The revenge of a Magical Lord

Some unplottable Island Manor.

Somewhere within the United Kingdom.

July 30th, 2010 11:50 pm with a full moon.

A black haired man within a very large hall is working on a large rune array, he is using a device to carve the runes on the stone floor, after a few hours this man is just about to finish with the last line, he looks up to see the many people tied up on the floor, the man starts to laugh madly as he looks around at his prisoners. All one hundred of them as he carves the last line on the stone, he throws the carving device across the room, he walks over to a table where a leaf blower is set upon, he picks it up starts the engine as the leaf blower came to life, he waves his hand to open the windows on the other side of the room. As he starts to blow off the large carved area when he starts laughing madly as the dust and stone pieces are hitting the prisoners. When the rune array was good and cleaned off, he turns off the leaf blower and set it back on the table, he waves his hand around the room to clear the dust.

"WOOD ELVES!" he yells and one hundred elves pop within the room, he looks around at the wood elves. "Prepare the prisoners."

This man grabs a knife from the table and looks at it as he walks over to one prisoner with red hair, just as the wood elf grabs the redhead man off the floor. He slowly bends over to the redhead man and looks deep into the redhead's eyes as the black haired man slit the redhead man's throat, a woman starts to cry as her husband starts bleeding out. He did the same with the woman crying next to the now dead redhead, he did this to all one hundred of the prisoners when the last throat was cut, he walks back over to the table and cleans off the knife, he set it down on the table. The man looks at the watch on his left arm to see he only has minutes left to grab his stuff off the table and get to the middle of the array. When the rune array is starting to glow a bright white the man stands in the middle of the rune array with a full moon over head, as the runes are glowing brighter, with a flash and he was gone.

"Good luck Harry Potter," an older wood elf said to himself.

The same unplottable Island Manor.

Somewhere within the United Kingdom.

August 1st, 12:01 am 1985.

Inside this Manor within the same great hall, a spot on the stone floor starts to glow a bright white light as it got brighter there is a flash and Harry Potter is standing there as one hundred wood elves pop into the great hall, as he falls to the floor. The king of the wood elf walks over to the black haired man.

"Take him, our shape-shifter has come to us." The wood elf king orders.

It took hours for Harry to wake as the elves took care of him, all of the scars were healed even the lightning shaped scar on his forehead is now gone, the now thirty-year-old man starts to shift into many people that Harry thought were his friends, a small smile forms on his face as he woke.

"Stay still young one, your body is still changing. Can you control your changing to your true form." The female wood elf said to him.

"I think, I can now," Harry replies slowly, his body slowly changes to his true form. Harry sat up on the edge of the bed and slowly stood up, wow that trip took a lot out of me Harry thought to himself as he looks around the room he was in.

"Lord Peverell, how are you feeling, you have been sleeping for almost four hours." The king of the wood elves asked when the king places his hand on Harry's shoulder to steady him.

"Thanks, I feel better now and hungry. I need to get to my younger self soon, I can feel the pull on my soul." Harry replies as he knew this would happen, his friend the king of the wood elves explained about being transported through time.

"Yes, come we have food ready for you." The wood elf king spoke this to him quickly.

Soon after Harry ate, he transports to a place he hated with a passion. As quickly as he left the manor he is now in front of the THAT cupboard under the stairs. Harry takes in a deep breath before he places a silencing charm on the top floor and well the whole house. When he opens the cupboard to see his younger self-laying there in pain holding his broken arm close to his chest, five-year-old Harry looks up to see a man standing there as he watches the man kneel down.

"Who are..." Young Harry starts to say before to older man cut him off.

"Not now Harry, but soon you will know. I will fix your arm and your scars." Older Harry tells his younger self as he waves his hand over five-year-old Harry. All of young Harry's scars are now gone, but one, the Lightning Scar on the boy's forehead. Older Harry quickly sends a spell he learned from the Goblin's to rip the small soul shard out of his younger self, a loud scream fills the air as the lightning scar broke open and young Harry starts to scream out with pain. Older Harry quickly heals the cut, young Harry looks to the older man with bright green eyes that look just like his own, young Harry wipes away his tears with his blanket as he sat there crying.

"I am, sorry for the pain Harry, it was unavoidable. Now, when I touch you we will blend together as you know I am your older self, now come out from that cupboard." Older Harry said this to his younger self firmly as he stands up. Five-year-old Harry walks out of the cupboard and stands next to his older self without a word. "Now, my clothes and everything I have with me will fall to the floor, you are a shape-shifter Harry...oh bloody hell, I just about forgot the last part, your bindings." Older Harry waves his hand over young Harry to remove all of the bindings, that old megalomaniac bastard placed on baby Harry.

