Tae glares at Akira, as he sat with hish headlow inside her examination room.

"What did I tell you about being careful." Tae says flatly. Akira awkward chuckles as he realises that he is mostly fucked. "It was an accident." Akira states, feeling slightly sick from the aura exuding from the doctor. "What happened. And don't try and sweet talk your way out of this." Tae says seriously.

Akira felt fear, as if anyone could make the leader of the phantom thieves scared it would be Tae Takemi. "I, er, bumped into someone, and I fell over," Akira claims, attempting to feign confidence."

"And that caused that mess?" as she gestures to Akira's completely broken and bloody nose.




Futaba's face was one of complete fury. She thought, no knew she was good at video games, but the smirk on Akira's face as he dominated her at Street fighter ignited fury in her heart. Akira clutched victory and turned to the girl and smirked

"That was a bit too easy"

Next thing a controller was flying at his face.

*flashback end*

"I'm telling you I bumped into someone and fell" Akira continued to keep up his weak facade in the hope that Tae would concede.

Eventually after a long stare, Tae's expression turned into one of a sigh.

"You aren't gonna give are you."

"I was telling the tr-"

"Zip it." Akira shut up. Tae put a strap that would hold his nose in place as it healed.

"Just be careful, don't do anything strenuous and you'll be fine, you lost a lot of blood" Akira perked up slightly at this. He smiled at her. "Thanks Tae, I really appreciate all of your help."

Akira was one of the very few people who could make Tae's heart flutter. Going slightly red, Tae says warmly "Anytime". Akira begins to walk towards the door of the examination room. Then he but the floor. Hard.

The next thing Akira knows his face feels very warm and pressed against something very soft. "Ah, you're awake" Akira peers up to see Tae's smiling face looking down at him.

Akira quickly realises the situation that he is in and completely loses his normally cool composure. "T-Tae, what are y-" Tae shushes him, enjoying Akira's awkwardness.

"Just relax, you lost more blood than I thought" Akira couldn't relax; as he came to a sudden realisation.

Tae wasn't wearing a bra.

Akira had never felt quite as embarrassed as he did right then. Don't forget that despite his personality; Akira was still a teenage boy. He was struggling to handle this situation. He decided to just appreciate the sensation. He began to savour the feeling, and noticed that she must've been wearing a compression bra because her tits felt much larger than they looked.

He was slightly upset when Tae let go of him.

"Jeez, you make me panic sometimes" Akira struggled to let out a smirk. "Ahh you worry about me? I didn't know you weren't completely made of ice" Tae laughed. Akira enjoyed seeing her happy. "Don't tell anyone."

Tae had become much more flirty recently. Akira began to go go even more red than he was before and he took note that her breasts certainly looked quite a bit larger than usual, unfortunately for him; Tae seemed to take notice.

"Oh is my little Guinea pig getting embarrassed" Akira was indeed embarrassed, as Tae leaned in VERY close to the sitting Joker. "Not used to being close to a women?" Tae's chest was pressing into Akira's now; her face close his. He did not know what to do; he had no idea what Tae was doing. His erection was throbbing. "T-Tae!" Arika exclaimed quietly in confusion, before Tae pressed her lips against his.

Akira was in complete shock; at the kiss and the sudden change in atmosphere that occurred throughout his visit. Tongues soon got involved, and Akira decided to just go with the flow of the yelped in surprise as she started stroking his erection. This continued with Tae firmly straddling Akira's hips, allowing both people to enjoy their sudden makeout session. Then she suddenly stopped.

"Wha-what?" Akira said weakly as Tae retreated. "You mustn't forget you need rest to recover from your 'accident'" She said with sly smile. Akira had forgotten about his throbbing broken nose. In his shock and embarrassment he just went "of-of course" as he stood up and began towards the door. "Then I'll, er, see you" Tae just kept her smile and said "goodbye"

Akira rushed back to Le Blanc and laid back on his bed and thought 'she just left me blue-balled'. Then he got a text from Tae "sweet dreams" with an image of her blowing a kiss, and with some deep cleavage.

It's fair to say that Akira had a lot of personal time that night, with Tae the only thing on his mind.

Makoto was very worried about Akira.

Ever since she saw him walk into school that morning and saw his nose strapped up she was worried but when she saw how he was acting she knew something was up. At lunch before she approached him he seemed either very deep in thought, or completely lost from the world, with hint of tiredness to his face.

"Akira!" Akira suddenly snapped back to planet earth. "Oh, hey, Makoto" Akira replied with a stilted mock smile. "Are you okay Akira? You've been acting off today." Makoto states with a voice of deep concern. Akira took note and responded with, "Oh my, I didn't know miss president was so worried about me" Makoto clearly reddened at this. "I feel so special!' Akira executed this perfectly, turning Makoto's face into a tomato colour.

"W-well of course I do! It's my duty as student body president!" Akira just flashed his handsome smile at her and said "I'm only playing with you, trust me, I'm fine." His method worked. Makoto seemed convinced.

"Anyway, remember our study session after school." Makoto stated shyly slowly coming down from her previous blushing session.

'Shit' thought Akira. He had completely forgotten about his plans with Makoto. He had enough trouble keeping focus with what happened the night before with the texts, her having sent him another one that morning, one with her wearing a VERY tight shirt, that simply said "good morning"

Akira took note of the fact that she definitely wore a minimizer bra because her tits seemed much larger then seemed, they could even be called huge. "Ah, yes, of course." Akira responds. "Great I'll see you in library then, I gotta go to do some council stuff."

"Bye" responds Akira. He was unsure whether to look forward to the study session or not, but he always enjoyed hanging out with Makoto even it was studying. But he spent the entire day with Tae on his mind. He was very distracted and before he knew it it was time for him to study with Makoto.

He hoped that she would be able to help him regain his focus.

"Hey! Akira-san! Ready to go!" Akira suddenly snapped back to reality. He had been sitting in his chair just thinking about Tae (a running theme that day) before Makoto brought him back to the real world.