There were so many things that the most beautiful woman in space thought it would be impossible to happen. She could begin a list to enumerate it all, but it would be never-ending if she gathered the courage to do it. One of the many things would be the scenario in front of her.

The pink-haired woman never cared about the competition or anything related to the succession of the next ruler of all planets, like the eldest of her twin's daughters said. Well, that wouldn't be true either. At least in the beginning, when her husband began complaining about his boredom and that he wanted to step down to find exciting things to do, she did get involved in finding a candidate worthy of sitting on the throne.

What she found was an utter disappointment. She could say that it was because of the conditions that her dear partner planned the competition, but it also was due to the lack of worthy material for the candidacy. At least for that one day, she could feel at ease with giving someone the reigning. She tried so hard, and that only led to finding desperation in the choices. She didn't know which one was the worst option between power-hungry fighters and spoiled brats who came from royalty.

That her husband wouldn't listen to her on this matter stupified her. They didn't share the same point of view, but they could always find an arrangement. In this case, even with her powers, it was to no use to get through Gid's thick skull. Strenght is what her husband demanded and nothing else.

But then, out of the blue, she found someone who could impress her. It's like this earthling materialize from her wishes. If the empress is sincere, she would say, that not even in her wild dreams she would have guessed that going to that earthling planet to get her daughters back, Sephie would find a more than suitable replacement for themselves which she wished to teach.

At this moment, the empress happily gave him his second class about the different reigns and planets while she stood near the electronic board. The boy looked brain dead as he did his best to pay attention to the empress so that he wouldn't offend her. She would have to admit that slowly he was gaining a place on her heart like a future son-in-law.

" Did you understand this part, Uzumaki-kun?" The empress asked, turning around after signaling the royal families of one of the most influential planets. " It's quite complicated, so don't be shy if you want me to repeat something."

" I think I get it. But I would have never guessed that there were so many races. Now I got to learn them all." The whiskered blonde groaned while messing his hair since he could see the enormous headache coming in his direction. " Isn't there a better way to learn them than just memorizing?"

" I feel bad telling you this, but there isn't. We all royals come to know this when we are at a young age." Sephie sighed, knowing well the annoyance of such matters. Nonetheless, they were even more necessary than ever in his case. But she couldn't help but giggle at his reaction. "My daughters complained even more than you, and that alone is refreshing."

' Now I understand why Lala and the rest ran away at every chance they had.' The shinobi sweatdropped, not having the guts to say it out loud. " You are already using your time to give me these classes. I can't just whine about every little thing."

" I know that the real reason is that you don't want to give a bad impression to your mother-in-law." Sephie teased, gaining an embarrassed look from the candidate as he looked away, confirming her statement. She had to shake her head at his sincerity. " Anyway, please do remember this that I explained to you since it will come up on the test."

" What do you mean by test?" The whiskered blonde looked horrified at the new piece of information. " You didn't say anything about that!"

The pink-haired woman had to break in laughter at his sudden outburst. It seemed like she just told him that he had to go through his worsts nightmare. " It was only a joke. But it's good to know how you feel about that kind of teaching."

" You almost gave me a heart attack." The whiskered blonde lamented, sitting back on his chair while the empress cleaned the tears away from the corner of her eyes. ' I would rather fight Madara and Kaguya again.'

" It would be way better than sitting on this class about this stupid dimension." Kurama agreed with a groan. " Who cares anyway? We are the strongest. Why do we have to learn about space scraps?"

' You sound like Gid.' The shinobi thought with a grimace.

" Don't compare me with that other rat!" The Nine tails roared, offended. " I'm the great Kyuubi no Yoko. The strongest of the tailed beasts created by Hagoromo!"

' Hai, Hai, sorry about that. Oh, great being.' The shinobi nodded, trying to calm the fox inside his mind. It was better if he didn't say anything at all. But his half-assed apology wasn't something that got appreciated by his partner. As the Bijuu kept yelling into his ear, the following words of the pink-haired word snapped him out of his world.

" You don't have to overthink it, Uzumaki-kun. I won't be too pressing on this matter." Sephie smiled gently at the earthling candidate, who seemed to have some inner turmoil. " Though, I will ask you from time to time what we discuss in other classes so that we will refresh your knowledge."

" Oh, yes, of course." Naruto scratched the back of his head awkwardly, realizing that he got too focused on his conversation with the Bijuu. "I hope I don't let Zastin or you down. You guys expect a lot. I mean, I love it, but I want to make sure I live up to it."

" I'm sure you will." The empress stated with firm belief, taking a chair to sit near him on that library that her eldest daughter created for their sake. " I will be with you on every step of the way, so rely on me if you need it."

" Hehehe, that helps out a lot." The shinobi grinned widely, making the empress giggle as he swung on the chair. He was a suited addition to her family.

As they chatted for a while, finally finishing their lecture, the automatics door slid open, sensing two girls that went to call the former shinobi to make sure he didn't forget his appointment of the day.

" Mother, did you finish giving the class to Naruto-san?" Her youngest daughter entered the library wearing daily clothes with a simple green shirt and a white skirt. It was the opposite of the girl at her side. " He has to go to another photoshoot. We don't want to make them wait."

" Yes, I made sure we finished earlier so that our handsome model could arrive on time." Sephie nodded, earning a pink hue from the Jinchūriki, not used to getting called that from the empress. She would have to be sincere and admit that her eye immediately gazed at the brown-haired girl the first second the door opened. " You look so gorgeous today, even more than usual, Yuuki-san."

" Thank you, Deviluke-san. But I only prepared for the day that we have ahead." The petite girl bowed in appreciation before getting nervous once she contemplated the mesmerizing expression of the love of her life. " I want to be professional for Naruto at his work."

" Eh? You will come with me today, Mikan-chan?" He asked, forcing himself to snap at the adorable girl in front of him. She was wearing black boots that reached above her ankles with long white socks till above her knees, together with light pink shorts and a darker pink blouse with a bow on her side that showed her black tank top inside. " It's the first time that you will come with Momo and me."

" I'm sorry, but today I can't, Naruto-san." The youngest Deviluke smiled apologetically, breaking the news to her boyfriend. " There is some stuff that I have to do. I kept leaving it for later, and now I have to do everything at the last moment."

" That is what happens to me usually with the school." The shinobi admitted without a hint of shame, getting a sweatdrop from the three women around him. " But don't worry, I get it. The only thing is that I will miss how you take care of me."

The youngest princess's lips twitched upwards at the sight of her boyfriend. He always made sure to let her know how important it was for him everything she did for his sake. She also loved how he made sure to return all the favors, but she would have to admit that the best ones were the ones that concerned the bed.

" I understand, and that is the reason why I have chosen my replacement so that you won't miss it at all." Momo placed her hands on the petite girl's shoulders, placing herself behind the brown-haired girl to show her off. " I already prepared her for this case since I believe that she is the most mature one in the house. I can breathe with ease if she is with you."

" You are right about that. Mikan-chan put us all to shame when we compare to her. She is even younger than us, and we stand no chance." The Jinchūriki chuckled while the petite girl did her best to don't show how happy she was because of his praise. He turned around to eye at her. " I will be today in your hands, manager-chan."

" L-Leave it to me!" Mikan internally cursed for letting a stutter escape her. But that wasn't the important thing. She only had to keep going. " I will make sure that you receive splendid attention from both the ones you are working with during the shoot and me."

" Aren't I lucky?" I have the two best girls in the universe taking care of me. If I'm not the happiest guy ever, then I don't know what this is." The shinobi grinned, making Momo's and Mikan's hearts skip some beats. The youngest Deviluke should be getting used by now to his remarks, but it was getting worse. " I will follow your every order, so I don't become a hassle, Mikan-chan."

" Perfect." The petite girl nodded, taking a black binder that contained the main points of his work routine. " We should get going then. We have to be there at least half an hour early to make a good impression and meet the new clothes sponsors. Then you can get into the changing room to get prepared."

" You do take it seriously." The shinobi laughed weakly, seeing her rapid changing of mood.

" What did I tell you, Naruto-san? I did teach her well. Didn't I?" Momo puffed her chest with pride since the petite girl became a second her, giving it the same effort or even more than the youngest princess to excel today.

" Yeah, and I can't deny that. At first, I thought that Mikan-chan would come with me only to watch, but you are way more prepared than I ever was." The shinobi said, turning his head to the girl who hugged the binder tighter to her chest, already feeling that it was worth it that little lesson Momo gave her.

" I want to make sure that everything goes smooth." Mikan hummed with happiness before turning around to walk to the door. " Momo-san promised me that if I do a good job, then I will get to work with you two guys."

" Then let's do out best to make it happen." Naruto laughed, standing up from his chair to follow the new captain in command. Of course, not before leaning down to give his girlfriend a small peck on the lips. " I will miss you a lot, Momo-chan."

" Me too." She said, opening her eyes slowly to enjoy his closeness some seconds more. " But make sure you still have fun, okay?"

" Will do! See you all later!" The shinobi walked backward, waving to the young Deviluke and her mom.

" Bye, bye!" Momo exclaimed with the same energy the whiskered blonde was giving before sighing in content as her eyes softened. ' That was tough. But I have to give her a chance if we want to keep going nicely with our plans. The others are doing well, but we have to make her get even more comfortable around him.'

The empress gazed from the corner of her eye at the princess. The youngest Deviluke played with a strand of her hair while she twirled it around her fingers, and she knew that was her daughter's pose for a thinking mood or an annoyed one. By her face, it was the former.

" We never talked about this, but I'm still wondering why you keep helping others to get into a relationship with Uzumaki-kun." Sephie placed her hands on her lap while her daughter walked to a chair to sit similarly. " I know that you don't have anything to do, so don't try to invent an excuse. You are even more rigid with your duties than me."

She sighed in defeat, acknowledging that it won't work coming up with some lie. " You already know that there is a lot of girls that love Naruto-san. Nana and Onee-sama are two of many. I'm only creating chances for them to get closer to him. I can't do much more."

" I understand that. But what escapes my logic is why would you want to share when you already have an unbreakable claim over Uzumaki-kun." The empress wondered, doing her best to clarify that bizarre situation. " I have never seen a man so hypnotized by someone. Not even the men who see me without my veil."

" You make it sound like I own Naruto-san, Mother." Momo laughed weakly at the empress who waved her hand on dismissal.

" Nothing of the sort, my dear. It's only a way of expressing myself. What I meant is that he is so enamored by you that it makes me feel like I'm watching a romantic movie." She saw how her daughter's lips inevitably gained a smile when a pink hue appeared on her cheeks. " Of course, that also means for you. At first, I thought that it was only a teenager's first love, but both of you make pale what Gid and I feel about each other."

" I do love him. More than I ever thought it would be possible." Momo gazed at her Mother, who reached over to squeeze her hand gently.

" I can see that. And it makes me so happy that you found the one. " Sephie smiled before Momo could feel the tension rising on her. " That's why it escapes me on why would you want to share him. He proved me wrong, and I can see that he has no part in any of this. It only increases my concerns. You are playing with fire, my dear."

" I'm not doing anything of the sort." Momo retorted, frowning at the accusation. " What is wrong with trying to make everyone happy? And they all agree with my plan. That alone should speak volumes of the chances that we have to make it happen. Naruto-san only over worries thinking that it would mean cheating on me or that it would be a lack of respect. But I'm working to show him that it has nothing to do with that. "

" I already knew that Uzumaki-kun is a man that escapes our compression. Any other would have yelled at the word how many girls he had in a day." Sephie shook her head. There could be no way to express how lucky she was after finding such a rare diamond. " But that is why it also worries me that with this plan you all have, you can change him."

" That would never happen, Mother." Momo stated with no doubt, and the empress could see it on her pink eyes that burned with belief.

" It's natural that you think that. After all, we all look at the best qualities of the people that we love, but you have to think about the outcomes and not let you guide by your emotions only, Momo." Sephie said, trying to make her see her point of view.

