Daisy rolled over and slammed her hand down on the alarm clock, turning it off. She sat up and stretched, looking around her slightly dark room. It was her first day of training with the Arrows' reserve team and she didn't want to be late. Tossing her comforter off, she walked towards her bathroom to start getting ready.

She had moved into her mum and dad's old flat in the city with her brothers shortly after finishing Hogwarts. While she didn't particularly like living with them, it was the most economical choice. Not to mention she was hoping that her brothers would move out into their own places eventually and leave it to her now that they were all playing first string. Her father had brought in magical carpenters to add on one more room upstairs so all four of them could fit comfortably. Jamie was kind enough to offer her the master suite with its own bathroom - moving into Remus' old room downstairs.

Her mother had insisted on having the carpenters renovate the suite to Daisy's liking while they were adding on the room upstairs. They added on a walk-in closet and painted the walls robin egg blue with white accents and a wood floor. In the center of the room was a queen-sized dark wood bed with a plump light gray and white comforter and pillows, while the two windows on the wall to the right of the bed were covered in breezy white curtains. There was a matching dark wood dresser and desk, along with a nightstand. The walls of the room were decorated with black and white photos of Daisy and her friends and cousins from Hogwarts, as well as some of her family.

Though she had to admit her favorite part of the renovation was the bathroom. Stepping into the waterfall shower, she looked over at the clawfoot bathtub at the other end of room with a large window and shades behind it. She had tested it out the night she moved in and knew instantly it would come in handy with all the injuries that usually sprung up in professional quidditch. The sink and mirror had been enlarged as well so she could do her hair and makeup there. The floor was light gray tile with white walls in order to make the room look bigger than it was.

Once she was ready for the day, Daisy walked down the corridor to the living room and open kitchen, dressed in boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt, her long, red hair down. While the large room still largely looked as it had when her parents lived there, in front of the massive fireplace was a large, leather sofa and two matching arm chairs. To the left of the fireplace was a large music system, while there was some sort of large box thing that the triplets called an arcade game. They were constantly playing on it, though Daisy didn't understand the appeal. The wall behind the dining room table had three large framed banners with each of the teams the siblings now played for - Puddlemere, Wanderers and Arrows. Beneath the banners was a long, black wood liquor cabinet with glass doors showing off nearly every kind of alcohol that exists in both the wizarding and muggle worlds. In short - it was the very definition of a bachelor pad. The only room remotely feminine was Daisy's and perhaps the upstairs library, which she had promptly seized control of for the sole reason that she had more books than the three men combined. It also had the best light for brewing potions.

Daisy wasn't surprised to find Jamie the only one of her brothers already up when she turned the corner and walked into the kitchen. Of the four of them, Jamie and Daisy probably shared the same intensity for training, often being the first up and the first on the field. Granted on that day in particular, they were also the only ones who had practice to be at.

"Morning, Pixie. Nervous?" he asked, glancing up from the Prophet while he ate a bowl of cereal. Daisy shrugged as she walked over and poured herself a cup of coffee.

"A bit I suppose," she said. "But it's just reserves."

"Yea, but you'll probably be seeing some first string action soon enough," he said. Jamie had made it onto the Arrow's first string straight out of Hogwarts, but had finally transferred to his dream team - Puddlemere United - during the mid-season winter break. Their father, Puddlemere coach Oliver Wood, had paid a pretty penny to buy out his Arrows contract, but they all knew it was worth it. The triplets were only 20 and while good, still not close to their prime - Puddlemere could look forward to many years with Jamie as a star keeper.

"At least I'm not working with the tyrant," Daisy said after a moment of silent contemplation, smiling slightly. Jamie laughed.

"If you thought he was bad while we were at school, it's nothing compared to how he is with the team," he said. "But don't get too cocky. I hear the new Arrows coach isn't easy." Daisy shrugged. Anyone was better than her father as far as she was concerned. And it wasn't like she'd see much of him anyway. The assistant coach, Walters, was in charge of running daily practice with the reserve team for the most part.

"I suppose your trade was probably partly why the Arrows offered me such a decent contract for reserves," she said, sighing. "They wanted to keep at least one Wood on the team."

"Well, rumor's been going around all season that Hastings'll leave soon with that leg injury of his never healing. Plus the man gets injured every other week it seems, so they'll need you to fill in a lot most likely," he replied. "Just thinking ahead, I suppose. And you are one of the best options for new seekers in the new season." Daisy nodded. She admitted that she was disappointed not to be with the Harpies, but it was a logical decision. Their seeker Romilda Jessup was only 25 and doing well. The Arrows had offered her more money and she knew she'd be playing first string a lot sooner. She wasn't keen on spending a long time languishing in reserves waiting for a seeker position to open up - not with the World Cup coming up next summer. There was still a chance she could get picked for the Scottish national team. And she had a better chance at that if she were first string.

