The sun has already disappeared on the horizon, and Planet Memorze had never had such exuberant times before. The joy was ever-present, and it could get seen by the mood of the population and how they acted with each other. It was a nice change of pace, and they could only hope that it lasted forever.

That cheerful attitude happened after the news traveled on the entire planet of what occurred with the meteorite. Not only that, but it was reaching every corner of space. The fame of the Jinchūriki burned brighter than ever after that.

He didn't realize that or the rest that was going on since he fell asleep for three whole days to regain the energy he lost. His friends and girlfriend rushed to his side once they came to know that he fell unconscious. Naturally, he informed them about the whole deal of falling from thousands of meters from the sky after the doctors told them he was okay and only needed to regain strength.

Naruto stayed in the palace as the rulers were more than happy to offer one of their rooms for him to regain energy and for as long as he needed. After a day, most of them had to return to their studies and jobs, but the three assassins and the princesses stayed on Memorze with him.

Once he woke up, he was hugged for dear life and kissed in the same way before Naruto could wonder where he even was. Well, that almost made him fall unconscious, having Mea, Momo, and Lala kissing him with passion while noticing seconds later that he had a naked Nemesis by his side since she decided to sleep with him. Yami and Nana burned bright red at sight.

It wasn't even a day that passed after he woke up, and there were already preparatives in the salon of visits to hold the biggest party that planet had ever seen. It was needless to say that Memorze jumped with ecstasy that their savior had woken up, and it was needed to celebrate.

" They pulled all of this off in a day?" Mikan asked with bewilderment as she walked with her yellow dress accompanied by the others. It reached above her ankles while showing her red heels while yellow jewelry adorned her hair as she walked with grace, accompanied by the others.

" Sephie-san told us that they wouldn't accept no for an answer and that they were are planing it for when Uzumaki-san would wake up." Rito told her sister while wearing a blue suit, feeling strange in such expensive clothes. The empress was the one to provide the clothing for the ones living in the Uzumaki household and Naruto's friends.

" But still, to do all this preparation in just some hours, it should be impossible." Mikan weakly laughed at the scene that seemed to come up of a Venetian royalty movie. Turning her head around, she couldn't help but smile at her friend. " By the way, you look gorgeous tonight, Yami-chan."

" It's only the clothes that suit me well." Golden Darkness whispered with a bit of embarrassment. She was wearing a black dress with hints of purple at the bottom that reached the floor and spread widely with it while it was fit her hips, showing her curves. Also, a dark pink rose got placed in front of her hips in front of a bow. " You look even more beautiful tonight, Mikan."

" Hehe, thanks, yellow is my color." Mikan smiled, grateful for the compliment, placing a hand in front of her mouth before giggling. She could see that Yami wasn't used to this though neither was she.

" We all look hot tonight." Nemesis proudly stated, placing her hands on her hips. She was wearing a lavender purple dress that reached above her knees, with a black leather bracelet on her left leg, right above her black heels. The dress's straps showed her shoulders and as much as she could. She used the transformation to make the dress and show her tanned skin that she knew Naruto loved. " Look how everyone is looking at us. We are the center of attention."

" Well, they can only stare. And not too much! We already belong to Senpai." Mea grinned, placing her arms behind her back. She was wearing a long pink dress with a cut on one side to show her leg while using darker pink heels. The straps of her shoulders allowed her to present some of her cleavages but not so much. It was all thanks to the bow in the middle of her chest. " Right, Master?"

" Of course. There is no doubt about that." Nemesis smiled in return while Mikan sweatdropped at their statements. Not that it wasn't any less accurate from her point of view.

" Sometimes, I can't help but die from envy. I wish I only had ten percent of the luck that my little brother has with the ladies." Yuu weakly laughed, crying rivers with a mix of proudness and admiration in confront of Naruto, even though it wasn't for the right reasons. He was wearing a pale brown suit and shoes, a light blue shirt, and a darker tie. He got accompanied by Akiho while she wore a tight blue dress hugging her figure with crystals pendants and red lipstick.

" It's not like it's something new. Since Naruto was a kid, all the girls tried to get Naruto to play with him, and my Haruna would have gotten left behind if he wasn't the one to made her join with the games." Akiho sighed, massaging her forehead. It made her still worried since things like that, about her little brother, she never expected to hear, even less in front of everyone and while he had a girlfriend. Turning to her side to see her sister, she deadpanned. " Kinda like now if I think about it."

" Can we just enjoy tonight's celebrations?" Haruna gently begged, not being able to deny Akiho's words. She wore a tiffany blue dress that got wider on her hips with different frill layers till it reached the floor. A white mantle that worked as straps went from below her shoulders horizontally to the center of her chest to let it fall to her torso like decorations. In the same manner, she had purple flowers on her wrists and hair to accompany her look. " We are here to support Naruto-san's achievement. Let's try to focus on that."

" That's right, Onii-san. Don't be jealous over something so insignificant." Yui gently reprimanded her brother, who gained a shocked expression. She wore a sky blue dress, almost white, that reached her ankles, showing part of her back that she wasn't as much as comfortable with as she thought. She had no trace of makeup like the others, so she only used two white pendants that run down her ears till below her jaw.

" What are you talking about, Yui? Having thousands of girls behind us is the dream of every, I mean, almost all guys." Yuu awkwardly laughed while Akiho smiled, amused at his change of tone. She wasn't born yesterday, so she knew how men were. Well, at least everyone except her cute button of a brother.

" You don't need to change your words. I know you are a pervert." Akiho laughed, making him go pale at her accusation that got worse when Yuu's sister burned red while she looked at him with disappointment.

" So this confirms it. I knew you were a player." Yui took some steps away from her brother while he began to crack before a pair of hands grabbed her boobs to massage them over the dress.

" You shouldn't be so high on your horse like that, Shameless-Senpai. I know that you have hidden desires too." Mea cheerfully said with a whisper and a mischievous smile on her face while Yui couldn't avoid biting her lip because of Mea's technique. " See? Look at that cute little moan."

" Can you all stop this? Remember where we are!" Nana harshly muttered towards Mea and Yui with a pink hue on her face. Mea bonked her head playfully while sticking her tongue out as Yui's face lost all color since she gave such a spectacle. Nana wore a gray dress covered in pendants along her chest and the straps of her shoulders that arrived till her stomach. Then the part of her legs was of the same color but more of glitters showing her black shoes. " We aren't at home where you can do that stuff! Here you can ruin Naruto's reputation!"

" I would say that you have to be a bit more composed than usual, but don't ruin your night thinking about other people's judgment." Momo agreed with her sister to a point, yet there was no need for Naruto's friends to freak out in such a manner like they were doing. She was wearing a green dress that reached above her ankles, showing off her tail like her sisters and her white heels that adorned the look. It had a black part around the chest but what called the most attention was the little see-through of the clothing right till it reached below her knees. " All these nobles are here for Naruto-san, so you are free."

" You don't have to worry about that either. We are eternally grateful for what you all did, so there is no way we could ever talk behind your backs." Run smiled in reassurance as she joined her group of friends. Like Mikan, Run wore a yellow dress that accentuated her green hair with no straps that got to the floor with delicate globes that arrived over her elbows. She was simply breathtaking. " I also wish you all could have fun tonight."

" We will, Run-chan. Enjoy your night too." Kyoko grinned with happiness seeing her new friend so joyous. She had met her over Naruto's house right before he took the spaceship to get to her planet. They had been talking a lot while their love interest went to the mission, and she made sure Run could keep her mind as free of worries as she could. Thanks to that, they had gotten incredibly close. " After all, this is a celebration for you and your family too."

Kyoko was wearing a pastel color dress and was tight all over her torso and hips showing off her ass and chest before getting loose below her knees. Black pendants and shoes got accentuated thanks to the contracts of colors. It was simple in design, but nobody could pull it off like her.

" I will. I'm only waiting for Naruto-kun to appear." Run nodded, placing some of her hair behind her ears, nervous that maybe he wouldn't like her choice for the night. Something that she didn't need to worry about at all.

" Yeah, what is that knucklehead doing to take him so long?" Risa asked, with a drink in her hand while looking around for a mop of blonde hair that would catch her attention. She was wearing a black dress with no straps the same color as the party purse that she held, in one hand, showing off a bit of her cleavage that stood tight on her torso and went loose below her hips. On the skirt part, it was predominantly black, but there were hints of arco iris falling to her feet. " The party has already begun a while ago."

" Knowing Naruto, he is probably sorting something out. We only need to wait a bit more." Rin smiled at Momioka, who sighed, hiding her nervous state hoping that she would take some reaction out of him. Rin shook her head funnily before she patted the skirt as if she had tried to avoid that it would wrinkle. Saki forced her to go, by all means, gifting her with an arctic blue color dress full of glitter on her torso that let somehow show her legs. The blue pendants on her ears got made as to the perfect match overall. " Though I can't help but wonder too. Even Run-san's parents are already here."

" That's because Uzumaki-kun's is going to get introduced in society." Sephie smiled, approaching the group with her hands on her lap accompanied by Zastin as he wore his battle suit armor after so long. She wore her usual attire, and with that alone, she was already the most lovely woman in the room, even with the veil. She did her best to don't take attention from Naruto since it was his day, but it didn't matter much for now. " You are going to be surprised. I was with him the entire day to help him choose the attire to wear for tonight since he is going to make a grand entrance."

" I still don't understand why you didn't let me, or any of us, be there in the room to help, Mother." Momo sighed a bit in defeat since that was a thing that the empress wouldn't back away. " I would have loved to be there."

" Because I wanted you all to have a shocking impression of seeing him in this new light like everyone else will do." Sephie cheerfully said, tilting her head. It was clear that she was one of the ones expecting him to arrive the most. " Even though we had to battle a bit off for his clothing, I managed for him to accept the one that would look more delightful on him."

" So he is going to enter like in the movies?" Haruna asked, blinking as she couldn't imagine that scene at all. But she could see him entering while joking around, and that was something that she hoped he wouldn't do for his own good. The stakes were high, after all. " Anyway, I'm sure that when he would arrive, we will be all astonished. He is unpredictable like always."

" Hehe, did you doubt it? It's Naruto-kun who we are talking about, Haruna-chan!" Lala grinned, hugging her friend's arm, making her giggle. Lala's hair gathered from the backside into a messy hair bun thanks to roses, and the same got used for her wrists, leaving two hair bangs in front of her face. She wore a tight gorgeous red dress on the torso with no straps. She only showed off a necklace of white pearls. A pink bow was on her tail bone while the red dress grew on the hips like Haruna's. That part got cut in half with a smooth red fabric on the right and a frilly white on the left, hiding her red shoes.

" I don't think something along those lines will happen." Sephie pointed out, gaining curious looks from the group. " He understands how important this moment is. I could see that when he asked me how was the etiquette for the party and what were the things that were frowned upon."

" That's the reason why I wanted to be there." Momo's voice sounded worried. That got confirmed when she began to play with a strand of her hair between her fingers. " He must be nervous all alone."

" He was a bit." Sephie admitted, moved by her daughter's concern over her lover. " But this is something he has to go through alone like you and your sisters did. It's not only custom, but we can't afford for anyone to steal his spotlight. That's why not even Zastin or I am with him."

" Poor Naruto." Nana commented, paling at the memories. When she saw that her friends were looking at her, she stuttered. " W-What? Do you remember when we had to do the same thing, Momo? We were freaking out."

" Really? I don't remember it was that bad for me." Lala mused, gazing at the ceiling as if she tried to remind herself of that moment. " I had a blast when I did it."

" That's because you entered with all your animal's inventions in the party room, and they immediately went out of control, Ane-ue." Nana deadpanned at her sister, who sheepishly laughed while massaging the back of her head. " We all had to give a hand to turn them off."

" Somehow, I can see that happening." Rito sweatdropped, together with his sister. There was no need for such an impressive imagination. " It's more or less like an everyday life for us."

" You left all your inventions at home as we asked you, right Lala-sama?" Zastin softly chimed in, fearing the worst while receiving a pout for an answer. " We don't want the same thing repeating tonight."

" I didn't! You already asked me ten times, Zastin!" Lala huffed, snapping her head away while crossing her arms over her chest childishly. " I would never do anything that would ruin this for Naruto-kun!"

