Many things appeared to be out of what they considered usual for the earthlings in Sainan high. In particular, for two of them. They were looking directly to the other side of the room, one gazing sporadically at the scene while the other one was staring at the two teenagers with a raised eyebrow.

They should be getting used to weird things by now with all the things they went through. But, how Naruto and Lala behaved around each other was way more than strange for them than if you compared it to their childhood friend coming from another dimension.

The reason? It wasn't that those two were fighting or mad at each other. It didn't have to do anything with that. It was the other way around instead. They seemed like they were getting along better than ever. Don't get them wrong, those two always were fine around each other, but it was something that they couldn't exactly put their finger on it.

" Isn't Naruto and Lala-chi, you know, like they are different." Risa commented to Haruna as they watched Naruto standing with his back against the wall, arms crossed with the biggest grin on his repertoire. Lala instead giggled into her hand, always with her energetic nature yet more at ease.

" I was thinking the same thing." Haruna admitted with a nod as she gazed at their friends. " Naruto-san has always been full of smiles but not so early in the morning. It usually takes him till the third hour of lessons to fully wake up before getting to be like that."

" Did something happen at the party that we didn't see?" Risa asked herself as she sat on the window waiting for the teacher to begin the first class. " Or maybe was it yesterday that those two didn't come?"

" It could be though it wasn't only Naruto-san and Lala-san that didn't come. Neither Momo-san and Nana-san did." Haruna pointed out from her seat. Haruna would say that it all came from Naruto's happiness after accomplishing so much though she kept her eyes glued to them. " I don't think anyway that we should worry about it. Just by seeing him like that, it's enough for me."

" Yeah, I get what you mean, Haruna-chi." Risa agreed since she couldn't help but share her childhood friend's joy as she scratched the back of her head. " It's just that he wasn't at the party like this. But well, if my knucklehead it's like that, then it's enough for me. I don't care whatever the reason it is."

" Aren't you two so cute?" Mio commented from her seat with a hand on her face as she sighed dreamily at her two classmates. " Look at you two pinning yourselves over the handsome hero. That's what I call true love. But I will have to admit that it blows my mind to see Risa like that."

" Ey! What is that supposed to mean?" Risa asked with an attempted smile as the corner of her mouth twitched at the clear tease. She received a deadpan from Mio while her glasses fell slightly from her nose thanks to her expression. " I get it that you say that I know nothing about romance, but I always cared about Naruto!"

" I didn't say anything against it, did I?" Mio shrugged before hiding her smile behind her hand. She shook her head in amusement at how her friend seemed to get even more annoyed at her casual attitude. " Neh, there is no need to get like that. I'm only joking around a little bit."

" It isn't something to play around with, Mio." Risa said with a sweet smile, but the dark cloud was seen over her head, gaining a chuckle from her friend. " Why are you laughing?"

" Well, it doesn't seem fair, that's all." Mio sang, moving her finger in the air as if she was writing on one board. At Risa's confused face, Mio smirked, loving the situation. " You always teased others, so it's only natural that now you get your turn on the other side."

Risa appeared to be baffled for a second, earning more giggles from her friend that only helped to rile her up even more. So that's the game she wanted to play. As Risa approached her friend, she did her best to hide how she was gritting her teeth. " I will remember this, Mio. The moment you like some boy, I'm getting payback."

" Then I better get it all out of my system." That was Mio's answer as she stuck her tongue out in defiance. " If you are going to do that, then I better enjoy it as much as I can. I can be a little more compassionate towards Haruna-chi since I know she is too sweet to think about revenge."

" I guess I should say thank you?" Haruna weakly laughed since she got in the middle again of a conversation that wasn't for her. Seeing how Risa laughed yet without any strength behind it, she decided to give her a hand. " You don't have to get that mad, Momioka-san. She only was to joke a little bit."

" See? Haruna-chi understands me." Mio nodded in agreement gaining a sigh from Risa. There was no way for Risa to win against Mio since she was the only one with nothing to lose. " Anyway, let's get to the matter at hand. We came to talk about the two love birds over there."

" We were sitting on our seats all the time." Haruna commented, but she got quickly ignored as Mio's glasses showed how it glinted at the possibility of juicy gossip. She had to sweatdrop at that. " I don't think there is much to say about Naruto-san and Lala-san. They probably woke up like that."

" Well, I guess I can see it more or less." Mio agreed, surprising both of them. She had her hand on her chin as she looked to her table. " I mean, if Momo-chi woke up Naruto with sex, then I can see him getting like that for the whole day and so early. But why is Lala-chi like that too? You think they did a threesome?"

" Where did you even get that idea?" Haruna shouted with embarrassment, earning everyone's attention while her whole body burned red from the atomic blush. " That's got nothing to do with it for sure!"

" Mmm, you sure?" Mio tilted her head while blinking for a while. " I know that it's a bit of a stretch those three having sex together, but Momo-chi and Naruto have been a couple for months. Of course, they are going at it like rabbits all the time."

" No, they aren't!" Haruna exclaimed as she shook her head to eliminate those dirty thoughts from her mind. It was more than probable that it happened already though she didn't need to acknowledge it for the sake of her mind's health and heart's one. " Momo-san is younger than us, and she is a lady! You can see it by how she behaves that she is a princess! She wouldn't do stuff like that!"

" Well, they are a couple. It's only natural. And have you seen those two together? It's like they have been in a ten-year relationship, not some months." Mio commented without thinking so much about the damage that her words would bring. She realized too late as she saw Haruna and Risa hanging their heads low in depression. " But that's probably their first relationship. The first ones rarely work out."

" There is no way that those two are ever splitting up." Risa whispered though her voice got heard by her friends. Haruna looked a bit concerned, seeing her friend still hanging her head low. Risa smiled in appreciation over her friend's attention. " Haruna-chi and me but not only us two but everyone can see how they are so good for each other."

" It's not like I can deny that." Mio murmured at her friend's statement. Even though she supported those two, Momo and the blonde hero were more than a perfect match. " But you never know what can happen. There maybe one chance coming somewhere."

" I don't think something like that it's going to happen anytime soon." Haruna laughed yet without meaning it. There were zero chances that their relationships would have any trouble. " And it's not like we can get in the middle."

" Yeah, I can't see you two trying to hurt the love of your life." Mio mused as she looked up to the ceiling. A lighting bulb appeared on the top of her head, and she snapped her fingers. " Why don't you girls try to share Naruto? That would work."

" As if!" Risa shouted since she didn't register that Mio only kept teasing them. Mio had to place her hands in front of herself as Risa was way too close. Risa had a blush adorning her cheeks but didn't even compare to Haruna's. " What we almost did on the rooftop has nothing to do with this!"

" I didn't say anything about a rooftop." Mio quickly defended herself since she felt lost for a moment. Nonetheless, her demeanor changed when some dots connected to her head. You could see it by the smirk on her face. " Don't tell me that when your lovely Naruto went last time on break to meet with you girls, you had some fun between the three of you!"

" N-No! Of course not! It wasn't even Naruto-san! It was just a jellyfish!" Haruna quickly chimed in to avoid that her friend would discover the truth. " I-I mean w-we couldn't do anything like that even if we wanted to do it. It would be crazy, right?"

" Are you asking me?" Mio asked with an amused smile. Her friend didn't realize it, but she told her more than she thought she did. " At first, I was only kidding since I could have never imagined that you seriously would consider something like that. I guess you really want a piece of Naruto, neh?"

" We just told you that we aren't thinking any of that!" Risa exclaimed, huffing at her side while crossing her arms over her chest. " We got a bit confused that day, but there was no way that we would have done anything after all."

Mio appeared to be more than bewildered at her friend's comments, and she didn't know if it was more because of what they were about to do last time or that the shy Haruna was part of it too. " You have to be kidding me. You two wanted to have sex at school in the open with Naruto."

" S-S-Shhh! P-P-Please Sawada-san! Don't say it out loud!" Haruna's head moved from one side to the other of the classroom, hoping that nobody did hear her. Mio was still weakly laughing. " N-Nothing happened! I-I mean sure we got tempted though it would have been wrong like Momioka-san said!"

" O-Oy, Haruna-chi! Don't get all nervous now and confess everything!" Risa chimed in, trying her best to calm her friend down since she bluntly admitted everything without a second thought. She quickly turned her head to Mio's, who was still in shock. " Don't you dare tell anybody about it, Mio!"

" Of course not. All of this is way too much to joke about it." Mio quickly placed a hand in front of her mouth, noticing that the last sentence she said to anybody and the flustered state she earned from her friends. " I mean, I understand that you wouldn't want for others to gossip about it. I won't say a word."

" T-Thanks. We appreciate it a lot." Haruna managed to smile as she did her best to hide her flustered state yet failing miserably. She couldn't help but think that they saved themselves from a lot of trouble. " It was only a small slip up. It's not like Naruto-san would agree to anything like that."

" Normally, I would laugh at that idea that anyone would decline such a lustful offer, but that blonde one isn't like anything I have seen before." Mio mused, coming out of her shock for a bit to gaze at the laughing Naruto. " Man, he is more than weird. Did he get hit so many times in the head?"

" There is no need to say it like that, Sawada-san." Haruna tried to defend her childhood friend thought she would have to admit that she could understand her blunt question. " Naruto-san is a bit different, but that's what makes him so special."

" That doesn't mean that it isn't annoying sometimes with how innocent he is." Risa sighed in exasperation, placing her head on the table while contemplating her childhood friend, and even though she said that, her lips twitched upwards at his happiness. " But it isn't that bad. I prefer him this way."

Her mind went to the party which got held in Memorze planet after they all got invited by Run's parents. All the night was like on those high-class movies she saw, and it was something she would remember forever.

It wasn't that important for her because of the type of party. Risa would have to say that the ones she loved more were the ones where she could dance without a care in the world and giving it all on the dance floor. Nonetheless, just because of a conversation with the love of her life, it was better than thousands of parties that she always went to every weekend.

" Ey, Risa! How is the party going?" Naruto asked her while he walked up to her after he waved goodbye to some lords were laughing their asses out by the interaction with the Earth's king. He was hilarious. " You came for some food?"

" Maybe." Risa smiled in her glass of champagne, amused at the wide grin of her childhood friend. She always loved seeing him like that. " They are bringing new plates every ten minutes. I can't help it since everything smells way too good."

" Amazing, right? They sure know how to party." Naruto freely laughed while her features softened. He always was cheerful, but tonight he seemed to glow. " Now, I get why you go out every weekend. Maybe I should have accepted your proposal and go to some parties with you."

" Mmm, yeah, it isn't exactly like this one where I go." Risa awkwardly stated while she contemplated her hero grabbing some food from the plates before thanking the waiters. " But you should have come. We would have so much fun."

" I will think about it. It wouldn't hurt to try it once." Naruto admitted as he watched at the ceiling before he playfully shoved her with his hip. " Next time you go, call me. I will make sure to have some time free so that we can hang out a bit. It's has been a long time already."

" Don't worry about that. You didn't even have one second to breathe to keep everyone happy." Risa shook her head, and Naruto got genuinely curious as she behaved more caring than usual and not as teasing as she always was. Noticing the look on his face, she couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. " Why are you looking me like that?"

" Nothing big. I thought that I love this side of yours." Naruto chuckled, placing his hands on his pockets as he watched at the dance floor to see Akiho and Yuu dancing lovingly, enjoying the night. " I don't get to see it that much. It only comes out when we get to be alone."

" W-Well, someone has to make sure that you don't work yourself to the bone. Mikan-chi already told me how hard you worked this week. Anyway, since there were too many people at risk, I will let it slide for once." She coughed into her hand, trying to hide her blush and failing so since Naruto was mischievously smirking at her. " Agh, stop it!"

" Okay, okay, don't get mad." Naruto chuckled as he playfully patted her shoulder with one hand. " I promise I will keep it down for a bit to get some peace on my head. At least till the next step."