" That's what I always do." The youngest Deviluke said, not knowing how to make the empress understand. " I can't explain it to you since it's Naruto-san's personal life, but I have seen what he is capable of, Mother. I know he isn't omnipotent, and that's the reason why I want to give him the support he needs as Onee-sama, Nana, or the rest do."

The empress did her best to avoid shaking her head. It was a lost battle on this front. Her daughter's belief in her son-in-law was unbreakable.

" I still worry, nonetheless. Momo, my dear, have you thought that the girls want this because it's the only option available for them?" Sephie sighed. She didn't desire to annoy her daughter, but it was a conversation that she felt the youngest needed it. " You are putting this too idyllic. A romantic relationship requires tons of work already between two people. How much more can it take between many more? Your father and I have already trouble getting along some time. Can you imagine between Uzumaki-kun and the others? What about you and the others?"

" There won't be any problem of the sort." Momo shook her head, explaining what went through her mind. " We already decided that we have to get along between the ones that are in the harem. Not anybody can get in. There are some points that we all have to agree."

" And you are the one in charge." Sephie concluded, going straight to the point that she wished to discuss, receiving a nod. " That would also mean that you are the one who takes all the future decisions involving marriages, pregnancies, and the rest in your future enormous family. Did you talk about that with your sisters or the others?"

" Mmm, no." Momo looked unsure at that point. " I didn't plan that ahead. I already have my hands full."

" Then look into it before you continue with any of this. That's my wish and my advice." The empress pressed firmly, dropping for an instant her usual cheerful attitude. " I'm concerned about this. The last time when I saw you girls in his bedroom, it was clear that Uzumaki-kun was letting himself go, but you saw his reaction afterward."

" I already said that Naruto-san overthinks whatever goes in his mind with the others." Momo gazed away, feeling that she was losing the argument.

" And are you taking into consideration what he wants?" The empress asked, seeing her daughter's frown deepen. " I only make sure that it doesn't get out of hand. There are way too many more things that can get wrong than just a simple dispute."

" Are you disappointed?" The youngest Deviluke whispered while playing with the end of her skirt. There was no feeling of that behind her mother's words, but she was more firm than ever.

" I could never feel like that with you three. I only worry about you girls like any other mother would do." Her voice regained her usual loving nature as her daughter began to return to be at ease. " You are blossoming into a wonderful woman, Momo."

" You think so?" The youngest Deviluke placed a hand on her chest thanks to such praise.

" I do, indeed. I love you all, but you know that I'm also very realistic." Sephie said, taking her daughter's hand to make her stand up after her. " You are young, but you manage way many more things than I could do at your age."

" I'm only to taking care of the stuff that comes in our way. I don't think it's that big of an accomplishment." The youngest said, not wanting to get ahead of herself, which didn't go unnoticed by Sephie.

" There is nothing wrong with owning what you deserve from time to time." Sephie wisely stated. There was no need to worry about the youngest's pride growing out of proportion. She knew that. " You will make a finer empress than I will ever be."

" I don't think I can achieve something that great." Momo laughed weakly at the high stakes her mother considered she could arrive. " You are the best in the political field."

The empress couldn't help but enjoy her daughter's belief. Hopefully, she could live up to her standards till she would have to retire from her position. Walking to the door, she led Momo with her to join the others. " Let's go with everyone. You have to take a break too. I don't like that you are overworking all the time."

" You are right." Momo took a moment before answering. Maybe she could clear her mind for a while. It wouldn't hurt. Everything will fall into place anyway when the time would be suitable. " Let's go see what Onee-sama is doing. I think she had another revolutionary idea."

" When she doesn't have one." Sephie and Momo had to laugh at the genius that was born into their family. No wonder why Lala was that famous, even more than just because of her beauty.


It was almost time to begin to work, and the whiskered blonde was sitting on a bench in the park waiting for the last preparative to get ready. He and the petite girl arrived time ago at the photographer's location in the center of the city, where he met the representative of a designer clothing. He didn't care much for it, but his photographer was on cloud seven watching the quantity of money they would be getting.

That was another thing that he and Momo made sure it would stay the same. And it was the woman who always took the pictures. She was pushy but knew when to give up when he didn't want to do something. She was respectful from that point of view, and the photos were more than perfect.

But not everything was going on according to his plans since this was something that the former shinobi wasn't looking forward to doing.

" Can you tell me again why we are outside? We never went out of your place." The shinobi deadpanned before messing his hair. He was wearing a long brown coat showing a grey sweater and black pants with the same color leather shoes.

" I told you. We already did everything that we had to do inside, but the company pays us more if we do it outside in the open." The photographer groaned, repeating the same answer a thousand times while she prepared the lenses. " Now shut up. You should be getting used to the fame by now."

" That's the problem. People are going to get in the middle. I don't think this is the best idea we ever had." He pointed out to the ones who were already looking at them without any discretion.

" Don't worry, Naruto. I will take care of everything." Mikan placed the binder that she had on her hands in her chest with confidence. " I will minimize the trouble."

" Listen to your manager. She is doing an impeccable job already." The photographer grinned, messing the hair of the petite girl who was partly flattered and annoyed that she got treated like a kid. " Anyway, your coworker didn't complain once, so shush a little bit."

" Kyoko-chan is way too kind. She doesn't want to bother us and goes along with everything you propose. You should cut her some slack." The shinobi explained, putting his arms on the top of the bench while leaning backward, his face meeting with the black-haired idol who smiled, with hands behind her.

" I'm glad you worry that much about me, Naruto-kun." Kyoko stuck her tongue out, gaining a grin from her crush. She was wearing a long black coat with a white sweater, fit blue jeans that showed her long legs, and a black belt. In her hands, there was a white purse. " But I'm more than happy to work with you on this. It's a new experience too that I will cherish."

" Just please keep it professional this time." The photographer gave them a dry look while they tilted their heads with confusion. " You can kiss after we are finished."

" E-Ey, shut up! There was no need to say that!" The Jinchūriki shouted, remembering the last time the actress kissed him in front of Haruna and the rest.

" I think I do." The photographer shrugged while she looked into her camera. " You were already flirting the first second you saw each other."

" That is not true!" The shinobi exclaimed with his fingers twitching with desire to close her mouth.

" I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. It won't happen again." Kyoko began repeatedly bowing, hands on her lap with her face burning red, reminishing that day. Of course, it wasn't that difficult since her mind teleported into that moment almost constantly. " I will work to the utmost of my abilities and keep focusing till the end."

' Why don't I feel even a little bit surprised?' Mikan laughed dryly at the new piece of information. ' It's not like it wasn't obvious that Kyoko-san loves him too. Anyway, I already agreed with the harem, so I should be getting used to this.'

" Alright then, you two loved birds, get near the fountain so that we can begin." The photographer motioned with her hand, ignoring their flustered state.

" Don't just shrug it off!" The shinobi exclaimed, pointing a finger angrily at her while getting his teeth before shaking his head. It was useless. " So where? Here?"

" Yep, right there." The photographer confirmed without looking before noticing the embarrassment of the idol. " Please, Kirisaki-san, remember that we want couples-related pictures. Last time you did a marvelous job. There is no need to get nervous."

" O-Of course! I was thinking about something else." She quickly lied before quickly turning around to slap her cheeks gently. ' Snap out of it, already! It doesn't help me at all if I get all worked up over the truth!'

The whiskered blonde scratched his whiskers marks, seeing the distress of the black-haired girl. Somehow anything that wasn't a smile on her pretty face bothered him to no end. Nothing should dare to bother her. It was only a mistake, and it wasn't something that she should get self-conscious with anymore.

" Why don't we take it easy?" He did his best to grin widely and with ease, even though the pink hue on his face betrayed him. That only made him look even more adorable to her. " Come here."

" Did you think about something?" Kyoko let herself go, grabbing the hand that her crush offered him.

" Kinda." He awkwardly laughed while motioning her to go to the cemented railing of the fountain to get at his height. He had to point at the photographer. " She keeps saying that we have to look like we are together. Then the easiest way is to have fun like you always do. Forget about anything else."

The idol looked at the floor to see the water at her side and her white boots while she held into the shinobi's hand. Agh, what the hell was this sudden nervousness. She only had to keep doing what she loved and with the boy that stole her heart. Hopefully, she could do the same with his. " Then let's make this shoot the best in all history!"

" Nice to see that you are back!" He grinned now sincerely before hearing the sound of the flash.

" Good job, Naruto! Now let's keep going till we get hundreds of these." The photographer nodded proudly, interrupting their little moment as they sweatdropped at her lack of tact. " Kirisaki-san, can you walk like you are playing around while Naruto smiles softly at you? More casual and less excited. We have to show off the clothes first!"

" Now that I think about it, these look incredibly expensive, even more than Naruto's lasts works." Mikan commented after she approached the photographer.

" I see you did your research, eh?" She grinned with excitement working every angle without letting any glimpse of courtship escape her. " Usually, this kind of clothes we would only get with supervision, but those rich tailors are crazy desperate on getting their hands on our blonde machine money."

" That much?" Mikan sweatdropped, still not used at her sincere words. ' I know that Momo-san was right, and she is a nice person, but her eyes got to be practically yen signs.'

" Of course! The only thing that they are not doing is coming till here and kiss our feet, and I'm not sure how long it will take for them to do it anyway." She laughed maniacally after signing with her index finger to the two models so that they would change pose. As the idol and the shinobi did as they were told, with Kyoko placing her head on his back, sighing with content, the photographer felt like scratching the back of her head. " I still don't get why that dumbass wouldn't ditch me. Some photographers are way many better than me."

" Well, Momo-san and Naruto were clear with every company that they wouldn't get anybody else. Those were some of the immobile points on their negotiations." The petite girl explained to the woman who fought against herself to avoid rolling her eyes at his childish mentality.

" He can't grow up for the heck of it. Can he?" She shrugged her shoulders in defeat while the shinobi did his best to don't snap at her. " Now he should act like he owns the world, not thinking about others."

" I would agree that's the most logical thing to do, but it's just not him." The brown-haired girl laughed awkwardly while the photographer motioned how crazy he was.

" I'm only looking out for me anyway." The shinobi gritted his teeth at the older woman while the black-haired coworker closed her coat to give herself a new look. " There are thousands who will take everything they can from me since I have no idea how this works, but I know you wouldn't rip me off."

" That's it?" She asked in disbelief. " You will make much more than they can steal from you. And with them, you can have more contacts."

" I told you a million times this is only to pay for my meals. I'm not going to live all my life from this." The former shinobi couldn't help but grin as he took the actress's hands and spun her around like she was a ballerina making her giggled. " That doesn't mean I like to get taken as an idiot, so there you are. You are the best option. Even though you keep trying to get me naked for whatever deviant magazines you were talking with, all this time."

" It's only an underwear company. What's wrong with that?" The photographer snapped, receiving a deadpan from him.

" And all those bondage stuff and gags?" He asked, making stumbled the other two girls on the spot.

" Oh, but that's was earlier when nobody knew you. Now, we can be way more selective." She waved her hand in front of her face as if she said the most innocent thing in the world. " Though it would have been tasteful, just with some ropes restraining you to the wall and the gag ball in your collar. You didn't even have to use it properly, and you always have been clothed. "

" I don't believe a word that you are saying." The shinobi made clear before turning to the idol at her side, who looked up with a perverse giggle on her face.

" Kyoko-chan, you know that next is your turn, right?" The shirtless Jinchūriki reminded her while being tied up to the bed, breathing through his teeth slowly while she poured the red wax from the candle on his chest.

" And I can't wait." The black-haired girl admitted, sitting on his stomach with only one of his shirts opened, covering only her nipples. " But you lost when we flipped a coin, so wait a bit."

" You better enjoy it because I have tons of ideas." The shinobi grinned with cockiness, making the idol's pupils turn into hearts from the emotion.