" Zastin-san is only checking, Lala-san. We know you would never do anything that would aim to make things complicated for Naruto-kun." Kyoko said, trying to ease her outburst. Thankfully, it seemed to work as Lala popped one eye open. " We all are nervous."

" I still don't get what it's the big deal. All of this is only a stepping stone for us to arrive at higher levels." Nemesis commented, taking some food from the buffet as she put it in her mouth.

" Well, it isn't that easy for us. Everything seems to be kind of fast." Yui explained to Nemesis, who still didn't seem to catch the reason. " We are so happy for Uzumaki-san, but that doesn't mean that we are used to this kind of environment. Nonetheless, it's delightful to be here, Run-san!"

" It's nice to know that you are enjoying it." Run giggled into her hand thanks to Yui's quick correction. She knew that she wasn't criticizing it, so it was fun to see her overreact like that. " All of our butlers and maids poured their hearts into this event."

" It's easy to see that. Not even Saki-sama throws parties like this." Rin praised, looking at the probably billion yen chandelier that hanged in the middle of the dancing area.

While Rin looked around one last time, a man placed himself in front of the entrance door, closed behind him, gathering everyone's attention. When finally the people who were at the party began to look at him, some butlers bowed behind him for the person that was about to come out.

" Thank you for all of your attention, my lords and ladies. I will now introduce to you the man for whom we all gathered tonight here." The steward said, loudly beginning his speech. The hearts of Sephie and Zastin began pumping faster, but it was nothing compared to the Jinchūriki's friends.

" This is it, right?" Haruna asked in a whisper to Nana, who nodded, not taking her eyes off the door. Nana was more nervous than her if that was possible.

" Our most appreciated guest is arriving at this moment. He saved our planet when we were already accepting despair and death. " The man said while Yui and Risa breathed in, placing a hand on their chest to calm down. " He was the one who advised our rulers on how to avoid the hysteria in the population. But not only that, he changed our fate, sending a meteorite that would mean our extinction into nothingness."

Mikan grabbed hold of Yami, who gazed at her friend from the corner of her eyes to see her trying to control her breath. " I'm sorry, Yami-chan. All of this is a bit much."

" It's okay, Mikan." Golden Darkness smiled, shaking her head before focusing forward again. Even her was a bit flustered.

" He may be young, but he stands above others against all odds and disregarding his origins like it's nothing, overcoming the boundaries of species." The man's voice began to get louder as the doors opened behind him while some steps could get heard. " Here he is! The man whose fame is shining brighter than the sun! The one who brings changes! Planet Earth's King, Uzumaki Naruto! The Maelstrom!"

After the steward finished listing all of the Jinchūriki's new titles, Naruto appeared behind that dark alley with an easy-going look as his lips twitched upwards. His eyes were crystal blue from the emotion as he stood in front of everyone.

His blonde hair was combed to the side while still maintaining some of its spiky nature. He was wearing black suit pants with the same color as the vest. He wore no jacket over it, but the purple coat that Sephie gifted him was over his shoulder with a small platinum chain holding it so that it wouldn't fall since the sleeves were free to move as he didn't place his arms inside. The chain had one dragon at the end of each side, biting the purple coat to give him a different look, all of that with black shoes and a striped black and white tie over his white shirt. You could see the metal belt below the vest and Yumi's gift on his arm, showing it proudly.

" That's our Naruto?" Yuu asked after some seconds of silence while the lords and ladies approached his little brother. He was more than stupified. " He looks so like, Woah, I have no words."

" Y-Yeah, he doesn't look the same. More like he is at peace or something like that." Akiho agreed, somehow nodding at his easy goings smiles, shaking everyone's hands, as he has always belonged to that kind of high sphere. " It's like he is a natural."

" Naruto-kun's looks so handsome. Am I in a dream?" Lala asked no one, managing to gulp after her mouth got dry. She wasn't the only girl in that state.

" He came out as he was born a lord." Rin commented, her lips a little separated from the shock. " Is he the same Naruto who goofs around and pranks without a second guess? I can't believe it."

" I would give him a nine over ten." Sephie muttered with a hand on her chin in thought. " He got a bit nervous at the end and didn't wait for others to give him their hands, but it was him who offered the salute. Nonetheless, it's way more than impressive. We only need a bit more practice."

" There will be plenty of occasions, Sephie-sama. It was Uzumaki-sama's first time." Zastin said, trying to defend his future boss. " At least he didn't arrive glaring or anything."

" Yeah, like a certain husband of mine." Sephie sweatdropped, making her bodyguard weakly laugh. " I still can't get him to enter places without a cocky grin."

While Zastin and Sephie kept comparing notes of their opinions of Naruto's etiquette and which things they would have to work on another day, Mikan was still in a trance watching her crush. He was like the first's dreams she had of him after she met him.

" He did become a prince in shining armor." Mikan whispered while Yami turned her head to the side, hearing her friend. She felt blushing seeing Mikan looking at him in such a loving way.

" Mmm, are you okay, Mikan?" Yami asked, flustered. Their hands got still joined, and after her friend sighed in the content, she turned her head towards her direction.

" I'm the happiest I could be." She said, tilting her head backward the pink hue present on her face. How could he have so much power over her was still out of her compression. ' So that is what they mean when they said you should feel on heaven over the small things when you are in love.'

After the girls managed to come out of their stupor, or most of them did, and Naruto finished greeting all the ones who approached him, he walked over to his friends that he saw the very first second he entered the party. He got even more nervous earlier as he saw how they looked at him like that but did his best to internalize it.

" Ey, guys, you having fun?" Naruto awkwardly greeted, scratching his whiskers marks still not used to their looks. " I know, I know. It doesn't look that good on me. I still wanted to wear a bit of orange, but Sephie didn't let me."

" You look like they created you in a computer." Nana said in awe, thinking that she internalized but only to leave it out in the open.

" Oh, that much?" Naruto burned red at her praise. That compliment was something he never heard before. It didn't help that her confession began to replay on his head right at this moment. Nana had his same reaction, realizing that she didn't think it. " Maybe you are exaggerating a bit, Nana-chan, but thanks."

" I-I only said what everyone is thinking, so there is no need to thank me or anything." Nana huffed while leaving one eye half open to gaze at him. She yelped when he caught her looking at him.

It was that moment that Nemesis decided to take advantage of to get his opinion on her dress. " Even though I agree that Nana-hime's shyness is the thing you are getting attracted to, Naruto. Can I ask you one thing?"

" W-What is it?" Naruto asked with a twitching eyebrow at how blunt she was while Nana somehow managed to glare at her. ' It's like she loves rilling me up or something.'

" How does this look on me? Am I hotter than usual?" Nemesis grinned while he forgot for a second of what he was thinking to contemplate her gorgeous dress. It was short for the party, but she was breathtaking nonetheless. Seeing how he was checking her legs out, she decided to tease him a little. " Let me give you a hand if you like it that much."

Naruto raised an eyebrow before she turned around to show more skin. The moment his eyes caught a glimpse of her hip's skin as the dress got lifted thanks to her movements and he remembered how much she hated underwear, he quickly got on his knees to stop her and to maintain her skirt down. " W-What are you doing, Nemesis? People can see you!"

" And you would hate that." She whispered back sensually. She loved how his bigs, strong hands keep her in place. She couldn't help to circle his neck with her arms. " Why don't you admit that you are mine already, Naruto? I can be yours if you say it."

The Jinchūriki gulped at her play before shaking his head, hoping that he was fast enough to return to himself. As he stood up, he breathed in relief that his pants didn't get tighter. Nonetheless, he wasn't fooling anyone, and his lack of response meant only agreement for Nemesis. He would be fun to break.

" A-Anyway, you all look so good tonight. Rito, Yuu, Akiho-nee-chan, and all of you girls." Naruto said, watching his friend's attire. Immediately three of them jumped on his arms.

" We wanted to be spotless for you, Naruto-kun. I'm glad you like it." Lala said, getting nods in agreement from Run and Mea, who were on his arms too.

" I wanted to wear something a bit sexier, but there are too many people here. I only want you to see me like that and maybe my harem sisters." Mea said, making Naruto cover his face from the atomic blush he got once the blood rushed to his cheeks.

" D-Don't say that kind of stuff in front of everyone, Mea-chan! You are going to get me killed." Naruto hissed, fearing for his life since Akiho was there with them. As he approached his face in anger to her, Mea kissed his nose in a jokingly form, melting away all his preoccupations. Maybe he could die happy too.

" Hehe, you are so cute, Senpai." Mea giggled with a carefree tone while Run pouted as she was getting ignored. She would have to step up her game to get his attention since many girls tried to get him.

" Neh, Naruto-kun, I wanted to present you my parents so we can have their blessings. What do you think?" Run asked, ignoring the scream from the outrage of her brother. He let her have this turn tonight, hoping that it would somehow compensate for the anguish she went over the week, but now he was regretting it.

" F-Fast! Way too fast, Run-chan!" Naruto exclaimed, trying to back away from the girls but to no avail since they got a good hold of him. Run's eyes glowed at his words.

" So that means we will come for it soon, Naruto-kun?" Run asked in glee, climbing his chest from his left side to look at his eyes from up. She looked like Becky waking up to get her Christmas present, so he didn't have the heart to say give her a determinant no.

" I-I think your father would freak out if I go to him in that way." Naruto said, hoping that she would reason. " I'm sure Ren has to be yelling inside your head that it's the worst idea ever. Doesn't he?"

" Oh, don't mind him. He has no idea what he is talking about, so we can ignore him. There is no problem." Run waved her hand dismissively. And indeed, he was screaming at the top of his lungs to make her change her mind.

" O-Okay, now come down from there, you three." Yui intervened, seeing the chuckles of the lords who were looking at the scene. " We are the center of all attention. Let's all calm down for a second."

" Well, I'm sure that it's all thanks to this one, here." Risa pointed out, approaching his childhood friend with a grin on her face. She had her arms crossed over her chest, checking him out from his toes to his head. " How it's going, The king Maelstrom?"

" Y-Yeah, I still don't know where do they get that nickname from." Naruto shyly massaged the back of his head since it was a surprise even for him. He only wished that he didn't look pathetic as he tried to ignore his startlement.

" Oh, that was something I came up with, my dear." Sephie said, raising her hand to get his attention. He looked confused before she explained it to him. " It's more like a wish. I hope that you keep changing everyone's lives as you did with ours, Uzumaki-kun."

Naruto felt honored to get such high praise, yet he felt a bit self-conscious with all those compliments and attention. " I-I like it. I-I mean, my name means that, so I guess you weren't far from the meaning."

" I'm happy that your parents and I had the same idea then." Sephie gently said. There were so many things that she didn't know about him. Like why was he smiling to himself in such nostalgia at this moment?

" Yeah, they would have loved to see this. Mum too." Naruto whispered, caressing his bracelet and feeling his clan's symbol on his back. Those were the memorandums he had from his family. If he closed his eyes, he could swear that he could feel them with him too. He was sure of it as someone touched his forearm to talk to him.

" They are here with us, feeling so proud of you, Sweetie. There is no doubt about that." Momo smiled with a hint of sadness. ' I would have loved having Minato-sama, Kushina-sama, and Yumi-san here with us, but I have to do my best to keep him happy.'

Naruto grabbed her hand as their fingers interlaced while he looked into her eyes. There was little that he could say to express how grateful he was to have her at his side. She was his rock. " I know. I gotta keep up this space then."

" That's the spirit." Momo nodded, happy to see him grin with ease. She was missing him so damn much usually. He was addictive to the point that he drove her crazy, and with all this training and how she kept herself aside to let others approach him, she was becoming a bit restless. " Tonight is a nice chance to enjoy our time together with everyone, Naruto-san."

" Sadly and as much as it pains me say it, that won't be the case, my dears." Sephie chimed in, feeling guilty to ruin their night. She explained further, seeing the confused looks from her daughters and the rest. " We haven't finished at all. We must take advantage of this meeting to have conversations with the lords and King to establish a much tighter relationship."

" Wait, Mama. So that means we won't see Naruto-kun the whole night?" Lala asked in disbelief while her hopes shattered at the reluctant nod from the Empress.