" Yeah, I guess that it's far from over." Risa weakly laughed, slapping herself since for a second she felt that that was it even though hours ago Naruto told her already that it was only the beginning. Seeing him nod before he accommodated in his purple coat since he wasn't used to it, Risa crossed her arms over her chest and placed her glass high at the height of her face. " Neh, Naruto? Are you happy?"

He had to blink at her sudden question before the corner of his mouth twitched upwards. Man, this was life. " What are you talking about, Risa? With all of you by my side and taking care of me as you guys do, I can never be sad!"

" But that's about us." Risa shook her head at his answer. It made her incredibly happy to hear his words, of course, though she would have to push it down for a second and focus on the conversation. " What I mean is if all of this it's what you want. Or are you doing your hardest because it's all part of your promise to Lala-chi?"

" I can't say that there isn't a part of that." Naruto admitted, scratching his whiskers marks. " Seeing all of these people happy made me realize that even if it's not Hokage what I will become, I can still help others. It will take much more work, I know, but I always wanted this. I want to get admired and accepted by others."

" Till when?" Risa couldn't help but ask. Was it all of that necessary? " You already have this planet and ours that respects you. Isn't that enough?"

" No, it isn't." Naruto admitted while resolved shined in his eyes. " I don't care if it's too greedy. I want everyone to know my name and realize that I am here. I'm not an earthling or a weakling. I am the future emperor."

Risa's breath got cut short for a second. She forgot from time to time, yet since they were children, the love of her life always had those moments. Even if it seemed crazy and reason would dictate to be more rational, you got inevitably knocked out by his presence. He was indeed someone worthy to stand on those levels.

" Look at you talking all that big." She sighed, and Naruto was about to comically snapped at her till she grabbed part of his vest and placed her head on his shoulder. " Then I will have to wait for more parties like these. Shouldn't I?"

A tiny blush appeared on his cheeks as he got a bit nervous at her closeness. She always made him feel like this when she was that caring. He always thought she was more than beautiful. Shaking his head to take away those villain thoughts, he exclaimed. " You better believe that this is the first of many!"

Risa came back from her thoughts as she kept contemplating her childhood friend and Lala from afar while Mio and Haruna kept chatting about those two. There were many things in Risa's mind, and as things were going on, there were many more to come, yet it was everything all right.

" I plan to stick by your side while you become a legend, Naruto." Risa whispered to herself while she removed her head from the table and placed it on her hand, resisting her need to chuckle. " Even though you always have been one."

" What is the little missy dreaming about Haruna-chi?" Mio teased her friend as Haruna felt a bit bad since Risa sent her a half-assed glare that only served to give Mio more ammunition to rile her up. " Eh? Did I say something wrong?"

Meanwhile, Naruto and Lala were on the other side of the space near one of the two entrance doors at each side of the classroom, but only talking about everything and nothing at the same time. Lala couldn't believe it, and Naruto was on the same point.

It was barely a day since their date, and when Naruto woke up, he found himself being hugged on the bed by Momo and Lala, one at each side of him. He was about to say to Lala that she couldn't be there as usual, though when the drowsiness of waking up passed away, he placed his head back on the pillow as he sighed.

That's right. Naruto got two girlfriends now.

Who would have thought that anything like that would happen to him? He at least wouldn't have dreamed about it. It would have never even crossed his mind if Momo didn't offer it to him. Yet, after all that battle and mental struggle, he accepted his feelings towards Lala.

" Neh, what are you thinking about, Naruto-kun?" Lala asked as she tilted her head to one side after seeing him chuckle at his thick-headedness. She would jump on the place non-stop if she could. Of course, when she woke up, the yell of delight after she kissed him good morning couldn't compare to anything she ever lived before.

" Nothing much." Naruto sang, doing his best to stop himself from grabbing her hand though Lala just by seeing how much he wanted it made it more than enough for her. It was a miracle that she didn't kiss him right there. " I'm just happy for everything."

" Then we only have to keep working towards that direction. Don't we?" Lala cheerfully said, pumping her fist high and brightening the day much more than he thought it was possible.

" You are way smarter than me, so if you say so, I should listen to you." Naruto playfully joked, earning giggles from his new girlfriend.

Okay, that was a bit weird to recognize, but he couldn't deny that it brought a smile to his face to think about it. It was only a matter of time to get used to it.


It was already lunchtime, and the students were walking to their usual spots for lunch and enjoy those minutes of freedom before it was time for them to walk back to their classrooms. That hour of the break was for many the salvation for their overworked brains.

And Naruto was one of them. Nonetheless, he would have to admit that today the lessons were as annoying as usual, even though he didn't listen to anything as usual of what the teachers were explaining to them. Somehow his mind was a bit clearer than what he supposed it would be after accepting Lala's feelings.

" You seem to be spacing out, Naruto-kun." Mikado commented from her table while Naruto sat on the open window, his back against the corner. As he blinked, she couldn't help but tease him a little bit. " Or should I say King?"

" You can call me like you always did." Naruto laughed to himself with a flustered state while he felt embarrassed. It could get seen by his stupid smile and the way he massaged the back of his head. " There is no need to change anything about how we talk to each other. We are friends, Nurse-chan."

" Oh, what an honor then." Mikado giggled into her hand while her friend, who was at her side, seemed to be a bit nervous since their student arrived at the nursery. Turning her head to her side, she asked the reason, making her flinch without any reason. " What's wrong, Tear? Did something happened?"

" Oh, no. Nothing like that." Tearju shook her head before she sporadically gazed at Naruto and Momo, who was at his side. " I-I maybe think that we are getting over our heads here, Mikado. We should talk with more respect towards Uzumaki-sama."

The face of disgust of being called like that was present on his face before he quickly recomposed himself as he shook his head to offer her an awkward smile. " I don't hate getting called that from strangers, but we have known each other for a while, Tear-sensei. It's going to be so weird if you change it just because I got to become King."

" But it's a must! It will taint your reputation if we don't give you the respect that someone of your title deserves." Tearju retorted, standing up from the bed on a jump, making Mikado startle for a second. Naruto's answer was to watch the houses from afar for a while as he placed his head on his hand. " It's something that you should also demand, Uzumaki-sama."

" I don't care much about that." Naruto admitted, not gazing inside the room. His response surprised Tearju, but it didn't have that effect on Mikado or Momo. " I want all of that, of course, but not because I got some title. I want to be respected because I deserve it."

Tearju appeared to be confused for some seconds before she dared to ask what was on her mind. " Wouldn't it be the same thing? At least in your case, you became King because you deserved it. Not because you were born from royalty, and that rarely happens."

" I get what you mean." Naruto said before he moved his head to contemplate his teacher. " But I don't want that people treat me differently just because of that. If I deserve someone's admiration, it has to be because they believe I'm different and not because I'm part of some royalty like you said."

Tearju's eyes widened into an impossible length at his words. Anyone else would be puffing their chest out and behave like assholes, and yet he was the same. No, that wasn't right. He became even more critique with himself. " That would be a quite difficult road that you are paving for yourself."

" Naruto-san has quite a unique point of view on the emperor he wants to become." Momo smiled with ease and with lots of pride from where she was standing, near her boyfriend's seat. " There is no way that anything would change his mind once he placed his eyes on the goal."

Tearju felt her words die on her throat as her lips moved. At first, she doubted about those rumors going on around space as everyone else did. Yet on so little time, she understood how he might have had two planets under his control already. " I don't know what to say."

" Mmm? Well, that's easy." Naruto said before he widely grinned. " Let's just talk like we always did, Tear-sensei."

Blood rushed to Tearju's face as she turned her head to the side to hide with her hair as best as she could the blush that was potently appearing on her face. " I-I see. T-Then let's keep getting along in classes, Uzumaki-kun."

" That's good to hear!" Naruto heartily laughed, glad that the shy and awkward teacher understood what he meant. It would be a headache if now even the teachers would speak to him with so much respect. At least on Sainan, he wanted to have some freedom. Yet, his answer only helped for the blush to intensify on Tearju's face.

" Look at little Tear get so flustered over nothing." Mikado teased, placing a hand in front of her face. Tearju rapidly looked at her friend to beg her with the expression on her face to not embarrass her. At least not even further. Sadly, it was too fun to let go of this time. " I suppose that Naruto-kun also reached to your heart. That's quite the power he has."

A blush on Naruto appeared as it covered his whole body, but it was nothing compared with Tearju's. There was no doubt that he was becoming a bit more mature in that department too. " S-Seriously, Tear-sensei? I-I mean, you are gorgeous, but I don't know you all that much. I-It caught me off guard a bit."

" D-Don't listen to Mikado, U-Uzumaki-kun!" Tearju immediately snapped, embarrassed that he would believe her words. " She is only teasing me like always! Y-You are my student! I couldn't possibly think about you in that way!"

" A-Ah, you are right. I believed Nurse-chan for a second there." Naruto awkwardly admitted as he scratched his whiskers marks. " There is just no way. I mean, you are a bit older than me too. I'm a kid if I think about it."

" Would it bother you?" Mikado's words escaped her, and she instantly realized the enormous slip-up that she just had. Tearju looked at her with surprise, as Momo did. Her only option was to change her serious tone into a jokingly one. " I'm sure you would love a woman like Tear. There is no need to be so shy."

" I'm not answering that because you are only teasing me, Nurse-chan." Naruto said, and Mikado couldn't help but breathe with relief at his innocence. Nonetheless, for the rest in the room, it was clear what happened. " Anyway, there is no way that an older woman would look to me, so there is no need to think about it."

" I'm not so sure about that, Sweetie." Momo gently smiled at her boyfriend, and Tearju was much plainer than Mikado since the blonde teacher was visibly sweating. She didn't want the doctor to get caught. " You are such a candy in the eyes that it's more than possible to say that maybe, who knows, Mikado would fall for you."

Was that a dirty move? Oh, yeah, it was. Nonetheless, she finally saw a visible crack through Mikado's defenses, and it was now the time to attack. Mikado was about to defend herself, but Naruto won up to her as he shook his head as if he wanted to eliminate that thought from his head.

" Agh, don't play with me, Momo-chan!" Naruto begged while he messed his hair with both his hands. " There is no way that Nurse-chan would look at me like that. She is a friend only!"

" I guess you are right." Momo answered with the biggest smile she could give. It surprised her boyfriend and the rest that she would give such a jolly response though it didn't take the two women long to understand why she did that. " In the end, it's all in Mikado's hands. Isn't it?"

" Mmm, what are you talking about, Momo-chan?" Naruto asked since he got lost on her statement. It was easy to know why he would feel like that since she meant it for the doctor in the room to get the hidden meaning. " What has that to do with anything?"

" Oh, it's easy if you think about it." Momo said to him, startling him for a moment and with one finger raised, yet it was clear that she talked to Mikado. " She could have any man she would want, right? So it would be useless for her to fight over the small stuff."

" I guess?" Naruto weakly laughed as he couldn't grasp even ten percent of what the conversation meant. He couldn't help but gaze at the doctor since she had a pensive expression on her face. " She is gorgeous, and everyone can see how many heads she turns around just by passing by."

" That's what I'm saying." Momo smiled, pleased that he would agree with her and help her plan, even if unconsciously. Though, as always, he would have to surprise her. That was always his strong point.

" But I wouldn't want someone like that for her." Naruto couldn't help but comment, and Mikado's eyes widened at his words while he massaged his collar. " She is more than just that. Nurse-chan is so kind! And I mean like a lot, you know? She always keeps an eye on us, and she is so nice to everyone! No matter how annoying they are, even though I would tell them to piss away if I was her. But she never does that."

" I-I only do that because it's part of my job, Naruto-kun." Mikado cursed herself that she let out a stutter as her heart was slowly beginning to race faster. She wasn't a teenager to get like that! " I can't just tell my students to go away."

" But you could do it out of school, and you never do. Not even to the ones who look at you in the streets. I have always been good to see a person's true nature." Naruto pressed, and Mikado immediately lost the contest of staring as she gazed to one side.

