1: Flames Of Hell

Dark eyes was what he remembered, the dark eyes of his so called lover. He should've expected this, he should've known Van Helsing would snap, but... Not like this. He hadn't expected him to become a murderer. He had taken over Rome... Vlad had fled the country, and he didn't return for a few years, although he came back when he was given an assignment to take out someone extremely dangerous because there was nothing else for Vlad to do, drinking and fighting couldn't drown out the loneliness from his lovers absence so he agreed to the assignment only to find the assignment may cure his loneliness as he target was none other than Van helsing

"He's murdered thousands. He is very dangerous. Are you going to accept this assignment or not?" The order had told him

"Yeah, why the hell not? It's better than moping isn't it ?" Vlad had responded, Vlad took the assignment and stared fondly at the picture of the man on it,"you are no ordinary target" of course Vlad was hesitant at first but one of the orders representative pulled out a knife and eyed him and of course Vlad knew he had no choice because if he refused they would kill him,"you do know how to motivate me" he deadpanned

"Just be careful Vladislaus, you're our last hope." The representative replied flipping the knife up and down in his hand

The concern earned a huff ,"don't worry, I haven't failed you yet have I? I'm here, that should be proof enough" he had told them

That only got a disapproving stare,"don't tempt fate" .

So finally after weeks of preparing Vladislaus set out to Rome to confront his target