" I promise we will try to finish as fast as we can, but that probably would be the case. We can't let this pass us, Lala." Sephie said while her daughter frowned, gazing at the floor. " I want to show them that Uzumaki-kun is much more than strength, but he has so much talent to maintain peace in a way that we haven't seen before."

" We understand, Mother." Momo said, receiving a look of betrayal from her sisters. She ignored them for a while, reassuring her boyfriend since he looked a bit divided to letting them alone. " It's your chance to be what you always wanted to become, Sweetie. We would never get in the way of your dreams."

At those words, a pang of guilty invaded Lala since she wanted to ask him to stay with them and forget about those royals. She quickly changed her attitude, hiding her disappointment." That's right, Naruto-kun! We will have fun anyway, so don't worry about us!"

Naruto smiled, feeling lucky to have them. He knew how much Lala wanted to be with him and that she did her best to don't make him wonder what the right option was. He would have to compensate them later. " I will be going then. Sorry for all of this."

" Have fun, Naruto." Rin waved, almost as if she was throwing him out of the group, making him chuckle. " Don't be so gluey. Let us breathe a little."

" Neh, you are so mean, Rin-chan." Naruto wholeheartedly laughed while she was happy to be able to ease up his mind. Then, the Jinchūriki felt someone take hold of his arm, gaining his attention.

" Then, shall we, my dear?" Sephie smiled behind her veil, stifling her giggle when he received a hopeful expression. " You thought I would let you get feed by the lions alone? Don't worry. I will be by your side this time, introducing you to them."

" I'm so glad!" Naruto comically cried rivers, making everyone chuckle. " I had no idea how to talk to them or what to say to break the ice. I didn't want to make an ass out of myself."

" I had to let you enter the alone to the party, but I never planned to let you go your own the whole night. I'm your teacher, after all." Sephie excused herself before he grinned widely, placing his arm on a ninety angle degree, surprising her. " Nice, Uzumaki-kun. That's exactly how a gentleman should behave."

" Isn't this the usual?" Naruto weakly laughed, turning his head around to wave at his friends first. " Have fun, guys. We have to get back to work. But if you need something, only tell me, eh? You are my priority."

" There is no need to think about it. We will be okay, Uzumaki-san. Just enjoy your meetings." Rito waved at his classmate, receiving a grateful nod.

" So let's go to see Memorze's rulers. We have to begin from there to pay our respects. Otherwise, they might feel offended that we ignored them for so long." Sephie explained to him, wasting no time to raise him even during the night.

" I can't help but think that this will be another class, isn't it?" Naruto jokingly grinned while she lost herself on the explanations, not hearing his question. She was having so much fun teaching to somebody and that they would listen and put on practice was so rewarding. " I guessed as much."

As the empress conversed with her favorite suitor and student while approaching the King and Queen, that was in the other end of the room, Yui and Rin couldn't help but stare at his back while somehow a negative feeling invaded them.

" He feels so far away from us." Yui was the one who voiced out her thoughts, shared by Rin. Don't get them wrong. They were the happiest to see him achieve so much. He deserved way more than this, yet they were beginning to feel insignificant at his side. " Is there a way to get more close to him at this point?"

That question was something that got left in the air as she whispered it. Thankfully, nobody seemed to hear it, but she couldn't help that maybe somebody would have. She was lost, and even if the brightness that she loved was still there for her, she somehow began to feel that it wasn't any more like when they were children. He kept moving forward with a goal in mind.


It was already a couple of hours or more that passed by, and it had taken a toll over the Jinchūriki's mind. He was learning all those protocols while doing his best to make the empress proud as he conversed with those royalties, so naturally, that would tire him out. He would have preferred to keep training or doing whatever else he needed to improve. Yet it was something he needed, and what better than to learn on the spot with practice.

Seeing him like that without even a single complaint while he glanced sporadically at her for approval made the empress concede him a break that he much deserved. It was also an occasion to get to know him better without checking for his capacities. She wanted only a sincere conversation with him without any hidden intention. He almost craved for her approval so that she would accept him as someone worthy to be with her daughter, and that already made him gain a place in her heart.

As they walked out to the enormous size balcony after parting away from some couple that held a very wealthy company along space, the empress sat on a marble bench as he leaned into the railing made of the same material. He expected her to reprimand him or teach him something, but he got caught off guard by her question.

" So, are you enjoying the night, my dear?" Sephie asked, placing her hands on her lap elegantly. " I know you would have preferred to stay with your friends and my Momo."

" Well, yeah, I can't lie about that." Naruto awkwardly massaged the back of his head while her lips already twitched upwards by his antics. " But I can't complain. That I'm learning so much with your advice while you check on me makes me feel so lucky. I know that it's a one in a million opportunity."

" Mmm? What are you talking about, Uzumaki-kun?" Sephie asked, confused at his words. " Tonight, it's only the beginning. I plan to stick with you, teaching you till I come down from the throne and place the crown on your head. That's the kind of resolve I have in your regards."

" I-I didn't know." Naruto admitted, feeling a bit shy at her words. He could feel how his heart tightened a bit because of the memories that rushed into his head.

" Hey... you know... can you be around my training for just a while... today?" A 12 years old Naruto, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, asked his master with a sad tone while handing him over some bag.

" I don't have time for that. I have to go to town immediately." Jiraiya said with a sigh, reprimanding him. As he talked, Naruto kept gazing on the floor with a frown on his face. " I thought I already told you three weeks ago. Don't be spoiled like a kid. You are a Ninja."

Naruto gritted his teeth for a second before hiding his disappointment behind the laughter, forcing himself to grin to the fullest. " I know that without you telling me! I thought I would ask! Hurry up and go, you Pervy Sage!"

As Sephie saw that sad expression on his face for a second before he hid it with a sheepish laugh, she patted the bench by her side, calling his attention. " Why don't you sit with me, my dear? Let's talk without any agenda behind it. What do you say?"

" Like a break? Sure, why not?" Naruto nodded, long forgotten that memory. That was another life for him. " So, what do you want to talk about, Sephie?"

" I only wanted to get you to know you better. I feel bad that I only examined you without having a real conversation." Sephie pointed out, scolding herself at her selfish ideas. " Ah, I must take some form of punishment for my lack of tack."

" No, no! It's okay! I already told you that I would have done the same thing if I was in your shoes. No, probably much worse! You had been so nice to me!" Naruto frankly rushed with his words, waving his hands energetically with nervousness before she broke into giggles, making him sigh. " Please, don't joke about those things."

" You are such a sweetheart, Uzumaki-kun. You are a breath of fresh hair." Sephie said after managing to calm down. Humming in content, she began asking the basic stuff that she should have to know by now. " So my dear, why don't you tell me about your family. I have heard wonders about them."

" Well, where can I begin?" Naruto mused, placing his hands behind his back on the bench while looking up. " I have a big one. I got Ana-nee-chan and all my siblings in the orphanage. They took me when I was five, and I was the happiest with them. I never imagined I could get a family growing up."

Even though he was so cheerful talking about the adoptive family that took care of him, his words pained her. What can of life did he have? To think when he was five to don't have the chance to get one was nothing but heartbreaking.

" I heard about a little girl that admires you like a big brother. She calls you prince all the time. I think that's what my eldest told me." Sephie said, keeping up with the conversation, forgetting about that for the moment.

" Oh, yeah, that's Becky. She looks at me like I'm perfect or something. " Naruto glowed even more if that was possible while he awkwardly chuckled. " I love all my brothers and sisters, but with her, I think it's the one I have the tightest relationship with since forever. Wanna see her?"

" It would be an honor." Sephie said, unable to contain her curiosity and letting herself get transported by his cheerful attitude. How can he grin so much? It was amusing to see how he hummed while taking his phone out.

" It should be around here, let me see." Naruto said, putting the password to get on the home screen as the empress sneaked a peek to find something interesting on there.

" That's a nice picture, Uzumaki-kun." Sephie commented, seeing how he placed an image of himself sitting against a tree while hugging Momo from behind as she smiled in content with her back against his chest. " You are the only one that can bring those expressions to my Momo."

" Oh, we were on a date at the park having a picnic, and we wanted to get a memory." Naruto burned red, realizing his mistake. He got used to seeing that picture all the time, so he didn't think about it. He kept talking while she appeared to be amused at how he tried to change the conversations. " So this is Becky. This one is Ana-nee-chan. Itoshi, Nakashi."

As he began saying the names while pointing with his finger to the screen at each figure, she contemplated how happy they were and how tight they all semed. " They all look so endearing. No wonder you are so devoted about them to go so much to visit."

" Well, I have to return them how much they did for me. It's only fair." Naruto blinked, not understanding what the big deal was. " And the kids keep asking about me all the time, so I have to go. Nee-chan would go crazy if I don't show up."

" You do seem happy that they are so attached to you." Sephie teased while he repeatedly nodded like a kid full of sugar.

" Hehe, what there is to complain about that?" Naruto joked before he fell on realization. " By the way, I got to go tomorrow to pay a visit. It has been almost two weeks now."

" I would say that you can't get a break, but you love all of this. Don't you?" Sephie teased while he had no shame to admit something like that. He was more fun than she ever thought. He was like a ball full of energy. " It's nice that you care so much about family."

" It's only natural. Doesn't it?" Naruto said, putting his phone back into his pocket. " You came all the way to check on Lala and the rest. That's what we do."

" Indeed it is." Sephie agreed while he sat now in a composed way, her eye getting a glimpse of that symbol on his back. There were so many incognitas on her mind that she couldn't help to ask. " Can I ask you something, Uzumaki-kun? If you feel uncomfortable, I apologize."

" No, don't worry. Shoot." Naruto said, shrugging his shoulders. She was always so respectful it made no sense for him that she would say that.

" I can't help but ask since some stuff don't add up about you. You sound like you never met your parents before, but you wear that symbol with pride on your back. I have never seen that custom in space. And for what I know on Earth either." The empress didn't comment about Naruto's powers since that wasn't what mattered the most to her, even though everyone wondered about it.

" It's kinda complicated." Naruto said, not knowing how to explain it to her. " I'm not exactly from here."

" You mean from Earth?" The empress asked, not surprised by his statement. But she couldn't come up with another planet where he came from either.

" It's a bit farther than what you are thinking off. You could say that I had a lively life." Naruto hinted as a joke before sighing in defeat. " I had some ups and downs, but it all worked out for the best at the end."

Seeing how vague he was, she decided to don't pry about his origins anymore. He was entitled to have his privacy. That much was a given. " Sorry to keep pressing but did you had the chance to meet your parents?"

" I had once." Naruto's lips twitched upwards in nostalgia. " I was lucky enough for that."

" You don't seem mad about it. Normally, you would have some contempt over the ones that weren't at your side." The empress asked in concern at his odd behavior. He only waved his hand on dismissal.

" How could I get mad with my parents who sacrificed everything for me?" Naruto shook his head, and she could see the sincerity in his eyes. " I mean, sure, I would have preferred that they would have been with me, and sometimes I felt alone, but I was full of their love. I had two awesome parents. I'm proud to be their kid."

Sephie could only admire his mental strength. Instead of hating or blaming them, he genuinely was happy for who his parents were. Indeed she didn't know the whole story, but no kid would love to grow up in an orphanage and such a situation. That he wouldn't have become a serial killer or a terrorist was nothing but mind-blowing. Less not talk about his kindness.

" I would have loved it if you would have been my son." Sephie's words escaped her. Nonetheless, even with that shocked expression on his face, she didn't lament it at all.

" Ah, well, thanks, but I mean there is no need for all of that. I would have been a drag or something." Naruto awkwardly laughed, making a sting appear on the empress's chest. It did bother her that he was looking down to himself.

" I can only say that I will wait with eagerness the day that you will marry my daughter." Sephie stated, taking hold of his hand to squeeze gently. It brought out her maternal instincts contemplating his shyness. But she couldn't say it all of three of her daughters. She knew that by how things were going, with Momo's plans, it would end up there, but she wasn't mentally ready. " I would love hearing that you call me Mom."

" Yes, sure, when I marry Momo and all." Naruto nervously said, doing his best to gaze away. That came out out of nowhere for him. Changing topics, he decided to ask something that was on his mind since the first day. " Now that we are talking more openly about stuff. Can I ask you why do you always have the veil?"