" Maybe this is your first time then that you are mistaken." Mikado commented while she turned the seat around to face the table as she took a pen to keep working and avoid the conversation. It seemed that even she couldn't maintain a straight face in front of the one she loved.

" I know that I'm not." Naruto said, and her eyes widened into an impossible length by the warmth of his voice. There had to be a limit to how smooth a person should be. It was a pity that he, for a second, felt wrong about his words as he thought about them. " W-Well, anyway, I shouldn't talk that big either. Nurse-chan can go out with whoever she wants. I'm nobody to tell her with who she should go out."

" That's you looking out for her only, Naruto-san. There is nothing wrong with that." Momo gently smiled at her boyfriend before she gazed at the doctor. She would lie if she said that she wasn't having fun with this." Or am I wrong, Mikado-san?"

The seconds didn't last as long as Momo thought they would, but Mikado turned around, successfully pushing her nervous state down. Call it pride if you wish, but Mikado was a proper woman, and she wouldn't by any means behave like anything else. " I would never be offended by you looking out for me like that, Naruto-kun. Quite the opposite, I feel so lucky to have you as my guardian."

" Leave it to me! Like I'm protecting Tear-sensei, and I will give you a hand too!" Naruto grinned, standing up from the windows. " Nobody is getting near to you if you don't want to!"

" Isn't little old me so lucky?" Mikado joked as she giggled into her hand, making Naruto chuckled. He was the sweetest boy ever, but she would have to control herself to whatever extent she needed. " I'm sure you would do a splendid job."

' She is way too good. I have to give that to her.' Momo couldn't help but say to herself. She knew that from long ago, yet the doctor kept surprising her. When she thought she saw a crack on her defensive line, she quickly covered it up. ' Why all this work to fight it anyway? Something doesn't add up here. Is it because of the age like she said?'

It wasn't only a thing determinant on Mikado's case though Momo wasn't that far from the truth. There were many factors involved, but it was that age gap was the thing that bothered the doctor the most.

' Mikado is as slippery as I remember.' Tearju thought with a sweatdrop as she contemplated her friend return to her usual composure with ease and kept talking naturally with their student. ' I was almost sure that Momo-sama had her against the cords this time, but she shook it off with ease.'

" Oh, by the way, isn't it almost time already for the classes to begin?" Mikado casually commented as she took a good look at her watch. " Well, there are still some minutes. There is no rush."

" That's right. The break's almost over." Naruto childishly whined before he stretched half his body out of the window, almost giving a heart attack to Tearju.

" U-Uzumaki-kun! Careful!" Tearju ran to him and took hold of him to make him go back inside. She breathed in relief as she saw more than half his body in the air. " Please don't do any of that. It's way too dangerous."

" Don't worry about it! I have a good sense of balance, so that means that I won't fall that easy." He said, shaking his hand in front of his face dismissively. " Anyway, from this height, it wouldn't be a problem for me. Look, check it out."

" Oh no, you don't!" Tearju exclaimed as she took hold of the yellow uniform blazer and pushed him inside once again. He was about to jump out of the room from a third floor, and when she saw him place a foot on the cornice, she grabbed him. " Don't be a child and play with such dangerous situations, oh wait, no!"

As soon as she pushed him back inside, her body fell backward since she caught him in motion, and he couldn't make any move to avoid falling. The reason that she shouted that way was that Tearju knew what would happen. She had experienced countless times before. Also, she didn't want that to happen again with her student. From some weeks ago, it appeared to occur only with him.

" Oh, Tear. Your body sure knows what it wants." Mikado commented as this time was a bit much even for her. She was used to her friend's antics, but this surprised even her a bit. " I have to say too that I envy you a bit."

If she could have talked, Tearju would have said what was even to enjoy about this situation. But her current position didn't let her.

Tearju was on top of Naruto with her face pressing against his crotch. Her mouth got opened, kissing his penis through his trousers, and it seemed to get surrounded by her lips. It was rapidly growing hard, thanks to the stimulation. Then his face pressed her intimacy and inside her skirt since they were in a perfect 69 position.

" That's a rather interesting position." Momo commented as if she never did that thing with Naruto. She acted a bit shy, yet that was one of her favorite postures to practice with her boyfriend, and to see him with another girl turned her on. In the following sentence, she whispered it so that nobody would hear it. " I guess this confirms that I'm a bit of a voyeur too."

Yet Tearju and Naruto couldn't hear both the doctor and the princess speaking as they were too focused on getting out of such an embarrassing position. If anything, they were just glad that it occurred in the nursery or they would have gotten filmed and taken pictures by thousands in this short time.

" B-B-Big!" Tearju's eyes swirled as she felt the sensation of his penis through his clothes, and that size surprised a virgin woman like her. Then as she to take out her mouth from his clothes, she raised her torso though the sensation on his penis was still hot on her mouth. " I-I-I'm so sorry, Uzumaki-kun!"

" There is no need to worry-mpfgh!" Naruto burned red, and he had his eyes clothes to don't keep looking at her pink lingerie. He was about to keep talking, yet he got cut short when her intimacy pressed on his face.

" Ahhh!" Tearju moaned, doing her best to avoid bitting her lip but failing miserably. His breath was meeting her intimacy, and his nose gently caressed her lower lips as he tried to get out of there. " D-Don't move around too much, U-Uzumaki-kun!"

" Well, that seems more than fun." Mikado giggled, feeling a bit of envy from her friend. " I know he can take both of us like a bull, so maybe I should join in too?"

" W-What?" Tearju asked her friend as her mind was becoming a bit clouded. When she noticed how Momo and Mikado were looking at her, she immediately jumped out of his face and sat on her knees apologetically, bowing at her student. " I-I have no way to explain any of this!"

" I-It's alright." Naruto said, placing a hand in front of his face to hide some of the redness of his face. The heat of her intimacy was still present on his face, but at least he was glad that nothing else happened and his face wasn't wet. " I-I know already that you have that little problem, Tear-sensei."

" Tear calls it her stroke of fortune when we are alone." Mikado gave him a sweet smile to her student, loving his reaction. Maybe she could make it look like she fell too and enjoy some of it for herself.

" I-I don't call it like that, Mikado! Don't invent stuff like that out of nowhere!" Tearju comically cried while rivers came out of her eyes. " You know that I always get mortified that this stuff keeps happening without my control!"

" I have to admit that you do get more than nervous." Mikado feigned like she was musing while she placed her hand on her chin in thought. " Though now that I noticed, it seems that those stroke of luck is getting even stronger with Naruto-kun while forgetting the others. I wonder why."

" How should I know?" Tearju shouted as she knew that her friend wasn't wrong. " It isn't my fault! I just get like that!"

" Could it be that Tearju-sensei is falling in love with Naruto-san?" Momo casually said, making Tearju get petrified on the spot like her boyfriend's mouth hung open. " Mikado said that those kinds of stuff happened to you more with handsome men, and that's a check on Naruto-san's behalf. And that it isn't happening with others leads only to one conclusion."

" It does make sense." Mikado agreed while her eyes blinked. At first, she said it only to tease her friend, yet logically all the pieces fell together. " I guess it didn't take a lot for Naruto-kun to take your heart, Tear. Aren't you lucky?"

" H-He is my student, Mikado! I could never look at him in that way! It would be wrong too! I'm much older than him!" Tearju exclaimed before she realized to who she was saying it. Dammit. She didn't mean to sound mean to her friend. " B-But you know that's not the case for everyone! I-I mean that it's just my opinion. You can have another one, and that's completely fine."

Mikado had to deadpan at her friend's try to recover from her slip up. She didn't get offended to begin with, but now Tearju exposed her to everyone in the room. What she could do to save face was gently smile. " Of course, I know that. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions."

' She is a tough one to break.' Momo thought while she played with a strand of her hair, gaining a pensive expression. The doctor could evade with ease any of the problems that got sent her way. ' I suppose that we can't do anything about Mikado. I had already given up anyway to find any weakness. She is much more mature than I.'

" Does that mean that you love someone younger than you, Nurse-chan?" Naruto innocently asked while he sat on the floor with both his foot childishly touching each other. " Man, what a lucky guy! He better treat you well!"

" Of course not, Uzumaki-kun." Mikado shook her head with a giggle, hiding how she began to get nervous once again. Nonetheless, she noticed the strange expression on her favorite student's face. " What's wrong? Something happened?"

" You called me, Uzumaki-kun." He said with a raised eyebrow before he gained a teasing smirk. " Can it be that you got nervous talking about your love life, Nurse-chan? That's so cute. I never thought that I would see you like that."

And there it was, the weakness that Momo didn't fully consider. Of course, it would make sense to leave it to her boyfriend. There were no tactics that could get used against the doctor. Only a developing conversation with Naruto could gain some fruits.

" But will you look at that." Mikado was rapid to change the course of conversation since she didn't want to let him won up to her. " I have found some injections here that it got meant for you, Naruto-kun."

" Ahhhh? Why should I have any of that?" Naruto immediately stood up as soon as she opened a drawer from her table. Crossing his arms in negation, he immediately refused to do any of that. " I don't need them! I am fine as I am now!"

" Oh, don't say that. You don't even know what is for." Mikado sweetly said, pushing some liquid out of the syringe so that no air bubbles would be inside. " It's a compound that helps boost your immune system. It's incredibly effective."

" I-I'm not saying that it isn't. But class it's almost the beginning, and we have to keep going. Maybe another time, neh?" He lamely apologized, slightly bowing before walking past the doctor.

" Don't tell me you are scared of a simple injection, Uzumaki-kun?" Mikado asked with a hint of disappointment in her voice. She did it on purpose, and she loved seeing his back flinch at her taunt. " Who would have thought that Earth's King and the future emperor were terrified of something so small?"

" I am not scared! I don't know what it means to be afraid!" Naruto exclaimed, turning his whole body around as his eyebrows twitched in annoyance. Nonetheless, he quickly paled when the syringe shined in expectation.

" That's good to know. Then we can keep going." Mikado stood up from her chair as she walked up to him while he did his best to retain his internal screaming. " Now, pull your pants down till your knees, Naruto-kun."

" I have to go! I can't be late to class!" Naruto said as his back touched the door while his hand tried to find the handle. " Do you want to come too, Momo?"

" Of course, Naruto-san. It's getting pretty late." Momo conceded even though she loved this side of him. He was indeed the cutest man alive. It didn't seem that they would obtain any development with the doctor from today. At least he managed to break her a bit. " Thank you for your time, Tearju-sensei and Mikado."

" I-It was a pleasure." Tearju managed to say, still embarrassed of her interaction with her student. She had to whisper the following words while she touched the backside of her black skirt. " I can still feel Uzumaki-kun in my panties."

" Please, come again, whenever you feel like it." Mikado gently smiled while her two students waved at her before closing the door behind them. She had to sigh as she finally could manage to calm down her heart. " He does know how to get the best out of me."

" What did you say, Mikado?" Tearju asked as she finally stood up from her kneeling position, sitting on one of the beds beside her friend's desk while she approached her.

" Nothing much, Tear. I was only saying how cute those two are together." Mikado said, placing the syringe back in the drawer, earning a curious look from her friend.

" By the way, were you planning to give one of those to Uzumaki-kun?" She asked the doctor, earning a playful expression from her friend. She should have known that it was only a way to tease their student.

" Well, if he kept playing with fire, I would have to do it, yes." Mikado sang, surprising Tearju on her seat. " There is no need to give me that look. It's only a saline compound. It only works to scare the students when they try to get out of classes without some reason."

" Are you serious?" Tearju asked in disbelief. Getting a nod in as an answer, they broke out in giggles at her friend's mean joke. " I forgot that you are a blast when you want to be, Mikado."

" Oh, this is nothing compared to Naruto-kun's reaction. He is the cutest one ever." Mikado said as the laughter kept going in that nursery room. One thing was clear anyway for the doctor. ' If I keep going on this way, I may have to consider the possibility of making a move myself.'