Young Harry felt a heavy weight lift from himself, a great power fills his small body that starts to change to a so called normal size for a five-year-old. Young Harry took off the crappy glasses from his face and threw them into the cupboard.

"Thank you, I can see very well now, I feel better too. You are me, but older you look good we look good." Five-year-old Harry said in his small voice now he just stands there with a big smile on his face looking up to his older self.

Older Harry placed a finger on the middle part of younger Harry's forehead, five-year-old Harry starts to glow a bright golden color as older Harry fades away with a flash, his clothes fall to the floor. When the light fades away Harry grew to the form of his older self, the clothes younger Harry had on are torn off his body, he falls to his knees grabbing his head with his hands, as the memories fill his head. After a few minutes, Harry dressed in the clothes, five-year-old Harry now looking thirty stood there with a look of determination and a plan, he closed the cupboard door after placing a clone of himself inside, his older self-brought with him. Harry moves up the stairs to the bedroom of his aunt Petunia and her husband Vernon, as he stands there, he pulls out a nine-milometer with a suppressor on it. He then opens a pocket and grabs the magazine, that is full of magical ammo, he slaps it inside the grip of the gun with a small sound of a click to let him know it is locked in. Harry pulls back slide to chamber a round, he sent a silencing charm on Dudley's room before opening the door to his aunt's room.

Harry, took his time making the house look like a robbery with the murder of the Dursleys. He cleans out Vernon's safe that had about six hundred thousand pounds, passports, deed to the house and other important papers. None of Petunia's jewelry are worth anything, but her wedding ring is, Harry vanished it along with all the televisions from the house and Vernon's car from the garage, he kept the money. The last thing to do is, shoot two rounds into the clone of himself, with that he transports out just before the old fool apparates into the house. Albus Dumbledore slowly walks over to the open cupboard to see a bloody mess of a boy he thought safe, he wraps up the small boy in the blue blanket a sound of sirens are getting louder, Albus waves his wand to clean out the cupboard he left it with jackets hanging inside and removes the coat stand next to the door. With a small pop, Albus Dumbledore with the small body in his arms apparates out, as the police push open the front door that Harry left open just enough to set off the alarm.

Harry transports himself to Gringotts it's only about five in the morning as Harry walks up the stairs to the bank to see two guards open the double door for him, Harry gives a nod to both Goblin guards. As Harry walks up to the only Goblin sitting there working at the desk on a raised platform with a door opening behind, out walks a Goblin, the other Harry knew all too well from his time, the Goblin King Ragnuk walks around the desk.

"You, with me shape-shifter," Ragnuk orders as he points to Harry with a turn he starts to walk back to the door with Harry following. King Ragnuk the first sits at his desk sipping on his hot tea with Harry sitting across from the Goblin drinking the stuff called butterbeer, he is watching King Ragnuk drinking the tea waiting for the Goblin to start the conversation. King Ragnuk, places his tea down then he pulls a drawer open takes out a dagger and parchment he sets it in front of himself.

"Now shape-shifter, you will cut your palm, let ten drops of your blood onto this parchment to see who you really are." Harry vanishes the empty bottle then stands up, walks over to the desk he looks at the dagger and grabs it, to slice his palm open so ten drops of his blood hit the parchment, as the last drop hits the parchment writing starts to form.

Harrison James Potter Peverell

Father: James Charlus Potter (dead)

Mother: Lily Rose Potter nee Evans(dead)

Godfather: Sirius Orion Black (Prisoner of Azkaban)unlawfully

Godmother: Alice Longbottom nee Woods (Partial Magical Coma by potions)

Heir to The Most Noble and Very Ancient House of Potter.

Heir to The Most Noble and Very Ancient House of Peverell.

The heir apparent to The Most Noble and Ancient House of Black.

Number of Main Vaults: Six

Trust Vault 1000 Galleons vault key has been destroyed.

All other Potter and Peverell vaults are on locked down, can still receive funds as per Lord Potter.

Vaults ledger only available upon request by person and blood.

This is all Harry could make out as he is trying to read the parchment upside down when King Ragnuk picks up the parchment to read it, as Ragnuk place it on the desk he looks to Harrison Potter Peverell.

"Mr. Potter, show me your true form." Harry looks to the king and gives a nod. Ragnuk stands up and moves over to see a five-year-old with the clothes that change with him. "Harrison you look a lot like your mother, very magical your mother and father were, sad day when the Goblin Nation learned of their murder by Tom Riddle. You may return to your older form, now what can the Goblin Nation help you with." King Ragnuk said as he returns to his desk with Harry standing there in his older form thinking on what he is going to say to the Goblin King.