" Because I'm way too beautiful." Sephie sighed, placing a hand on her cheek, receiving a deadpan from the Jinchūriki that he quickly hid. She didn't mean to sound prideful, but that's how it came out. " Every man that has seen my features had lost control because of my beauty. It's truly a curse."

" Like everyone?" Naruto asked, not convinced by her words. " I know that there a perverts everywhere but not to that point, right?"

" Sadly, it is like that. Even animals let their instincts get the best of them and fall in love with me." Sephie said with resignation while Naruto gained a look from disbelief. " It is tough being me."

" I would say if even animals don't leave you alone." He agreed, feeling a bit bad for her. Yet his curiosity increased now that she said that. He inclined himself childishly, trying to get a peek below that veil. ' How beautiful someone has to be for that to happen?'

" Careful, Uzumaki-kun. If you see it, you will fall madly in love to the point that you won't know who you are." Sephie said while he composed himself, sheepishly apologizing.

" Sorry about that." Naruto said, massaging his collar. " But you don't have to worry about me. I'm pretty confident I wouldn't fall for you. I don't think looks are that important."

" Oh dear, if only you knew." She almost whined at the heavy burden on her shoulders. " Only one man has been able to shrug it off like it was nothing in all my life. Before I met him and he decided to protect me, I was always in the run."

" Yeah? Who was it? He sounds awesome!" Naruto exclaimed all over the place. This situation reminded him of when he met his mom while battling Kurama.

" Well, it was Gid, of course." Sephie cheerfully said while he gained a look of disgust that he had called him like that. She had to giggle at his expression. " You seem disappointed to hear me say it was him, Uzumaki-kun. Who else could have been but the man that I chose to marry?"

" No, I mean, I think I get it." He quickly removed that expression from his features. " It makes sense that you fell in love with him. He was the one that did something for you that nobody else could."

" I didn't think you would be able to see past your rough relationship with my husband." She mused while he flinched since he didn't think that he was that obvious. " I'm glad anyway that you are mature to think about my point of view."

" I understand that the relationships aren't the same between people. I'm sure that he behaves in another way when he is with you, Nana, and the rest." He pointed out, remembering his past relationships. For example, nobody could see why he would go to those lengths for his friend when he went to the darkness.

" You sound so smart right now." Sephie teased, placing a hand in front of her face. " Don't say to anybody this, but he is much less cocky and prideful when he is around us. I caught Gid blushing many times whenever our daughters gave him paintings or gifts."

" Yeah, I don't that much imagination." He plainly said, thinking about those glares and how he looked down on him the two times he had seen him. But Sephie couldn't help but broke down in giggles that, in return, made him chuckle. " I can say that I'm happy for you guys that got to have such good times with him anyway."

When Sephie thought that she could get used to his warm nature, she always got surprised once more. It was no wonder how easy he got along with everybody, even all those usually tight and pompous idiots from royalty. When Lala and Momo told her about him, she quickly discarded it as exaggerations, but that wasn't the case. He had a power that was much more special than any physical capacity.

" You are such a sweet boy." She told him, playfully pinching his cheek like he was only a toddler while he swung on his seat. Realizing that they were getting seen by some, she decided to return to the party. " Then, my dear, I will let you have some minutes to relax. Then we will continue with our rounds."

" You sure? You told me that we had lots of work to do." Naruto blinked while she stood up elegantly, cupping his face in a motherly way, proud of her soon-to-be son.

" Nobody would miss us for some minutes. You also deserve to have some enjoyment yourself." Sephie reassured him, tapping his nose with her finger before walking away. " I will come back in a bit then."

" Alright." Naruto nodded, waving at the empress as she went through the crystal door. Sighing a bit in relief, yet grinning seconds later because of how good the night was going, he jumped from his seat to get to the railing and contemplate the city. " This place looks so beautiful with all those lights. I can't help but wonder how the Deviluke palace has to be."

He muttered to himself since the Tailed Beast inside him as gone to sleep from long ago, bored of all that useless talk. Politics weren't its thing for sure. Watching the city at so many meters below, he could discern the people going back to their homes from late working hours or kids that jumped out of their windows to sneak out of their houses. He had to chuckle at that.

" What is so funny, Naruto?" He heard Akiho call him, making him turn back to see all his childhood friends. She whistled at got another glance of him from near. " I have to say you look on point tonight. And no orange too. That is an achievement."

" Please, don't whistle, and I would have looked better with orange, Nee-chan." Naruto muttered, gazing away with a pink hue on his face. They chuckled at his reaction. " By the way, are you guys having fun?"

While he asked, Rin, Risa, and Yui sat on the bench he was previously sitting as Haruna and Akiho sat on the one in front of them. Yuu decided to approach him and maybe mess with him.

" It is nice. I would have never guessed I would dress like this." Risa commented, raising one leg to see her heels. " But I love it. I can't wait to come to many more parties like this one."

" Cool, isn't it? I still can't believe that we are in a place that looks like take from such old times but so technological." Naruto said, placing his back against the railing giving one glance to the city that seemed to get taken from ancient Rome. Then something came into his mind. " Neh, happy then Nee-chan?"

" What are you smirking for, Naruto?" Akiho asked, feeling the need to pull his ears but how high and mighty he appeared to be at the moment.

" Nothing, nothing. I only thought that I maintained my promise." Naruto raised one finger in exclamation but with no help since she was still as lost as before. " Don't you remember? I told you that I would bring you to a party with famous people. I believe this one it's so much better with princes and all, right?"

They had to chuckle at his childish teasing. Only he could come up with that in a moment so meaningful in his life. They would be freaking out in his shoes like when they announced him, but he was a natural, like a fish swimming among its peers. His childhood friends always knew he was different.

" I don't know what you are talking about now." Akiho shrugged her shoulders, feigning ignorance. " I told you that because I wanted to meet hot singers and athletes, not old men that are going to be on the age of pension."

" Akiho, what about me?" Yuu pointed to himself, hiding as best as he could his flinch, making his girlfriend and Naruto sweatdrop at his question.

" And you say that I'm dumb. You are way worse than me, Yuu." Naruto weakly laughed while Yuu snapped at his statement pulling the two glasses away from his little brother.

" I brought you a drink to properly celebrate your night, but now you aren't getting any!" Yuu exclaimed, getting away from him while Naruto tried to make him come back playing around a bit. Sadly his words didn't please his girlfriend at all.

" What did you just say?" Akiho muttered, making shiver the two boys. Her face got hidden by her hair while two glints appeared in her eyes. "Get that thing away from him! He is a minor, you idiot! He can't have any alcohol!"

" A-Alright, alright." Yuu agreed, almost stumbling on his spot. She wasn't usually like that. " It's only one drink, and it's champagne Akiho. He is doing many things that are more dangerous than this, so I thought one couldn't hurt him."

" It doesn't matter. Naruto is still a kid, so he can't go around having those kinds of things." Akiho pressed, this time controlling her voice a bit. She realized that she was a bit over the top.

" You seem a bit overprotective, Onee-chan." Haruna chimed in, trying to calm down her sister. " It's everything, okay? Maybe the food made you feel bad with your stomach?"

" No, no, nothing like that." Akiho shook her head, trying to ease Haruna's worries. She sighed in defeat, seeing Naruto looking at her with concern. " It's just you are a kid. You always have been my little brother. I saw you grow up with Haruna, going to the park, playing around, and now you are King. Not only that, but you go to planets stopping meteorites, and who knows with that title you got what else will you be doing."

" Well, that was always me. I have the chance to help others, Nee-chan. And with all of this, I can finally stand on the starting line to save Lala." Naruto said while a frown escaped her before she shook her head.

" Don't get me wrong. I'm proud of you. You deserve this and much more, way more than any other." Akiho was quick to make him know that. She was maybe caring too much. She didn't want to keep him tied to the ground when he got meant to fly. " But I still see you like the little kid that came ringing to our house to hang out. That's all."

" For a second, I saw you like that too." Yui admitted remembering how time went back for her and the others while he went over that spaceship. " But you are not. You are a man with so many aspirations that we only want to keep up with you."

Naruto couldn't help but smile with ease at their concerns. Why would he be mad to be called a kid when they only wanted to be sure he was alright? Crossing his arms over his chest, he gazed into the stars around the nighty sky. " There is one day that I will have to work to keep all those lights safe, you know?"

" That's a big goal." Risa said, realization falling on them. And yet, their heads couldn't wrap up about what it would mean to rule over all that. " I'm sure that you will make it. It's only a matter of time."

" Mmm, yes, I know I'm going to make it. I have no guesses about that." Naruto confidently said while a smile graced their faces while they contemplated. They waited for more, but they took their gazes down for a second, as they didn't hear him say anything else. He was warmly grinning while focusing on their expressions. " But that's only part of my dream. I would be nobody without my friends. That's why I'm asking you to bear with me because I want to be all my life with you guys."

Their chest tightened at his statement. They knew how he thought and how he was. Yet, for a second, they made a terrible mistake. They believed that he was a person who belonged with the Kings when for him, nothing could surpass their time together.

" Man, you are so smooth. I still don't know how you aren't a playboy or anything like that." Risa joked, making everyone break on laughter while Naruto scratched his whiskers marks at the teasing. " It's us who are lucky to have you with us, you big loving knucklehead."

" Why did you had to ruin it with calling me that?" Naruto comically cried, making Haruna and Yui giggle. " For a moment, I thought you wouldn't. I keep telling you to don't call me that."

" Did I ruin it? Because you don't seem mad at all." Risa pointed out with a knowing all attitude while he was unable to deny it. " See? That is just us. I love how we always have been. I'm not going to change it."

" You could always command her to listen to you." Rin chimed in, pointing out the obvious. " Someone in your position is free to do so. You are ruling over our planet if you wish."

" Ey, don't tell him that!" Risa whined at Rin, whose lips twitched upwards while Risa hugged her. " Which side are you on?"

" Hehe." Naruto's mischievous laughter stopped that small commotion in an instant while they looked at him, grinning to himself, his hair shadowing his face before he exploded in a maniacal pose. " That's right! I'm your boss! You will have to call me your highness from now on!"

" Never! You will get only to call me that while we are in bed!" Risa exclaimed, raising an accusing finger, instantly collapsing his acting with that statement as he blushed madly at her blunt words. It was time to kick it up a notch. " Mmm, I could be your secretary helping you down below your desk."

" Momoioka-san!" Yui and Haruna shouted at the same time with flustered states but not going even near to what Naruto was showing as those imagines invaded his head.

" You kids know how to party." Yuu awkwardly laughed while his little brother somehow glared at him since he was coughing as he earlier choked on his breath hearing Risa saying that in front of Akiho and Yuu. " What? You have to be on the moon with what she told you. You ungrateful idiot."

" Calm down your envy, Yuu. I'm nothing like that." Naruto coughed, patting his chest. Though as he said that, some part of him made him feel like he was lying. And that stuck with him. ' Wait, does that mean that I wouldn't hate it?'

At that moment, he was the only one in that group that knew about the harem plan. If he is sincere, he would have to say that he completely forgot about it this week. His brain focused only on the event of three days ago, so he didn't pay any attention to anything else, but his conversation with his girlfriend was coming back into his mind. What was the right thing to do? Give it a shot as Momo told him?

That he was the only one knowing that wasn't the truth either, but Yui considered it as a joke or that Lala and the others only wanted to tease her. There was no way that something like that could be true. If only she knew how much effort the girls in that house made to change his mind.

" Uzumaki-san isn't that kind of man. He is a gentleman, Onii-san. Not like the guys at our school." Yui defended him while her cheeks burned red at the memory of that fake Naruto grabbing her chin while he waited for him to kiss him. She almost made the wrong choice.

" O-Of course, why would I want a harem or something like that?" Naruto waved a hand in front of his face while the other raised an eyebrow as Yui burned red. " I-I'm not into that stuff, you know?"

" Nobody said anything about harems." Rin said, confused by his choice of words. He began stammering as Yui fell into realization.