Outside the halls, Naruto and Momo were walking at each other sides. The princess sporadically gazed from the corner of her right eye at her boyfriend while the Jinchūriki seemed to fight down all that inner turmoil inside of him.

Man, a lot of stuff happened in that nursery in just some minutes. Momo would have to say that was one of the things she loved the most about her boyfriend. There was not even a moment of boredom at his side.

" So that was pretty usual for us. Wasn't it?" Momo cheerfully said while Naruto gained a deadpan as he watched forward. It appeared that nobody was on that upper floor. " And Tearju-sensei is funnier than I thought."

" I-I wouldn't say it like that." Naruto weakly laughed as he did his best to avoid remembering the uncomfortable positions they were in seconds ago with the blonde teacher. It was to no avail, too, since the last times kept popping upon his head.

" What do you mean?" Momo asked before seeing how he awkwardly moved his pants as some blood was rushing to his crotch. Her lips twitched upwards, thanks to his movements. " I see. So you are thinking about that."

" Momo?" Naruto stuttered when his back met the wall as Momo pressed her body against his. She was arching her back, and he was having more trouble than ever to don't get an erection. " What are you doing?"

" You don't need to hide it from me, Sweetie." Momo purred as his breath got cut short for a second when her fingers traveled his growing erection from outside his pants while her other hand touched his toned chest. " I will have to admit that I got horny too seeing you on that position with Tearju-sensei."

" A-A-Are you serious?" He asked as his jaw slightly slacked off before looking around, confirming that nobody was indeed there. He gulped after noticing his girlfriend's blush. That expression meant only one thing. " W-We shouldn't do it here. We can wait for later when we get back at home, Momo-chan."

" But you would have to push down this erection for more hours. If we do it now, it will help us both to maintain our cool for the rest of the day." Momo proposed while admitting that she was having a hard time maintaining herself in check too. " Break me now, Naruto-san."

" O-Okay. Then let me teleport us home, and then we will get back when we finish, Ah!" He said, but he was cut short on his Jutsu when Momo placed her hand inside his trousers to take hold of her dear friend.

" Nope. I want to do it here." Momo whispered as she sensually bit her lip while massaging his penis in a slow, agonizing manner. " Let's go to the girl's bathroom and have sex in there."

" I don't think that is something we should do, Momo-chan." Naruto's breathing became heavier as Momo was becoming an expert on finding his weak points. She did her homework too on pleasing him to the best of her capacities. " It's way too risky."

" That's part of the fun, Sweetie." Momo laughed sensually, going on her tiptoes to caress her nose against his chin to incite him even further. " I came up with something this morning that I want to try. What do you say?"

" Something like what?" Naruto couldn't help but ask since he was getting convinced with ease. Her smirk grew further as she felt him melting on her touch.

" You will have to say yes to see what I mean." Momo purred before Naruto felt his last fort fall, and he grabbed her hand to direct them to the bathroom. He was only human, after all. " So forceful, Naruto-san. Does that mean you can't take it anymore?"

" Now, I want to see what you mean." Naruto groaned as he kissed her passionately while she broke out in giggles as they pushed the door of the girl's bathroom in to get inside one of the stalls.

" I won't disappoint you." Momo smirked as he grabbed his girlfriend by her hips and raised her high while her legs circled his torso before going in to claim his lips.

There was no need to say much more after that. Those two lovers were animals when it came to those kinds of situations. And they adored every second of it. There was no other way to describe it either.


It has been a while that the classes began again. Then after the bell rang for the second time, one announcement through the speakers told each class and the students to go outside the building. They had to line up like usual when something extraordinary like this happened.

And so that's what they did. The students went downstairs and formed lines in a composed manner facing the stage that was present in the middle. Everyone was present except two people who not many realized weren't there except some of their friends.

" Where the hell is Momo?" Nana hissed to herself while she watched around without finding any trace of her sister. Her sister didn't arrive on time at class, but Momo wasn't even in the backyard now. " And Naruto isn't here either. Did those two ditch school?"

Nana received an answer some instants later as her sister was walking or almost jogging towards the line, placing herself behind her twin, receiving a look of disbelief on Nana's behalf. She sure was getting carefree as she passed much more time with the shinobi they both loved.

" I'm sorry for being a bit late. Why are we outside?" Momo asked as she combed her hair with one hand, and without using any mirror before noticing her boyfriend coming seconds later outside the building, leaving seconds between them so people wouldn't realize they were together.

" I'm sorry, my ass! Where were you, Momo?" Nana asked as she turned around to see her twin placing the collar of her white shirt in a correct position because of what she did earlier. " You weren't in our class all this time!"

" Nothing to worry about, Nana. I was busy with something that came up, but I solved it already." Momo reassured her sister, who raised an eyebrow in question. " You don't have to think about it too much. I can tell you later when we are at home if you want."

" Okay, sure." Nana conceded. If her twin told her that it got solved, that was all it mattered. That was the reason also why Momo told her a tiny lie. Momo knew that Nana would give up and forget about it. Then if she asked her later, she didn't mind telling her why they were so late.

" Now I wonder why we got called to line up here." Momo asked as she loved the sensation inside her panties. Yet she adored way more the blush on Naruto's face while he watched his girlfriend from afar. " Here a kiss for you."

Naruto's blush burned with more strength when Momo blew a kiss at him. It wasn't that he was that nervous because of that. The motive was that the vivid images on his head of what they did before. " Momo-chan is getting more and more open with her plays."

" Did you say something, Uzumaki-san?" Rito asked since he heard his classmate whisper all to himself. Naruto immediately shook one hand in front of his face, and the other was on the top of his head. " Are you alright?"

" Oh, yeah, of course. I thought that it's ironic that I have to wait. You know for the King thing and all." Naruto lamely explained with the first thing that came into his mind. Of course, he didn't believe what he just said though it was what he could come up with within seconds.

" I wouldn't come at all if I would be you, Uzumaki-san." Rito sweatdropped before he broke up in laughter, shaking his head. His classmate was sometimes so awkward, yet he was so fun to be around. " Well, I can still say that I'm glad you are sticking with us for a while."

" Yeah, it's better this way." Naruto agreed before Rito moved his head back to talk with Saruyama as Naruto gazed at his girlfriend, who was happily moving her panties by touching her skirt above. The Jinchūriki placed his hand in his nose to avoid the nosebleed that came out. ' Momo-chan is doing it on purpose!'

His mind immediately went to more than thirty minutes ago where Momo and himself were in the girl's bathroom in one of the stalls making some noise. They tried to keep the moans down, but now even though Momo was biting her lips, she was letting out some of them.

Naruto was sitting on the impeccably clean seat of the toilet while with one hand grabbing Momo's hip as she was facing towards the door while the other took hold of one of her boobs since she had the white shirt and the bra open on the front side.

Her skirt got pushed higher, and the orange panties she was using to make him hornier moved to one side as she was still wearing it while she moved her ass up and down, placing one of her hands in the door to keep herself steady. That movement of up and down made him go crazy as he pushed his head backward to don't miss anything.

" Ah, yes! More! Give me more, Naruto-san!" Momo tried to whisper but to no avail. It didn't matter much since the sound of their hips meeting already filled the entire bathroom. " I-I'm almost there!"

" Go for it! I want to see you cumming." Naruto groaned, moving her skirt upwards to touch with his finger her asshole, almost asking for permission to place it inside and making an electric current run through her spine. He could feel it by how her walls tightened on him.

" Naruto-san!" Momo managed to say before moving her hips down as much as she could so that his penis to go as deep as it could. Her body shook for long seconds while Naruto breathed in as he already saw her like that. After her inner walls relaxed for a bit, she moved backward to place her back against his chest. " That was amazing."

" I can see you liked it." Naruto grinned as Momo breathed in and out with a bit of sweat running down her forehead. Claiming a small peck from her lips, he moved a bit inside of her since he still wanted to go for more. " Maybe we could, you know?"

" Of course. That's why we came here." Momo smirked, grabbing his face before she began jumping on him again. She was always the sexiest in his eyes. It was a pity that the speakers announced the need for the students to go outside.

" Are you serious?" Naruto groaned, wanting to blow the speakers off. That meant that they would get counted, and they couldn't ditch anymore since it would increase alarms in the building. " Dammit."

" We still have some time. Don't worry." Momo cheerfully said, confusing him with her glee as she removed herself from him. " Come here. I almost forgot what I wanted to do all this time."

" Wasn't this what you were thinking to try?" Naruto asked, taking his pants from his ankles and placing them below his hips. Momo playfully shook her head before taking the condom off with one hand.

" This was one of the things, of course. But the thing I want to try the most is this." Momo lustfully said, raising her skirt with one hand so it wouldn't get dirty while the other moved her orange panties forward and a bit down as if she was inviting him. " Come inside my panties, Sweetie. I want to have your cum touching me the rest of the day."

Naruto chocked with air at her proposal though he would have to admit that it was the hottest thing that he even heard. She sure did search deeply for what she wanted. " But that would be the same as doing it without a condom, Momo-chan, we can't."

" That's the surprise." Momo said, bitting the end of her skirt to masturbate him with one hand as the other kept the panties on the same way as before. " I got Mikado to give me some pills after she made some controls. We can go raw as much as we want now."

" R-Really?" Naruto asked as he was letting himself go after hearing that. " That sounds so good. You thought about everything."

" Now we can do it everywhere we want without getting scared that the condom breaks or if we don't have one." Momo smiled when Naruto placed his forearm on the door behind her to keep himself steady since he loved her treatment. " I see you like how I am learning about you."

" You always know me so well." He heavily breathed as some precum was coming out already, filling her hands and some drops falling on her stomach. " I love everything you do."

" I can see that." Momo purred while his fingers scratched the wooden door. She loved being dominated but changing roles made her go over a thousand too. " And while we are talking about things that you love. I did notice how your finger entered my asshole a bit. Can you tell me who permitted you to do that?"

" It was right there, moving up and down. I couldn't help it." Naruto groaned, placing his face against her hair. " It was like begging me to do it."

" Are you sure that you didn't want just to break inside with your big cock?" She teased, slowing down to torture him for a while. He was doing his best to don't move his hips to keep the movement going.

" M-Momo-chan." Naruto breathed out while a giggle escaped her lips as she was still biting on her skirt.

" You want me to keep going, don't you?" Momo whispered, receiving a nod as an answer. " You are the cutest ever. Then you only have to do one thing. Play with it as much as you want, but you can only break it when I tell you that you can. I have something in my mind."

" S-Sure." Naruto agreed as his mind was seriously lacking the blood directed to its brain, and his girlfriend was going more or less in the same direction as some heat was building up inside her.

" Then cum inside my panties. Mark me as your slut, Naruto-san." Momo knew the exact things to say to rile him up even more, and she could feel that she was right as she was already noticing how his penis twitched in her hands. Moving it down a bit inside of it, she whispered to him. " Look how your cock is making a mess out of everything, Sweetie."

Naruto followed her directions, and he did as she was doing as they both contemplated the cum coming out of his cock and falling into her pubis and down before she directed it to the place in the panties where her vagina would be. " That's so hot."

" See all of this cum?" Momo asked while he gulped, giving her that as an answer before she moved the panties back in place, making his penis grow harder at the scene. " All of this is going to be here the entire day. Try to don't think so much about it."

Naruto came back to reality with that last sentence as he did his best to shake his head to maintain his blood going to his brain and not think about it so much to don't get another erection again. He also tried to avoid looking at his girlfriend, but his eyes moved on their own and made matters worse.

Because of how much he moved around, he gained attention from his classmates since he was messing his hair like a crazy person, at least till someone grabbed his yellow blazer. They were getting used to his antics though his friend called for him.

" Are you okay, Uzumaki-kun?" Saki asked at the blonde hero, taking with her fingers the blazer to snap him out of his thoughts." Do you need any help with something? I told you once already that the Tenjouin family supports you without a doubt."

