An Eternal Love

AN: Warning this story will contain incest and lemons.

Chapter 1: Beginnings

Fairy tales are relatively forward, there is a once upon a time, a youth who struggles and have a dream in life, maybe a few bad guys as well who will be defeated by some means a little later on and then there is a happy ever after, or at least that's how the story usually goes. Unfortunately this time things won't be as straight forward.

It all began on the Island Patch where two beautiful blonde twins had just been born, the oldest of the twins were a small blonde boy named Naruto Xiao Long and his younger sister Yang Xiao Long, usually child birth was a joyous occasion, but well things don't always go as they should.

Naruto had been born with rather large aura levels, nothing dangerous, just quite abnormal. For about a month Taiyang and Raven lived normally close with their children, but that all changed when Raven attempted to take Naruto with her back to her clan.

It had been quite a battle, Taiyang was nowhere as strong as Raven, so much was true, she had always been just amazing, but he refused to give up on his son. Raven herself had never seen quite such ferocity from Taiyang, the usual peaceful and fun loving guy, despite being caught off guard, the battle still ended up being quite one sided in Raven's favor.

Nobody was quite sure what made Raven change her mind, Taiyang had lost and had been knocked out, but when he woke back up his sleeping son was right in front of him, maybe it was pity from Raven if she was even capable of that. Well looking back at it now maybe it would have been better if Raven had taken Naruto with her, then things wouldn't have played out as they have.

To Taiyang, Naruto was a very curious little child, more than happy to try and explore everything he could, he was also extremely happy for his sister Yang and spent a lot of time following her around and was quite protective of her, which was quite assuring, now he didn't need to worry about any guys in the future if Naruto was with her.

Maybe it was love that blinded Tai, there always was that nagging feeling in the back of his mind like something was watching, as Naruto grew up though the feeling began to vanish. When both Naruto and Yang were two years of age they were given a new little sister, both siblings quickly accepting her into the family along with a new mother.

Those were the happy years and yet they seemed so distant now.

"Hah ah hnn, you don't think we awoke the children?" Taiyang asked, while gulping in deep breaths of air, before turning slightly to his left, to see the equally naked and sweaty Summer Rose that lay beside him.

"Don't worry I don't think that they will wake from that small round." Summer said unknowingly firing an arrow straight into Taiyang's pride, Summer slowly sat up on the bed and placed on hand on her stomach.

"Tai… I know this is sudden, but how do you feel about adding a new member to the family?" Summer asked sending a small glance over her shoulder down at the confused blonde man, it clearly took him some time as he stared at her holding on hand on her stomach a sweet smile on her lips.

"You're pregnant?" Tai asked with wide eyes, looking towards Summer who just gave him a small smile, before she confirmed it with a small nod, Tai looked completely lost for words as he tried to get closer to Summer, his brain had pretty much shut down.

"This is just wow, Summer I don't know what to say." Tai said as he leaned in close to Summer and placed one hand on her stomach, he was clearly getting slightly emotional as small tears were gathering in the corners of his eyes.

"I plan on taking a break from all the missions, until the child is here." Tai hummed happy to hear it as he rested his chin on her left shoulder, while pulling her back against his chest, a small amused smile on her face, when she felt his growing erection touch against her lower back, someone was in the mood again.

"Though I did get a letter this morning from Ozpin none the less, apparently some grimm has shown some unusual activity and I have already accepted the job." Summer admitted. Taiyang didn't really give the news that much attention, he was more caught up in the thought of a fourth child, besides Summer was amazing, a few grimm didn't pose a threat to her or so he told himself.

Taiyang still remembered every single detail from the next morning, from what they all ate for breakfast, to the foggy weather outside, Summer kissed all the children, before she left out the door and disappeared into the fog, he would never forgive himself for not trying to stop her, she never took a job when Ruby was on the way, he was an idiot that's what he told himself.

The next three months could be called the dark period of their lives. Taiyang just kind of shut down and kept to himself, sometimes when he thought the kids weren't looking he was drinking too, sometime their uncle would come over and they could hear their uncle and dad yell at each other.

Ruby was still too young to understand, all that she knew was that she didn't like the current state of affair. Yang did know though, but she tried her best to keep Ruby calm by putting on a tough act, while Naruto did the same, he was the oldest and he wanted both of his sisters to feel safe and happy.