"What, do you know about Horcruxes." As the last word left Harry's mouth, Ragnuk jumps up upon his desk, Harry walks closer to the desk to see Ragnuk at eye level to himself.

"What do you know of those vile things." It came out as a growl, as Harry stood his ground. King Ragnuk is showing his teeth to him.

"I know that Tom Marvolo Riddle gave a cup to the Lestrange family to put in their vault, that is a Horcrux." King Ragnuk takes a step over to a red button he steps on it, he jumps down from his desk, when a young looking goblin walks into the room, older Harry knew of this Goblin by the name of Griphook.

"Griphook, get me the Lestrange family account manager in here now." The sixty-one centimeter something Goblin ran as fast as his little legs could go, a few minutes later Griphook and a very old Goblin enters the office both moving to King Ragnuk, they talk in Goblin language. Harry knows what is being said, but at this time he was not going to let the Goblins know, he saw the old Goblin's head lower as both Griphook and the older account manager leave through a door on the other side of the office. Ragnuk looks over to Harrison that has a blank look on his face, Ragnuk walks over to Harrison.

"That object, will be here soon, take it from my bank. Come back after you have turned eleven, so you can claim your Lordships, your trust vault will be on lock down until then." After Ragnuk said this, two guards with the very old Goblin holding a small metal box walks to Ragnuk. Harrison takes the box without a word, he placed it inside a pouch then left the office and the bank.

"Guards take him to a cell, the council can deal with him." Ragnuk sat at his desk thinking about the best way to look after Harrison James Potter Peverell.

It is just about eight in the morning on the first of August when Harry steps off the last step of Gringotts, he teleports himself to a part of London that he never wanted to see again. Harry stands at the back entrance to number twelve Grimmauld place he bangs on the door when the door opens up, there stands Kreacher. Harry sends a stunning spell quickly toward the elf, having been blood adopted by his godfather gives him access through the wards he grabs the elf and places him inside the area the elf sleeps. Harry goes up stairs to find the portrait of Mrs. Black screaming at him, he stands there with a smile as the portrait is ripped from the frame. As he rolls it up and walks to a room where the fireplace is, he places the rolled up portrait on end, Harry takes a can of lighter fluid out of a pouch and soaks it down good. As he takes about five steps back he points his hand like a gun with a quick move of his thumb, a fire spell shot out of his index finger, he just stands there watching the portrait of Mrs. Black burn to nothing.

After a few minutes, he moves up stairs to the second floor to a room with a glass front cupboard that the Horcrux is inside of, this is something older Harry didn't want to touch nor does he. Within a pouch, he pulls out a metal box he opens it and with a wave of his hand, the locket fell into the metal box, this is put in the same pouch with the cup. With nothing more to do in this house, he walks back down to the kitchen to find the cupboard door open and a pile of ash there, he shakes his head as he walks out the back door locking it behind him.

Teleporting to his next location a cave inside a large cliff, Harry is just there in front of the wall that needs blood to open, he just grins with a wave of his hand toward the sea a fish flies out of the water with a great force it slams into the rock face, blood of the fish was everywhere. Harry has a smile on his face when part of the rock wall disappears, he didn't mess with the chain and boat he reaches into another pouch pulls out his lighting bolt broom to fly over the water dropping C4 around the lake before landing on the small island. Older Harry knew the spell that Tommy boy used on the basin, with a wave of his hand the potion disappears, the locket is there for the taken. Harry does just that, then drops a few more C4 charges before flying out making the broom and himself invisible. A safe distance away, he pulls out the detonator flips up the red cover and pressed the button, the whole area blows up not one of the inferi are left. Nothing like technology from two thousand and ten. He thought.

Teleporting to his next location, where he is fourteen meters above the ground, he moves his broom down to land at a place he never been to. Harry has a memory of his older self-ripping this location out of old white beard man's brain, this place is outside Little Hangleton, a shack that belongs to the Gaunt family. He can't believe he is doing all this in the daytime but he didn't care he is invisible, standing next to the ward line that Tommy boy put up by Parseltongue, he rips the crappy wards apart. Walking into the shack with a wave of his hand the boxed ring is there floating at eye level, Harry removes the withering hex and some other spells on the ring before he places that box into a metal one then into the magical pouch with the others. When Harry left the shack, he walks to the dirt road he can see across the way an old manor, Riddle Manor, older Harry always wanted to check it out for any kind of stash, so that is what he did.