As the black-haired girl giggled, not realizing that the shinobi was looking at her, she let out in the open the following words. " I always love how dominant you are with poor little me, Naruto-kun."

" Mmm, etoo, Kyoko-chan?" The whiskered blonde blushed at her words. It was to no use to fight it down or even trying to get her attention.

" She isn't the only one." The photographer called him amused, pointing with her thumb to the petite girl at her side. " It seems like your manager-chan has it even worse."

" Mikan-chan?" He shouted, becoming worse than Nana or Haruna, thanks to her.

" N-Naruto, it's colder than I thought." Contrary to Kyoko in the youngest Yuuki's imagination, it was the petite girl who got chained up. Mikan had her hands behind her back while sitting on his lap, with her eyes covered by a blindfold. " Can we keep going?"

" Eh? You sure?" The shinobi whispered into her skin while he placed the ice cube on her navel. " You seem to enjoy it way more than you are letting on."

" I don't know what you are talking about." She lied, biting her lip to don't make it so obvious. She was wearing a blue skirt and a white and yellow shirt which got pulled over her chest, showing her black underwear while her erect nipples showed against her bra. " I did it for you."

" You say that, but I kept finding all those journals about masochism on my drawers. I know that it wasn't me, so who could have been?" The shinobi's fang grazed her shoulder as he placed the melting ice cube on her collarbone. " Do you have any idea?"

" Maybe it was Mea-san." The petite girl rapidly invented. " She looks like a girl who would be into this kind of thing."

" She would, wouldn't she?" He agreed before placing the cube on her mouth. He sipped the water that got created near the neck as he was unable to contain her moan. " The thing is that I saw you entering my room with those papers. Interesting, isn't it?"

" I'm a bad girl." Mikan dreamily said before someone poked her cheek, bringing her out of her dream.

" Hello, there. Did you have fun?" The photographer grinned before chuckling at her horrified expression once she pointed out the model. He was redder than a tomato. " It was a nice dream by how you were muttering to yourself."

" Can we keep going?" The shinobi asked, doing his best to avoid Kyoko's and Mikan's glances, who were petrified. " We still got some work to do like you said before."

" Since when are you so uptight?" She grinned, basking on his embarrassment. " I'm always the one who has to keep the schedule."

" Someone has to." The shinobi contained himself to mess his hair, grabbing the black-haired girl's hand who gained a blush on her face thanks to his action. " And Kyoko-chan has a tight schedule. That's why we have to work fast."

" Well, every time I met with you. I make sure that I don't have to do anything in the whole day. In that way, I make sure that I don't have something else in mind." The idol admitted without a second thought, partly because of her flustered state, receiving an awkward laugh from her crush. Now she did realize why he said that. " But Naruto-kun is right. We are not behaving professionally, sorry."

" That's right! We have to focus on the work!" Mikan avoided stuttering, but you could see that she had the same self-consciousness as the other two teenagers. " We have Naruto and Kyoko-san's reputation on the line!"

" You aren't wrong about that." The photographer conceded much to their suprise. It wasn't because she cared so much about how they felt but because she would love to use those blushes for the pictures. " Then let's change pose. Do whatever you feel more comfortable with."

' You fricking witch!' He roared on his mind. He knew that she asked for that on purpose. She never was so vague. " Then, Kyoko-chan, do you have any idea?"

" Couples, right?" The actress gulped, receiving a nod from him, having a thousand ideas but all of them way too forward. " Maybe I could lay with my back on your chest while we watch at the camera."

" Denied." The photographer stated, gaining an internal comical cry from Kyoko. " That would look way too stiff. It has to be something more natural."

" Then how about hugging?" The idol asked, raising a finger looking for confirmation. " I could have my arms around Naruto-kun's neck."

" We got tons of that." The woman reminded her. " We don't want to look monotonous."

" What if we use the streets?" The petite girl chimed in, gaining their attention. She kept talking since they looked confused except for the photographer, who was already loving the idea. " In the middle of all the people who are walking with the bags, Kyoko-san can do like she is running away playfully with Naruto chasing her."

" That's an amazing idea, Mikan-chan!" The Jinchūriki admitted, turning around to see people in the shopping districts, but not so many would bother them. " I didn't think about that. You are a genius like Lala!"

" I-I just come up with that. It's not that much." The petite girl smiled, shaking her head. She could never compare herself with the eldest princess.

" Hehe, now you are trying to be modest." He grinned widely, already forgotten a bit of his uneasiness. " There is a reason why you are my number one fan and my manager."

" You are so lucky, Naruto-kun." Kyoko smiled gently at the petite girl. " I would love to have some like Mikan, who has my back like that. Maybe I can get her to work for me. You already have Momo anyway."

" Nope, not happening." He grinned widely, taking her tease seriously. " Mikan-chan is mine. There is just no way that I'm giving her up that easily. She is one of my favorite girls."

There was some silence after the shinobi chuckled as he massaged the back of his head. Noticing that there was something odd, he turned around to see a brown-haired Yuuki blushing like a storm before hearing a tailed Beast speak into his mind. " Dumbass."

His brain rapidly deciphered what he said that accused that reaction on the petite girl, and he did his best to cover his words. " Wait! I meant that Mikan-chan is one of my dear friends! She lives in my house too, so I want to take good care of her as she does with me! That's all!"

" You sure?" The photographer raised an eyebrow." You were smiling and all of that, but you sounded possessive."

" Well, it came out wrong, okay? It was an honest mistake." The whiskered blonde snapped at the woman before grumbling to himself. " It's not like I wouldn't be lucky, but it's just way too much. I don't think it would be fair to Mikan-chan either."

" Eh? What do you mean?" The petite girl unconsciously took a step forward even though there was some distance between them. It wasn't the moment either since he didn't mean for them to hear it. Around them, the shinobi kept making stupid mistakes. " What wouldn't be fair to me, Naruto?"

' Why I keep messing up with them? Did I become even more stupid?' The shinobi mentally punched himself as he grabbed his face, but then, when the palm of his hand touched his lips, the images of his kiss shared with the petite girl appeared in his mind. He could still feel the softness of Mikan's passion. Shaking his head once he realized how they were looking at him, he placed a mask covering his inner turmoil. " Just trying to get you all for me. Rito would be so jealous, though I understand him. He has such a nice little sister. Isn't that right, Kyoko-chan?"

The idol felt a bit empathic towards the brown-haired girl who seemed to have been so close to something, but she was drastically cut off. Even she could see that he meant more earlier. The only thing she could do was give her a hand to have some time to think as she saw the frown on Mikan's face. " Of course. I meant what I said when I told you that I would love to have her as my manager."

" Yep. I found gold out of nowhere." The shinobi grinned, glad that she didn't force the matter. " Now, let's keep working. We still can have lots of fun."

" You are right. Move your ass then." The photographer nodded, smiling gently at the idol. " Kirisaki-san, please watch around while we walk. Maybe we could come up with some ideas."

The black-haired girl glanced rapidly to Mikan, easing her features before agreeing with the photographer. " I'm sure this shoot it's going to make lots of money."

" Hope so." The woman chuckled as if she prayed for it.

But in the middle of those conversations, the petite girl contemplated the back of her crush. He walked towards the streets while the two girls chatted to ease some of the tension, but she could only stand in her place, tightening her grip on the binder.

' Naruto just put a wall between the two of us.' Mikan kept frowning, feeling slightly more disappointed than she would have been. ' I know that he is confused, and it will take time, but I was so near. I even thought that it was a confession. How stupid am I?'

While she focused on her thoughts, she felt the photographer's hand on the top of her head, patting the petite girl slightly before following the models. " You are doing a splendid job. But it isn't that easy."

Mikan's eyes widened for a second at her words. It didn't take a genius to realize what was going on around the shinobi involving love matters, but she wasn't wrong. If it would have been easy, then she wouldn't have fallen so hard for him. He would have been a playboy and nothing else. " Then I only have to work harder."

" Like everything in life." The photographer chuckled as they followed the two models. She couldn't help but feel she was getting involved in that teenager's hormonal mess.


In the end, once the group entered the shopping district, the work increased tenfold thanks to the ideas that came into their minds for several pictures.

Not only that but thanks to the most loved actress in all japan and the whiskered blonde who came out as a superhuman, the brown-haired girl had to focus mainly on keeping at the bay the fans. As the former shinobi said, she was gold. He didn't know if his girlfriend taught her also that, but she was impeccable.

The two models didn't know if it was because they were out in the open, and that changed their usual workplace, but they were enjoying it way more than usual. To say that the shinobi didn't find it like a drag was an accomplishment. He would have to admit that he never was bored on the photoshoots when Kyoko was at his side. The girl glowed with everything related to that field, so he couldn't help but share her joy.

He would also have to say that if he took into account only beauty, she could easily be one if not the most stunning woman he had ever seen. Sephie didn't count since he had never seen her face. And even with that piece of fabric on her head, he could already notice how gorgeous the empress was. But well, it didn't change that he could only guess how she was. From what Nana told him, her mother was a carbon copy of Lala, only more mature. Calling the empress old would be stupid and sinful for most of the inhabitants of space.

Anyway, as he shook his head, the shinobi couldn't help but contemplate the idol while she checked herself on the crystal of the clothing shop as they were to take about to keep working. How the black-haired girl wasn't full of herself with all her achievements and beauty, it escaped his compression. Some girls hadn't even a tenth of what she had, and they walked the earth as they own it.

'That has to be the reason why I like Kyoko-chan so much.' The shinobi internally chuckled before seeing the photographer was signaling them to keep moving on the pose that she told them earlier. ' She is way more humble than me.'

" What are you thinking about, Naruto-kun?" The actress asked, containing her giggle as she placed her hands on his arms while he leaned forward to put his arms on the crystal of the shop that belonged to the clothing mark that they wore. They thought it could help with publicity. " You are smiling all to yourself from a while ago."

" Everybody says that I'm always like that." The shinobi chuckled, placing his head near her hair while the photographer was on the side of the idol to show her face while the blonde's got partly hidden. " Is it that weird?"

" I wouldn't say that." She admitted, caressing his cheeks with the top of her head. " But you are always even brighter when you are happy for the silliest things."

" You sound like you analyzed me with a machine or something." The shinobi chuckled, receiving a playful slap on his shoulder while she giggled. It was the perfect time for a picture that didn't get missed by the woman. " Should I begin getting scared?"

" Don't be so mean, Naruto-kun." Kyoko joked, following his tease. She couldn't help but bash on the flirt even though he lacked that intention. " It's only natural to come to know better the people that you care about, right?"

The Jinchūriki relaxed into her embrace while the photographer walked around them to the shinobi's side. That moment was also too precious to let go to waste. " Yeah. You could say that."

" Something wrong?" Kyoko asked, tilting her head towards him. From that angle, they appeared to be kissing! They were going to be so rich!

" No, no. It's nothing like that. You can say that I felt so happy for a second." He admitted, earning a sigh in content from the girl.

He would have to say that there was no way to shut up that thing inside of him that reminded him that the girl on his embrace liked him. It was even more complicated since they kept working in such a romantic mood that only helped him remind of their little moments together. He would be a liar if he said that sometimes he didn't feel like what they did was real and not just some scenes for a magazine.

" I can understand what you mean." The actress agreed, placing her hand on his chest as she felt his warmness slightly managing to make her heart race. She was a bit disappointed that it didn't have the speed of her own. " I'm the happiest when I'm with you."

They didn't say anything else, but paradoxically, his muscles tightened with her words while she seemed to melt. She had to celebrate that his heartbeat far surpassed hers at the moment while he unconsciously took a sniff of her scent. She prayed that she wasn't sweaty after all these hours and that the perfume still had its effect.

After a while that the photographer finished stretching, engraving their last moment in the camera, she called for the two teenagers who didn't seem to hear her calling them. " I said that it's time for your hour break, you lovebirds."

" W-W-W-What is going on?" Even though the photographer's voice didn't reach them, the one coming from a particular teacher from Sainan high did.