Uncle Qrow visited a lot during this time, however being a professional huntsman meant he wasn't able to visit every day, one day, while dad slept in his bed completely drunk, Yang managed to find a map, it lead to somewhere else on the island, a spot on the map marked as hideout.

Yang and Naruto had always known that Summer wasn't their real mom and Yang have always since he remembered had an obsession with finding her, curious as to why she left in the first place, while Naruto was more neutral, to him Summer was his mom, if he could meet Raven it was fine, but he didn't really care.

Making sure that dad was fast asleep the children went outside. "Where we going?" Ruby asked curious as Yang placed her in a small wagon.

"We're gonna go search for mom." Yang said with a bright smile, he purple eyes shining with excitement as she held the map she found, while Naruto began dragging the wagon.

Ruby also looked excited for the idea as she began to shake the small wagon. "You think when we find her, she will make more of her cookies, I've really missed them!" Ruby said with a huge smile that in return also made Naruto smile.

She didn't know that it wasn't Summer they were looking for though, but none of them really knew anything about the mom they were searching for, maybe she could make cookies.

The first hour of their small journey had been full of optimism. As Yang had led the group with big steps, while holding the map, she had marched right into the forest, however as time passed on that optimism had slowly passed and in its place came fatigue. Naruto was able to move normally from the start and was still going strong without any hints of being tired, though Ruby had fallen asleep and Yang was obviously dragging her feet along. "If you're tired you can sit in the wagon with Ruby, Yang." Naruto offered.

"No, I want to be awake when we finally get to see mom." Yang insisted and forced herself to walk fast, the sun had begun to set when they finally arrived at the small old shed that supposedly was the hideout on the map.

However none of them found exactly what they had expected as from within the small worn out shed, red burning eyes began to stare at the children and slowly creatures of grimm came stalking out of the dark, this was their first encounter with these creatures. Yang took a quick step back in fright, while Naruto took one forward, not a shred of fear in him, instead curiosity was his burning emotion.

The grimm seemed to react negatively towards Yang as she showed clear fear of them and slowly turned their attention towards her, though Naruto got in their way once again, they were right in front of his face, they looked like big black bears, however they showed no hostility towards Naruto and were far more interested in his sisters though when he got in their way, they didn't try to walk around him, it was like they were awaiting permission.

Naruto turned to look around when he felt Yang tug on his clothes, his face turned sharp, when he could see his sister's clearly frightened expression, turning back towards the grimm with angry eyes, Naruto surprised everyone their including Qrow who was watching the scene in disbelief, he had already drawn his weapon and could kill all the grimm within a second, if anything should happen.

However his disbelief only grew when the young six year old boy slapped the grimm in front of him on the snout making it take a quick step back. "You are scaring my sister, leave." There was a small two seconds of silence before the grimm did as told and turned around and walked into the forest.

Qrow let out a small sigh, he really needed to talk with Tai about this.

Later that evening after Qrow had safely escorted the kids back to the house and the hour had gotten late and it was time for bed, they had trouble sleeping as their uncle and dad was once again yelling at each other.

"No one in history has ever done what Naruto did today and you will do nothing about it?" Qrow asked anger clear in his voice, there had been people with different kinds of semblance that have helped to hide from the grimm before, but nothing like what Naruto did, hell he was even too young to use his semblance he could barely use the aura he had.

"If you tell Ozpin there will be no end to it, you know him Qrow. Naruto is my boy, he doesn't have any special obligations to fulfill, how he wants to live is completely up to him, even worse if Ozpin's new buddy the general were to learn." Tai said anger emitting from his voice, while Qrow slowly sat down, he wasn't wrong.

"Do you blame Ozpin for what happened to Summer?" Qrow asked and was met with a brief silence.

"No, he couldn't have known, I'm angry with myself, though I realize I shouldn't remain locked in her and swallowed up by guilt, if you want to tell Ozpin about what you saw then do it, but you don't have my support and depending on what will happen I may never forgive you." Tai spoke, not even looking Qrow in the eyes as he stood up and left, in the end he never told anyone.

Even more time went on and after a few months of depression the children were happy to have their old joyful father back, who made the awful dad jokes, then one day dad went into the city to shop and Naruto was filled with pride as he was granted the title man of the house, while dad was out, which meant he was in charge.

Ruby was sitting on the couch and was watching cartoons, while Naruto ran upstairs and began looking around in his father's bedroom a place he usually wasn't allowed to enter, but he was a curious young boy, as he spent some time in there, he couldn't really find out why he wasn't allowed in, the only weird thing he found were some old magazines with barely dressed women, but that was about it.