Still invisible he flies his broom over to the manor, he thought the back door is the best way in, as he enters the place, the upper floors did not feel as anything magical is there, as for the basement a spot under the kitchen is very magical, so that is where he went. Harry stands by a wall that again needs blood to open what an ass Tommy boy was Harry thought, so he turns a table into a pig and used the pig's blood to enter the hidden room that is full of galleons, not a sickle or a knut is found, a wall on the far end is lined with death eater garments. The wall in front of him there are many potions under stasis, he is just standing there looking around at all the stuff in this room, he didn't have any way to move it all.

"King Oak," Harry calls, with a blink the Wood Elf King Oak is standing before Harry.

"My Lord Peverell, how may I help you." Harry gives King Oak a look, King Oak could see why Lord Peverell called. "I will take care of this my lord." Harry gives a nod to the wood king and spun around to a spot on the floor a large rug is there. With a wave of his hand the rug rolls up to reveal a magical hatch, Harry found out the hatch was made from a Parseltongue spell he removes the spell, a stairway down to a room just as large as the room above when he reached the room below. A stasis spell is very strong from the other side of the stairs that are in the middle of the room. Harry fills the room with light to see elves on platforms along the wall, he walks over to one of the many elves to see the Potter Crest on the elves uniform. What the bloody hell is going on here? Harry thought to himself as he walks around the room to count the Potter Elves, there are twenty elves as he walks to the backside of the stairs, he spots two people a man and a woman.

"No bloody way, it can't be, how can this be, he said they were dead." Harry didn't realize he said this out loud. King Oak is still upstairs waiting on Lord Peverell when he heard his Lord, without a sound King Oak disappears from that spot and reappears right next to Lord Peverell.

"My Lord, they are alive and healthy. This is a Parseltongue stasis rune with a password, I feel the magic of that vile wizard." Harry looks at the one point four-meter Wood King he knew the password that Tommy boy always used (There is only power and those too weak to take it.) but there is something strange here, a trigger spell that would kill everything in this room. Harry scans the room for the runes he found them carved into the wood of the stair stringer on the right-hand side, he found nothing on the left stair stringer. He did find a lot of TNT on the ceiling that is under a stasis spell from this rune array, the wiring Harry thought of, it was under a disillusionment rune. The Elves, why are the elves like this. Harry thought.

With the help of King Oak, Harry found twenty plunging devices from the 1940's way to detonate TNT. Harry could not cut the wires from each device so he made cuts of wood the right length to wedge them between the base and the handle of the plunger. Two pieces of wood and rope to hold it in place did the trick, as a sticking charm would not work, what a dumb-ass Tommy boy was with this trap, Harry did check everything one last time before he removes the rune stasis on the elves and his grandparents Dorea and Charlus good thing he did, both his grandparents had a plunging detonator under them. Harry rigged those just like the others, he and King Oak couldn't find anything more from this trap, Harry found the floor is a solid six inches of concrete no traps are under it. Now comes the time if his plan works, King Oak has his elves teleport in just in case this place explodes, this plan was the first thing Harry thought of, but he didn't think it would work.

Harry starts to remove the rune array with the password Tommy boy used, as the stasis lifts everyone but Harry teleported back to Peverell Manor. His plan worked, the old wine seller did not blow up, he removes all of the TNT to a bag placed a portkey on it, he activates the portkey to a place in some middle East desert so it can explode. It does just that, it wipes out some camp there full of two hundred terrorists in that area, who knew Tommy boy enhance the TNT with magic to level an sixteen hundred and ten meters diameter area.

Meanwhile, inside a castle in the north part of Scotland a place called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry within the hospital ward of Hogwarts there sat on a chair is the headmaster with his head on his hands mumbling over and over "I failed you." under a sheet is the small form of a child.

Harry teleports himself back to Peverell Manor to find twenty Potter house elves and his grandparents yelling at the Elf King, as Harry moves closer to his grandparents he and his clothes shifts back to his true form, a five-year-old boy with his messy black hair and bright green eyes stops everyone from yelling.

"Who are you boy, where are we. I am Lord Potter, I demand you to release us." He firmly demands.

"Charlus stop, I will deal with this." Lady Potter tells her husband. "Can you tell us your name and how old you are." Harry looks at both of them with a smirk.

"I am five-years-old, my name is Harrison James Potter Peverell, I am the son of James and Lily Potter and your grandson." He said this to them when Charlus walks over to Harry and kneels down.

"Where are James and Lily." He asked. Harry drops his head and with a small voice.

"They are dead by Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Voldemort."

