Author's Note: Welcome to Chapter 1 of my new fanfiction, Two Kingdoms! This is an Alice in Wonderland fanfic. From now on, I will be updating this story every Sunday, so expect Chapter 2 to be published sometime tomorrow. I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

I descended down the cold, dark steps.

Mom had asked me to go grab a flashlight from the basement. She was busily doing "spring cleaning"- even though it was July- and, while rummaging through the attic, the tiny, dim lightbulb overhead had flickered out. Determined to stay in the attic until all the cleaning was done, she had sent me to get her a new light source.

I sighed as hopped off the final step and onto the concrete floor. Our basement was damp and unfurnished, used for storage purposes only. The floor was bare, the fluffy insulation poked through the walls and the ceiling, and the only light came through the small windows that lined the upper portion of the left wall. The room was cluttered- piles of stuff were jammed into every corner and cranny of the place, making the room look more like a maze; you would have to change direction with every step to avoid running into a pile of this or a collection of that.

"Now…" I murmured to myself. "If I were a flashlight, where would I be?"

I wrinkled my nose at the musty smell of the air as I made my way across the room to a tiny, dusty cabinet tucked beneath a window. I reached for the knob of the cabinet, grimacing as cobwebs that I hadn't spotted grabbed at my hand, and yanked it open.

The cabinet was pretty bare, so I easily spotted the flashlight inside. I tried the switch. To my relief, the bulb worked, and the basement was bathed in a watery yellow light.

I started back towards the steps, when-

"Ouch!" I yelped, glancing down. I had stubbed my toe on a strange-looking wooden statue that was about as tall as my waist. I doubled over in pain, stretching to lean against the statue for balance, trying to catch my breath. Apparently, I had misjudged my own weight and the strength of the statue, and it didn't hold. The statue fell, pulling me down along with it. I landed hard on my side. For a moment, I just lay there, staring at the statue. It was carved in the shape of a grinning rabbit wearing a suit and a top hat, and, honestly, it creeped me out.

I stood up shakily, brushing off my blue shirt and white Capri leggings. I bent to pick the statue up, when I noticed a large hole in the ground. It was a circular hole, and the statue was just large enough to perfectly cover it up.

"How long have you been hiding that?" I asked the statue. It didn't answer me- obviously.

I sat on the ground, my knees touching the edge of the hole, and peered down.

Why was there a hole in our basement, anyway? Did Mom know about it? Probably not, considering it was perfectly hidden underneath the statue's base.

Or… did she put the statue there purposely to cover the hole?

I picked up my flashlight, flicked it on, and shone the light down the hole.

The light illuminated a narrow, rusted ladder leading all the way down the hole, disappearing into the gloom.

"What the…?" I murmured to myself. "How deep does this thing go? And why is there a ladder down there?"

I bit my lip. Maybe I could see what was at the bottom… after all, I would be quick. And Mom would just think I was looking for the flashlight.

I gripped the flashlight in one hand. With the other, I carefully lowered myself onto the ladder and began to awkwardly descend into the inky blackness.

The metal was hard to grip, and, even with the flashlight, I could barely see my hands in front of me. I had been climbing for at least five minutes straight, but I had slipped into a sort of rhythm, climbing easily downwards without even thinking. I could no longer see the light from the basement if I looked up, and if I looked down, I saw nothing but darkness.

"This was a mistake," I mumbled. "What's wrong with me? I should just turn back right now."

And then my foot slipped, and I lost my grip on the rungs.

And I fell.