have not be together right now, but you were the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm happy you are my daughter's father."

Cole smiled. "You are the best mother to Vanessa. That will never change, Mace. You are the best thing that ever happened to me." He wiped her eyes. "Yes, we aren't together, but that guy outside didn't come here to see if you were okay…"

Maci looked at him. "You did…" She looked at him completely.

She paused to think. "God, Maci! You are an ass, leaving this hot guy for that asshole out there who didn't even check up on you...Cole is hot, sweet, amazing father and he did say he'd be here for you for anything she and Vanessa would need. Why break up with him? Yes, I wasn't ready to be married, but he is still here for you. No matter what. For the rest of your life."

Maci snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Cole. "Cole, I have to tell you something…" She leaned up and kissed him.

Cole was shocked, but didn't pull back. Instead, he kissed her back.

(AN: This may get too much. Skip if it makes you uncomfortable)

Maci moaned slightly as she pulled him closer.

He reached behind her dress, looking for the ripper. He smiled when he found it, he unzipped her dress and Maci kicked off her heels.

Maci took off his jacket and untucked his shirt and unhooked his belt. She smiled as Cole threw his jacket on the floor and then his shirt.

He paused and looked at her.

"Are we really doing this?"

Maci laughed. "What? We've had sex before…"

Cole smiled at her, into her beautiful blue eyes. "Fuck it, I need you. I fucking missed you, Mace...You are beautiful." He pulled her close when she finally slipped out of her dress. Letting it fall to the floor, she giggled when they began making out again.

A few minutes later, they needed to breathe, Maci looked at him. "My Dad would kill me if he found out about this…"

Cole laughed as he pinned her against the wall, kissing her neck. "Who cares, we'll keep it a secret." He continued to kiss her neck, he nipped and sucked slightly.

Maci moaned and giggled. "Okay…" She wrapped her arms around his neck as he continued, she ran her fingers on his neck and his chest.

Cole moaned slightly. "Shit, Mace…"

Maci moaned. "Shut up, someone will hear us." She whispered and then felt him bite down slightly. "Cole...Stop. God, if you give me a hickey, my Dad will kill you…"

Cole pulled away and nodded. "Sorry, Mace…" He looked her into her eyes.

Maci pulled his pants down and giggled. She pulled her bra over her head and then Cole picked her up into his arms and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

She looked at him. "Um, so, how are we going to, you know?"

Cole placed her down on her feet and then placed his shirt and jacket on the floor. "Like that." He layed her down, he layed over her after locking the door.

Maci giggled. "We should've locked it before…"

Cole whispered into her ear. "We should've…Oh well." He wrapped his arms around her waist and looked her into her eyes. "Are you sure you want to have sex?"

Maci nodded. "Yeah…"

A few minutes later, Cole layed down next her. "We should get up…"

Maci sat up. "Well, my hair is a mess…" She laughed as she stood up and just fixed it the best she could.

Cole stood up, getting dressed. "Sorry."

Maci smiled as she got dressed herself. "It's okay…"

Ten minutes later, Cole and Maci walked out of the bathroom and Kayleigh walked over to her cousin. "Wow, Mace. You look great…"

Maci rolled her eyes. "Try fixing your makeup without the makeup part…"

Kayleigh saw the mark on her neck. "Okay, maybe you had it...because…"

Maci's eyes went wide. "Oh my God…" She whispered. She pulled Kayleigh away from everyone and whispered to her. "No repeating this to anyone, but…" She blushed slightly. "I just had the sweetest 16 ever…"

Kayleigh's eyes went wide. "Oh my God! You and Cole…"

Maci nodded. "Yep. Now, I feel better. Ryder and I are done with. He just showed up…"

Kayleigh shook her head. "Wow. He was late to his own girlfriend's party. That's sweet, right?"

Maci crossed her arms. "More like sour."

Ryder walked over to Maci and Kayleigh. "Maci, can we talk?"

Kayleigh nodded as she walked away, Maci shrugged. "Why would I want to talk to you?"

Ryder sighed. "Because I'm your boyfriend…"

Maci shook her head. "No, you're not. Not anymore. You were nothing like a real one!" She walked away from him as she wrapped her arms around Cole's waist, she whispered. "Go with it."

Cole smiled. "I can do whatever. I was your fiancé."

Maci felt Cole's arms wrap around her waist, hugging her from behind.

He looked at him. "I believe my girl told you to leave her alone."

Ryder's eyes went wide. "But, you two broke up! You two were actually engaged!"

Maci smiled. "So? We are back together. I was going to tell you, but, your phone was 'broken', so I couldn't tell you."

Ryder laughed. "You two are fouling me right now…"

Cole laughed. "If we aren't together, would I do this?" He leaned down and kissed Maci passionately. He dipped her as they kissed.

Maci kissed him back. She pulled away and looked at him. "What does that tell you?"

Ryder was speechless and then ran off and out of the building.

Maci laughed. "Sucker!" She laughed as she high fived Cole. "Thanks for playing along."

Cole smiled. "No problem." He smiled at her as he saw her walk away.

But he wasn't actually playing along, or pretending. He actually really loved Maci. Yet, they aren't together. He wanted to be back together and raise their nine month old daughter together like they did in the beginning. Cole never meant to make Maci feel overwhelmed. Well, she did have a baby at 15 years old.

But he will never change a thing about having Vanessa. She is the best thing that ever walked into the world, and Maci is the best thing that ever walked into his life.

He walked over to his baby girl, picking her up. "Hey princess."

Vanessa giggled as she buried her head in his shoulder. God, Maci used to do that all the time.

He missed everything.

Cole rubbed her back. "Tired, baby?"

Vanessa yawned slightly.

He laughed. "I'll take that as a yes."

Maci walked over. "She's tired?"

Cole nodded. "Yeah."

Maci kissed her daughter's head. "We are leaving soon. You can take her home with you if you want. She seems happy in your arms. I would hate to wake her…"

Cole smiled and nodded. "Good idea."

Maci smiled. "I'll call you in the morning."

Cole nodded. "Okay. I'll take her home."

Later that night, Maci was asleep in her bed when she heard knocking at her window. She groaned and then opened her eyes. She looked at the clock on her nightstand.

"Whoever you are, I'm going to kill you…"

She got out of bed and walked to the window. It was Ryder.

"What do you want?"

Ryder jumped into the window when she opened the window.

"If you want to fight about me and Cole, we have a nine month old together...and guess what? We had sex tonight, so if you want to get back together, I'd say hell no! Cole is a thousand times better than you."

Ryder looked at her. "Then, why did you break up with him?"

Maci groaned. "Because I was 15, with a four month old and engaged. You try it. It's hell. I wasn't ready to be a mother and a wife so young."

Ryder snuffed a bit. "Fine, we can break up! I hope your next boyfriend is a lot better!"

Maci laughed. "Oh, he will be!"

She shut the window and climbed into bed and then fell asleep.

The next morning, at Cody and Bailey's house, next door to Zack and Maya's, the door was knocked on.

Bailey walked over and opened the door.

There she was. Her second oldest. Her daughter, Karina. It's been 16 years since she saw her. What will Cody think? What will Kayleigh think? What about the other kids? She was so shocked that she didn't know what to say.

This is crazy. Wasn't Karina in a good household...Maybe not because she's standing here at her house porch.


To be continued…

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Maci and Cole had sex, yes, and they are still broken up.

Cole is still in love with Maci. But is she still in love with him?

Everyone else will make an appearance.

This chapter was more focused about Kayleigh and Maci and their Sweet 16.

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