Wondering what Yang was doing Naruto went back down the stairs and saw his sister stand in the kitchen on a three legged stool. "Yang what are you doing?" Naruto asked tilting his head slightly while seeing Yang trying to reach for a glass jar.

"What does it look like? I'm trying to bake." Yang said, while beginning to carefully jump on the stool, which had Naruto worry, his sister had never baked before, that was always dad. However Yang remember seeing Summer use a cookbook whenever she was in the kitchen and even when she baked cookies, which that Yang had just heard Ruby ask about, which had Yang wonder how hard could it really be?

With a little jump Yang finally managed to push the glass jar on the top shelf down as she landed back on the stool though her foot slipped and she ended up falling to the floor, the last thing she saw before she closed her eyes was the jar heading down towards her head, but the impact never came.

Opening her eyes Naruto stood in front of her, his hands had grabbed the jar before it hit her and he slowly placed it on the counter. Naruto's blue eyes stared down into his sister's lilac. His mouth formed a small circle in confusion, when he saw his sister's lips begin to tremble. "I miss mom." She admitted, it pained Naruto to see his sister sad and the small tears in the corner of her eyes while she looked into the floor.

Yang was forced to look up when Naruto cupped cheeks in his hands, his face was mere centimeters away from Yang's. "What arMM!" Yang was cut off when Naruto suddenly pushed his lips against hers, shocked for a few seconds before she quickly calmed down, Yang had a clear blush when Naruto began to pull back.

"Please don't cry, it hurts me too because I love you." Naruto said and was quickly hugged tightly by Yang and the two continued to embrace each other for a small minute in silence.

"Want me to help you bake?" His question was met with a small nod.

One and a half hour later Taiyang stood outside his house, with a small smile, he couldn't wait to see the kids reaction, especially Ruby would most likely have a heart attack. Opening the door the smell of cooking hit his nose.

Slowly walking inside and peeked around into the kitchen he could see his small sunny dragon and the tiny maelstrom playing master chef. "Hello small chefs." Taiyang spoke up letting his presence be known, when the two blondes turned around Taiyang had a small chuckle as both their faces were covered in flour.

Meanwhile both Yang and Naruto had a big smile seeing that dad was home, however what really blew them away was what he held in one hand two shopping bags, but in the other was the most adorable little puppy, both of them gave a short gasp before both their eyes focused on the small puppy.

"Zwei do you want to say hello to Yang and Naruto?" Tai asked as he carefully handed the puppy over to Yang, both of the children showering it in attention.

With all their attention on the puppy Tai moved past them and looked into the over a small sweat drop formed on the side of his head due to the large clumps of dough heating in the oven, certainly will be interesting to see if that is actually edible.

"Ruby come down and say hello!" Tai yelled and he could hear a big moan in protest as he caught her off from watching her toons, however as he predicted as soon as she came down and saw the puppy she had instant stars in her eyes and flew towards Yang and efficiently snatched the puppy out of her hands.

Another hour passed on and a small Ruby sat in a chair, holding Zwei closely to her, there was a single plate on the table in front of her and Naruto and yang watched in anticipation as Ruby slowly picked up the cookie and brought it to her small mouth before taking a bite.

However their hopes were crushed when Ruby sat still for a small second before she spat it back out. "Oh come now it can't be that bad." Tai tried to cut in as he saw Naruto and Yang's hurt feelings, taking a bite from another cookie Tai felt a shiver run up his back, he believed he had found the problem.

"Raisins!" Ruby wheezed as she held her throat.

More years were able to pass by without any incidents. Both their dad and their uncle had helped them in training, even before they were off to study at signal, Naruto and Yang funny enough both had their eye color change to the same as their real mother's when they activated their semblance, though Naruto also had some black slit in his eyes, like a kitty cat as Ruby liked to put it.

Yang were able to absorb damage and dish it back twice as hard, while Naruto's simply increased his senses, the more aura he poured into his semblance the sharper they became, while this was an extremely useful semblance in many different aspects it did eat a lot of aura quickly and should be used more like a trump card if needed.

Ruby who insisted on being trained along side her siblings were also able to unlock her own aura and semblance quite easily actually, it came natural to her, though to her own disappointment her semblance didn't allow her to change eye color like her siblings, she wanted to be a part of the trend, but at least she got a serious speed boost.