"When did this happen, what year is this," Dorea asked with a sad but quick voice. Charlus knew all too well his wife is starting to break down from the news of her baby boy is now dead, not that he is doing any better.

"October 31st, 1981 is the when my parents were murdered. The year is now August 1st, 1985." Harry tells them as he raised his head with tears falling from his eye's. Charlus and Dorea grab a hold of their grandson in a three-way hug. This went on for a few minutes, Charlus is the first one to break the hug.

"Harrison, I see that you have the Potter's gift of shape shifting. It is an old power thought lost, I can only partially shift."

"This is a better gift than metamorphmagus that comes from the Black family, as I am." Dorea changes her mouth to a duck's bill and her body to a younger age and changed her hair color, she changes back to her older self, Harry laughs a little.

"So Harrison, can you tell us how you found us," Charlus asked looking at Harrison wave his hand three chairs materialize out of nothing for them to sit.

"The place I found you both and the Potter's elves was at Riddle Manor the father and grandparents of Tom Marvolo Riddle, there is a shack of the Gaunt family were I was looking for objects that Riddle made to cheat death." Harry started telling the story when Dorea interrupts him.

"Are you saying, that vile man Riddle split his soul. How many are there, where are they." Dorea stands up to walk back and forth saying. "We need to find these things and destroy them." She now stands there in front of her chair with her hair changing shades of red.

"Dorea, calm yourself. Please sit, so we can let Harrison finish his story," Charlus said to her firmly. "So tell me, Harrison, how do you know all of this, and why do you seem older than a five-year-old." A Potter elf pops into the room with drinks for them Harry grabs the bottle of butterbeer, he takes a long draw drinking about half of it. Both Charlus and Dorea took their drinks from the elf.

"What I am about to tell you both, it's not a nice story. Now back to how I found you both and the Potter Elves." Harry sat there telling how he found them in stasis and the elves in the old wine cellar of the Riddle Manor. How it was rigged with mundane TNT, as he starts telling the story twenty Potter Elves pop into the room to listen. After thirty minutes King Oak teleports into the room next to Harry.

"Lord Peverell there is food ready in the dining hall." Harry gives a nod to the elf, all twenty Potter Elves pop out of the room.

"Come, I think you both have been in stasis for eight years. You should eat, before the Potter elves pig out on all the food." All three stand up, Harry takes two steps toward his grandparents take hold of them and teleports to the dining hall. Twenty elves are there at the table eating with knife and fork, Harry just shakes his head as he sits down.

After his grandparents are done eating Harry starts his story how Harry from 2010 used a very old Peverell rune array to send himself back here to when he just turned five-years-old. He told them how the older Harry healed him, removed a soul shard from his forehead and bindings from his magical core. He told them how his older self-blended with him.

"Who the bloody hell put bindings on your core," Charlus asked with a deep voice that just about gave Harry the chills.

"Albus bloody Dumbledork." He replies in a hateful way, his thirty-year-old eye's turn to a bright killing curse color, he shakes his head and shifts to a twelve-year-old self. "My older self, well, I am not a very nice person. The people that Albus placed me with would beat and starve me, they broke my arm for my fifth birthday just before he came there to free me. Before I left there I staged the house as a murder-robbery, I left a clone of my five-year-old self inside the cupboard they made me sleep in. Now I am hunting down all of Riddles Horcruxes, older Harry thought you both dead, it was by luck that I found you both in that wine cellar. I am going to get some rest I have a Horcrux to get later tonight, the wood elves will show you to your room when you are ready." Harry teleports out of the dining hall leaving his grandparents there with a look of disbelief that their grandson could murder anyone.

"Well the Potter's were never a light wizard family nor were the Peverell family, but out right cold blooded murder for revenge was never a thing for the Potter family, we paid someone to do it for us then wipe their memory of it. The Peverell family, murder is the way that family was for two of the last brothers the third brother, not as bad if I remember my history of the Peverell family." Charlus sat there telling his wife this. "We should just support him for now. It's not like we are light witch and wizard."

"Come, let's get some rest Charlus," Dorea said just before a wood elf teleports them to a large bedroom.

Harrison wakes up from sleeping better than he has in a long time, well three years time. He knows that he is back to his five-year-old self as he climbs down off the bed, he walks into the en-suite bathroom. A draw back being a shape-shifter they always revert back to their true form, Harry changes his form to a twenty-year-old self. Within a trunk that his other self-brought with him clothes to fit him from the age of twenty to thirty, he never has seen so many clothes to choose from. He dressed in all black outfit he had a few places to go before he went to the Malfoy's to get Riddle's diary there are other supplies he takes with.