" W-Wait, are you considering having one like Deviluke-san said, Uzumaki-san?" Yui blurted out like the heads of the rest of the ones present snapped towards his direction since it was the first time hearing anything like that.

Before he could answer, Haruna beat him to it. Hearing that, she felt her cheeks blushing as she placed the palm of her hands together in front of her face, gazing at him sporadically. " T-That's something you would like, Naruto-san?"

" Y-You are all jumping to conclusions!" Naruto exclaimed, his head moving in all directions as people kept interrupting him.

" Are you telling me that Momo-chi was seriously telling me that we should share you?" Risa now asked as she realized that Momo wasn't joking around, but she was more than happy to share between her sisters and others.

As the situation was overwhelming him, Naruto strategically decided to retreat from that battle while he began walking backward, waving at his friends. " I gotta go back to keep working, you know? I'm sure that Sephie is waiting for me. She did tell me some minutes only."

" Not so fast." Rin's voice sent shivers down his spine as she took hold of the collar of his purple coat. " You aren't getting away from this without an explanation."

" That's right." Akiho cracked her knuckles while a sinister shadow emanated from her body. That doesn't scream for a good outcome for him. " And if I were you, I would pray that your excuse would somehow convince me. You are smart enough to know what will happen if not."

" E-Etoo, it's kinda complicated." Naruto laughed, cursing himself and his big mouth that slipped that out. " Anyway, you shouldn't think about it too much. I'm only with Momo, for now, you know?"

" Eh? For now?" Rin asked in disbelief, and Naruto paled since he couldn't see her expression. If he was scared of Akiho, he was expecting death from his childhood friend. However, her reaction was nothing like he imagined. " Y-You were indeed trying to have me as a mistress then!"

" W-What are you talking about, Rin-chan?" Naruto asked, feeling lost seeing her blushing like that. It was threatening, but she looked so beautiful that it got the edge off somehow.

" Don't play dumb, Naruto!" Rin exclaimed, pulling his coat to shaking him off as she looked from up since he was cowardly going down with his hands raised defensively while her eyes began to swirl. " In Saki-sama's mansion, you put your face on my cleavage! Were you trying me to charm for that harem of yours?"

" You did that with Rin-chin and not with me, Naruto?" Risa accusingly said, standing up from her seat, feeling shocked and hurt about that piece of information. The ball was getting bigger and bigger. " I'm always the one feeling you up! You could do that to me too!"

" One at the time!" Naruto exclaimed as he got driven into a corner. " I didn't put my face in your chest, Rin-chan! I hit the back of my head, and from the pain, I went forward. Then you were right there in front of me!"

" Semantics!" Rin shouted, ignoring his explanation. Somehow she was adamant about wanting to believe that he did it on purpose. " Are you telling me that you didn't like it? I'm sure that you are thinking about it every day!"

The thing is that it was her who couldn't take her mind off that moment since he went to the mansion. She would never say it out loud or confess it even to Saki-sama and Aya, but lately, she had gotten some dreams about Naruto with her that got rated for adults. The cold showers barely cleared her mind. But she was taking them way more than any person should in a day.

" I had no time to feel anything, Rin-chan! You almost threw me out of the window!" Naruto defended himself, making Rin gaze away in embarrassment. He didn't know what possessed him, but he felt like saying the following words. " I-I mean, yeah, you are beautiful, but I would never take advantage of you. I would ask you!"

" Y-You would ask me to touch my chest?" Rin let him go at that moment, covering her torso with her arms while smoke appeared from the top of her head. " T-That's too fast! We haven't even kissed yet!"

At her words, Rin widened her eyes like the rest did before she covered her mouth from such an enormous slip-up. There was silence on that balcony. At least till one of the girls seemed to find interesting that new information about her childhood friend.

" S-So Naruto-san would be going out with more girls?" Haruna asked herself while she placed her hands on her cheeks, feeling them burning up. ' W-Why it doesn't sound so bad as it should? I-I would love to date him, but it would be too weird if he's still going with Momo-san. Right? But it's not like I want her to be hurt either.'

There were too many things to think about, but rejection at such a scandalous idea never went through Haruna's mind. Somehow it felt appealing if nobody would have to suffer either. It was a win-win situation. Thankfully, no alcohol was taken from the girls during the party so that the reactions were a bit more controlled.

" W-Wait, wait, are you serious, Haruna-chi?" Risa asked her friend, who gazed at her lap nervously. " I know what we almost did on the rooftop at school last time. But this is sharing what we are talking about right now! You think that it's real?"

" What did you do on the rooftop?" Naruto asked, curious at how Risa, Haruna, and Yui burned at his question. Things were getting way out of hand, and it's not like they could tell him that they thought that fake was him, and they were about to have a threesome.

" D-Don't try to change topics!" Yui pointed an angry finger at her childhood friend, trying to return the conversation to that point earlier. " A-Are you or not going out with more girls while you are in a relationship with Momo-san?"

" N-No, I'm not going out with anyone else. I swear!" Naruto said, waving his hands in front of his face. " Let's all calm down. I get that its weird stuff like that. I'm with Momo, and I'm the happiest with her. Don't worry about me changing, alright? I will stay true to myself. There is no way that I will ever leave her."

At his words, a slight pang appeared on their chest. That's right. He will always be with Momo. That would also mean that all those feelings and aspirations they had to be with him would need to get suppressed forever while watching him from afar.

Selfish as it may be, they thought that maybe he would in the future stop going out with Momo like every first relationship that happens in the adolesce, but they were only lying to themselves. He loved her way too much to give up on her. That harem plan, was it even an option?

" Oh, dear, that is what I would call young love. Roaring to everyone what you feel about your partner." Sephie's giggle made itself present, entering the balcony to gain their attention. " I'm so sorry to interrupt, but we must keep going with our meetings. I came to get you after some minutes as I promised, Uzumaki-kun."

" A-Ah, well, yeah." He turned back for a second, feeling that maybe that wasn't the moment to get back to the party.

" What are you doing?" Yuu laughed with ease, seeing his little brother doubt. " You have a job to do. You can't afford to lose time. Don't worry about us. We will get back to the party with the others."

" That's right. You are the guy for whom they prepared all of this." Akiho joined her boyfriend to ease Naruto's mind. They got way over the top when they were supposed to cheering him on. " Try to enjoy it a little bit too. Don't get obsessed with work now."

" Will do." Naruto chuckled, waving his childhood friends before getting back to the party as Sephie took hold of his arm again. " I will see you all later then!"

" Bye, bye, Naruto-san." Haruna weakly waved her hand, watching her crush going back to his new position. Her eyes were half-open as she conversed with herself. ' Was I that happy to hear that just to have the chance to be Naruto-san's girlfriend?'

Her sister broke out of her thoughts as she felt that Akiho was touching her forearm gently. " We need to talk about this after the party when we get home, Haruna."

Yuu contemplated his girlfriend talking with her sister while the other three girls awkwardly conversed between them, trying to act like nothing was going on in their minds. He had to sigh at such scenes. " Everything it's getting more complicated, it seems."

While his friends got scattered around the party, Naruto couldn't help but massage his forehead at the incoming headache. He would prefer to fight and train non-stop before facing this kind of stuff. He felt so useless and powerless in these situations.

" Matters of the heart are not that easy, my dear." Sephie commented as she faced forward. Her son-in-law sighed in agreement while she saw the next two royals they would approach. " Don't beat yourself up. You are a nice boy who looks out for everyone. I know you will make the best decision for everyone."

" If you say so." Naruto muttered as he began doubting himself.

Sephie's lips twitched upwards with a hint of sadness seeing the always confident teenager in such a manner. Give him an impossible task to accomplish to save lives, and he will jump head-on, but he was only a boy with the same love problems as everyone. She could only give him a hand to think about something else. " Let me introduce you to two friends of mine. They own a wealthy company, and they are also involved in helping the ones who need help."

Naruto could only smile gratefully, seeing her intention. She was becoming the best teacher he ever had. " They sound awesome then. Can't wait to talk with them!"


It has passed some time already, but the party was still going on. Naruto never went to this kind of event before or in his past life, so he had no idea till which hour would keep going. But by the looks of it and how they kept bringing food, it seemed it would last much longer.

He couldn't complain either. He was having fun nonetheless, and it wasn't that difficult to catch on, thanks to Sephie's lessons. There was no wonder why she was the best politician in the universe. She was smart directing the conversation where she wanted and everything without nobody noticing. Her voice seemed to soothe others too, so it was like she was born for the job.

" You are a wonderful student, Uzumaki-kun." The empress commented while she took a glass from a trail that a maid offered her. She quickly thanked her while Naruto took some food from another plate as they were almost finishing. " You catch on quick, and they seem to have fun while talking with you."

" Well, everything is thanks to you. I would be laughed at if it weren't for your tips." Naruto massaged his collar shyly while Sephie placed a hand in front of her veil to stifle a giggle.

" You can't take a compliment at all. That is so endearing." The empress teased as she directed herself to a specific part of the room.

" You are just saying so." Naruto waved dismissively, admitting in a way her statement before realizing that they arrived on the dancing floor. People were dancing elegantly at the beat of the violins and the orchestra. " Oh, Becky would have loved this. It looks like it's gotten taken from one of the movies we always watch."

" We will make sure to bring her next time then." Sephie promised while getting a response that she didn't expect.

" Mmm, about that, I don't think it's a good idea." He gently refused while she gained an expression of confusion. " I would love to bring her and the others here, but the kids don't know what I can do, and I want that to be like that for a long time."

" So you hide your true self in front of them?" Sephie asked with a bit of bewilderment while he seemed troubled by her question. " It seems contraproducent. One day they will learn about you in one way or another."

" I know that. I will tell the kids about it someday, but I don't want them worrying about me. Ana-nee-chan has enough on her plate." Naruto weakly laughed while she shook her head, moved.

" You do think about everyone's feelings." Sephie whispered while he tilted his head since he missed what she just said. She was facing forward, taking a sip of her champagne. " What do you think about this?"

" Dancing?" Naruto asked, receiving a nod. " I would love to learn, but I got no time. I suck at it too. I saw that when I danced with Kyoko-chan on the beach."

" It isn't that important. Gid refuses to go to the floor and dance, for example." She commented, and he believed her right away. It would have been nuts imagining the emperor perform such delicate motions. " Even if nobody forces you to do it, I find it lovely."

" I can't deny that." Naruto agreed, watching the couples laugh and dance like they were the only ones in the world. He had to hum as he placed his hands in his pockets. " Yeah, I do want to learn this one day."

" Why don't you begin now?" Sephie offered while some nervousness formed inside of him. " It's as good times as any. The rhythm is always this one, so that means you won't mess it up."

" I don't think I should. There are a lot of people watching, and I have no partner for this." He quickly said one excuse after another before seeing the empress motion with her hand for someone to approach them.

" Normally, I would love to have the chance to dance a little, but she has been watching us the whole night. I can't steal from her a chance like this." She commented while he gazed around to see how it was. " My little Lala is a magnificent dancer, believe it or not."

Lala was approaching them, taking hold of her dress to raise it a little so she could run up to them without falling. She was smiling in ecstasy that she could talk with the boy she loved. " Do you need something, Mama?"

" Oh, yes, sweetheart. I called you because Uzumaki-kun needs a partner for a dance." Sephie causally said while her daughter's eyes shined. " I'm a bit tired, so I'm unable to do so. I will sit for a while. Maybe you could teach him a little?"

" Of course! I'd love to, Mama!" Lala energetically nodded, grabbing her crush's hands with both hers while his chest tightened, seeing the brightness of her eyes over something so small. " I will do my very best to teach you, Naruto-kun!"

" Oh, okay, that would be good." He shyly commented, gazing at the floor before he was drag into the dancing floor. " W-Wait, I'm falling, Lala!"

" Hehe, don't be silly, Naruto-kun." She giggled, taking the center of space turning around to grab one of his hands.

" I swear someday I'm going to lose my teeth or break a bone with you." He said in premonition, dread appearing inside his body, yet he couldn't help but chuckle at her antics. She was more than adorable. But somehow, she had a troubled face at the moment. " Something wrong?"

" Mmm, well, I don't want to criticize you or anything. But your right hand shouldn't be on my shoulder. It should be on my lower back." Lala pointed, taking hold of it to place it above her behind. She hummed with content thanks to the rectification. " Yep, that is the place."