As they all grew up it became more obvious what they inherited and from whom, both Naruto and Yang had them same humor as him, something he was incredible grateful for, because he wasn't even sure if Raven had a sense of humor. Though he also saw a lot of their mother in them, it was likewise with Ruby who had mostly taken after her mother, while he could still see a little of himself.

Currently it was early morning and Taiyang sat at the table in the kitchen watching the news on a small tv, when suddenly Naruto came flying in through the window and landed on the table in front of him. "Ah good morning dad, anything exciting happening?" Naruto questioned, his dad not even the slightest faced by his son's sudden appearance.

"Meh not really, sparing with your sister again?" Tai asked Naruto who quickly jumped off the table and was on his way through the window out.

"Yep, I'm giving her a few points though, otherwise I would feel bad." Naruto bragged before he jumped out the window and a few moments later Yang came flying in and hit the same spot, this was just an average morning really.

"Morning dad, would excuse me for a moment." Yang said as she quickly jumped back out the window, as the small vibrations continued Ruby soon enough joined her dad down in the kitchen.

"They are surprisingly quiet today."

Outside in the yard a short distance from the house, the two sweaty blondes were finally finishing up their spar, with Yang on her back while Naruto kept her pinned to the ground, his hands having a firm grasp around her wrists. "Giving up?" Naruto asked with a triumphant grin as Yang struggled to break free.

The triumphant grin was quickly replaced with a surprised look when yang quickly lifted her head and pecked his lips. Yang felt his grip loosening for just a moment and used it to turn the tables, by throwing Naruto into the ground she quickly straddled him. "If you give up I might give you one more." She teased while bringing her mouth down to his ear.

"Yang, not here what if dad sees?" Naruto asked slightly worried, while Yang just kept on a small dirty smirk.

"That's what makes it exciting." Yang said before she pressed her lips down against Naruto's again, both of them were quite aware that their sibling relationship was quite abnormal, yet they both embraced it, they always felt love for each other, when they were younger they simply didn't know what the feeling was.

The worst part about leaving home for Signal was Ruby's sad expression at being left behind, still needing to grow two years more before she could begin.

At Signal both twins were able to craft thjeir own weapons with Yang going with gauntlets which fir her own fighting style and Naruto considered going the same way, but at his time training at Signal he also discovered a new talent, he was damn good with a katana and thus his own weapoin became a high frequency blade he named Kurama and Yang named her gauntlets Ember Celica, he never understood the name.

Naruto proved quite good at his studies and got great marks in all fields, though he proved less successful at making friends, he like to think of himself as a patient guy, but when people openly lusted after his sister, something just snapped, well Yang could take care of herself, she was strong, but still it was just a build in brother instinct.

Naruto got a certain amount of fear from his fellow class mates, he was praised by his teachers, his aura level towered above the other children and he won every fight he was in with ease all in all it could be argument that Naruto was simply wasting his time at Signal and should have jumped on to Beacon at a earlier age, not that he wanted to though, he just wanted to stay close to Yang.

She was a bit more successful by making friends than he was, of course none of them were guys, because each time one tried to approach Yang Naruto would appear behind her with murderous eyes that sent them running.

Yang was a bit more playful though whenever Naruto got a love letter, while she wouldn't show any anger, she would still destroy the letter, neither of them even bothering to read who it was from.

Ruby began to enroll when Naruto and Yang were almost done with Signal, well at least they were there long enough to see Ruby craft her own weapon, it gave a good laugh seeing her trying to cram every single existing weapon into a single one, though the crescent rose, she ended with was cool as well.

Seeing as Ruby had enrolled into Signal there was no reason for their father to stay at home anymore and he slowly began taking missions again, but stopped when he was able to get a job as a teacher at Signal, when Naruto and Yang were both done and could return home, they heard that their uncle had got a job as teacher as well, which didn't really seem right, he was drunk most of the time.

Naruto and Yang had the house for themselves for almost a month before they would leave for Beacon, even Zwei had left to stay with their dad and well, being all alone for almost a month gave Naruto and Yang plenty of opportunities to express their love for each other, in other words the house was shaking even more than when they would be sparring.

Finally the day arrived where they would take the boat from patch to the city, there they would spend a little week before leaving for beacon, both Naruto and Yang had packed their stuff which was already sent to the boat, they were both currently outside the house talking to their dad on Naruto's scroll.

"Well dad we're off." Naruto said with a smile, though slightly confused when he could hear his dad begin to giggle.