When he was done getting ready, he walks over to a full-length mirror to change his face to a twenty-year-old Draco, a smirk forms on his face as he changed back, he teleports to the dining hall to find his grandparents sitting there drinking tea, Harry checks the time to see it's forty-five minutes past midnight.

"I am heading out, I have two people to get and another Horcrux to grab. I should be back before four am, if not King Oak will come for me." With that Harry teleports out to a place he didn't want to go to.

The outskirts of Ottery St Catchpole in Devon England.

The house of the Weasley's

12:50 am on August 2nd.

Harry teleports right through the wards that the Weasley's have, he takes out his broom to fly up to the bedroom of Percy, he always left his window open in the summer time, Harry just shakes his head on how easy this will be. The rat is inside a cage sitting on Percy's desk right there by the window, he sends a powerful sleeping charm at the Rat before grabbing the cage. Then he teleports back to Peverell Manor to drop off the rat before heading to free his godfather.

A North Scotland Island

Rock Island and Azkaban Prison

12:53 same day

Within a cell on the highest security level, a half starved black dog lays there on the cold stone. Harry teleports there on the west side of Azkaban above roof level, he dives down to the roof of Azkaban when a few Dementors head towards him, as he is invisible these Dementors can still feel him not that they can see. He pulls out a red crystal, an artifact that his older self, brought back that can destroy Dementors, the three heading his way are turned to dust, he pulls up to land on the flat roof as more Dementors came to attack him they too turn to dust as Harry held out the crystal. Harry knew most of the Dementors were here on the top level of the prison, there is an unlocked door he enters the next door he came upon is locked. Harry pulls out an old key a magical one that is a master key to Azkaban, something his older self-discovered within the Peverell vault. It turns out the Peverell family built this prison, he places the key into the lock and gave it a turn when the door unlocks, he went through the doorway locking the door behind him. As he moves through the top level cells are all empty, a few more Dementors came to attack him before going down a level.

The next level, Harry found more Dementors and his first death eater Mulciber a very nasty murderer he shot him in the head. Harry came upon more of the old death eaters on this level, the other Harry planned this out well. The main guard post is on the next level down that has an old rune array that can send a wide area stunning spell to knock out all prisoners within Azkaban. Harry made his way to the guard post to find two human guards, he takes them out with an over powered sleeping spell, the rune array is still in good condition, but has not been used in a long time. Harry quickly moves through the prison taking out all of the death eater's and Dementors including their breeding area in the sub-basement just before the stunning spell worn off, he made his way to his godfather's cell, there on the floor in his animagi dog form. Harry grabs a hold of the dogs front leg then teleports to Peverell Manor. There in the great hall, Harry and his godfather teleport in where King Oak is there to meet him.

"Just put him in a cell, keep him that way until I return." He said to the King.

"Yes my lord, it will be done." soon after Harry teleports out to a Manor to the west part of England.

Malfoy Manor was a place his older self-knew the lay out of the manor, teleporting through their wards without anyone knowing. Harry found Lucius passed out with his head on the desk, and a bottle of fire whiskey. Harry pulls out his nine-millimeter with one shot into Lucius' head, he takes a few steps to a hidden doorway, the steps leading down to Lucius' play area. A bookshelf he found the book he needs, Riddle's diary just after he placed the metal box holding the diary into his pouch a house elf pops into the room he quickly stuns the elf. Bloody hell I did not want to do this yet. Harry tells himself, he shakes his head as he grabs the elf and teleports out. Back at the Manor, he drops the house elf off with King Oak before going back out to end the life of other targets that morning. Harry returns to Peverell Manor just after three am he kills about half of Riddle's inner circle death eaters.

Harry woke at ten am to King Oak standing there at the end of his bed, he is in his true form as he walks past the Wood King into the bathroom to take care of his morning ritual and dress as his five-year-old self, he walks up to the wood king.

"My lord, your two guests need your attention." with that King Oak teleports out.

With a nod to King Oak Harry teleports to where his godfather and the Rat are at, his godfather is there inside a cell that would not let him revert back to his human form. Harry stands there watching the large black dog pace back and forth within the cell until it saw Harry, the dog stops right at the bars of the cell in front of him. Harry walks over to a rune array that keeps animagi from transforming or a human from transforming to their animagi, Harry's godfather transforms back to his human form.

"Hello Pad'oot, please take that potion it will heal you," Harry said as Sirius picks up the potion and drinks it down.

"Well, that was different not as nasty as other potions I have had." He said as he steps up to the cell bars to see a kid with the vivid green eye's looking at him. "Harry."