" You could have told me so. There was no need to be so nervous." He chuckled, slightly shaking his head. " You are teaching me, isn't that true? And I know how to take some tips, so don't worry, teacher."

" I will do then!" Lala widely grinned, and that smile could easily surpass his own that was trademark from long ago. He had never seen someone like her. " So tell me. How did it go talking with Run-chan's parents and the rest?"

" They are nice. If I'm sincere, I didn't think to this point." Naruto admitted while gazing up in thought. " I thought that only you and your sisters and Mom were like that, and the rest were only douchebags."

" It depends on the planet. Some are unbearable, and others are easy to get along with since always. You will see what I mean in the future." Lala commented, deciding to put a spin that he instinctively followed through. " That was a nice one! But you have to hold me closer when we spin. It makes the movement more natural."

She pressed herself against him while Naruto did his best to don't focus on the sensation against his chest. That red dress she wore didn't help either. When she began to turn around, he spun with her. " I-I see what you mean."

" Easy, right?" Lala smiled while he shyly nodded. " If you know this kind of thing, then dancing t's nothing to worry about if you follow the techniques."

" I didn't know you were so good at this." Naruto said, pushing his inner turmoil down. " I thought you were closed in your lab making machines or proving new theories."

" I had time for everything." She took a step back while he spun her around herself before she returned to his chest. " The history and political lessons were way too boring, but dancing was one of the things that I loved doing when I was little."

" Your mom told me once or twice that she couldn't make you or your sisters stay put while she taught you what she knew." He teased while she playfully stuck her tongue out. " It's a pity she makes it fun."

Lala blinked at his statement before she approached him to whisper. " You don't have to lie because it's Mama. She isn't hearing us right now."

" I know it's just the truth." He repeated before conceding some of what she said. " I will give it to you that history of space and the rest feels like a hammer in the head, but I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm feeling that I'm finally getting close to my goal, you know?"

" I have to admit that I never cared about becoming empress, so I guess that I understand what you mean." Lala nodded before they spun around for the third time. " I'm just glad to see Mama so happy again."

" What do you mean?" Naruto asked while he raised an eyebrow. Somehow it was easier to dance with her, but he only followed her movements when that wasn't supposed to be his job.

" There were some problems because of the competition between Mama and Papa. She didn't want to make it all about strength, and Papa cares only about that." Lala said, looking back in time. " Mama thinks that a true ruler has to be compassionate and understanding, so making it all focused on the power, she got scared that a tyrant would come up."

" It makes sense. I somehow get what Gid means since there is no way that someone weak would get any recognition. I don't think that they would even respect him." He sighed at her father's point of view. " But it's not the most important thing. Like your mom says, it's way too dangerous to give that position only about power. There are way too many people who would sacrifice everyone else for it."

" That's what Mama told him." Lala commented, seeing how similar her mother and her crush thought. " Sometimes I think he is bored, so he did all of this to fight against strong ones."

" And that idiot gives you as a prize." Naruto gritted with teeth in annoyance. Both the throne and one's daughter were too precious to give it up like that, but it's like that dumbass seemed to play with it. " I swear I'm going to have to knock some sense into him."

" I don't think Papa would have given me to someone mean or anything, Naruto-kun." Lala whispered, trying to ease his anger. " That is just how it's supposed to be, I guess."

" Never." Naruto pressed, frowning at that logic. " I'm not letting that happen. You are free to do what you want. Everyone deserves that much."

" I know." Lala's features softened. He took it way more than personal. The boy she fell in love with practically made it his goal. Not only that, but he drove away also the other suitors from her sisters. Since he utterly humiliated Nana's suitor, no one dared to try to contact them. " You keep showing us how important we are to you."

" I have to, you know? If not, Zastin would chop me up to pieces if I mess it up." He joked, shaking his head. He was confused when Lala slowly stopped dancing to notice later that the music was ending. " That's it? I thought it would be more difficult."

" It's going to begin again." She pointed to the orchestra as they changed the sheet music while he gazed around to see some getting out and others getting in. " Can I have one more dance with you, Naruto-kun?"

" Why not? You make me look awesome, so I have no problems." He gave her a foxy grin before he stopped breathing for a second when she circled her arms around his neck. " L-Lala? What are you doing?"

" The music is slow. It's how you dance when it's this kind of tempo." She answered while placing her head slowly on his chest. She breathed in his scent while they barely moved their feet if they compared it with before.

" A-Ah, you are right." Naruto gulped, seeing how other's poses were. He didn't have the heart to tell her that nobody else was as close as themselves. He was getting much more nervous than before. " So, um, that's good music. What am I saying? It has to be if they play it here."

" Everything it's way better when I'm with you." The princess said, taking her arms from his neck to hug him under his coat. " I feel like the universe is pink and made of clouds if you are close to me."

" I-I think you are exaggerating a bit too much." The Jinchūriki stuttered, not knowing what he was supposed to do with his arms. ' It wouldn't hurt to hug her. It's only that. A-And friends hug! That's right! That's completely normal, and there is nothing to overthink, right?'

Lala had to stifle a giggle as he awkwardly breathed out with his head high while he hugged her back. What she didn't see was the pink hue that appeared on his face. She was already happy with that, but when he placed his face on the top of her hair and inhaled her scent, she began feeling self-conscious.

" Etoo, Naruto-kun, it has been some hours already, and it's kind of hot in here, so maybe I don't smell as good as at the beginning of the party." Lala apologized before he tightened the hug to reassure her.

" You are overthinking it. You smell like roses, so don't worry about that." That's what he said, but somehow that just came upon his head, and he had no way to be discreet to see if the deodorant was still working. " But I'm saying that I also had been walking around and meeting lots of people, so I got nervous. Maybe I sweated too, you know?"

" You also smell like flowers, Naruto-kun." She couldn't contain the smile that appeared on her lips as she interrupted him before he could freak out too. She loved how adorable he was while he breathed in relief. " I never saw you so nervous around me for so little. Usually, I have to be naked or kissing you."

" Don't say stuff like that here, Lala." Naruto nervously whispered, hoping that nobody would have listened to her. Wait, that wasn't the important thing. She was right in what she just said. " A-And I'm nothing like that. I'm light and breezy, you know me. No other things in my mind like how beautiful you look or how good that dress looks on you."

" You are thinking all of that about me?" She slightly separated from him, her arms still around his torso, and he had to take his gaze away from her as her eyes were glowing. " Since when did you begin to see me like that?"

" I told you I was not!" He quickly lied while her brightness made him blind. He got divided in his mind. There were too many things that we're telling him to ignore what he was feeling, but on the other side, he was becoming the kind of person he hated the most. Gritting his teeth, he let himself go for once. " M-Maybe I do think everything that I just told you. A-And maybe, just maybe, I cannot control those thoughts about you since long ago."

" Really? That's so good, Naruto-kun! You are finally opening up!" Lala exclaimed, doing her best to don't jump on the spot repeatedly to don't call everyone's attention. " I had some suspicions when we went to the zoo, but I wasn't sure!"

" I said maybe, Lala!" The Jinchūriki remarked before he was beginning to feel a pit on his stomach. If he lied about something so big or took her feelings lightly, then he didn't deserve this second chance he was receiving with this amazing life. He broke apart for a second and grabbed his head. " Agh, who am I kidding? I do like you. I know that I shouldn't say this, and it makes me a scumbag, but I like you a lot."

Lala appeared to get petrified at his confession. She didn't expect him to say that first and out of the blue like this. Indeed, Nemesis, Mea, and herself thought that it wouldn't take so much for him to realize it, but he just jumped from a cliff to say his feelings. He began to get scared when she didn't say anything, but that got quickly solved.

" I couldn't be any happier than this." Lala whispered with a smile gracing her face and a blush adorning her features. Her hands were in her chest as she felt her heart going at the same speed, yet louder than ever. " I don't understand why you would insult yourself, but you don't know how much those words mean to me."

" Because it shouldn't work like this, Lala. Nobody would understand us." Naruto admitted, showing her what his fears were. " I was never scared of losing since I had nothing to lose to begin with, but now I have a lot. I have you guys, and not only that, but people will begin to call you names behind your back or make fun of you."

" I don't care. I don't know what people will say, but I cannot care less. " Lala took his face with one hand. He felt like melting at her touch. " Neh, Naruto-kun, do you remember what you said when you fought Zastin when he came to get me back or when Ren arrived?"

" Yeah, that I would protect you." Naruto said, looking into his memories and feeling lost about her question.

" You said much more. You would fight anyone who came for me. You didn't care about armies or how to hurt you were, even if you lose your arms and legs." Lala reminded him, caressing his whiskers marks with her thumb. " That's how I feel about you. Who cares what they will say? I want to be with you. The rest is only noise they will make because they don't know you as I do."

Naruto glanced to the floor, sporadically moving his eyes to her loving expression. Someone so happy and good like her didn't deserve what she will have to go through for him. " I will break anyone's jaw that says anything bad about you."

" I know." Lala giggled into her hand, taking hold of his hand that he was tightening into a fist to relax him.

" I will punch anyone's eyes out if they even look at you in the wrong way." He continues while she caressed his forearm.

" I know that too, Naruto-kun." The princess said, closing the distance between them before barely taping his nose with her's while tiptoeing.

" T-Then even if it's selfish, can we have a date?" Naruto managed to say. He waited for a second that for him seemed ten years, and he began sputtering words as he got incredibly nervous without giving her a chance to answer. " W-We could go get ice cream. Wait, that's too cold, we are in winter. What do you say about aquapark? No, that's the same thing we aren't in summer. But we could fly to another country where it's hot, you know?"

" With you, I can swim naked on the artic or wear hundreds of jackets inside of a volcano." Lala laughed at his antics, hugging him placing her head below his chin. " So I don't care where we go or what we do. I only want a date with the boy I love!"

" We will. I promise that after the party and we get back home when you are free, we will go to one." Naruto said, burning up thanks to their closeness and her confession. It was hilarious seeing him as stiff as a table. It's like he has never been with a girl before.

" I can go even tomorrow! Let's skip school and go on a date!" Lala immediately proposed. What else could be more necessary than this after waiting for so long?

" I have to go to visit the kids and Nee-chan tomorrow, so mmm, what do you say in two days?" He said, scratching the back of his head. " I have been a long time away, and it isn't fair."

" No, no, I understand. Ana-chan and Becky-chan with all the kids are more than probably missing you." She nodded in acceptance as the orphanage came into her mind. " I would be more than freaking out after being so long without seeing you."

" A-Alright, in two days it is." Naruto grinned, cursing himself for stuttering. " Thanks a lot for this. I will make sure I prepare something big for us."

" I can't wait then." Lala gave him the brightest smile he had ever seen before she began tapping the chain that held his coat. " Neh, can I ask you for a kiss?"

" S-Shouldn't we wait after the date? That usually is how it goes, right?" He reminded her before she childishly puffed out her cheeks.

" I know that, but I waited this long." She said, stretching backward while her arms circled his torso. " One small peck won't hurt. We can maintain the magic of a long kiss after the date. Okay? Win-Win in each case."

" I-I guess I was stubborn enough till now." Naruto conceded while glancing in every direction. She felt like it was Christmas. " Nobody is looking at us, but we should get out of here in case someone turns their eyes to here."

" Then kiss me now before anyone sees us." She playfully pressed, making him concede with nervousness. There was no win against her for sure.

" Just a quick one, then." He said as Lala nodded, going on her tiptoes while he leaned in. There were too many contradictions inside of him. It wasn't like all the doubts magically disappeared. It was the other way around, but he couldn't say no to her. He couldn't help but think as he closed his eyes. ' It's a fast one. We did kiss with more passion before, so I guess this isn't much for her.'

As their lips met, he realized how wrong he was. He was the one to cross those last centimeters, and it felt like it was more than right. The kiss lasted some seconds longer than the peck that they promised, but it was already way too difficult to break apart when they did. It was pure and chastized, yet it left them wanting so much more.

" You said it would be a short one." Lala joked, caressing his forehead with hers. Her voice came out as a whisper. " It felt so much better than I remember."