"Hi off, I'm dad." Naruto quickly hung up.

Yang then ran over to her motorcycle, which she called bumblebee, Naruto didn't name his own motorcycle, hell the only reason his blade was named Kurama was because it was a must ot name their weapons at signal and Kurama was the first thing he thought off.

The motorcycles were the same only with different color schemes, where Yang's were black and yellow Naruto's were orange and blue.

Vale was a humongous city with its industrial area being bigger than Patch and that was just barely one fourth of the city, it had both blondes excited, maybe they would even run into Ruby, last they heard her class had a field trip to the city.

Being a big city Yang saw this as the perfect opportunity to see if she could find any information involving their mother, he hunt did bear a little fruit as it guided them to a small nightclub down by the pier. As they arrived an orange haired man wearing a funny looking bowler hat walked right past them. "Enjoy your night kiddos." Neither of the twin paid him much attention, though they did wonder why he had so many people follow him.

As they entered the club the sound of music filled their ears. "He looks like one who could be in charge." Naruto said as he pointed a single finger down towards the large man standing near the bar. Yang was meanwhile looking around the bar seeing how many people she would have to beat up.

Naruto and Yang played a quick game of rock, paper & scissors, when Naruto lost he let out a small sigh, before he drew his blade and stormed the dance floor causing quite the panic, a few seconds he was right in front of this so called junior with his sword at his neck. "Hi there, I'm looking for this woman." Naruto kept his voice completely natural, like he was asking about the weather.

"Wowowow blondie that's dangerousS!" Junior's voice hitched when Naruto pressed his katana harder against his throat, he was only bluffing he wasn't just going around killing people, not that Junior needed to know that.

"This woman have you seen her yes or no?" Naruto asked again, several armed people had begun to gather behind and Yang looked excited, while she put her gauntlets on, a bit of warming up before off the beacon in a few days.

"No I swear I've never seen her in my life." Junior spoke quickly fright in his voice and Naruto pulled his katana away and placed it back in its sheet, as soon as Naruto turned towards Yang again, Junior saw this as his chance and threw his fist towards Naruto's head only for him to dodge beneath it and grab onto Junior's neck and slammed him into the counter.

"He didn't know… I'm 99% sure." Naruto spoke before he jumped over the bar and when the thugs saw their boss knocked out they began to rush at him, the sound of Yang's fist meeting their faces began to fill the room, while Naruto was making two cocktails.

"Ah, Yang do you want your strawberry sunrise with or without ice?" Naruto asked while watching the people rushing at Yang being sent flying.

"Always without ice! Why don't you remember?" Yang yelled, Naruto watched slightly amused as two twin girls had joined in the fight and they actually managed to get some hits in.

"More ice for me then." Yang looked around satisfied when she was done with the destruction she had caused, when Junior would awake half an hour after they left he would be quite surprised by seeing that Naruto had actually left the money for the drinks.

Even though they didn't find out anything, at least Yang had fun and when Yang had fun she would always make sure Naruto had fun too.

On their last night in the city there had been a big explosion in the middle of the city, apparently someone had tried to rob a dust store, which wasn't really uncommon, due to the Whitefang the prices of dust was rising, lucky for Naruto and Yang neither of their weapons used dust, but a lot of people did need it and it wasn't just for weapons, most technology did require dust to function, sad to see that these sorts of robberies were becoming more and more regular.

They were both excited when they came to the huge airship that would bring them to Beacon, however before they both got onboard their scrolls simultaneously vibrated in their pocket as they got a message from dad, their eyes widened as they read the message, they then quickly pushed past a big group of people to get on and a huge smile was on both their faces when they saw a nervous looking little Ruby standing in there looking for people she might know.

To Ruby it looked like two demons came charging towards her, the power from their hug made her sound like one of Zwei's squeaky toys. "I can't believe I get to enroll with both my adorable little sisters!" Naruto said as he kissed Ruby's cheek making her turn a deep shade of red from embarrassment, there were people on board here that she would have to spend the next four years with.

However none of her siblings seemed to care as they were all over her, those were the happy days for the trio and to explain exactly how everything could go so wrong, this would be an excellent starting point, the story about an eternal love you might call it.

Chapter 1

AN: This is my first take on the RWBY universe and I hope I did somewhat decent, I probably missed something important or a small detail, but this chapter was just too quickly summaries Naruto's childhood. I hope you guys will give me feedback and tell me what you think, though nobody like flames!