" Yeah, I know. Thanks a lot." Naruto awkwardly said, grateful to her as he massaged the back of his head. Maybe talking with others would help him out to take his mind out of those hot memories. She was right at his side on the line next to his. Mio was in front of her and Rin some places back. " I have so much in mind, so I get like this from time to time. Thanks anyway!"

" It's a pleasure. We already realized that we are dependent on you for whatever happens, so the least we can do is offer you a hand when we can." Saki wisely said while Aya repeatedly nodded, agreeing with the rich lady.

" Saki-sama already talked with her father, and he gave her full permission to develop this political relationship to the utmost of her abilities." Aya commented, pushing her glasses back in place as a glint appeared from them.

" I don't think you have so much to gain from me." Naruto admitted before Saki moved her finger from one side to another as if she already had everything planned on time. There was no doubt that she had got trained well since she was a child.

" Quite the contrary, Uzumaki-kun. By having a political relationship with a person such as yourself, we can obtain tons of things from each other." Saki said, enjoying his confused expression. " What do you think I will try to be a leech and only take from you?"

" N-No, no, of course not! I mean, you are Rin-chan's friend, so I know that you are a good person." He quickly apologized, not wanting to offend her or anything along those lines. " I'm just confused about what you are talking about now, Saki-chan."

At the way that he so carefree referred to her, people began to whisper among themselves. There was no way that they heard right, and he called her in such a disrespectful way. She was the richest of the ladies in all of Japan.

" Did he just call her Saki-chan?" A teenage boy asked his friends as the others were just as shocked as he was.

" Will her bodyguards do anything? They are fiercely protective over Tenjouin-san." Another girl said while her friends whispered back.

" Don't listen to them, Uzumaki-kun. I love this friendly side of yours just like anyone else." Saki reassured, signaling him to ignore them. " We who are in the top are bound to be the center of gossip. And much more in your case, King."

" How do you know that?" Naruto's eyes widened at the mention of his title. She was better than good. " Did Rin-chan tell you about it?"

" Rin-san was the proudest of you, and she couldn't help but show us some of the pictures of your coronation party." Aya chimed in, explaining to him how they came up with such information. " Don't take it at heart. She was only happy for you."

" How can I be mad at her for that?" Naruto asked, showing them that he wasn't mad or anything. He turned his head around to see his friend, and he couldn't help but smile at how focused she appeared to be while she faced forwards as everyone should be doing. " Rin-chan is amazing. She is always supporting me."

At his facial expression, they couldn't help but want to ask him what he meant and if there was something more on his words, yet they were quickly interrupted as the director's voice could get heard from the stage. The look of disgust on Naruto's face showed it all.

" What the hell is that pervert doing?" The Jinchūriki asked himself, seeing the director wearing nothing but underwear wearing a blush across his face. Cracking his neck, he went to prepare and punch him across the building. " I swear that I keep getting more and more perverted teachers. Only Sephie and Tear-sensei are normal."

" Wait, Uzumaki-san. I understand your feelings, but let's hear him out. Even for him, it's not normal that he does those things." Rito said, grabbing his arm before getting pulled since he wasn't getting listened to as he focused on punishing him. " Hear me out for a second!"

" There is a limit of how much I can take, and that idiot went over the line long ago." He answered back his friend as it wasn't that difficult to keep walking like usual. The shinobi wasn't gathering any attention thanks to the director's attire, and he got even less when he kept speaking.

" And so I hope that your school life will be filled with cheer, brightness, and fun in this month as well. It's is all I have." The director said, talking to the microphone as the students were gaining sweatdrops from the scene.

" Principal, why is he already naked?" A male student thought something that got shared by many others.

" Even if he is a pervert, he would always wear a suit for these kinds of assembles." A girl whispered to her friend, placing a hand in front of her face.

" And now, I would like to introduce a new friend to all of you." The principal said, motioning with his hands to the backstage before a foot met his clavicle and forced him down on all fours.

" Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! I am Nemesis-sama!" The dark-skinned girl exclaimed through the microphone while the director squealed like a pig in pleasure. " Starting today, I will rule this school as the true student council president. Think of me as an absolute being whose powers exceed that of the principal!"

" What the hell is she doing up there?" Naruto deadpanned at the scene, seeing her dressed in the school uniform. " I can't help but think that something is going to bite me in the ass."

" Well, let's hope that this isn't related to you." Rito weakly laughed since he felt the same way as his friend but didn't have the strength to agree with him. Poor guy. He was always in the center of those hurricanes. " Maybe she has a plan on her own."

And as soon as Rito said that, Mea appeared on the stage wearing the Sainan high's clothes too, waving at the love of her life widely to gain his attention. That confirmed it. He was screwed.

" Senpai! I joined your school too!" Mea called at Naruto, proud of the surprise that her Master and herself gave to him, even though that was only the beginning.

" So why did I become the true student council president? I will tell you the reason!" Nemesis continued as all ears and eyes focused on her as she pointed one finger at the shinobi. " Uzumaki Naruto, who is right there! I have become fond of him! No! You may say that I'm in love with him!"

" Huh?" Naruto paled, becoming stone-cold while Momo shared his reaction with her mouth hanging wide open and her eyes white, lacking any life.

" That's why I want to make Naruto happy." Nemesis cheered, making her heel go deeper on the principal's back. " And for that, wielding all my power as the true student council president! I have decided to set up Naruto's harem by making all the girl's that he likes as his concubines!"

As Nemesis informed the school, no sound got made by anyone. Some seconds passed, and everyone was too shocked to do anything. Yet after a while, the heads turned around to view the shinobi, who was the most bewildered one. It wasn't funny at all.

" Uzumaki-san." Rito said, watching the diverse emotions of all their classmates. It went from envy to anger, desire, and all fang of emotions in that group of hormonal teenagers. " Run."

" Uzumaki-sama! Does that mean you will go out with me?" A girl shouted as the mob began to run towards him in all directions.

" No! Go out with me first! I'm way more open than anyone else!" Another one said.

" Naruto, you bastard! Why are you planning to hog all the girls? Aren't you happy with Momo-sama already?" A guy shouted, voicing out all the male's points of view.

" Why, it's you who gets all the girls? We are here too, dammit!" A teenage boy yelled with his teeth becoming razors from anger.

As the males wanted to kill the shinobi and some girls to don't say most of them desired a piece of him, Naruto got tugged from one side to another as if he was an object they could conquer.

" O-Oy, don't listen to her! And stop pushing me around like this! You are going to break my clothes!" Naruto exclaimed though nobody seemed to care about his words. Seeing Rito getting in the middle because of all that, he became more than annoyed and clicked his tongue. " Tsk! Screw this. I don't have to be here."

When Naruto teleported away using his new technique from his father's arsenal, the teenagers got stupified as they were grabbing him, and in an instant, he disappeared into thin air. That was something new for them too.

" Where did Uzumaki-sama go?" A girl asked as she looked around, only receiving shrugged shoulders as an answer before they looked around to see if they could find him. " Let's try to find him! Maybe he went to class!"

" We have to find him too and demand an explanation!" The guys shouted in agreement, pumping their fists high as a battle cry.

" Uzumaki-san." Rito frowned as he heard his friend's words before he teleported away. " That was too much even for us, who we are used to all those antics."

Momo thought along those lines while she stomped towards the stage with a throbbing vein on her forehead. She was more than eager to give them an earful. " You two idiots!"

" Wait, Momo! You are too mad! Calm down a bit!" Nana said, trying to take hold of her but not accomplishing much with it. She wasn't used to seeing her twin like this. " Breath in and breath out! Then repeat!"

" Ey, Momo-chan! Did you like our surprise?" Mea sweetly smiled while she looked down from the stage, happy to have joined the school to spend more time with the love of their lives. What Mea didn't realize was the boiling rage of Momo while she comically gritted her teeth.

" How can I like any of this?" Momo angrily pointed backward at the chaos that was more than apparent. " Can you even imagine the mess that you put Naruto-san and all of us in now?"

" What did we even do? That was the plan all along, right? We just kicked it up a notch. It will make everyone happy in the long run." Mea explained with her tilted to the side while Momo's sweet smile faltered as her lips twitched while Nana was doing her best to retain her on the spot. Momo was at mere seconds to jump into the stage.

" Can't you see that Naruto-san ran away because this is way over the top? Think a bit before you get anyone in trouble!" Momo managed to retain the growl in her throat though she stretched her arms to grab hold of Mea's neck.

" I don't see it." Nemesis chimed in with a hand on her flat chest, ignoring the previous president of the student council and the principal dancing behind her, wearing only boxers. " At the speed that you were planning to do things, this would have taken so long. I decided to take command over the harem plan."

" Ahhh?" Momo's patience was running thing from long ago. Nah, screw it. That line evaporated even. " It's going slow to avoid any unnecessary damage and to keep things under control. You are just putting gasoline-like madman into the fire, you dumbasses!"

" Neh, that isn't very lady-like, Momo-hime." Nemesis teased her without any shame or fear regarding the princess. The smirk on Nemesis's face showed it so. " Are you sure that you aren't taking so much into your hands? You can lean on us."

" You two are the last ones that I can depend on around this stuff! You only cause more headaches than anything!" Momo said, throwing herself at her, but Nana put all her strength into keeping her twin on the ground.

" Mea, Nemesis! Stop pissing Momo off! I can't do much more than this!" Nana shouted at the two girls at the stage as she considered taking her phone to call some of her pets to keep her sister on the spot. " And Momo, calm down! We will think about a way to make this much better!"

" I don't even know where to begin to solve all of this!" Momo exclaimed as the images of her boyfriend getting assaulted pissed her off to no end. " I will make sure that you two pay for this."

" Momo, aren't you being a bit too harsh too." Nana frowned, a bit preoccupied to hear her say that kind of stuff. She let her twin go since she was a bit calmer, and she couldn't help but give her opinion. " We already know how Mea and Nemesis are. It's not like they are bad people. They only like to play around a bit too much."

" I have been more than patient with them." Momo said, breathing deeply to avoid saying something that she might regret later. Yet, her following words got needed. " The harem plan it's important, but that is for all of us. I'm not so mad about you giving your input."

" So everything it's alright then." Nemesis grinned, nodding to herself as she was happy with the outcome of the things. Everything was out for people to know, so now they only had to make up their minds.

" It's that a joke?" Momo's glare showed the dark-skinned girl some reality. " I can swallow and help mitigate the damages that you cause with your usual attitude. Nonetheless, never forget this. I don't care who it is. Anyone who hurts Naruto-san is my enemy."

" Those are the eyes that suit you better than anything else, Momo-hime. That fierceness protecting the one you love is the real you." Nemesis grinned, coming down the stage as if she was floating. " I prefer the real you over your usual charades."

Momo gazed down at the small height of Nemesis while she was openly confronting her. " Do you like the chaos so much? Because I prefer peace as we were doing during these weeks. I have been playing nice and patient, yet if you decide an all-out war as you offered me before, I still plan to win."

" Okay, let's all calm down. Neh, Master, Momo-chan? I love it more when we all get along. All of this isn't us." Mea chimed in as sparks were flying from one direction to another, and the atmosphere became electric while none of the two blinked under each other gaze.

" I do plan to play nice. After all, all the time we spend fighting each other is time that we lose being with Naruto. It's a waste." Nemesis said with a sweet tone though her eyes still dared at Momo as her head didn't move an inch from the princess while she talked with Mea. " Don't you think so too, Momo-hime?"

Momo's comical side disappeared as the tension raised, making Nana gulp at the next move that could happen. Everything that they worked for could get destroyed by just the following words. Momo knew that, and she couldn't jeopardize all of that over mere pride.

" It is more than logical." Momo sighed, doing her best to keep her nerves down. Nemesis sure knew how to get under her skin. " I will still warn you. Be more careful of your moves because I won't hesitate to go down to your level if it's needed. I won't let anybody ruin Naruto-san's happiness."