Daisy glanced upstairs, hearing shuffling and a few bumps, followed by a giggle.

"Please tell me there aren't women up there?" she said, looking down at Jamie. He laughed and shook his head.

"With those two, who knows? They were out pretty late with the team last night now that they're out of the running for the League Cup," he said. Daisy rolled her eyes. Remus and Alan had both just finished their first season as first-string beaters for the Wigtown Wanderers and were already creating quite the reputation for themselves. They were deadly accurate on the field, but everyone's favorite party hosts off.

"God, I wish I could have had my own place," she said before taking a sip of her coffee.

"And miss the joy of living with your brothers again?" he asked, grinning. Daisy glared at him.

"I rather liked the peace and quiet. And it's a good thing I'm a metamorphmagus. Remus and Alan jinxed my showerhead to turn my hair colors," she said, allowing her magic to drop for a moment. Her hair was silver striped with blood red before returning to her normal, bright auburn. Jamie laughed and nearly spit out his coffee.

"That's a good one," he said. Daisy's glare smoldered. He raised his hands in peace. "Sorry. I'll have a talk with them."

"No need. I have a few choice words to share with Remus and Alan once they decide to grace us with their presence," she said. Jamie nodded, knowing she was much scarier than he could ever be. Daisy had the ability to channel their mother's wrath and they all knew how their mother had the gift of keeping the troublesome triplets in line. Plus she was much quicker and more creative with her jinxes and hexes.

"You call?" Remus said as he sauntered into the kitchen clad in only gray sweatpants and a grin on his face. "How's the shower working for you, my little pixie? We made some improvements." Daisy narrowed her eyes at him as her hair flared into a bright orange.

"REMUS ALBERT WOOD! YOU SO MUCH AS MESS WITH MY THINGS AGAIN AND I WILL HEX YOU INTO OBLIVION!" Daisy shouted as she walked towards her older brother. He laughed, though backed up slightly.

"Come on, it was just a bit of fun. Plus it looks like it didn't even work…," he said, looking slightly disappointed that her hair was normal. Daisy stopped and put her hands on her hips, allowing her silver and blood red hair to show.

"You're lucky I'm a metamorphmagus," she said, as she turned it back to a normal color. "It's my bloody first day of practice!"

"See? No harm done!" he said jovially, running his hands through his curly hair. He had taken to wearing it longer, matching Alan so that the two were nearly impossible to distinguish between on the field. Jamie wore his short now so that it stayed out of his eyes. Plus it helped everyone outside their family distinguish which triplet was which. Daisy glared at him, her eyes flashing red as she pulled her wand out of her pocket. Remus backed up again, starting to get a tiny bit scared. Usually whenever Daisy's eyes flashed red, bad things happened.

"Just don't do it again," she said, her voice low with warning. He nodded quickly. At that moment, Alan tumbled down the stairs, a blonde woman on his arm. He stopped as he saw Remus standing at the end of the corridor with Daisy's wand pointed at him.

"The shower worked, I take it," he said grinning. Daisy turned her glare on him.

"Don't think because your date is standing next to you that I won't give you a tail," she said menacingly. Alan blanched.

"I think we should get you home," he said, turning to the woman. He ushered her towards the door.

"But I-"

"I'll owl you!" he said as he shoved her out the door and shut it behind her.

"No more pranks," Daisy said, looking back and forward between the two. Alan turned to her and smiled.

"We'll try," he offered. Daisy huffed and rolled her eyes.

"Fine," she said, walking back to her deserted coffee mug, sticking her wand back into her pocket. Alan and Remus walked into the living room and sat on each side of Jamie at the island.

"Ready for your first day of practice?" Remus asked as he waved his wand and a bowl from the cabinet flew over. He then grabbed the box of cereal and poured a generous helping before drowning it in milk from a pitcher on the counter.

"As ready as I can be," she said, grabbing an apple from a bowl and taking a bite.

"Come on, we all know you'll be first string seeker soon. And even if you aren't you'll get a lot of action seeing how often Hastings gets injured," Alan said as he bit into a muffin from another basket. Their mother had sent over some food the day before in preparation for the first official day of training for her youngest. It was late June and Daisy would have to play catch-up as the rest of the team had been practicing together for a few years already. She and one other new recruit - another recent Hogwarts graduate - would be joining the reserves.

The League Cup matches were finishing up, but the Arrows had made it nowhere close to the postseason. When Jamie signed with them, they had consistently between No. 8 and No. 5, but somehow spiralled after, thanks in large part to their aging seeker. Which had been the main reason Jamie pushed to transfer to Puddlemere when he did. After he left, the team had nosedived to No. 15. But, they now had a new coach, new keeper and were busy training for the new season set to start in September.