" Tear, calm down. Can you see that the camera?" Her friend giggled into her hand while the two teenagers turned their heads toward the source. " It's obvious that they are working."

" Nurse-chan, Tear-sensei?" The shinobi asked while not breaking off from that pose. " What are you doing here?"

" We are only doing some shopping to buy Tear some clothes. She was walking naked at the house." Mikado smile gently, receiving an indignant shout from the blonde teacher.

" You don't have to tell Uzumaki-kun that!" The woman with glasses whined, grabbing the other woman's shoulder. " He is our student. We have to keep distance between him and us."

" You aren't wrong." The black-haired woman tapped her chin with one finger in thought while looking up. " But in this case, it doesn't apply. I'm Naruto-kun's doctor. So I can be comfortable around him."

" It would be weird if you began keeping your distance from me, Nurse-chan." The shinobi admitted, separating himself from the idol but to both of their dismay even though he wouldn't register it on his mind. " We already went through a lot together."

" Mikado, I know that you like to tease people, but you shouldn't reach that point with your student. No, this is worse since Uzumaki-kun is also your patient!" Tearju explained to her, making her friend unable to restrain herself from smiling.

" Can I ask what do you think we did? Don't tell me that you finally grew up a little?" Mikado whispered into the blonde woman's ear with a hand covering her face. " You, perv."

" I-I didn't think anything! Stop putting things into my head!" Tearju took a step backward, blushing madly at what she implied.

" You are the same as always, Mikado-san." Kyoko sweatdropped, earning a grateful smile from the doctor. She didn't need a deciphering code to know what she just said. " But you have way more fun than all of us together too."

" I try my best." Mikado waved dismissively before quickly apologizing to the photographer. " We are sorry that we interrupted. We will let you work."

" Nah, it's not a big deal. Kirisaki-san and Naruto have their break now, so they are free for a while." The woman shrugged her shoulders, not giving it any importance. Usually, they wouldn't have so much time to relax, but since the companies asked for even more complicated photoshoots, that meant behaving more like the professionals. " I will go back to my studio. Just come back for another changing of clothes, and we will get it done."

" We will go back with you, then. Kyoko-san and Naruto have to change clothes before some dirt falls into them. We have to return them later." Mikan chimed in, worried that any of those expensive attires would get ruined.

" You don't have to think twice about that. All those things you wore today are yours. The companies gave it to you two as a gift. Well, more like a bribe to keep working with them." The woman pointed out, receiving wide eyes from the three teenagers.

" What? Are you serious? If I sell that those pants and jackets, I could live a year without thinking about working." The shinobi's jaw slacked at that piece of information.

" That's your choice." The photographer said before grabbing her bag. " I will wait for you then. Have some fun."

Strangely the two teenagers felt like they just realized how much money they were wearing on them. Not even Kyoko, who was famous way before he, wore those kinds of attires if it wasn't for a show. As they patted themselves like they wore a new fabric, the doctor couldn't help but giggle.

" Now, you two are beginning to understand what it means to reach a certain level." Mikado gained a troubled look from the candidate and the fire alien as if they would prefer to don't use those things. " I know that it won't go to your heads, so enjoy it. I think it fits you two."

" I still think that this is way too much." Kyoko awkwardly laughed, taking a look at her back like it was the first second she wore that white coat.

" Why don't we go take some coffee or a cake so we can sit for a bit?" Mikan tried to divert her crush and friend's attention from their thoughts. " I feel a bit tired standing up all this time."

" Oh, that is a marvelous idea. We were about to do that too." Mikado agreed with the petite girl. " There is a place near here that is small, but it would be perfect for us."

" I wouldn't mind some chocolate." Tearju couldn't help but join in the plan. " My heels are beginning to make me uncomfortable too."

" Then we all are in, follow me. I can't wait to see if you like it too." The doctor said. She took some steps to begin walking with her bags on her hands, and the petite girl with the blonde woman at her sides.

" How am I supposed to eat with all of this on me?" The shinobi asked himself in disbelief at their carefree attitudes. One thing was wearing them for work, but owning it? That didn't feel like him at all.

" It isn't so bad if you think about it." The actress with her hands behind her back, still not used. But at least she was showing the experience she had. " It means that we are progressing in life. Even if just a bit."

" You think so?" The shinobi asked as he messed his hair for a moment. Did anything change? Apart from passing some tests from the current rulers of space and getting some lessons from the empress, he was still stuck doing nothing. ' I still can't learn Tou-chan's Jutsu, and the enemies aren't even that worthy for gaining a name for myself. What did I even accomplish till now?'

" I know that you will accomplish deeds far more impressive than anyone who ever lived." Kyoko said, watching forward as if she could see him sitting on that Devilukean throne that she always saw Gid on it. There were tons of images of that when she was little. " After all, you are Naruto-kun."

" Because that is my goal." The shinobi slightly smiled as if she could read his mind. " Thanks for that, Kyoko-chan."

" Instead of thanking me, I prefer if you sit next to me in the cafe. What do you say?" The idol grabbed his arm happily while putting it between her chest, earning a blush from the hormonal teenage boy.

" I don't think you have to ask me for that. It's not a big deal." The shinobi scratched his whiskers marks nervously with his free hand, earning a giggle from the gorgeous actress. He still wasn't used to that sensation on his other arm. ' They are as big as Lala's. No! Stop that, you pervert!'

" Guys, are you coming?" Mikan asked, turning around to call the two teenagers who seemed to be walking slower.

" Of course!" Kyoko exclaimed before turning her attention to the shinobi at her side. " You are a bit stiff, Naruto-kun. Are you not enjoying this?"

" P-Please, stop." The whiskered blonde almost begged as her breasts moved along his arm.

" No can do!" The idol laughed before shaking her head into his shoulder. ' He is way too funny. I love him so much.'


The idol enjoyed her time hugging him on those minutes of walk before arriving at the cafeteria that the doctor proposed. They all sat around a table near the window in that small street.

Ashura's reincarnation was in the middle between Kyoko and Mikan while the two teachers were in front of them as they began chatting with each other before a waitress came to ask them what they wanted for the afternoon. After ordering the sweets that caught their eyes the very second they arrived, they waited for some minutes before drooling at what was in front of them.

' Mmmm, this is so good.' The shinobi thought, placing the fork on his mouth. ' Mea-chan and Nemesis would love this. I will bring some for everyone in the house.'

" This is delicious!" Tearju exclaimed with a hand on her face in delight. Her reaction wasn't as composed as his, but more like the others. " We are in heaven, right, Mikado?"

" I can come here every day of the year." Kyoko mumbled with the fork still in her mouth to enjoy the melted chocolate on it. " I never knew such a place existed."

" I have to bring Mako and Ayuki here one time. This place has to be a treasure." Mikan said, doing her best to don't lean into the chair. " I will always follow you in whatever place you say it's good, Mikado-san."

" I'm glad you all are liking it so much." The doctor hummed, enjoying her desert while the shinobi sweatdropped at their reactions. To be fair, he would have been the same with ramen. " I have tons of places that we all can go when you have some time."

" Yes, please!" The three girls sang before shivering with delight after getting another spun full of cake. The shinobi had to chuckle seeing that.

' They are crazy about this place.' He thought goodnaturedly, shaking his head. He grabbed hold of his cup and sipped some coffee after bringing it to his face. ' I'm glad that they are having fun after all that. I gave them way too many problems.'

" And we saved their asses thousand of times too. There is no need to whine about it." The Tailed beast inside his head groaned, sick of his unneeded gratefulness around the people he met in this dimension. " They should be the one bowing to us."

' Why do you always have to be so high and mighty, Kurama?' Naruto's eyebrow twitched as he could hear the Nine-Tails grinning full of himself. ' You know they came for me and believed in you the very first second you talked to them. You could give them more credit.'

" Nah. Some of the girls here remind me of that blue-haired girl back in Konoha. I still don't get why they are all so obsessed over you." The red fox yawned as the shinobi sighed, leaning on his chair to watch at the window. " But well, if I have to guess, it's not that there are many here to choose from with all this placed filled by perverts. Your teachers would have gotten a blast here."

' Yeah, Ero-sennin would be crying from happiness. Nurse-chan and Tear-sensei are even more beautiful than Baa-chan. Though she was an old hag, so it isn't that difficult.' The Jinchūriki placed his head on his hand, gazing at the petite girl and the idol who professed their love. And there were many more with that beauty. ' But I get what you mean. I didn't do much, and I'm getting all of this attention. Is this what Teme complained about that when we were kids?'

" Don't sound so high in your horse. You love all of this." The fox dryly remarked.

' Shut it, Kurama!' He roared in his mind, pushing down the tease. ' What I meant is that it isn't so bad.'

" It doesn't change much for me. On our dimension, we were already the strongest. At least here, we can have a chance to prove ourselves instead of sitting on an old lame-looking chair, wearing that pathetic hat." Kurama admitted that this wasn't the worst of their fates. " There are battles for me and all that love and attention for you. I don't think there is anything to complain about for now."

' You know that I was looking forward to wearing that pathetic hat as you said!' Ashura's reincarnation shouted internally. It knew how to push his bottoms. ' I still don't know how to behave with all the people looking at me on the streets.'

" It's just admiration. You would have the same if we stayed in that village. Anyway, you get used to it. Old-man-sennin was even more loved than you, and he seemed fine." Kurama shrugged his shoulders, realizing what his partner meant. Both of them never knew that kind of positive attention. So to have it out of nowhere could be overwhelming. " And don't forget that I said love also. Don't try to act like you didn't hear me. You are getting more girls than I could have imagined."

' Okay, I get it! Now shut the hell up for once!' The whiskered blonde snapped at the obvious tease while the red fox died from laughter inside his mind.

" Everything okay, Naruto-kun?" Mikado asked the shinobi as he was changing mood sporadically. She knew that he was talking with the tailed beast inside of him, but she didn't want to say it out loud. She didn't tell it to the blonde woman at her side. It was something personal, after all. " Any suitors around?"

" Oh, nothing like that." He awkwardly laughed, massaging the back of his head. " Just talking with myself."

" You seem to do that a lot in classes too, Uzumaki-kun." Tearju said, leaving the spoon on the plate. " I know that you are quite busy with all that competition and school, but I'm your homeroom teacher. If you need anything, you can talk to me."

" I'm good there is nothing to worry about." He waved dismissively, but the woman with glasses didn't seem convinced. " I have tons of people who have my back."

The blonde teacher seemed to fidget for a second. It's not like she wanted to bring that up, but she couldn't find a way to approach him at school. He got always surrounded by people. " If I can say you could improve your grades more if you wish. You aren't failing, that's true, but you can do much better."

" Well, I was about to drop out before, so I can't say that I care so much about studies anymore." The whiskered blonde admitted leaving the teacher petrified.

" D-Drop out?" Tearju repeated, seeking confirmation and getting hit with a confused nod from her student. " Why would you do that?"

" I had other stuff to think about, and school just took way too much time." He wasn't about to say all the drama that happened months ago. That was over.

" But you need it! Even more, if you are planning to aim for such a high position like you do." The blonde teacher explained before her eyes shined as she approached him from her seat across the table, invading his personal space. " And let's not forget how entertaining it is! You get to learn all the cellular processes and chemical reactions inside the human body!"

" I can think of a million things from the top of my head that would be funnier than that hell." He admitted without a speck of doubt, backing away while his homeroom teacher paled at his opinion. " I'm sorry, Tear-sensei, but that's just not for me."

" That's just not possible." The blonde woman fell on her chair, her eyes white. " You are the first student to tell me this. Everyone else seemed to love my classes. They were paying so much attention."

" Yeah, your classes are better than some of the others." The teenage boy quickly rectified before breaking it out to her. " I have to say too that they probably were so excited because you were there, so they tried to look good in front of you."

" What do you mean?" The homeroom teacher tilted her head confused and densely earning a sweatdrop from her student.