" We are on the same page then." Nemesis grinned, offering the princess a hand to make up. " Let's work hard for the next years, harem sister."

Momo retained the desire to look at Nemesis's hands to avoid disrespecting her and immediately grabbed it to shake on it. " I guess that is a proper name for us."

Nana and Mea were both breathing in with relief before the voice of a girl made Nana flinch. That could end badly and much more now that the tensions were still high. Why was today becoming such a hectic one?

" N-Naruto-san has an harem?" Haruna asked in disbelief since that was the last thing that she would ever guess was happening. Hearing Nemesis saying all of that, she thought it was only her usual plays, but now all those hints she got made much more sense. " H-How many girlfriends Naruto-san has then?"

Momo massaged her forehead as the headache was even stronger now. She could only pray that her improvisation abilities didn't rust off since she would need to give it her all to don't lose Haruna on the family they were building.

It was just one thing after another. Momo didn't even have the time to plan anything about Haruna since she focused first on the girls living in the Uzumaki household. She better come out and give her best play ever.

Nonetheless, her mind couldn't help but think about where her boyfriend went. At least he didn't have to deal with any of that and risk breaking off the harem a day later that he finally accepted it.

" Well, why don't we go grab a bottle of water before we head back to class, Haruna?" Momo gently smiled, moving her hand elegantly as if she was directing her to the school building where others couldn't hear them.


Now it had passed some time since Naruto ran away from school to cool off and avoid all those guys trying to blame him for something or the girls trying to get a piece of him. They all were like hyenas launching themselves over the prey.

Dammit, it was all so annoying. Why the hell Nemesis had to go like that and yell it to the world to know? Now it will be much more of a pain in the ass to go to school than usual. And if it wasn't already tortuous to remove himself every morning from bed in that cozy bed with his girlfriend, well, now he supposed his two girlfriends to sit on a cold wooden chair that was the most uncomfortable thing ever.

" Nah, it was better." Naruto said, talking to nobody as his hand covered his eyes while he laid on the wooden bench in that park. There was not a soul in there at the moment. " I needed this slap to wake up. I got to be all happy with Lala in front of everyone and let myself get transported in an idyllic world, but this is reality."

" At least it was so fun to see you lose all the color of your body when that sadist brat went to the stage." Kurama laughed inside Naruto's mind, mocking him as it always did. " Forget about your dream. How can you rule anything when someone so minute has you on a leash?"

' I'm not anyone's pet, Kurama!' Naruto yelled in annoyance resulting only in the Tailed Beast laying on its back and mock him even further. ' I didn't have the time to react! How was I supposed to know that she would do something like that?'

" Excuses, excuses." Kurama waved its paw in the side of its rabbit head as it changed its posture to lay on its side while scratching its belly. " I have seen how easily she can tame you by only showing a bit of skin. Pathetic. Are you really the next Sage of Six Paths?"

' Do you want me to remind you only how easy I kicked your ass when I went to control your power?' The Jinchūriki threatened as he cracked his knuckles to show off. ' Now, it would be a joke, thanks to Tou-chan's Jutsu.'

" Don't get too ahead of yourself, you sorry excuse for a shinobi." The Tailed Beast insulted him back while sitting on its back legs to look down on its partner. " You only won because Kushina was there to save your ass. I would have gained the control over your body if that wasn't the case."

' Now, who is giving excuses.' Naruto grinned back in defiance as the Kurama's eyebrows twitched in annoyance. ' Don't tell me that Kurama is a sore loser. Who would have thought? Well, I guess that shows your true colors, foxy-chan.'

" Oy! I can still eat you when I feel like it, loud-mouthed brat! Don't look so full of yourself, dumbass!" Kurama shouted while its paw met the ground over some meters when Naruto was standing him in a threatening way, but he didn't move an inch from the spot.

' I had a perfect teacher to copy! You have the largest ego I have ever seen!' Naruto pointed at the Tailed Beast back. ' You are the one that has to call down a bit! You have gotten your ass kicked countless times!'

" That's it! Let's fight! I will make sure that you begin calling me Kurama-sama at all times!" Kurama growled at mere centimeters of Naruto's face while the Jinchūriki turned around and slapped his ass to ridicule the Tailed Beast.

' Bring it! I'm not afraid of you!' Naruto said while pocking his tongue out and an eyelid down as he blew out raspberries.

" Ouji-sama! What are you doing here?" Becky's cheerful voice made him come out of his mind space. " Are you sleeping?"

" Becky?" Naruto asked as he removed his hand from his face to see his little sister holding a grocery bag accompanied by their Mom as she was holding two other bags. " Don't you have school?"

" I finished like an hour ago!" Becky explained, placing the groceries bag at his side before climbing on his lap. " Ana-chan needed help to buy some food, so Nakashi and Itoshi are taking care of everyone while we went out."

" I see. You are such a good girl." Naruto complimented her while combing her hair with his hands as she always loved it. She giggled in his arms since she adored how he took care of her. " Ey, Nee-chan, you want to sit with us?"

Ana gently smiled as she knew that her little troublemaker should be at school. It was better if she didn't address that now in front of Becky. " I would love to, so give me some space."

" There you go." He chuckled while he grabbed the bag and pushed it towards the side before he curiously asked his Mom what she was doing. " What are you looking in there for, Nee-chan?"

" Here you go. Let's drink these." Ana said, grabbing three chocolate-flavored milk drinks so that they could enjoy some time together. " I remember that when you were a kid, you loved these."

" And the other loves them too. I can't take it!" Naruto shook his head and his head on negation. Seeing her disappointed look, he felt a bit guilty to refuse it. " I-I can't Nee-chan. I prefer it if they drink it. But thanks anyway."

" You will refuse a little gift from me?" The blonde director appeared to be the saddest at this moment, and an arrow went through Naruto's chest. Looking down, he took one feeling defeated. " That's my little boy. Never change."

" Nee-chan, I'm not a little kid anymore." Naruto sweatdropped while he took the straw from the side and put it inside the hole before bringing it to one side of his mouth to drink while he talked with her. " At least let me go buy more groceries with you after this, so we get more."

" Oh, no, I can't accept that. You already send us way too much money." Now it was Ana's turn to feel guilty. " We can live for a year with what you send us for a month, Naruto-kun. You should save that kind of money for college."

" I'm barely passing high school. There is no way that I'm going to go to college." Naruto deadpanned as his Mom got hit by lightning by the disappointment. " I prefer to give it to you so that the kids can have all they want."

" Wait, you are not going to college?" The director asked as she didn't listen to his last sentence as all moms would do. " I always thought you would become a lawyer! You are so good with words that I had that image on my head already!"

" When did I say that I would become a lawyer?" He couldn't help but sweatdrop at his Mom statement. " I can't even memorize the books that I already have. I can't do it with all those bricks full of laws without any sense."

" I never had in mind anything like that." Becky agreed with her prince while she kept sipping on her drink. " I always imagined him like a doctor. Like all heroes saving lives!"

" I think you all expect too much from me." Naruto laughed as the images of himself dressed in a green pajama entering for surgery or on an expensive suit to defend an innocent came to his mind. " I'm good enough with the work that I got now."

" Oh, that's right! You didn't show me the last photos of your shoot!" Becky said, turning around to search for his phone inside his pockets. She knew that he always got some on him. Grabbing hold of it, she placed the password to enter. " Let's see how good they came, Ana-chan!"

" Becky, you can't go to Naruto-kun's stuff without asking for permission." Ana gently reprimanded the little girl before she saw the picture of his home screen. He was about to ease her worries, but Ana pushed him a bit back so that she could get a better look on his phone. " Oh, look at that! You and Momo are so in love!"

" I like this picture too." Becky admitted since she loved seeing that expression of happiness on his big brother. And if that one was thanks to his girlfriend, she was more than okay with that. " Do you have any more of this?"

" You are already looking for them." Naruto laughed as both his Mom and little sister went to his phone's gallery to take a peek at both his shoots and relationship. " I should have some more of them from our last date."

" Hehe, look at them. Momo and Ouji-sama, sitting on a tree." Becky giggled as she sang, making both Naruto and Ana soften their features. It was clear that the happiness of her prince came first. " Oh, look at this one, Ana-chan! Ouji-sama looks so serious! You have to smile!"

" I only follow what they ask me, Becky." Naruto chuckled as he saw the picture that they were gazing at now. He had his back against the wall, and he was wearing a jacket without any shirt and some pants not buckled, showing off the brand of his underwear.

" But it's a pity. I still don't get why your photographer never gets one of you smiling. You look way more handsome like that." Ana agreed with the little girl as she let out a sigh in thought. " Anyway, you never send us one of this. We also like to see how your work is going."

" It's just too embarrassing, Nee-chan." He awkwardly massaged the back of his head. " She already sends you one copy of each magazine that I'm in way before it gets released because you and Mum asked her for it."

" We keep looking at them from time to time." Becky casually commented while she kept looking on his phone for more pictures before choosing them all and send them to the director's phone. " They are our favorite magazines because you are in it, Ouji-sama."

" You sure know how to give a compliment." Naruto playfully said before tickling the girl as she moved around his arms while she laughed at the top of her lungs. " How can you be so cute?"

" S-Stop it! O-Ouji-sama!" Becky giggled as she kept moving around, making sure that she didn't let his phone drop on the floor.

" Now, let her breath a little bit, Naruto-kun." Ana gently chimed in. She was always a bit scared that the kids would get hurt with that kind of plays. " She has to get some air in her lungs."

" There is nothing wrong, Nee-chan." He said, stopping to tickle the little since he didn't want to frighten her. She was a bit too careful around the kids, and he could remember that she was the same with him when he was much younger.

And just like that, Naruto's mind freed itself of all those worries and inner turmoils that bothered him, giving him the peace that he needed. There was nothing like family to help you in the dire moments and much when you didn't even look for aid.

Naruto didn't realize the two girls kneeling on the ground outside the park, covering themselves with the entrance pillar while watching the scene with an interest that reached the sky. They weren't caring about any others and kept glancing at the three blondes.

" What are you two doing, Ayuki, Mako?" Mikan sweatdropped since she was behind them some meters behind. She got surprised when she saw her two friends throw themselves at the floor when they passed the park. " People are looking at you."

" Forget about any of that, Mikan! Come here!" Mako whispered, motioning with her hand for her to approach them. " No, don't let anybody see you!"

" We are the center of attention already." Mikan hissed back as her friend pulled her hand to make her kneel with them. " What is the big deal?"

" Look!" Ayuki motioned as worried as Mako. " Since when Uzumaki-sama has a child? Was he married to that woman? They are all so blonde!"

" What?" Mikan sweatdropped as she contemplated her friend's freak out. That was rare from her. Looking forward, Mikan realized what they were talking about and felt the need to shake her head. They sure liked to imagine things. " That's only Becky and Ana-san. They aren't like that."

" What are you talking about, Mikan? Look at them! They are a family!" Mako said, pointing her finger to them as if watching them was the only explanation there was needed.

" Okay, I will stop this before you all get even weirder." Mikan weakly laughed before her friends could make much more of the scene. " That's Naruto's sister from the orphanage and the woman who raised him. That's all."

" Oh, we didn't know." Ayuki gazed at the floor with shame as her friend didn't comment on her before his situation. It was none of her business, that's the reason she didn't say it before, and right now, she did it so that she wouldn't draw wrong conclusions. " I'm so sorry to hear about that."

" Even more stalkers." A growl made the three girls get petrified on the spot before they slowly turned their heads around to contemplated Becky glaring at them for some seconds as she took off. " Ouji-sama! Call the police! More weirdos are watching you!"

" No, wait! You are getting it wrong! We are Uzumaki-sama's friends!" Mako shouted, yet because of that way of addressing her prince, Becky ran even faster.