Both Puddlemere and the Wanderers had made it through, ranking No. 2 and No. 4, though the Wanderers had lost out to the Kestrals in the first round. Puddlemere had beaten the Harpies and would face the Kestrals in the semis that Friday. If they won, they would go on to play the Falcons in the final match the following week. As they ended the season with the most points, Falmouth had automatically advanced to the final while the other four top teams had to go through playoffs.

"Right. Hastings has been on a downward spiral this season. The sooner he retires, the better, if the Arrows want a fighting chance next season. He didn't even play half the season since he was out injured. That reserve seeker they had was no better," Remus added. Daisy shrugged.

"He's still got a bit of fight left in him. He managed to catch the snitch in that last game against the Bats," she said.

"It's the Bats - they're last in League standings. Anyone can beat them," Alan retorted. "He's lucky the chasers were having a good season and that they had a decent reserves seeker. Without them, the Arrows probably would have been last. They saved his ass and he knows it." He glanced over at Jamie, who was quietly watching Daisy.

Daisy nodded silently, thinking. He was right. While the Arrows had good chasers - Wright, Cunningham and Kelly had been playing five seasons together and were a well-oiled machine by now - they couldn't carry the weight all on their own. The team did have two of the better beaters in the league - they signed Kingfisher two years ago from an American team and Campbell was starting his seventh season with the Arrows and still strong. If it weren't for Hastings and the rookie keeper Malcolm Bray they brought in to replace Jamie mid-season, the team probably would have gotten a bit closer to the playoffs. Even then, Bray wasn't too bad, just a bit green. He was no Jamie, but when he was on point he defended the hoops well. The issue was that he was still rather inconsistent, despite doing about three years in reserves.

There was also the fact that she was running out of time to show off her skills for the Scottish national team.

"Don't worry," Jamie said, reading her mind. "You'll have enough time to prove yourself before the Quidditch World Cup. If not, you're still young enough to make the team in 2026."

Daisy smiled her appreciation.

"You do know Dad's got his heart set on all of us making it next summer," she said. "Pretty sure he's convinced he can coach Puddlemere and the Scottish national team at the same time, just so he can have us all on one team again."

"Well, I suspect as long as we all make it on at some point, he'll be happy," Remus said.

"To be honest, I think he's happy enough that we're all playing professionally. He's probably had a plan in the works for years to get us all on Puddlemere eventually," Alan said. Daisy sighed.

"At least Mum's finally stopped apparating to the field," she said.

"She stopped as soon as we joined the League," Remus said.

"And thank Merlin. Doesn't look good to have your Mum showing up at practice," Alan said. "We are adults now." Daisy looked at him dubiously.

"Barely," she commented. Alan glared at her.

"Come now, she still sends the occasional Howler," Jamie said laughing. The practice was a well known fact among everyone in the League by this point.

"At least she has the decency to start sending them here rather than the locker room," Remus said, the memory of his last Howler still fresh in his mind. Daisy giggled. She had had the pleasure of witnessing said Howler and their mother had unloaded a whole pile of muggle curse words on him.

"Just wait until you get one, Pix," Alan said. Daisy rolled her eyes at their nickname for her. She had hoped once they all left Hogwarts they would cease with it, but apparently not. And the idea of her getting a Howler was preposterous.

"I highly doubt that," she said. "We all know that I'm much cleverer about getting away with things than the three of you put together." Remus and Alan laughed heartily while Jamie smiled at her. "What?! I am! Who saved your sorry asses that summer you had too much firewhisky during the Puddlemere barbeque in between your sixth and seventh year and thought it was a good idea to set off fireworks on the quidditch pitch? You nearly burned it down."

"She did get us out of a spot with that one," Jamie said, chuckling.

"We would have figured something out just as good," Remus said grudgingly.

"Not likely," Jamie said.

"Helps I can hold my liquor better than you lot," she said with a smirk. "I was the only one with a clear enough head to think of something."

"Care to test that out? If all goes well Friday, we'll be having celebration party here for Jamie," Alan said, grinning. Daisy rolled her eyes.

"Seeing as we're hosting it, she won't be able to escape," Remus added. "Our little Pixie needs a proper welcome to the League." Daisy's eyes widened at the thought of what they would have in store.

"Do I need to remind you that I'm just a reserve seeker?" she said.

"Still counts," Alan and Remus said together.

"Don't worry, Daisy. You could always handle whatever we've dished out," Jamie said, smiling his encouragement. The clock in the living room chimed the hour. Daisy looked at it.

"Better get off. Don't want to be late," she said walking to her room to grab her new team bag and broom. She walked back into the living room where her brothers were still sitting.

"Have a good day at practice, Pix!" Alan yelled.

"Don't let the Arrows push you around," Jamie added.

"We'll have all the bruise and sore muscle potions ready for you when you get back," Remus said, grinning. Daisy rolled her eyes and huffed.

"See you lot later," she said before apparating.

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