" Well, it's obvious. Isn't it?" The shinobi pressed but didn't want to say it.

" Like you are any better than her." The Bijuu commented after feeling the Jinchūriki's disbelief in front of such innocence. " You two aren't so different. No scratch that. You are probably even worse."

' Do you have something today against me or what?' Naruto gritted his teeth with a sweet smile appearing on his face.

" I only want to be a true pal. Don't be mad at me for that." The Kyuubi grinned widely, pissing off the second Rikudou Sennin to no end.

" What Naruto-kun is trying to say is that the students who pay the more attention are the boys." The doctor took over the conversation since it wouldn't go anywhere if she didn't say it directly. " It means that they focus on watching your body, not the board."

" Are you serious?" Tearju asked, covering her body with her black jacket earning a sweatdrop from the teenagers. " So that's why the girls weren't so focused like the boys."

" That would have given it away, yes." Mikan laughed without meaning it. ' I never thought that a grown woman would be as dense as Naruto or my brother.'

" It's no wonder why you never managed to get a boyfriend, Tear." The black-haired doctor shook her head with her hands high. " At his rate, you are going to get your house fill with cats to keep you company."

" Y-You are the one to talk, Mikado! When we were at school, you didn't have any relationship either!" Tearju said while pointing one finger at her friend at her side.

" That's because I didn't find anyone who gained my attention. It was a choice." Mikado laughed easily at the pun before sighing slightly, turning her head to the whiskered blonde with her head on her hand, contemplating him.

" N-Nurse-chan?" Naruto gulped thanks to the softened features of the doctor.

As the boy became redder thanks to the look he was receiving, and the other three were becoming petrified, Mikado's eyes widened, realizing her slip up. " Anyway, I'm glad that you didn't drop out. It will be a pity if you don't come on the school trip, Naruto-kun."

" Mikado, we weren't supposed to tell them that! It was a secret!" Tearju quickly intervened, forgetting for a second the atmosphere that it got created. " We planned it between us teachers for that same reason!"

" Y-You are right." The doctor smiled apologetically, placing her hands together while looking at the teenagers. " Could you guys please don't say anything to the others? I don't want to ruin it for them too."

" I-It's alright. We promise we will do like we never hear anything about it." Kyoko quickly calmed the teachers down, leaving for later that eye-opener from instants ago. It did make sense if you asked her. But it was never so obvious.

" Thank you very much, Kirisaki-san." Tearju bowed on behalf of the two of them. She wasn't used to doing this since it was mainly her friend's job to apologize for the two of them. Mainly because of the blonde woman's bad luck. " We are getting so stressed out with all the tests coming and all that we make some minutes. It's normal."

As the blonde teacher quickly made small talk diverting their attention and putting that slip up under the rug to cover her friend, the petite girl on the table gazed from the corner of her eyes at the doctor while sipping on her mocha. Tearju wasn't fooling anyone either.

' I had something that was telling me that it was more than teasing, but I would have never thought Mikado-san liked Naruto too.' While Mikan concentrated on the foam of her beverage, she couldn't help but think of the youngest of the princesses. ' But I would even say that she has something more than just alike. The look that she gave him just now was the same that Momo-san gives Naruto whenever they are together.'

The petite girl began to feel a bit guilty. It's not like she was even a tenth of open-minded like the youngest of the princesses, but she slowly understood why the pink-haired girls wanted to help others on their love matters. The doctor was always there for them without asking anything back. Who was she to say anything about the black-haired woman's feelings? She was in the same position as the doctor.

' What can I do to help?' Mikan thought, taking her mouth from the straw before contemplating the shinobi and the gorgeous woman. ' What Momo-san would have done if she was here?'

" But all that teacher's preparations aren't important." The doctor intervened since her friend was sinking her more than helping her out because of her awkward behavior. " Just make sure that you get some free days at work so you can come, Naruto-kun."

" I don't think I should go, Nurse-chan." He weakly laughed while he scratched his whiskers marks.

" Why not? All of the students from your year will go." Tearju asked, confused. " I'm sure that the lady you work with won't have any problem giving you free days."

" It's not about that, Tear-sensei. I don't even go to work that much." The shinobi admitted before sighing. " I just got more classes with Sephie, and I'm kinda busy. It's like I'm stuck, and I'm not getting anything to show that I also compete for the throne."

" You have accomplished plenty of things already, Naruto-kun. It may not seem like it to you, but your name is traveling through space even faster than light." Mikado said. She wouldn't have to call for a translator to get that he was getting paranoid over his deeds.

" They are calling you Earth's King." Tearju explained getting what his worries were. Her friend more or less explained to her what was going on in the whiskered blonde's life and that he would enter such a deadly competition without a second guess stupified her. Not only that, even after meeting with death more than once, he kept going for the sake of the eldest Deviluke princess. ' That is so romantic. I wish someone would do that for me.'

" Why would they say that? I'm not ruling over anybody here." He asked while he massaged the back of his head. " And I don't want to force anybody here to take a knee and bow for me."

" I thought it was true too before I arrived at this planet." Tearju laughed weakly. " But that is what not only the people from other places think but also the royalty."

" That's amazing." Kyoko muttered before turning her head to the former shinobi before jumping on his arms." It means that they accept you as one of their own, Naruto-kun!"

" Thanks a lot, Kyoko-chan." He had to chuckle because of the excited mood of the actress, and it warmed him inside that she was so happy for him, but some things didn't add up. Looking at the one who just arrived from space a week ago, he had to ask what she knew. " But all of that so sudden? I didn't do much to deserve that title."

" You hurt the emperor. Mikado confirmed that when I asked her." Tearju said that alone should be enough to solve all the questions.

" Gid knocked me out when he got serious." He dryly remarked, missing the point. " I don't think I can call it the achievement of my career."

" I think you are too harsh with yourself, Naruto-kun." Kyoko blinked, letting out in the open what everyone thought while separating herself slightly from him but still grabbing his hands. " The emperor acknowledges you, and it wasn't because of pity. Do you know that they used to call him the untouchable? You broke a myth when you managed to hurt him."

" That's right. You may not think so, but it caused an uproar in space. Don't be confused. Gid is far stronger than anyone that you have ever met for now. I wouldn't like to appear to mean, but Zastin doesn't hold a candle to him, nor does Mea-san and the others." Mikado explained more deeply with hopes that he wouldn't overwork himself.

" You heard them. Breathe a little Naruto, or I would have to tell Momo-san that you are overthinking about it. We would have to punish you between all of us." Mikan joked, earning somehow a chuckle.

" I guess you are right." He grinned, patting her head lovingly as the petite girl got divided into get away from his petting to don't look like a kid or thoroughly enjoy it. She chose the latter for once.

' Naruto seems to look at me as a girl, so I guess once in a while, it doesn't hurt.' Mikan sighed with content. ' I had to try it after Mea and Lala kept talking about his head pats. Though I would prefer napping for some minutes with him as Nemesis says.'

But the brown-haired girl's moment was interrupted by some people who approached their table while they grinned, all excited, watching at the former shinobi. Damn, she couldn't have a moment for herself at all, eh?

" I'm sorry, man. But are you Naruto? You know, the superpower guy?" A male in his twenties called for the blonde, getting his attention. " We are fans of yours since day one. Can my friends and I get a picture with you?"

" And one autograph too!" A girl grinned from behind her date. It seemed that they were on a mixer or something of that kind. " You are even cuter than what I saw in the news."

" I didn't look on my best there." He massaged his collar awkwardly before the four guys invaded his space.

" What are you talking about, dude? You were like a hero jumping around with that shurikens and water powers!"

" My little brother is always imitating you! He says that he wants to be like you one day!" A girl said as his eyes widened.

One of them looked at their table a bit far from there and asked the shinobi to go with them to meet their friends. Some stayed behind since they were too shy to come to his table. " Do you mind coming with us for a minute? They didn't want to bother you, but you would do us a huge favor."

" It won't take long, please!" A girl begged with her hands in front of her face.

The shinobi looked unsure, getting a glance from their friends to receive an okay sign from the doctor to ease his mind. " Okay, but only a minute. I have to come back with my friends, alright?"

" Man, I love you already. You are so cool." The man said, passing his arms over the teenage boy's shoulders after he stood up. " So those are our classmates from college. Let me present you to them."

" There he goes." Kyoko smiled as the four women turned around to see the whiskered blonde waving easily at the older guys and girls as they shouted with glee. " That's our hero, right there."

Tearju had to glance at the three women that sat with her, and she had to blink at the loving expressions on their faces, some more than others. She had to admit he was handsome, but it escaped her compression why there were so many girls behind him even though he had a girlfriend. She still remembered how she choked when the youngest princess kissed him while he slept. The teacher would openly say that they looked so precious. She didn't know that Devilukes could be so loving either. But she supposed that rumors were only that.

While the mind of the blonde teacher divagated, there was one that seemed to have a more saddened expression. It's something that kept roaming on her mind for a while, and with their talk of minutes ago, she got confirmation of what she was dreading it would happen.

" So Sephie-sama is giving him classes already, uh?" Mikado whispered, taking her eyes from the shinobi since she acted like the other two teenage girls even though she was much older. " I wonder how long we still have before he goes away."

" What do you mean, Mikado-san?" Kyoko asked the doctor while she saw how the gorgeous woman placed the fork on her mouth. " Does he has to go somewhere?"

The doctor softened her features at the question, shaking her head slightly because of her choice of words. " I was only thinking to myself. It isn't something that I should have said out loud."

" But if it concerns Naruto, we would like to know." Mikan gently pressed. " He doesn't tell us much about the tournament, and we haven't seen any suitors from a while, so we thought that things were calming down."

" And you were right. Nothing major is going on for now." Mikado reassured the two teenagers. Maybe she only was getting paranoid, but the black-haired woman felt the former shinobi's preoccupations. She couldn't help but voice out her thoughts. " It's just that how long do you think he will stay on Earth? Naruto-kun is becoming restless since he feels that he is not doing anything."

" But we already told him that he did wonders already." Kyoko intervened, reminding the doctor. " And if the empress is giving him classes, it's almost like it got done. He is under the wing of the current ruler already."

" Wait for Sephie-sama, did you mean that one? The most beautiful woman in all space?" Tearju asked in disbelief with her mouth hanging open.

" Yes, she is living at Naruto's house with us." Mikan explained to the blonde teacher, who appeared to be petrified. " She arrived here for a couple of months already."

" Then what else does Uzumaki-kun wants?" Teaju laughed weakly. " He is way ahead of anybody else with all of that."

" But he doesn't think of it on that way. If I had to guess, it's because he had to go through higher levels to get some recognition before." Mikado commented while the two teenage girls frowned slightly at that mention, leaving her friend Tear completely clueless. " I don't think it will take much for him to go to space and become more proactive to make a name for himself."

Kyoko's eyes glanced to the table, seeing that possibility come true. Not because the shinobi loved fighting per se, but he didn't get destined to be so reclusive. He could change the lives of millions. " That would mean that we wouldn't see him again."

" I don't think that will ever happen. Naruto-kun loves his family and friends too much for him to only move on without a second thought." Mikado made clear, watching the idol play with the borders of her lemonade cup.

" But it would mean that we won't see him as much as now." Mikan glanced at her, who gave her a sad smile in return.

" I fear so." The black-haired girl admitted. She had to shake her head to ease the mood. " But nothing is set in stone. These are all my opinions and nothing else. I'm sorry for ruining the fun."

" It's not your fault, Mikado-san. I can see it happening." Kyoko whispering before letting out a chuckle. " We are too naive. Of course that it would happen sooner or later. Some planets could use his help because of various situations. He will run in a flash to there to give a hand if he only knew."

Mikan gripped the end of her shirt slightly. The possibility that he would go away to keep advancing in the competition was more than real. ' I wouldn't be able to enjoy staying every day with him and the thousands of things I am getting to do with Naruto. I love our lives as they are now.'