" Now! Before they get away like the others!" Becky shouted, launching herself into her prince's arms as he walked up to her and placed the girl on his hip. " What are you doing, Ouji-sama? They are right there!"

" Don't worry, Becky. They aren't lying. I know them." Naruto weakly waved his hand while he apologetically smiled at them. " Don't you remember, Mikan-chan? She came with us to the festival."

" Mmm?" Becky tilted her head as she narrowed her eyes to contemplate the girl with the red backpack and her hair gathered somehow thanks to elastic hair. " Oh, that's right. How are you?"

" I'm fine, thanks for asking." Mikan breathed with relief that the little girl reminded her. Now she was looking at her with somehow a hint of a smile as she curiously eyed her. " I'm sorry that we worried you, Becky. My friends were making the wrong conclusions."

" I wonder what they were thinking about now." Ana laughed as she approached them, leaving the grocery bags behind since they weren't that far. " It seems that you have even more fans than I imagined. And younger every time. Aren't you lucky?"

" I don't know anything about any fans." Naruto awkwardly laughed while he scratched his whiskers marks. Then some memories popped upon his head. " Well, I guess I have gotten some more over time. I don't want to let them down either."

" You never could!" Mako exclaimed, surprising the three blondes. " You are a hero! Not only that but you are so kind, and you have nice teeth! They are so white! Of course, you are also hot, which helps a lot to get more fans. I mean, woah, your blue eyes. You are out of this world."

" Thanks, I guess?" Naruto said with a bit of a sweatdrop. She began sweetly complimenting him, but it quickly degenerated when she breathed heavily. " I'm sure that there are more hot guys out there like you said."

" But not like you, hehe." Mako laughed to herself, and Naruto couldn't help but take a step back as some shivers ran through his spine. Ana felt the same way as some flashbacks came to her mind when she took care of him as he was no more than thirteen.

" I had like a deja vu right now." Ana gently said, avoiding hurting Mako's feelings. She didn't want to say it out loud though it was unsettling and not because of the girl but because of the bad experiences. " You always had such passionate, um, supporters."

" Stalkers." Becky said as she didn't much care about how Mako flinched under her gaze. " Supporters is one thing Ana-chan, but stalkers only make Ouji-sama uncomfortable. You shouldn't be so forgiving."

" They weren't so bad." Naruto weakly chuckled while his little sister stretched his cheeks to make him think. It was adorable how even though she tried to snap him out of it, she would never dare to force it too much and hurt him. " They were just kids."

" I'm so sorry." Mikan deeply bowed for her friend's behalf. Well, she would have to admit that she didn't want to get viewed in such a manner in the eyes of the love of her life's surrogate mother and the girl who had him wrapped around her little finger. " We are a bit tired from school, so sometimes we can't think straight."

" Why are you apologizing, Mikan-chan?" Naruto shook his head good-naturedly. " It isn't that big of a deal. Nee-chan and Becky are a bit overprotective sometimes. Don't listen to them so much."

" Etoo, they even stole your uniform clothes when you were at gym class, Naruto-kun, so that they could have something from you." Ana said a bit defeated since those were difficult moments for Yumi and Ana. They also debated if he had to change to another school, even if it was much further from where they lived.

" But that is different. Mikan-chan's friends aren't like that." Naruto grinned to the fullest, and even Ayuki, who was a bit shyer than Mako, felt her jaw slack off as she contemplated his irradiating aura. " Um, hello? You okay?"

" Will you two stop it? You are making Ana-san and Becky-chan uncomfortable!" Mikan hissed, grabbing her friend's backpacks and shaking them to snap them off of their trance. Thankfully, she wasn't like that though it probably was because she lived with him for a while. And even then, she was a bit like that from time to time.

Ana softened her features as she contemplated Mikan doing her best to please her and the little girl. She could be a bit cautious when it came to people approaching her son, especially when it concerned girls who tried to get his attention. Now, even more than ever.

With all his fame and how people talked about him on social media, she wanted and had to keep an eye on him more than ever. Not only that, but with Yumi not being there, she felt the need to step up even harder. She had to be the grizzly bear that Yumi-san was.

Nonetheless, she could admit that Mikan was adorable. Indeed, she was trying to gain her favor, but she had something different. She could also discern what was, yet she felt that Mikan would never take advantage of her son. Becky even said so earlier about her prince's friends. And if the sister who held Naruto over anything else said, that then that was good enough.

" That's nice of you to be so concerned about us. Mikan, was it?" Ana gently smiled, and she felt nervousness increase inside of her under the loving gaze of the blonde director. " Oh, there is no need to get like that. I have heard wonders about you."

" R-Really?" Mikan asked as she sporadically gazed at Ana while raising her sight from the floor. Mako and Ayuki were like watching a tennis match. " I-I'm sure that there are some exaggerations there."

" Well, I heard that you had become Naruto-kun's manager with Momo, and you do excellent work. Also, something about you becoming the chef at his house. That's a lot of work for someone so young." Ana commented as they walked towards the bench to get near the groceries just in case.

" I-I always cooked at home for my brother and me since my parents are busy at work, so I'm used to it." Mikan explained as she walked beside her. Then her voice gained a shy tone. " I-I also wanted to pay back everything that Naruto is doing for us. It's only fair."

" I hope that you are managing to do so because that is a hard thing to accomplish." Ana laughed since she knew firsthand how stubborn he could be. " I find it almost impossible to let us do anything for him. He keeps saying that he is a grown-up, but for me, he is still my little kid."

" I'm not Nee-chan!" Naruto chimed in as she knew that he would do. " I can take care of myself even when I was a kid!"

" See what I am saying?" Ana teased a bit, making Mikan giggle with a hand in front of her mouth. Their interactions were adorable. Indeed, she was his mom. " That doesn't mean that you aren't like that in my eyes. Ah, I wish you would act your age sometimes and be a bit more selfish."

" That would be a nice thing to see." Mikan couldn't help but agree, and Becky immediately placed herself in defense of her prince, surprising Mako and Ayuki since they didn't get used to it.

" Ana-chan! It's not nice to gang up on Ouji-sama!" Becky exclaimed, grabbing Naruto's blazer to don't fall. " It's true that sometimes he is childish, that he doesn't think things through so much, and he is too much forgiving, but being selfish isn't in Ouji-sama's bones!"

" I guess I received some slaps, but you took my side too." Naruto sweatdropped, accomodating the girl on his side to be a bit more comfortable. " I will say thank you to you anyway."

" Hehe, that's my job." Becky giggled as Naruto kissed the top of her head, making her swing on his arms from the joy she felt to be pampered by him. It seemed that it wouldn't last long.

" Come here for a bit, Becky." Ana stretched her arms to hold the blonde girl, making her confused by the reason. " Let Naruto-kun talk a bit with his friends. We have to go home too."

" Eh, but we weren't even ten minutes with Ouji-sama." Becky whined as she did her best to grab onto his clothes but failed since she was already in the air, getting held by the director. " Can't we just stay like ten more minutes?"

Ana seemed to think it through before she appeared to be defeated by Becky's puppy eyes. She had to become a bit more resistant over those looks since she was getting dominated by the kids, and with Yumi, that wouldn't have flow. " Ten more minutes, okay?"

" Sweet! I love you so much, Ana-chan!" Becky shouted while she moved her arms to show her prince that she wanted to be held by him. Ana was about to tell her to stay with her though Naruto reassured her.

" That's alright, Ana-chan. I'm more than used to having Becky like this, you know?" Naruto grinned, receiving a look from expectation from the blonde girl so that he would rephrase it. " Do you prefer that I say that I love holding you?"

" Yep. That sounds better." Becky smiled before circling her arms around his neck, placing her head on the crook on his neck.

And so they did. Mikan and the rest stayed for a while together, talking about anything and nothing at the same time. It all was a bit of chit-chat that made Mako and Ayuki a bit more open and less formal around Naruto, which he greatly appreciated.


It passed some time, and Mako and Ayuki waved goodbye since they had to head back home to eat lunch since they were already too late. Later, Mikan and Naruto accompanied Ana and Becky to get more groceries now that they were together before heading back to the orphanage.

Once arriving there, they decided that for Naruto to don't get inside. Not because he didn't want but because Ana insisted that he went back to whatever matters he had at hand, yet not first with the promise that Naruto would call her to talk if he had some problems.

That was something he couldn't do. The last thing he wanted was to bother Ana with his stuff when she had so much work to do. It didn't seem that the interviews to get another hand to work in the orphanage were doing well.

" Do you want me to prepare you something small to eat while I prepare something for lunch, Naruto?" Mikan asked as she opened his house's door with the key she received from him when he invited her and her brother to come months ago.

" Nah, it's alright, Mikan-chan. I'm not that hungry anyway." Naruto waved off, taking his shoes off with his feet, leaving them like that before he headed to the kitchen to place the groceries bag that they got for themselves.

" What about some ice tea then?" Mikan asked, gazing from the corner of her eye towards Naruto as she helped him take the food from the bags to place it inside the fridge.

" It's alright. I'm okay, Mikan-chan. You don't have to worry about me." He grinned, facing the issue that he knew what went through her head from the very second she saw him in the park. " Now that I think about it, I left all my things at school."

" I can send a message to Rito if you want so that he will grab your things and bring them home." Mikan proposed while he returned his sight from the ceiling towards the kitchen table before he grabbed some items to help her cook.

" It's alright. I got my phone and my wallet with me." He said, patting his pockets as he walked to wash his hands on the sink. " And who will steal some books anyway? They will be there tomorrow for sure."

" If you are sure." Mikan nodded, drying her hands before placing her yellow apron since she was more than ready to begin. " I haven't asked the others what they wanted to eat, so I hope that I choose right."

" Whatever you cook is delicious. I'm sure nobody can complain about your food." Naruto complimented while Mikan placed some tomatoes at his side, showing him that she needed it to get cut. There wasn't any need for those two to communicate in the kitchen since it became more of a habit.

" I'm sure that you would prefer me always cooking ramen. Am I wrong?" Mikan joked, hitting him with her elbow in a playful manner, making him chuckle.

" Well, I can't deny that. Everybody knows that about me." Naruto said as he finished cutting the onions with the precision that his shinobi's skills permitted him to do so and grabbed the cucumber that was at his side. Mikan was more than used to though at first, it was more than jaw-dropping. " I guess we shouldn't anyway. Lala has begun talking about diets, so maybe I can eat it in the restaurants on my own."

" What diet would she need anyway?" She sweatdropped at that piece of information since something like that was more than laughable, or better said annoyingly. " She has an hourglass body. I can see that she already has Sephie-san's figure."

" Yeah, they all are crazy." He tiredly sighed before he broke some eggs in a bowl and began to shake it inside. " Now that Risa proposed something like that with her ideas, Lala and the others are joining in. It's just nuts."

" I would say that it is too much to go into a diet like they plan to do." She agreed while walking with the cut tomatoes to the pan. It was heated enough, and she placed it there with the help of a knife. " But I can understand then. We girls want to look as best as we could. You can get them also. Your job is all about that."

" Yeah, of course. I did go overboard calling Risa and the rest crazy." He admitted, placing the bowl with the eggs near Mikan before he took out the fish. " It's just that I don't want them to get obsessed with their bodies or anything. It never ends well."

Mikan stopped, moving the garlic inside the pan as she was going to place the other vegetables as she heard him with that tired tone. " That's why you came out of school so early?"

" No, nothing like that." Naruto reassured as he shook his head, focusing on cleaning the fishes. " I mean, I have seen some stuff on my job. But it isn't about that."

" What did you see?" Mikan realized her question right after it came out of her mouth, but it was already too late. " I-I didn't want to pry or anything."

" Nah, it's alright. I have no secrets for you, Mikan-chan." Naruto softly smiled to ease her worries. Putting the dishes on her side, he went back to the kitchen table while massaging his neck. " It wasn't something big or dramatic, but I have seen models crying because they were a hundred grams too fat in their opinion and stuff like that. That's why I never did catwalks."