A smirk forms on Harry's face as he shift's his face to look like Sirius. "You look like a hippogriff stomp and were shit on, you really do stink pad'oot." he waves his hand towards the man to send a powerful cleaning spell at Sirius. "Turn around." Hearing that in his own voice made Sirius jump a little before he turns around. Harry sends another powerful cleaning charm at his godfather. After that Harry vanished the prisoner clothes in its place a plain black robe is now on Sirius Black.

Sirius secures the front of the robe before he turns around to see a five-year-old Harry Potter standing there. "Are you going to let me out of here, I did not." Is how far Sirius got before.

"Shut up Sirius." Harry yells at his godfather "I know it was not your fault that Tommy boy came after my parents and me, it was his fault." He points to the cell across the hallway, Harry takes a few steps to a rune array that will allow Wormtail to transform back to Peter Pettigrew.

Harry sends a stunning spell at the traitor. He opens the cell to enter, he removes all magical items including a hidden portkey the traitor has on him. By the time he was done with the traitor Peter is standing there at the bars screaming at him but no sound is coming from the traitor.

Harry has two wands levitating in front of him, he places them both within a box with a wave of his hand the box disappears. With a few steps, he activates a stunning rune on the bars of the cell with the traitor. Then walks back over to his godfather cell and opens the door to allow Sirius to walk out, Harry grabs his godfathers arm and teleports out of the Peverell's dungeon.

Sitting at the dining table, Charlus and Dorea just finished eating, both are now sipping on a cup of tea when Harry with Sirius Black teleport into the dining room. Both of them just about drop their cups when they see Sirius Black standing beside their grandson. Dorea and Charlus stand up after setting down their cup.

"Sirius, it is good to see you, come sit I am sure you are hungry," Dorea said to him, Harry walks over to his grandparents and gives them both a hug then he takes a seat to eat.

"I thought you were both dead, Dumbledore told James and I that you were attacked in Diagon alley he said your bodies were never found," Sirius said this after he sat down across from his godson.

"No Sirius, Riddle had them within the cellar of the old Riddle Manor, in stasis with twenty Potter elves, Riddle had them for eight years. I will setup the Pensieve so you three can see my memories of the basement of Riddle Manor." Harry tells them this when a pensieve appears at the end of the table, he loads the pensieve with the memories. Harry then goes back eating his breakfast.

After about thirty minutes Sirius, Charlus, and Dorea come to after watching the memory, the three of them pull their finger out of the strange liquid that is within the Pensieve.

"Harry, who is this Tom Marvolo Riddle," Sirius asked after he sat at the table. Harry looks at his godfather.

"Tom Marvolo Riddle is Voldemort. A half-blood wizard more so than I, Tommy boy's mother was Merope Gaunt a low powered witch. His father was a mundane named Tom Riddle Sr., well I can show you my memories on Tommy boy." Harry explains this to them as he takes sips of his tea.

"Okay, so tell me, Harry, how does a five-year-old know all this," Sirius asked as a stack of wizard's newspapers are teleported onto the dining hall table. Harry stands and walks over to the Pensieve he removes the memory and replaces it with memories of his other self.

"Watch those memories, Sirius, I have an item to retrieve," Harry said to him, he gives a hug to both of his grandparents and Sirius. "King Oak." the Wood King Elf teleports next to Harry. He tells the King of the wood elves something.

"It will be done my Lord." is all the adults in the room heard as Harry and the King teleport out.

Harry teleports to the hallway of the seventh floor of Hogwarts, he walks back and forth three times as the door appears. The room of requirement something older Harry spent most of his days and nights inside, he shakes his head to get back to why he is here, Harry opens the door to see the room of hidden things. One thing inside this room is all he wants, as he came to the dull crown or Diadem Harry levitates it into another metal box as the others, he looks around at all of this stuff here, something he will have the Wood Elves take care of.

As the large wooden door disappears behind him there are two men within this castle that need to die. A man walks down the hallway to a staircase that leads to the dungeon of Hogwarts as the man reached a door with a wooden door that has the words "Potion Master Office" carved within the wood painted in green and silver. As the man enters the room he left the door open, Harry is right behind the man known as Severus Snape, he pulls out his weapon and pulls the trigger twice one hit to the back of the head the other into the back of the heart. He teleports out of this office to the Headmaster's office where Albus is sitting at his desk reading a book, a device goes off with a soft buzzing noise, Harry reacts quickly to stun both Albus and the Phoenix then he takes care of the buzzing noise, with a wave of his hand all of the past Headmaster's and headmistress' are fast asleep, he sent another spell to block the elves of Hogwarts.