" So I wasn't the only one thinking like that." He mused, receiving a shake of her head as an answer. " It was more than amazing."

" Yep. It was way better than I expected for a short one. I can't wait to have a proper one." She whispered, going in for another kiss. When he was about to go again, she took a step back, slapping her cheeks to regain her senses. " No, no bad, Lala. I have to maintain my word. We promised to leave it till after the date."

" O-Of course, you are more than right." He awkwardly nodded, feeling like punching himself since he was about to let himself go in front of so many people. " That's why you are the smartest one everywhere."

The two teenagers talked, doing their best to hide their blushes while coming out of the dancing floor, thinking that nobody saw them. But four girls were mischievously grinning since they indeed witnessed the beginning of breaking that enormous wall that pushed out everyone else that wasn't Momo.

Some people may ask what the big deal was on seeing such a small thing, but for those two girls who laughed maniacally to themselves, they were more than clear about it. It wasn't only that either that made them act like that. Though one girl was backing away from them, the other got just lost.

" This is it. Not only was Naruto the one who kissed Lala-hime, but he agreed to date her too." Nemesis had a predatory smile adorning her face. She was looking at him like a lion waiting for the gazelle to approach a good enough terrain to attack.

" I don't think we have to wait much more after that, Master." Mea said with the same glee as the dark-skinned girl. " We only have to get a bit out of the way, and after the date, we can jump for his bones."

" I will be watching videos and preparing the things that I want to try for when he gets back at home with Lala-hime." Nemesis licked her lip in anticipation. " I'm not losing even one second after he gets on the door. It will take us all night to go over all the things I want to try."

" That's an amazing idea! I will do the same!" Mea energetically nodded before a glint appeared in her eyes. " I can't wait to team up like we almost did with Momo-chan last time. It's going to drive Senpai crazy."

" At least you two are showing some restrain for now." Mikan weakly laughed, feeling pity for her crush. " You two are a handful sometimes. But I will have to admit that I'm glad that you two are at his side like Yami-chan is."

" Leave it to us, Mikan-chan. We have Senpai's back. I promise." Mea said, giving her a winning sign with her fingers. " Next time, we won't take our eyes even one second from him."

" Thanks, I cannot do anything when it comes to that part of his life." Mikan breathed in, feeling grateful for those three. " I almost had a heart attack when Zastin informed us that he fell unconscious from the ship you guys were in, and you managed to get him."

" It was stupid on our part." Golden Darkness chimed in, frowning at the memory. There was no other feeling that felt as horrible as flapping her wings as fast she could and having mere millimeters to grab him while the ground approached them. " We let ourselves get distracted, and it could have cost us greatly."

" It won't happen again, Golden Darkness." Nemesis promised with her arms crossed on her petite chest. " He will keep growing stronger, and we will get used to being his backup. We aren't used to it yet, but it won't take long either."

" Will that be enough?" Yami asked with her eyes half-open, watching at him from afar while he chatted with Lala and Sephie that just joined. " That's the same thing that leaving everything in his hands. He has no real support when it comes to battles."

" You saw the same thing that we did, Yami-onee-chan. Senpai is in a league of his own." Mea said, trying to ease her worries. " It was a one on a time thing. I don't think many others can be a threat to him as he is now."

" But there are some." Yami pressed, feeling hopeless in such a predicament. " In that case, what can we do? Being a backup isn't going to save him. If Naruto doesn't win against whoever faces him, then we wouldn't be ready to do anything."

" There is a way." Nemesis said in an afterthought while gazing at the ceiling. She quickly corrected herself even as she received that hopeful look from Yami. " But forget about it, Golden Darkness. It makes no sense for you to aim for that thing."

" That's my choice, not yours." Yami pressed, her expression changing into a frown. " I want to be even stronger than I am now."

" At what price?" Nemesis asked, raising an eyebrow. She shrugged her shoulders when she didn't back away. " I came to Earth to give you that kind of strength, but I changed my mind. That kind of thing will only make you lose yourself and force you to destroy everything that it's a sight. Even that planet."

" Is there something like that, Master?" Mea curiously asked since it was the first news that she had about that. " I thought that you wanted us three to reunite and live as we pleased, free of anyone."

" That was the way for us to obtain it. But we already are free, and we are having a blast like you said, Mea. So there is no need for that kind of tactic." Nemesis said, getting a nod in confirmation from her servant. Then she looked at Yami, who seemed unsure of that information. " We will do what we can to help, but it's not worth you going to that side. You won't make anyone happy with it."

" I-I don't want to lose you, Yami-chan." Mikan chimed in, grabbing her friend's hands. " I want to keep being your friend forever. I get what you are feeling. Rin-san, Haruna-san, many others, and I feel even worse since we don't have the capacities of you three, but Nemesis-san is right. We will be so sad if you aren't with us anymore."

Yami appeared to be pensive for a while. The stakes had risen to an incredible level, and she found herself wanting to meet the quota that got needed to be where he was. And that was strange for her. She didn't much care about that. Her job was the assassination, so being intelligent and sneaky was her field, nothing else.

Then Golden Darkness found herself stretching her arm for a back that was way too distant for her. When she thought that she was getting closer to him by hanging out and having fun, he kept walking even further to new levels. What was the right thing to do? Losing herself didn't seem an option, not after she met Naruto, her friend, and everyone else. She could reach him on another way.

" It's okay, Mikan. I won't do whatever she had in mind." Yami reassured her friend, who let out a breath in relief. " You are right, Nemesis. It makes no sense to reach the point where I'm not myself. I want to keep hanging out with all of you. It's fun."

" You could have more fun if you joined the harem." Nemesis pointed out with one finger raised while Yami and Mikan blushed at her proposal. This time it seemed that Yami beat her friend. Well, Mikan was somehow getting used to their tease. " You will be a nice asset for our nocturnal activities."

" I can't do that kind of thing!" Yami said, taking one step back, making sure to don't step on her black dress. She narrowed her eyes at the fellow weapon with a pink hue on her cheeks. " I hate ecchi. I will be no part of such schemes."

" It's a pity. You don't know what fun you are missing." Nemesis said, acting as if she admitted defeat. When Golden Darkness calmed down and let her guard down, she approached to hug her. " You would be missing out a lot if you don't want to be part of our family. You have the right body. I'm sure Naruto would love to break you too into submission."

" Mmm, Yami-onee-chan has nice boobs." Mea mused while Yami stepped away, covering her chest with an arm and a glare that they couldn't take seriously, thanks to her flustered state. " I would love that you join us on the bed! Though we still have to change the bed. With Mikan, we are already seven without counting Senpai."

" What are you counting me in for?" Mikan exclaimed, doing her best to don't shout and embarrass herself even further. She exploded in an atomic blush as her mind betrayed her and sent her images with Mea, Momo, and the rest having sexual intercourse altogether. " T-That's way too fast! I want to have a romantic relationship with Naruto, not an orgy!"

" Oh, I get it." Mea blinked in realization before quickly apologizing. But it wasn't what she expected. " You wanted your first times with Senpai alone. That's normal. I want that too, Mikan-chan. But later, you will get used to it, and you will want to join with everyone. It's natural."

" I-I-I won't! Don't put those kinds of things in my mind, Mea-san!" Mikan whined, shaking her head at high speeds to take those images out of her mind.

" Leave Mikan alone." Yami threatened, placing herself in front of her friend. " There is no way that she would agree to any of that. The idea of sharing and having a harem can't work."

" Normally, I would say yes." Nemesis admitted, tapping her chin with one finger. " But Naruto is like out of this world. So we only have to prove to you that it's going to work out before you decide to join us."

" I-I-I won't!" Yami stuttered in denial. " I don't have any romantic feelings towards Naruto. So there is no way that I would want that."

" What are you talking about, Yami-onee-chan?" Mea asked, tilting her head towards her direction. She had to blink at the fellow weapon's statement. " You love Senpai. It's way too obvious. Right, Mikan-chan?"

" T-That's not for me to say. Yami-chan has to sort it out as we all did. We can't tell her what she feels." Mikan refused to meet theirs while she put her yellow dress in place as if she was making sure that it wouldn't wrinkle. " But from outside, it looks like it. You don't smile at us like you do when you are near Naruto."

" T-That's because he is funny and makes you feel good without even trying, just by making you laugh. He always looks out for us, so I enjoy being with him." Yami explained to her friend, who sweatdropped. It's not like she didn't understand what she wanted to say.

" It's the same way I feel." Mikan gently said, trying to don't force Golden Darkness. But she felt like she needed some hint to acknowledge what she was feeling. " I know that I like Naruto because of that."

" See? There you go." Nemesis slammed her hands together, breaking the blonde out of her stupor. " You are free to do what you want, but it would be kind of boring if you keep denying it. And about the harem part, Mikan thought about it the same way, and now she will join it since she changed he mind."

" It's that true, Mikan?" Golden Darkness asked her friend in disbelief, who shyly nodded with her hair covering her face.

" T-This is the only way to be with Naruto. He will always love Momo, but he likes us too. Then he will love us too when we begin dating." Mikan muttered as Mea agreed in confirmation. " I-I don't mind sharing if it's with him."

There was some silence in that group while people around them chatted. Meanwhile, Mikan straightened her bangs with her hands, sporadically looking at Yami, who was blushing like her. Mea and Nemesis loved their reactions and thoroughly remembering that moment before another girl joined the group.

" Why do I feel like you guys are saying something weird?" Nana said, approaching the group with her twin. Mea looked offended at her insinuation.

" Don't say that! The harem is nothing like that! You will be part of it too, Nana-chan!" As Mea comically cried while hugging her friend, Nana burned red at the tone of her voice.

" I-I know that, but don't say it out loud here, Mea!" Nana almost begged, covering one side of her face. " There is no need for anyone else to know!"

Momo could only sigh at her twin's and Mea's antics while she had a hand on her forehead. It was way too much of a job without anyone's else hand. Thankfully, she had Mikan with her and, hopefully, one day Mikado. " Please don't mind what they were saying. You already know that Mea and Nemesis love to tease everyone, Mikan."

" Y-Yeah, I know that. Don't worry, Momo-san." Mikan reassured her before glancing at her friend. " They were talking with Yami-chan about it, not me."

' Those two idiots. Why do they have to complicate it more than it should? I haven't even begun talking with Yami-chan to ease the idea on her mind.' Momo did her best to avoid gritting her teeth and hide the throbbing vein on her head. Taking a breath in discretely, she gently smiled at the blonde. " I'm sorry for their behavior. I hope they didn't say anything to tick you off and make you want to go away from us."

" I wouldn't go that far." Golden Darkness promised, making Momo place a hand on her chest and sigh in relief. " I know how they are, so it's not a big deal Princess Momo."

" That's good to know." She nodded in content, placing a strand of her hair behind her ear. She would be way more discrete than the other two. " Naruto-san would hate if you don't hang out with us anymore. I have seen how close he has gotten to you."

Yami's blush has somehow returned but much more mild. There was no hint of any refusal, and she was smiling all to herself. " He is a good person. Way more than I thought it could be possible. It's an honor to have met him."

" Oh, I hope that you don't begin acting all formal with him now. Naruto-san hates those stuff. He barely can take it from Zastin." Momo giggled, joined by Golden Darkness.

" I won't. I know that Naruto prefers being less formal with his friends." Yami nodded while Momo gratefully smiled.

While these two keep chatting, the others were looking at them with a deadpan. It was incredible how easy the princess made it look. It was a bit scary if they stopped for a second to think about it.

" Sometimes I forget how astute, Momo-chan is." Mea weakly laughed at the scene while the others nodded. " She isn't obvious at all but keeps putting traps while making them feel at ease. That's a lioness way of hunting."

" Yeah, it's the same. Naruto isn't moving a finger, and it's Momo who brings girls near to him." Nana sweatdropped seeing the comparison. In the jungle, the lion just sat there waiting for food while the females did all the hunting.

" Hehe, that's Momo-hime for us. I knew that she wouldn't let us down." Nemesis grinned while Mikan felt her body go forward with tiredness.

' I thought I was getting used to this, but they keep getting more crazy every day.' Mikan comically cried to herself. But even with all of those antics, she quickly forgot about it when she caught a glance of Naruto, who talked with Run's parents. ' Well, it's all worth it after I get my date with Naruto.'