" I have heard about that before. I never thought it was real." Mikan mused while, bit by bit, her attention went from the pan towards Naruto. She so wanted to know what was on his mind. " I can see why you would avoid those kinds of places."

" I think you are the only one." Naruto weakly laughed, giving her a glass of water as he was drinking one of his own. " My photographer keeps pushing the issue from time to time, and Momo seems to agree with her. Well, the last part is my fault since I didn't tell her why I don't want to."

" Why not? Momo-san is your manager. Not only that, but she only looks for your interests." Mikan said, washing her hands before walking towards the table with him.

" I know, I know." Naruto admitted, placing his hands on the back of his head while balancing himself with the chair. " I think I never realized that was the reason before. I should tell her then when she gets back from school."

" That's a good idea." She nodded, pleased from one side that he would listen to her advice, yet she was still trying to find the angle to get him to talk about his problems. It was better to ask and get it over with if she wanted for him to share. " Do you not want to talk about what happened then? Maybe I'm annoying you a bit."

" No, no, of course not, Mikan-chan! You are a breath of fresh air. You are so innocent that I feel safe with you." Naruto quickly apologized as he rushed with his words before he lamely grinned. Nonetheless, she felt warm inside with what others would say that it's lame.

" Safe, uh?" Mikan smiled to herself as she played with her thumbs before she directed it to the shinobi. " I should be the one saying that feels like that, Naruto."

" Then we can say that it's both of us." He grinned in return before they broke up in chuckles as his mind was more than at ease than earlier. She was amazing. " Maybe I exaggerated things, but I came back because Nemesis and Mea went to school, and something happened."

" What did those two did?" Mikan deadpanned since she could only expect the worst from those two. Just by hearing their names, the alarms turned on in her head.

" Y-You don't have to get mad or anything." Naruto scratched his whiskers marks though he would have to admit that a part of him was happy that she would get so defensive over him. " They just were playing a bit like always."

" Then you wouldn't have run off from your classes." She pointed out since there was no way that he could divert her attention somewhere else. " I didn't even know that they signed up for your school."

" Yeah, nobody else did either. At least I can say that from the shock of their faces." He sighed, sitting correctly on the chair for once but tapping the table with his fingers. He seemed a bit off, yet there was no other way to say it. " Basically, Nemesis and Mea told everyone that I have a harem and that girls should join in."

" What?" That was the only word that could come out of her mouth as it felt like a brick hit her head hard. It wasn't funny at all, and it went way too far from their usual plays. " You are pranking me, right?"

" I wish I could say that." Naruto weakly laughed before he shivered when she saw her left eyebrow twitch uncontrollably. There was nothing scarier than a girl who was pissed. " It isn't that easy for them, you know? I was a bit mad earlier too, but we have to understand that they aren't used to daily life."

Mikan had a mental battle for a while after containing her need for an outburst. She knew that he was right. All their life, all they did was killing so it made sense that they would lack some areas. She could see it on Yami as she didn't have many facial expressions, though at least she didn't do those kinds of scenes.

" You are right. We do have to have more patience than usual with them." Mikan breathed in, avoiding the easy route. Of course, she wanted to say that they had to stop screwing them, but she also acknowledged that it wasn't their intention. " We have to talk to them anyway and explain that it was wrong."

" I'm sure that Momo is already taking care of that." He said, and she could see that happening. " I plan to talk with them too. I want to give them my point of view and not run from this. It's all my fault anyway."

" Why would you say that?" Mikan frowned, immediately stopping his train of thought. It made no sense to her. " What did you even do? It was all their own. Don't take responsibility for other people's actions."

" Yeah, I'm not trying to do that." He commented without taking his eyes from the ceiling. " It's just that I was supposed to help them adapt, and with all the work, I did none of that. It's my fault."

" Because you are taking more in your hands than you can chew on." She pointed out since it was more than crazy his schedule. He barely had time to go on dates with Momo and even less now that he had another girlfriend and held a diplomatic conversation with Run's planet. " You have to learn to delegate."

" I saw that. I'm barely holding it together on some stuff as I am." Naruto agreed, messing his hair with one hand. " I can't just depend on Kurama, as I said. I was too prideful when I said that to Sephie. I do need supporters or an army on the worst of the cases."

" An army?" Mikan asked in bewilderment as she didn't expect those words from her crush. " I didn't think you wanted one."

" I don't. It's only going to give me more headaches." Naruto let out some of his groans before sniffing the food standing up to move the pan so that their lunch wouldn't burn. " In the long run, it will help me. I don't want to compare myself to Gid either, but it will show some strength."

" I don't understand much from all of that." Mikan admitted, turning around with the chair to look at him. " I thought you wanted to build relationships by talking with the other rulers."

" That's the ideal way, but no matter where we are, there will always be people who want to jeopardize peace for their gain." He stated, hitting the wooden utensil with the side of the pan before placing it on the counter. " Anyway, that's the least of my problems. First, I have to look for more supporters. I can't depend on Zastin and Sephie all the time."

" I don't think they mind." Mikan said, giving her opinion on the matter. " They are more than invested in your path. They are as excited or even more than you on making you the next emperor."

" Of course, I know that." Naruto smiled, placing his hip against the counter with his arms crossed over his chest. " It's just that I have to get more help. All of this is way more difficult than being Hokage over a village. I can't afford to leave it all in their hands if something else happens like with Run-chan's planet."

" Now that I think about it. Don't you have Run-san's parents to help you out in that case? That's already another hand to aid you if you need it." Mikan reminded him, getting a shook of his head since he already thought about that.

" I can't ask them for that." Naruto said with a bit of tiredness." I don't know how Gid will take it if one of his planets stops supporting him and bow to me. For now, I'm just happy that I'm going somewhere inside the competition, and I'm not on the wrong path."

" You are thinking about everything much more than I expected." Mikan muttered though he did manage to hear her. It's not like she wanted to insult him, and he knew it. It's just that he seemed so carefree all the time that she never considered that he planned so many things.

" There is more about me than I let on." Naruto weakly chuckled before offering her a small smile as he turned around once again to focus on the cooking. Those were the easiest things he could do with her supervision. " But now I have another thing that I have to think about."

Mikan's eyelids were half open while she looked at her lap. Even if she racked her brain, she couldn't come up with anything to give him a hand. " Yes, you have no other option."

" Why the hell Nemesis had to say anything about the harem? Now everyone is going to be on my ass when I'm not that used to this kind of relationship." Naruto complained while letting out some of his frustrations, tightening his grip on the wooden stick.

Mikan knew or at least wanted to believe that they didn't do it to cause any more trouble to them, yet seeing him all that worked up, it was difficult for her to don't have some resentment towards them. It wasn't the right thing, of course, but it wasn't that easy to ignore her feelings.

They even talked about it a couple of times! They all agreed to take it slowly so that he wouldn't freak out. Then it appeared that they did whatever they wanted like always. What if he went to reject the idea the day right after they managed to convince him?

That idea that just came up on Mikan's mind began to torment her. She didn't even have the time to have one proper date with him!

As her hands formed fists while tightening her grip on the yellow apron, Mikan couldn't help but voice out her fears. " Please, don't break up the harem. I-I think that we can manage to come out of this without any problem."

Naruto widened his eyes at her plea, and he turned around to see her hands white because of the strength she was putting into her hands. A small smile appeared on his face. He was moved, of course. Yet that didn't mean that he didn't hate seeing her like that.

" Did it seemed like I wanted to forget about all of that?" Naruto gently asked as he placed a knee on the floor to go down below her eye level. Receiving no answer while she tried to avoid looking at him, Naruto kept going on. " Sorry for scaring you there. I didn't want to give you that idea."

Mikan nodded while Naruto grabbed her hands to squeeze them and comfort her in such away. Pushing her worries down, she apologized since she was the one overreacting. " You shouldn't say sorry or anything. I was the one who got scared there for a second."

" Don't do that." Naruto interrupted her, surprising her for a second. Caressing her hand with his thumb, he tilted his head. " You don't have to play strong or anything. I know that it isn't easy. Just tell me what you feel."

" D-Don't mind me. I got a bit scared, and that's all." Mikan shook her head, not wanting to give him any more of those headaches as he was already full of them.

" I could never go back on my word. You should know that about me by now, Mikan-chan." Naruto reminded her, managing to make her look into his eyes. His safe seemed to be playful even. " I can't break Lala's heart like that. I would be the biggest asshole ever."

" I see." Mikan gained a sad smile, confusing him for a second before her following words made him realize the irk that just formed in her chest. " That's right. Lala-san would be incredibly hurt if that happened."

" I'm not only thinking about her." Naruto admitted as he scratched his whiskers marks with a mild blush appearing on his cheeks. It did make her a bit flustered, seeing him like that. " A-After all, it's with you that I'm supposed to have a date with next, you know?"

Mikan's cheek gained a bit of red color, and her heart began to pound faster with expectation. Her mouth opened once, but nothing came out before he went for the second try. " Y-You didn't forget."

" How could I? You waited this long for someone like me. The least I can do is remember." Naruto shyly diverted his eyes from her before she placed her forehead against his as she didn't feel the need to say something else. " I-I mean, I also look forward to it. You aren't the only one."

" It's that so." She had to fight the need to giggle since she found it adorable how someone like him, who already went on multiple dates, still became so nervous with her. " You know how to make me feel special."

" W-Well, I hope so. You are more than special to me, Mikan-chan." Naruto said, moving his hand towards her lap to intertwine fingers with her. " I-I can't aim to be a good boyfriend if I can't even do that."

" You don't have to think about that so much. You were the best on that since the first moment that I saw you." Mikan reminded him as she was back then, no more than a little girl looking at an impossible crush from afar. Now, she will do anything to take the first step towards him.

" I still can't wrap my head around what I did to get your attention." Naruto lamely joked as a hum escaped her lips.

" Do you want to know?" She asked before she gained a not entirely convinced nod. It seemed that for him being that close to her still was something more that he couldn't handle. He was as charming as always. " I will tell you on our date."

" Ah? That isn't fair, Mikan-chan!" Naruto comically complained, turning around since she stood up to go and watch over the food that was getting cooked. " I wanna know!"

" Then we should begin to plan for the day to go out?" Mikan smiled, showing him only part of it, making him grin.

" Alright! What do you say about the first chance we are free? Maybe this weekend? We will go wherever you want to go!" Naruto exclaimed as the excitement was rapidly replacing his previous feelings.

" This weekend, I can't." Mikan apologized even though internally she wanted to eat the handkerchief she was biting. " My father has asked Rito and me to help him during the weekend since he is behind with the latest chapter of his manga."

" Oh, I didn't know that he needed help for his work." He said, sitting on the chair where she was previously.

" These two, three months we were lucky, but usually it always happens at the end of the month." Mikan tiredly sighed since the males of the family were a bit of a lost cause. " We usually go to clean the house and cook for him so that he can focus on his manga."

" Oh, that's nice of you." Naruto said, placing his arm behind the chair while balancing himself with one foot. " I'm sure your father is the happiest with both of you around."

" He should be able to plan and do all that stuff himself." Mikan sweatdropped and whispered to herself as she received a hum since he didn't hear her. " That's why I can't do it this weekend. But what do you say about the next one?"

" The next one it is." Naruto gave her a full grin at the idea. Now the only thing that he needed was planing their date more relaxed and with plenty of time to solve the problems at school that sure happened after he escaped.

Dammit, now that he thought about it, Rin, Risa, Yui, and all of his friends more than knew what was going on in his love life. He was more than screwed. Wasn't he?

That thought quickly vanished as he placed his head on his hand for him to rest while he contemplated Mikan cook.

" There is nothing that will make my doubt anymore." Naruto muttered, making Mikan turn around as she heard him speak.

" Did you say something?" Mikan asked as she was grabbing the fish that was at her side.

" Nope! Just wondering when we will eat." Naruto said, standing up to help her out once again.

Everything would work out anyway.

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