Harry has some time to work, the Elder wand is there on the desk by Albus' right hand, the wand moves towards Harry's hand, golden sparks come from the wand. With a big smile on his face not that anyone could see it, a pull toward a door that he knew all too well what is behind it is everything this old man stolen from his parent's and the cloak. He removes all wards from the door/bookcase some of the books are Potter's property, he sets them aside with other books he will take. Now on to the door/bookcase Harry double checks to make sure he did not miss anything, so he makes a portkey suck it on the bookcase/door he vanishes the hinges at the same time as the one way portkey activates sending it to a Middle East desert, it explodes.

Harry could see that this closet is filled with his parent's property, he takes out a shrunken cargo net placed it on the floor and enlarge it, he turns this into a portkey to Peverell Manor. He cleans out the closet of everything then sent it off to the Manor, he spots four items on a bookcase by the window older Harry knew they needed to be destroyed, he levitates them into a magical pouch that he has on him. Turning toward Albus, Harry levitates the desk out the way so he has room to work, next is to scan Albus of anything magical on him, he just vanished everything off his body then quickly covers him. The Peverell's have this great spell that only paralyzes a person limbs from the neck down, he uses that spell on Albus after securing him to the chair, Harry did not want Albus to slip out. Changing his form to some twenty-year-old man, before waking Albus up, as Dumbledork woke he looks around to see a man standing in front of him and he is tied to his chair.

"Who are you boy, I demand you to free myself," he yells at the man not really taking a good look at the young man. Harry let out a laugh shaking his head.

"I don't think so Albus, you are not in any position to demand anything, I am here to kill you and free that Phoenix there, but first, I will let you know who I am." he changes to his true five-year-old self, Albus' eyes enlarge to see Harry Potter standing there.

"Harry my boy..." a scream comes from Albus when Harry sent a punching spell to Albus' testicles that are hanging down from a hole in the chair. The man has tears running down his face from the pain he never felt before.

"You will not call me boy, you can address myself as Sir." Harry sent a healing spell at Albus' testicles. "Now answer me truthfully, where is the money you stole from me.

"In that closet, hidden behind a magical wall." Albus slowly answers as he is still in pain. Harry could see Albus has his head turned looking at the closet he just cleaned out, a slight smirk form on Albus' face. Harry could see it, he turns to Albus and sent another stronger punching spell to the man's testicles, he cries out in pain again.

"Okay, stop, please stop, I will tell you where your money is. There is a vault under this tower that is where your money is, all five thousand galleons. Harry sent one more punching spell to the man's testicles.

"Manny" Harry calls. A Potter Elf pops into the room right next to him.

"What can Manny do for master Harry." the little elf said as he bouncing up and down waiting on his orders.

"I like for you to check out the base of this tower for a vault full of my galleons, make sure you are not seen by anyone," he orders the little elf, he gave a nod and pops out. Within a few minutes, the elf pops back into the room with a very large trunk.

"Manny found bad man's vault wizard wards were there and bad spell on the galleons, Manny remove everything made galleons safe put in Potter money trunk came back here to master Harry." the little elf said very quickly then adds. "Manny find family grimoire too."

"Good work, you can take it back to the Manor, Thank you, Manny," Harry said before the elf, trunk, and Grimoire pops out. He turns to Albus still in pain, Harry sends a healing spell at the man. After Albus' pain fades away Harry starts to really interrogate him for just about an hour, interrogating Albus Dumbledork to find out the man has not yet made a Horcrux, his older self as memories that Albus had one.

"You are a Horcrux Harry, you must die." the old man said between breaths.

"Not anymore, it has been removed by my thirty-year-old self that came back in time to free me from that prison you kept me in. I have all of Tom Marvolo Riddle's Horcruxes and on the thirty-first of October this year they and Tommy boy will be no more, goodbye Albus." with a smile on Harry's face he pulls out his nine-millimeter loaded with magical bullets and shot Albus in the head and heart, no ghost form came from Albus' dead body. He turns toward the Phoenix and removes the spell as he did the Phoenix turns a golden and red color then flames away in a golden color flame. Harry just shakes his head, then he returns the office back the way he found it lifts all spells from the room and then teleports out.

Within an office inside Hogwarts Deputy Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall sat at her desk working on next term when a great force fills her as the wards to the castle are hers to control. She stands and quickly goes to the Headmaster's office to find Albus dead, she returns to her office to floo call Amelia Bones head Auror of the DMLE. Harry teleports into the large hall of Peverell Manor to deal with his next project.

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