" I think you should ease your minds." Tearju spoke, giving them a piece of advice. " It's only one of the thousands of possibilities that could happen. If you go over it too much, you will lose sight of the present and waste it away. Enjoy what you have with him now, and then whatever comes, you can sort it out later."

There were some seconds of silence before the actress sighed in defeat, not seeing any other option. " You are right. It's the best we can do. It's not like we can chain up Naruto-kun to keep him here."

" We can always do that in the worst of the cases. Though we would lose way too much money feeding our hero ramen non stop to keep him happy so that he wouldn't escape." Mikado joked, earning a giggle from the black-haired teenager.

" I don't think there is enough ramen in the world for that." Kyoko agreed to brighten the mood.

" Why do I feel you guys are making fun of me?" The shinobi asked sweetly, gaining their attention. He just got back from that table filled with college students, and strangely, he could feel his eyebrows twitching with annoyance.

" That it's just your imagination, Naruto-kun." Kyoko smiled with amusement that he would get that. " We were only talking about how many stomachs you have to fill all that ramen you love."

" I knew that you guys were saying something." The shinobi was about to poke her forehead with his finger before the blonde woman invaded his space in an instant while practically glowing.

" Do you have more stomachs than usual for an earthling, and how many exactly?" Tearju asked at mere centimeters of his face, forcing him to walk backward. " But more importantly, I wanted to ask you this but are you an earthling? Or a mix like the daughters of the emperor?"

" I'm a full earthling! Just a bit different, but that's about it!" He rapidly answered, not giving her the complete information before her last question reached his ears. " And wait, what do you mean about the mix? Aren't Lala and the rest Devilukeans?"

" No, well, not exactly." His homeroom teacher shook her head. She loved talking about those matters. It was the reason why she specialized in that field. " They are half. Gid-sama is from planet Deviluke, but Sephie-sama is from another race."

" I didn't know that." The shinobi said while scratching the back of his head. " But it's not like it's that important either."

" It isn't per se. Though Lala-sama and the twins didn't get the strength of their father." Tearju explained with glee that she could get to speak about what she worked. " From what we know, only the oldest of their daughters it's the one with more similar capabilities like their father. We only don't know till which extent."

" I have never seen Lala fight, so I don't think she cares much about that." He pointed out, taking a glance at her gleaming eyes, unable to contain his chuckle. " You love what you do, neh, Tear-sensei?"

" You have no idea, Naruto-kun." Mikado answered on behalf of her friend. " There aren't enough notebooks to keep track of the chances she wasted away with the boys because of that when we were younger."

" Mikado! Why do you always like to throw that into my face?" Tearju whined, feeling arrows stab on her back.

" I do that? I never noticed." The doctor giggled with the idol, enjoying how her friend looked defeated.

" I know that I should tone it down when there is anything related to biology, but I just have so much fun." The blonde woman comically cried.

" Then you only have to keep doing what you love." The shinobi opined as she stopped crying for a second but still with comical tears on the corner of her eyes. " I think that you look the best when you are in front of the class while writing on the board."

The blonde woman felt like blushing, focusing her gaze on the ground like a little girl, not expecting that comment. She had to compose herself. He was a student, and that's all. " But I saw how you were sleeping in my class! You barely pay any attention!"

" Mmm, yeah, I can't deny that." He laughed awkwardly, getting caught as he scratched his whiskers marks. Then gazing up, he shrugged his shoulders. " I have to say that all those stuff doesn't call my attention, but it's only my opinion. Why should you care what I think or any other person does? The you who is so passionate about that is the one who looks the best."

Her efforts to appear mature disappeared quickly with his smooth words. She tried so hard so that she wouldn't show how she blushed, but it was to no avail. ' W-What is he saying? Is this what Mikado meant that he said stuff out of the blue that would make you bewildered?'

" You did say that." Kyoko smiled lovingly, watching his caring nature to everyone and everything around him. ' It's like he cannot switch it off at all.'

She wouldn't lie and say that he didn't utterly love the grin that he gave her as the shinobi remembered that he did say something similar to the idol, but mostly she wanted to give a hand to the blonde woman who seemed to be so shy. She understood her. If you didn't get used to his words could give you a series of heart attacks. Heck, even she still has some trouble. She wouldn't admit that she was the same.

" What can I say. I stand with what I believe. Hopefully, I am not too repetitive." Ashura's reincarnation joked, massaging the back of his head.

" I don't think there is anybody who can complain about you, Naruto-kun." The idol said, taking another bite of her cake. Tearju was right with her advice. If it was inevitable, it was better to enjoy it to the fullest then.

" You just think too good about me." He waved dismissively before taking a glance at his red homeroom teacher. He could see that it was his fault. Damn, him and his worlds. " Sorry about that, Tear-sensei. I only wanted to say you were awesome. I didn't mean to make you flustered."

" W-Who is blushing? Because I'm not!" The teacher exclaimed, giving her student her back so that she could hide with her hands on her face to check that inevitably the heat raised on her cheeks. " I-I am an adult woman! I can't be moved that easily by a teenager's praise!"

" O-Okay, I get it. I saw wrong then." The shinobi complied, not wanting to cause another scene. Usually, that is what his life was becoming.

" And don't agree with me like I'm a child either! I-I'm your teacher, ah!" When the blonde woman turned around to point one finger at him, her foot gave under because of her heel, thankfully without giving hurting her ankle but yes failing forward.

As the shinobi went to grab hold of her, the woman's body seemed to avoid him bizarrely. But she did grab hold of his pants while she kept falling, putting it down and making land on his ass with her face on his crotch. If it were only that, he would say it wouldn't be much, but one hand went inside his boxers from the lower part touching his private zone while the other pulled his underwear down, barely covering his genitals.

There was some silence as the idol had never seen something like this while she watched with her eyes white and her mouth hanging open. The youngest of Yuuki's siblings weakly laughed since she could already say that the teacher was the same as his brother. Mikado could only place her hand on her forehead.

" I would say that your luck gets even stronger when you like someone, Tear." The doctor sighed, knowing that it would be worse with the shinobi if her friend liked him. It wouldn't be the strangest of things.

" How is this anything like luck?" The shinobi snapped at the black-haired woman earning some giggles, even though that wasn't what he hoped she would do.

" I-I'm so sorry, Uzumaki-kun! I'm a bit clumsy, but I didn't mean for this to happen, I swear!" The teacher stuttered uncontrollably, taking her hand out of his boxer and trying to stand up. It got worse since her watch got stuck on the fabric of his underwear.

" Don't pull!" The Jinchūriki begged in a cry as he took hold of that black piece of fabric for dear life. His ass was already out, and it didn't matter much to him, but he didn't want to show everything at the whole cafe, who was watching them.

" Why this always happens to me?" Tearju comically cried while she tried to take her clock from her wrist, only to fall forward and place her enormous breasts on his face.

" What are you-mphf!" The whiskered blonde talked but got quickly silenced as his face got in the middle of her chest.

" P-Please don't talk! I'm sensitive!" The teacher with glasses bit her lip, feeling his breath on her cleavage's skin.

' What is that supposed to mean?' The shinobi mentally shouted, doing his best to don't breathe her scent. ' I can't move at all since her watch it's still hanging on my underwear, and Tear-sensei stop pulling!'

" Can someone help us? Mikado!" The woman in an awkward position begged at her friend, who began giggling once she saw how the vein on the shinobi's forehead was throbbing as he did his best to glare at the doctor but failing miserably.

" Are you sure you want me to get in the middle? You look like two lovers having fun." The doctor shook her head in amusement before standing from the table to grab her friend's wrist. " Here you go. Free as birds."

" T-Thank you, Nurse-chan. You saved us." The shinobi took a deep breath, looking away at the sweet expression of the doctor's woman.

" You are adorable, Naruto-kun." Mikado couldn't help but praise while he put his boxers in place properly. " I don't think there is another man who wouldn't cry because the fun got cut so fast."

" I don't think we have the same idea of fun. Everyone is looking at us." He commented, now putting his pants back on.

" I can never express how ashamed I am of myself!" The teacher that groped him cried, placing her head on the floor to bow as far as she could. " I don't know what is wrong with me!"

Scratching the back of his head while he saw how his teacher implored for forgiveness, he felt a bit guilty since he could have handled it better and not make her feel like that. " There is no need for any of this, Tear-sensei. It just happened, and Nurse-chan already kinda explained to me that you are like a friend of mine."

" Yeah, my brother is just like you. We are mostly used to it, so more or less we know what to expect." Mikan confirmed, doing her best to hide her sweatdrop as the woman looked at her. ' I can't tell her that basically everyone considers him a pervert.'

" If it makes you feel better, I would say that I should thank you." The shinobi said, earning a confused look from the blonde woman from such a reaction. " I was about to punch Rito's teeth out long ago, but now I know that it wasn't his fault. You guys only got it rough."

As the woman began cutely tearing up, Kyoko had to ask if something bothered her. " Are you okay?"

" Thank you very much, Uzumaki-kun! You are such a nice boy!" Tearju launched herself into his arms, catching him off guard. " Nobody understood me at all till now! I will make sure you learn a lot from my classes! If you ever need some supplementary lessons, just tell me!"

' That sounds more like a punishment.' He thought. It would take him hundreds of years before he would even consider doing that. As the woman trembled on him with relief, he shook his head before patting her back. " Yoshi, yoshi. It's alright. I'm only glad that you didn't get hurt."

One thing got clear in the mind of the Jinchūriki. Naruto would have to take seriously his promise to help her out in school because any of his classmates would happily do their worst if they got to be in the same situation as him.

Meanwhile, the brown-haired girl kept watching how her crush laughed happily once the teacher separated himself from him while pushing her glasses up to clear her tears away.

' Naruto is the most lovable person I have ever met. I still don't get how he makes friends with everyone so fast.' Mikan thought, placing her head on her hand before a slight frown appeared on her beautiful face. ' So all these moments are counted, uh?'

She had to do something. Not because she wanted to chain her crush upon Earth. That not only would be impossible, but she would never be able to bring herself to ask him for that. She admired and loved with every bone of her body how selfless and caring he was.

' How can I ask him to forget about protecting others? It would go against his nature.' Mikan sighed before playing with her cake. ' I only want what Momo-san has with him.'


It has passed a bit of time since the two adult women waved goodbye to the three teenagers in the cafe after the hour break finished. It was a pity, but the work at the end prolonged longer than the idol and the shinobi expected, so the doctor decided to leave the two of them at peace to keep modeling. Of course, not before she made sure that she would get the magazine issue before anyone else.

So after they returned home, the two teachers decided to try for the eleventh time the new clothes they bought to make sure that they were good enough for them.

The black-haired doctor walked around her room, where they decided to try them, with only purple sexy lingerie, which showed her hourglass figure. The straps along her legs would have been a subject of drooling of any person with eyes. Meanwhile, the blonde woman walked with only two pieces of underwear of light blue and white color. Some people would doubt if it was her proper size, thanks to how little it covered her intimates parts.

As the woman with glasses checked her dress over her body in front of her mirror, she couldn't help but smile for the right option. She didn't even need to try the one in her hands. " I love this one. It was a bit expensive, but you were right. I don't mind paying a little bit more for things like this."

" I told you that you didn't need to think so much about it. If you like it, then get it. It doesn't hurt to go crazy a bit, and it's not like you will get obsessed with shopping." Mikado said, putting on a tight black skirt while she sat on her bed. When she stood up and turned around to check herself, she tilted her head. " What do you think? Is it too much to go to school?"

" I would say so." Tearju weakly laughed while her friend passed a hand on her butt feeling the leathered fabric. " It's a bit too tight. I don't know how I can't see your underwear while you wear it."

" Then I can use it for every occasion." Mikado smiled, partly ignoring her opinion before taking it off and putting it on the bed before grabbing another piece of clothing. " I never was as shy as you."

" You can say that. I could never talk with boys as easy as you did." The teacher admitted, taking a white sweater and putting it over her head, with only some panties. " I think this one is too much."

