This is a translation of my story written originally in Polish. The stoy itself is already finished, and was posted almost a year ago. I will do my best to translate and update this story on regular basis.
I was asked a few times by Polish readers if I knew one fic, as my story seemed to have a lot in common. The story they mentioned was "The Tempered Steel". No, I did not know that story, I waited until I finished mine before going to see what the readers meant. There are some ideas that are very similar, but it is just a coincidence. I was surprised myself when I finished reading.
I'm open for any kind of discussion.


Fingon disappeared, that's when it all started.

It was hard to forget the moment when Turgon came to the settlement of the sons of Feanor on his tired horse. It was the first time their cousin bothered to get to their side of the lake; until then, both sides had consequently kept their policy of not crossing each other's ways. It had taken his brother's disappearance for Turgon to overcome his aversion and inform them. They had been living there longer and thus had had more time to get acquainted with those lands, he affirmed angrily when confronted by Caranthir.

Maglor reluctantly recalled that day. It had taken all of his authority as the eldest to prevent Caranthir and Turgon from locking horns. As soon as he had made sure his younger brothers had some urgent tasks to fulfill at the other side of the camp, he was able to get more details from Turgon.

Fingon had left three days earlier. He had taken his horse, weapons, his harp and probably some provisions; of the last they hadn't been certain. He had ridden before dawn, he had told no one about his plans. Even if he had felt like hunting alone, which would have been risky and unlike him, he would have long since returned.

Maglor had acknowledged that, he had reassured Turgon they would keep their eyes open and then had led him off back to the gates, silently regretting the fate that could have become Fingon's; he had never wished him bad.

His promises were not just empty words and so his scouts patrolling the lands were more vigilant than ever. But days changed into weeks and they started to think that Fingon died or got captured. No news came from the other side of the lake, though Maglor silently hoped that his uncle would try to get in touch. It looked though that Fingon had shared the sad fate of Maedhros and they did not have the strength to attack Angband and see if their suspicions were right.

And then, after almost three months, Fingon suddenly returned. And he turned their world upside down.