While Nana and the rest kept chatting, this time a bit calmer since the others like Yuu and Rito joined them, the King of Memorze and his wife maintained a cheerful conversation with the boy that caused another uproar as his battle with Gid.

This time not only this planet got shaken to its core, but also everyone's else since they knew that Memorze was doomed. Not everyone believed that a mere earthling could accomplish such a thing and much less by himself, yet his name gained recognization by the second. Why did they scoff at such news? It was because there was nobody who could manage to accomplish that deed. It was insulting for the other species to say that he did it indeed.

" So, Naruto-sama, what are your plans from now on? I'm sure that you are more than busy with the competition." Run's father asked. He had green hair like his daughter, while his wife at his side was white and black like Ren has it. He was more than respectful towards the fellow King.

" I'm not that busy for now. It has been a while since the suitors got to Earth, so I'm much freer about that." Naruto admitted, gazing up in thought. " I will go to school and keep up with my training while I do other things."

" I don't think you will be so bothered like before. Your name inspires fear on the other contestants." The Queen said, making him sweatdrop at that piece of information. She was surprised by his reaction. " You didn't know? Most don't believe the rumors, but mostly they stay away from your planet because of how you humiliated Prince Chontoise."

" Chontoise?" Naruto repeated. That name sounded familiar. Oh, yeah, the stupid bird that tried to kidnap Nana. " Yeah, that pompous dumbass did something that should get punished with torture. I let him off the hook to make him out of an example for others."

Sephie and the Queen giggled at how his fingers twitched with annoyance at the mention of that prince. " Uzumaki-kun is saying that, but he is way too humble to admit that he didn't want to hurt him. Nonetheless, he is more than fiercely protective about who he cares about, so he becomes like this with the ones that try to harm his friends and family."

" That's a quality that not many have. I have to say that I lack it." The King admitted but without any shame. " It's not easy to practice forgiveness with the ones that hurt your loved ones."

" It would have been much harder if he has gotten his hands on Nana. If I'm sincere, I don't know if I could have kept myself under control if she had gotten hurt." Naruto sighed while scratching the back of his head. " At least I'm trying to follow my teacher's philosophy as best as I can."

" What would that be. If I may ask?" The Queen elegantly tilted her head with curiosity. It was good to know what kind of man they associated themselves with days ago.

" Where I come from a place where peace seemed impossible. War was our everyday life between each village, and assassinations were the norm to survive. They taught us to do anything to protect our homes." Naruto explained. Sephie's eyes widened behind her veil since she never heard of it, while Memorze's Queen felt pity for the boy who grew up in such a manner. " So in a place like that, hate was the most common emotion. That only brought more killing, and in consequence, the hate grew even further."

" It's understandable and the most logical reaction. You want to hurt the ones who hurt you before." The King said, taking a sip from his beverage. That was one of the reasons why wars kept going before Gid stopped it all.

" Then such a cycle would never end." Naruto said, remembering Pain's speech. " That's what I want to do by following my Sensei's teachings. I want to create a reign where we can live with each other by talking things out, without the need to kill each other if something happens."

" But you need to have the strength to make the people fear you. Otherwise, they won't follow you." The Queen seemed a bit confused at his philosophy. It had way too many holes. If the current reign worked was because everybody trembled when Gid was in the vicinities.

" I don't want people to fear me. They don't have to follow me either if they don't want to." The Jinchūriki frowned at her logic while the two rulers seemed to get broken from all of their schemes. " For a reign like that, it won't take long before a revolution starts. Anyone can follow me if they wish. That's how I want to reign. I want to be acknowledged by everyone without the need to suppress anybody. I will protect the weak whenever they need me without asking anything back, and that's what will lead me to higher levels."

The people hearing him were speechless. He wasn't wrong in what he said. Indeed, some revolts already happened, but they got meant to happen more since Gid utterly annihilated them without any negotiation behind. On the other hand, Naruto didn't want to force anybody. Logically, the empire would come to pieces with such an ideology. And yet his words, his actions, his presence, everything about him made them want to bow with utter respect and follow him and his utopia to the end of times.

" I will repeat myself, Naruto-sama. No, I apologize for my lack of respect, Uzumaki-sama." The King placed one knee on the ground, and the rest of the lords followed his actions as if they were in a trance. The attention of Naruto's friends has focused on them thanks to such a scene. " Planet Memorze has experienced first hand your kindness and philosophy. What makes you different are your actions, not only your words. That's why we will be honored to be under your command. We vow that no other Emperor outside you will ever rule us."

That was the second time in the night, without hours, that Haruna and the rest were left stupified. Every royal kneeled in front of their friend. He was only seventeen, and yet he had two whole planets under him in less than a week.

" How awesome is he?" Yuu asked no one while he cleaned his eyes with his forearm to check if his sight didn't betray him. " The whole room is bowing to him, and they met in what? Five hours ago?"

" All of this is as incredible as we saw of Uzumaki-san's past life." Rito weakly laughed, feeling his knees go weak. " Somehow, I keep forgetting who he is since we live together, but these moments are just incredible."

" I would say that's normal in Senpai, but I'm reacting like everyone else." Mea said, turning around as they got surrounded by those pledges.

After that, no other sound got made. The now new subordinates were still holding their poses gazing at the floor, and the Jinchūriki's friends couldn't by any means shake such feeling of admiration from their bodies that left them unable to move. Everyone waited for Naruto to say something, but his actions went against their expectations.

" Please, there is no need for any of this." Naruto gently grabbed Memorze King's arms and helped him to stand up from that position. The ruler felt his admiration grow by his easy-going grin that got accompanied by the following words. " I already said that I don't want to force people under me, and I don't want this planet getting into trouble because of me either."

" But that is something that we wish. I didn't force anyone to bow to you, but everyone is doing it because of personal's volition." Run's father pressed, finding for the first time in his life someone he wanted to follow. He shouldn't feel that emotion. His status and pride should never let him do that, and yet they were ready to take his side.

" Then wait for me." Naruto raised his hand, waiting for Memorze's ruler to take hold of it. " I will become Emperor. I won't let you guys down either. Then we will make everything better for everyone. That's my dream."

The man contemplated the hand of that teenager. He was no older than his son, and yet his charisma was one that he had never experienced before. He gladly shook hands with a man of that caliber. " We will wait for you. In the meantime, we will be expecting for any call if you need us, Uzumaki-sama."

" Call me whenever you have any problem too then. That's our deal." Naruto a wide grin, and the King and royals felt like chuckling at his easy-going nature. He was the sun if they compared it to Gid.

While the two Kings talked and the other royals joined as he was the center of attention, the Queen could only smile at the boy who became their hope. She also could discern the proud look on the empress's face right behind that veil.

" You are doing an amazing job raising this young man, Sephie-sama. I must thank you." The Queen bowed, receiving a shake of the empress's head.

" That's all Uzumaki-kun's effort. I can't, on my good conscience, take credit for such a thing." Sephie said, not taking her eyes off from her son-in-law. It all went much better than she ever imagined. He didn't even try to receive such honor, and yet that was the outcome. " Nonetheless, I wish that I could say so. I had been teaching him only history, and they were barely three lessons."

" He is much more than the fine young man my daughter commented he was then." She didn't know how to react anymore. Their future emperor was like nobody else that ever lived. It seemed that her son wasn't right about what he said about him.

" Naruto-kun, I love you so much!" Run exclaimed, jumping into his arms in front of her father and everyone else, gaining chuckles at Naruto's expression.

" Wait, Run-chan! Your father is going to kill me if you say those things!" The Jinchūriki embarrassingly exclaimed while she caressed her cheek against his.

" Maybe we should be preparing a wedding while you are here, Uzumaki-sama." The King joked, making Naruto's jaw slack off while his daughter glowed at the idea.

" Really? Can we, Papa?" Run's head turned to her father while hugging for dear life her crush, unable to contain her glee. " See, Naruto-kun? I told you my parents would be more than happy to give you my hand."

" He is joking, Run-chan!" Naruto exclaimed while laughter broke in that party room. Not even the maids and butlers were able to contain their amusement at such a scene.


The night went on in a much-relaxed manner. It reached a point when it didn't look like a high-class party but more like friends hanging out during an everyday Friday. The dancing's rhythm became much faster, and the alcohol was disappearing the second that arrived through the doors.

When the time was about to go back, everyone on Memorze's planet waved them goodbye, much to their sadness since they offered their future boss to stay forever if he wished so. Sadly, he had to go, but he promised to go back some other time if they didn't need anything from him and only to keep talking.

When they arrived through the portal, the sun showed up in the sky, and the earthlings decided to go to sleep for some hours before going to school. So as everyone went to their homes and the ones that lived in the Uzumaki household went to their rooms, Naruto went to his bed with Momo to take off those clothes and get a much-needed rest.

He was about to skip school and sleep the day off, but he wanted to see Mikado and Tearju, who couldn't come to the party. He still didn't quite understand why either.

" I had a blast. What about you, Momo-chan?" Naruto asked, still with some adrenaline from the night while easing the tie from his neck.

" It was much better when you already finished your job. I finally could have some of the night with you." Momo admitted, taking her heels off while she sat on the chair before seeing her boyfriend struggling to take off the tie thanks to the coat. " Let me give you a hand, Sweetie."

" Hehe, thanks a lot. I love when you treat me like this." Naruto grinned while she playfully shook her head. She carefully took the dragon chain from the coat and put it on the table to have more space to take his tie off. She was unable to contain her giggles when he quickly stole her a peck. " I also preferred when I was with my queen tonight, you know?"

" Oh, I didn't think about it with everything going on, but that would made me your queen." Momo said, taking his coat off while he energetically nodded. He was more than adorable with how happy he acted over that matter. She put the purple jacket on the chair since there was no specific place for it at the moment and turned around, seeing him grin like a child, sitting against his desk as he already took off his vest. " I never imagined I would have a King before. It sounds sexy."

" Well, I love that you think like that." Naruto mischievously grinned while she placed her hand against his abs. He cupped her face with one hand as she pressed herself on his body, but when she went for a kiss, she noticed something off in him.

" What is in your mind, Sweetie?" Momo gently asked, seeing how distracted he appeared to be.

" I have to tell you something before anything, Momo." He said, feeling a bit nervous. It was way too bizarre to comment to his girlfriend even though he knew that she was more than happy with it. " I asked Lala on a date. I-If that's okay with you."

" Hehe, did you? Those are spectacular news then, Naruto-san. You scared me there for a second." She gave him a small smile, and Naruto sweatdropped at her reaction. He didn't expected her to be that happy.

" You are the only one who would react that way, Momo-chan." He said, doing his best to hide his awkward reaction.

" What can I say? Onee-sama was waiting for too long for this. She deserves it." Momo took out her tongue playfully while he massaged the back of his head. ' I won't say that many more are on the line to don't make him freak out. One at the time. Naruto-san already agreed with the harem with this, so we only need to seal the deal.'

" Y-Yeah, I know that." Naruto commented, thinking about how she threw herself at him. " I hope I can at least give her a nice date."

" You will do a wonderful job." Momo said, taking him to the bed to sit on his lap while playing with his hair. " I know for a fact that you work hard to please your partner. Mmm, I wonder who I know."

" I-I guess you are right." Naruto nodded, letting himself melt on her touch. He could only hope that the date would give him the will to keep going with this craziness. He would bet everything on that as Momo and Nemesis told him. But the last thing he would do was play with Lala's heart. He will give his all.

" Don't worry, Naruto-san. We know that you will take care of us at your very best." Momo said, stealing his lips for some instants before breaking apart and wink at him. " That has always been your strong point."

" I promise." Naruto said before his girlfriend got out of his lap, showing him her back.

" Give me a hand to take out my dress, Sweetie. Then we will plan the date." Momo smiled, making him soothe inside.

" You are just amazing, Momo-chan." Naruto laughed, grabbing his girlfriend from the hips to place her on the bed with him while she broke out in giggles.

" Naruto-san, wait!" Momo exclaimed while her boyfriend tickled her, making her turn around as she couldn't resist.

Finally, there was some peace back. And the shinobi's priority was to maintain it forever.

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