" What are you talking about, Tear? It shows how big your chest is, and it covers everything! It's perfect for you." She laughed, sneaking behind her friend and grabbing hold of her breasts as she cupped it with her hands.

" S-Stop it, Mikado!" Tearju moaned as she leaned forward, her friend obviating her words. " Y-You already know that I can't take it!"

" I'm only massaging them over your shirt." Mikado chuckled while her friend placed a hand on the mirror to get more steady. " I still don't know how you can be so sensitive. But I have to say that I'm a bit jealous. You will have way more fun than anybody else once you find yourself a man to be intimate with."

" I-I wouldn't know that!" Tearju said, trying to take her friend's hands but failing miserably. " And you know that I'm waiting for the one! I don't want to go around playing!"

" That's true. You were always like that." Mikado said while shaking her head, letting her friend go before it would get too intense. Tearju had to breathe with relief. " But it won't change anything if you don't lose some of your shyness. I understand that you want to get asked out, but nowadays, you can be the one offering a date if you like someone."

" I would do that If I had the courage." Tearju sighed, sitting on the floor getting some space as her friend went to check onto some underwear she bought. " I did try on the past before I began working, but I failed, and I looked like a clown."

" Because you overthink it. It's no different than asking a friend to meet for a coffee." Mikado said, repeating to her friend the same advice that she told her while they studied together.

" You always had it easy. It's like you had magic helping you out with that kind of stuff. You talked with every boy as if they were your childhood friend." Tearju reminded her, taking her white sweater off, before grabbing some heels.

" You make it sound like I dated everyone on the campus." The doctor sweatdropped, taking the plastic bag to see two whites pieces of clothing. " I was more confident, but it's not like I liked anybody there. We only talked."

" It was way better than me. I scared all of the boys off when they asked me about my specialization. I got so excited that I didn't stop talking, and they ran off, even that one who shared my field of expertise." Tearju said, closing the straps on her feet. Raising her head, she was left speechless at what her friend held. " When did you buy those panties? They are crotchless, and that bra only holds your breasts but doesn't cover your nipples."

" Mmmm? I know. That is why I bought them." Mikado said, not turning back to see the look on her friend's face. " I saw them, and I realized that I don't have any like this. I could get more later."

The blonde woman eyed her friend while the doctor hummed in content while she had it high before putting it back on the bag. " Do you maybe have a boyfriend?"

" No, no, I don't have that luck. I'm like you on this period. I haven't found the one either." Mikado giggled, waving her hand dismissively. " Why do you ask?"

" Well, those clothes are even more sexy than usual, and that kind of panties you could only use for one thing." Tearju said while turning around to hide her blush, but the doctor could see her thanks to the mirror. " You know, after finding a man and stuff."

" I get what you mean, Tear. But there is no need to beat around the bushes. You can say sex." The black-haired woman laughed while her friend became somehow redder.

" W-Well, you said it for both of us, so I don't need to repeat it." Tearju tried to huff, but her stutter made her fail on her attempt.

The doctor smiled with amusement before walking to the table beside her bed. She placed her rear there to lean on it. " But no, I don't have anybody. I bought the clothes because I found them cute and I got the underwear on a whim. There is nothing else behind it."

" Are you sure? I mean, you were always a happy and friendly person, but even when you are alone, I find you humming songs and smiling from time to time." Tearju said, pressing slightly. She couldn't for the heck out of it forget how the doctor lovingly gazed at their student. She knew her for years, and she never saw that expression on the nurse.

" Doesn't that mean just that everything is going well?" Mikado laughed, shaking her head. " I'm in a better mood than usual, but that only means that I'm happy with where I am."

' Should I be more direct? I don't want to put her on a corner, but I can't help to worry for her.' Tearju thought, deciding to go for it gently. " If you say so. It must have been because of how much fun we had today when we meet Uzumaki-kun and the other two girls."

" Yes, they are precious. Those three are making us so proud." Mikado nodded, crossing her arms over her chest. " Kyoko-san is so sweet. She doesn't let her fame go to her head, and she keeps being the same adorable girl as she was when she arrived on Earth. Mikan-san is the same. She is so caring and mature that she could fool anybody to make them think she is much older. It's usually her and Momo-sama who keep an eye on everyone."

" I noticed that when we were eating. It's no wonder that Yuuki-san can work as a manager that well like Kirisaki-san said." Tearju commented on an afterthought agreeing with her friend. Well, she had to go for it. " And Uzumaki-kun is completely different from what I heard about him from the students or the rumors in space."

" Yes, he is. There is no doubt about that." Mikado softened her expression at the mention of the earthling suitor. Inevitably, her head turned around to watch at the picture that she had with everyone on the beach. She had to put it on the frame. " It's like he came out from a legend. We are so lucky to have met him."

" What do you mean?" Tearju asked, feigning some ignorance so that she would keep talking. ' Maybe she would say it on her own.'

" You may think I'm crazy, but I never think somebody like him would exist." She began talking as she gazed to the floor while the teacher made sure to don't miss any of her friend's expressions. " Naruto-kun is the definition of a hero. He is so loving that he only cares about others, and that gives us the work to keep looking after him so that he won't overwork himself, but when you are near him, there is something more. I still don't know what it is. Not even Momo-sama does. But you are pulled around his orbit, and you can't help it."

" He does seem more mature than others for his age." Tearju agreed. She could practically feel the warmth over the doctor's warmth even at that distance. " Even more than most older men."

" But that doesn't mean he isn't childish when he wants to be." Mikado giggled into her hand. " He loves to prank people from time to time. But that makes him even more adorable. You wouldn't believe how cute he looks when he gives you a foxy grin."

" It looks like you know him better than any other of your students." The blonde woman hinted, but the doctor missed it as she nodded. She almost looked proud.

" For sure. At first, I didn't pay Naruto-kun much mind. He was only a student who transferred some months after the school year began. Everybody talked about him since he stood up with his whiskers marks, height, and everything else. He doesn't look Japanese at all." The doctor said, losing herself in her explanation. It's like something was pulling her words out of her mouth. " But it's what he has inside that makes you want to support him."

" Only support?" Tearju asked, unable to contain herself anymore while her friend raised her sight from the sight towards her once she saw the black-haired woman focused on the whiskered blonde in the picture. " You said that we are lucky. I'm not saying that we aren't but didn't you mean that you are lucky to have met him?"

Her eyes widened for a second, something that didn't get miss by the teacher, as she finally realized how affectionally she was talking about the former shinobi. " Isn't that the same thing? We all are, and that is the bottom of what I was talking about just now."

But her friend's casual laughter as she tried to cover herself for the second time wouldn't distract Tearju. " Mikado, do you feel something stronger for Uzumaki-kun than just friendship?"

The teacher's words resonated through her mind. It's not like the nurse didn't admit to herself a while ago that she liked the shinobi. She knew that it wasn't as a friend or as her student but as a man. She wasn't stupid enough to say to herself otherwise. She knew that when she hummed songs, it was because the nurse was thinking about him and that if she woke up on a school day with more energy than ever, it was because of his short visits to the nursery when he checked on her. What she didn't want to do was admit it to the rest.

But it seemed like it was useless to hide it. Not only Tearju or the youngest Deviluke caught on but with that scene while they ate cake, it was clear that even the shinobi must have felt something, no matter how dense he was. His blush said it all.

" I know what you are going to tell me. You will say that Naruto-kun is my student or that I'm ten years older than him." Mikado sighed, confirming the blonde's suspicion as she widened her eyes. The doctor placed her hair behind her ear in exasperation. " There is no need for any of that. I'm already trying to put my feelings under control, but I'm behaving worse than a teenager. I should be able to ignore it."

" I only worry about you. I didn't want to make you feel bad or say of that stuff. I'm not judging you, Mikado. I only want to know what is going on with you." Tearju softly said, doing her best so that she wouldn't feel bad.

" I know, I know. You are only looking out for me like we did in college." Mikado gave her an easy-going smile to reassure the blonde. " I just don't know what to do. Teasing Naruto-kun was so fun, but it was just that, a game. But now, my heart skips beats whenever I talk with him. I don't think I felt like this before."

' I would have never dreamed of seeing Mikado like this. Whenever I talked about her about true love, she gently laughed at the idea.' The blonde and green-eyed woman softened her expression, watching her friend becoming so conflicted about her feelings. She dared to adventure on a guess. " Maybe you have a crush because of admiration? Even though he is young, he is more than capable of becoming the emperor from what you told me."

" Do I look like a teenage fangirl?" Mikado deadpanned at the teacher.

" No! Of course, not!" Tearju quickly apologized, waving her hands in front of her face. " I thought that it could be an explanation!"

" I was only pulling your leg, Tear." The doctor chuckled at her nervousness. Sighing softly, watching the photo near her for a while, she closed her eyes on thought. " I wish I could forget about all of this. It will only bring more problems in the end."

" But you do like Uzumaki-kun." Tearju stated, making her friend blink. " I have never seen you so genuinely happy like when you are with him."

" I thought that you would jump while yelling stuff like it was outrageous to acknowledge my feelings and that I should focus on something else." Mikado tilted her head, contemplating how the blonde woman played with her thumbs.

" Yeah, I'm surprised about how I'm reacting too." The teacher admitted before raising her head to look at her friend. " But I hate seeing you down. We will come up with a way to solve all this. We always did."

The black-haired doctor smiled in appreciation as she looked at how her friend walked to her. The blonde woman never stopped having her back. " Thank you, Tear."

" It's the least I can do. It's the first time that you seem like you need help, so let me be the one for once to give you a hand." Tearju said before hugging the doctor.

Enjoying the hug for a bit while the blonde woman had her arms around Mikado's neck, the nurse couldn't help but voice out of her thoughts to tease her a little. " What if I begin thinking of aiming for his heart?"

" But isn't Uzumaki-kun in a relationship with Momo-sama?" Tearju innocently asked, completely missing her friend's intentions. But as she separated slightly from the doctor, never breaking the hug, she knew that her friend was about to say something insane by the grin on her face.

" I would never dare to break them off. Those two are the cutest couple I have ever seen." Mikado said before raising a finger high in explanation. " I meant that I could be in a relationship with Naruto-kun while he is with Momo-sama."

" L-Like a mistress?" Tearju asked, reddening by her friend's suggestion.

" Well, I wouldn't mind, but I was thinking more like part of his harem." She sweetly smiled as her friend broke apart.

" S-Stop joking around, Mikado! We have to think of something realistic!" The blonde exclaimed, glancing away at her friend's words.

" Why would I do that? It's a reasonable option for everyone." The nurse pointed out. Before her friend could say anything back, Mikado leaned forward at mere centimeters of the teacher's face. " If you want, you can join, Tear. I did notice how you blushed when he complimented you."

" H-How can you even say that?" Tearju asked in exclamation while her friend broke in laughter. " Neh, Mikado, are you making fun of me, or are you serious?"

While the doctor placed a hand over her toned stomach, loving how flustered her friend was, she kept hearing her friends asking for clarification. As she cleaned up the tears from laughter that appeared on the corner of her eyes, Mikado couldn't help but think. ' I'm still not sure what is the best way to approach my feelings. What I know is that I have a friend now who will listen to me.'


Some hours passed already since the three teenagers returned to work. It was almost a full of day, something that they didn't expect, but the perks were way higher than modeling for two hours. They could begin with the higher payments and end with the gifts they received, though the teenagers would have to admit that it wasn't as tiring as they thought it would be.

The gifts were sealed in a scroll together with the cakes he got from the coffee shop so that it wouldn't bother them too much. Sincerely, the whiskered blonde couldn't think of any use for them, or at least that was the shinobi's opinion till an idea appeared. He could use them for all the dates he would go with the youngest Deviluke.

After the former shinobi and the petite girl waited for the idol to go in her manager's car appeared to bring her home, Naruto and Mikan were about to come out of the restaurant where they had dinner since it was too late to arrive for dinner. They called home earlier to alert them that they wouldn't make it, but more than that, Ashura's reincarnation wanted to thank the brown-haired girl for the impeccable job she did today.

" So what do you say? Wanna head back?" The shinobi asked, giving a wide grin to the petite girl in front of him as they sat at the table.

" It's getting pretty late, and tomorrow we have classes." Mikan sighed in defeat. The day was perfect, but they already finished eating more than twenty minutes ago. " Maybe we can stay five more minutes?"

" Well, I already paid the check. Some people are waiting too." The shinobi said, watching at the door. " Don't you prefer to have a long walk? We don't have to go directly home."

" Yep, that would be better." Mikan smiled with content to have some more time with him before she blinked. " Wait, when did you pay?"

" When I went to the bathroom." He awkwardly laughed at her accusatory glance. " But don't get mad, Mikan-chan. You didn't want to get paid today, so this is the least that I can do."

" Because you already do too much for us, Naruto! There was no need!" Mikan exclaimed, raising her voice but not too much to bother the other customers who were eating. " You can't go around paying all the bills!"

" There is no need to worry about that." The shinobi placed his hands in front of himself defensively. It's not like he could ignore her help today without giving her anything back. ' And it's not like I can listen to what Nemesis said.'

Earlier in the day, the dark-skinned assassin shrugged her shoulders, listening to Mikan and Naruto debate about the payment for her managing. He wanted to give her a percentage, but the petite girl refused since Momo didn't receive anything. She didn't want to take advantage of him.

" Why don't you pay Mikan with your body?" Nemesis said from the sofa as she kept eating popcorn while watching the tv. " That would be the best deal for both of you."

" Shut up! We are sorting it out!" The whiskered blonde and the brown-haired girl snapped at her idea, both of them burning red.

" As you prefer, it was just an idea." Nemesis said after sipping some cola from the straw. " But just in case, remember that if sometime you need to pay me back, I only accept sexual favors, Naruto."

" Stop talking about sex all the time!" Nana roared, flustered at her statement, while Mea giggled into her hand.

" Then me too, Senpai! I have to cash some of them too." The red-haired girl said, raising her hand high. " I will wait till you come back home!"

" Why don't we take the longest walk back home, Mikan-chan?" The shinobi sweatdropped, dreading what would happen when they would arrive.

" Somehow, I feel like you have another reason behind." Mikan deadpanned at his proposal before an amused smile appeared on her face. " Do you fear what Mea-san would ask you when we get home?"

" No, no, why I would do that?" The shinobi waved a hand in front of his face, but it was clear she hit the target. Standing up after her, they began to walk towards the door. " Anyway, did you like the food?"

" It was delicious! I never ate in a place like this before." Mikan grinned, walking by his side, earning a chuckle from her crush, seeing her all that excited. They grabbed their coats from the hanger at the entrance, thanking the woman for her job on custody it.

" I'm glad that you liked it so much." Naruto said, placing his hands behind his head. " I wanted to bring Momo here on our first date, but we couldn't make it."

The youngest Yuuki nodded in approval of what it was his choice. " It's a pity then. Momo-san would have loved it."

" Yeah, never wear heels to a date, Mikan-chan. It's better to bring some sneakers or anything like that." He pointed out, remembering when the two of them went to the amusement park. " You also had some trouble with those shoes when we went to our date."

At those words, silence formed as the teenage boy petrified on the spot as if he just heard himself saying that stuff for the first time. The brown-haired girl turned around with her eyes widened as much as the shinobi who gazed at the floor. She could feel her heartbeat increasing the pace already with hope.

" Are you doing it on purpose?" The Tailed Beast couldn't help but ask. He was behaving even more idiotically than usual. " Sometimes I wonder if you got any brain at all."

The whiskered blonde would have snapped at the fox in any other situation, but now he had other things to sort it out, one in particular. How could he be so stupid? And where it that even come from now? He couldn't keep it natural with her at all today.

" W-What do you mean by that, Naruto?" She gently asked, not wanting to press too much into it. Nonetheless, she died to know if all those glances she got from him, as the youngest Deviluke said, meant something more. She didn't want to get her hopes up too much.

" Well, we got out, and we had so much fun, like when two people meet. The usual, you know?" The shinobi awkwardly laughed, trying to look like he didn't give it too much importance.

" Like when friends hang out?" The petite girl said, and with that, something struck inside the whiskered blonde.

' Why didn't I think of that?' The shinobi grabbed his head for a second, shutting his eyelids close. Somehow that definition was the farthest thing on his mind. ' When did I stop thinking about Mikan-chan like that? It wasn't supposed to go like this. I'm fucking everything up.'

Seeing her crush messing his hair with a hand, she decided to give him a break. Of course, there wouldn't be any progress at all. She kept telling herself that the kiss they shared meant something but the truth is that there wasn't anything she could hang on to. He said so that his body fell on him. She couldn't lie to herself.

There was no way that he would have kissed her on his own. He was madly in love with the pink-haired princess, and she was only a little girl who hanged on an older boy.

" Oh, by the way, have you reconsidered going on your school trip?" The petite girl acted cheerfully with a smile as she began to walk. " I think you should. You would miss way too much stuff, and it's only some days. It couldn't hurt you."

But he couldn't get fooled that easily by her joy that woked as a mask. He was an expert on that stuff, after all. The shinobi called her from afar while he formed a fist with his hand. " I'm sorry, Mikan-chan, about all of this. I just wished to know what to do. The last thing I want to do is hurt you."

What is there to say? Was it better if she ignored the mix of distress and excitement inside her? If she was sincere, it has been way too long since she wanted to say something. In the beginning, it may have been a childish crush, but right now, it was completely different.

The youngest Deviluke princess heard her and advice her in a completely different way than Ayuki and Mako. Half-assed strategies would get her nowhere with the former shinobi. It would only drag this on forever. It's not like she hated it since she had to admit that his blushing was the cutest thing she had ever seen.

" I wonder how long we still have before he goes away."

The wonders of the school's nurse resonated in her mind. She didn't want to lose her chances. Right now, it was a golden opportunity. Thinking about Momo's declaration, the petite girl breathed in before letting it all out.

" I like you, Naruto." Mikan said, turning around to face him. She did her best to hide it, but her heart was almost coming out of her chest. His widened eyes left her lost. Nonetheless, it was too early to back down." I know for a fact that my friends told you when we swapped bodies."

" Y-Yeah, sorry about that. I didn't want to poke my nose into your business, but it came out like that." The Jinchūriki glanced away, massaging the back of his head.

" It's pretty much all that Ayuki and Mako talk about since they found out about it." The petite girl sweatdropped before shaking her head. Then she tried to take a step forward, but it seemed like her legs refused to listen to her. It made sense. In a few seconds, she would get crushed or the happiest girl alive. Ignoring that uncertainty, she walked forward as the face of the shinobi burned red, mirroring her state. " I have liked you since months ago. I'm not a kid, Naruto. I get so happy when I'm with you, and you are everything on my mind when I'm not. Tell me, this blush that you have right now. It's because you like me too?"

As he covered his mouth on instinct, doing his best to hide his flustered state, the whiskered blonde could feel his ears burning up. Though if he didn't care about her that way when he wouldn't be smiling like a dumbass with her words, part of the reason why he would hide it. Meanwhile, the Nine-Tailed fox was smirking, amused by the situation. The girl had more guts than him.

" I-I can't answer that, Mikan-chan." He said, cursing his stuttering. " I can't lie to you, but I can say anything else either."

The petite girl felt her breath stop for a second. What he just said was all she needed to hear. Taking the arm that got held high from her crush, she did see the idiotic smile on his face. She never desired a kiss from him more than at this moment.

" You didn't deny it." She smiled widely, burning red but more at peace than ever. That he looked more nervous than she helped too. " I understand how in love you are with Momo-san. And that I'm asking you something crazy, but I like you a lot, Naruto. I will love it if you become my boyfriend."

" Isn't the guy the one who usually asks for that? Wait, scratch that! It isn't important right now!" The teenage boy exclaimed, mentally punching himself while the girl giggled with ease at his antics.

" Neh, even though you already rejected Momo-san's offer, and all. Can you reconsider the possibility of having a harem?" She asked, looking at his eyes which widened in disbelief. She wasn't asking for him to leave the princess but something even more bizarre.

" Did you just really ask me that, Mikan-chan?" The whiskered blonde didn't think he could be this confused. The chances that he misunderstood her vanished when she happily nodded. " Why would you want that and share me? It's not like I'm a treat. I always make mistakes, ruining-"

" Because you are the one that I'm falling for, and it's driving me so deep that just the chance to be with you would make me the happiest." She said, cutting her crush on his speech. Her loving face changed for a moment when she chuckled. "As Lala-san said, I prefer to share you than having no Naruto at all."

The boy was left speechless. Now it wasn't only something that came up as an offer from his girlfriend or the childish eldest princess. That was world-breaking already, but that the mature Mikan would ask him for that was a thing that he would have never considered possible.

" Am I the one who is crazy?" Naruto asked. " It's like I'm the only one who sees how wrong it all can go."

" I get what you are saying, and I have no idea what will happen." Mikan admitted since she was on the same page as him. There was only one difference. She couldn't just stand and watch him from afar. " That doesn't mean we can't work it out with the help of everyone."

He knew that all the cogs on his brain were functioning at full potency, but strangely nothing came out of it. It was all blank. And what was even more surprising it's that rejection of that plan wasn't coming on his head. A question escaped from him after gulping. " Do you like me that much?"

" I-I already said that I did!" The petite girl exclaimed, her pink hue burning red like fire once again. No, it wasn't the moment to get like this. After her eyes gazed in all directions, she raised her head. " But yes, I do. And I'm sure that this is nothing compared with what I feel tomorrow or the day after that!"

" Wait! I didn't mean it like that!" It was his turn to raise his voice, feeling stupid before he messed his hair with both his hands. " Ah, I can't think at all!"

She would have to admit that even though it didn't happen like in her dreams, she was exhilarated with how it was going. Naruto felt something for her. It was strong enough to make him act like that and lose control as he did with his girlfriend.

Though if she was sincere, she could feel the nervousness increasing after watching him act like that. It was almost a confirmation or a bomb of hope in her life. Nonetheless, after all, she was feeling her body kept moving on her own. At first, it didn't want to listen to her when she wanted to approach him, but now she found herself interlacing her fingers with his.

" You will get there. Let's enjoy the walk home for now." Mikan talked before he could exclaim with surprise, forcing herself to avoid the stutter as her eyes swirled comically. " Rito and the others are waiting for us."

" Y-Yeah, you are right." He said while glancing away. Dammit! Why was he freaking out so much? As he began walking, he noticed that the brown-haired girl never let his hand go. " M-Mikan-chan?"

" You looked down on yourself when you said you weren't a treat." She immediately answered while standing her ground. There was no way that she will chicken out now.

" Eh?" The shinobi managed to said.

" I told you I wouldn't let anyone do that. Not even if that was you." Mikan said as his eyes widened from her words. Her following sentences began strong, but with ease, it showed her caring and shy nature. " And I meant it. So this is your punishment. We will hold hands till we get home. O-Of course, if that's alright with you."

' Aaah! I can't stop feeling like this! Since when did I begin getting so lucky?' The shinobi had to ask himself before calming down. Then he mumbled something, gaining her attention before he repeated it. " S-Something like that could never be a punishment, Mikan-chan."

He couldn't bring himself to finish what he wanted to say, but she didn't need to hear it. With her, he couldn't consider it as a discipline.

" I-I see." Mikan said, watching forward to try to keep a strong facade before she felt the back of her palm getting caressed gently with his thumb. She was melting with only that. ' Please, just for once. If this is a dream, let me stay here for a while.'

As the two teenagers headed home, they unconsciously made sure to take their time. They enjoyed each other company in silence for a while as the petite girl made sure to memorize this moment forever. But now she knew that there was no rush.

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