Sup guys? Lighting Wolf here, back with another story, this one about Pirates of the Caribbean. Enjoy the 1150-word chapter. I don't own POTC, Disney does.

(Mon Jolly, 1 mile away from Port Royal.)

"Well, this is a fine mess we're in, Mr. Sparrow, your talents precede you."

Jack heard as he turned to see a pirate covered in a black pirate's outfit with red splashes of color on it with the other pirate's tricorne hat upon his head, 2 flintlock pistols on his waist and a sword strapped to his waist. The man looked like he was the captain of a ship he had recently lost.

"To my credit, that plan worked for the most part, we've found port, mate…. All we need now is a vessel with which to continue our journey and we're be set."

Jack replied before both looked down to see several holes in the bottom of the small ship with water rushing in.

"If this piece of driftwood lasts that long you mean…. Plus, I hope your plan happens to take into account that we're pirates…"

The man replied as Jack offered a small smile.

"Have I ever let you down, Morgan?"

Jack asked as Morgan gave his friend a deadpan look, causing Jack to turn away as the ship continued to sail towards land as Morgan and Jack tried to scoop the water out of the boat.

"Mate, look."

Jack said, pointing as he and Morgan turned to see three skeletons hung from the ropes as Morgan frowned when he saw that their tattered rags was similar to the garb he and Jack were dressed in.

"This does not bode well for us…"

Morgan muttered as he turned to see Jack had taken off his head in respect of the dead pirates.

"I didn't think you respected other pirates."

Morgan Stated as Jack turned.

"Always good to pay your respects to fallen comrades, mate."

Jack put in as Morgan rolled his eyes, unsure whether Jack was messing with him or seriously as the ship continued to sink as he and Jack scrambled up the mast as the ship sunk until only the mast stuck out of the water.

"We're stuck here…. Great…"

Morgan muttered as Jack stepped off the mast onto the dock with Morgan stepping off with him as the two Pirates walked past the harbormaster.

"Excuse me, you two! It's a shilling to tie up the ship… And I'll need to know your names."

The Harbormaster said as Morgan turned to Jack.

"You handle this, I'll find us a ship."

Morgan whispered as Jack frowned.

"Your forgetting I'm the planer, Mr. Morgan… And the skilled one."

Jack replied as Jack walked over to talk to the harbormaster as Morgan shook his head.

"Yeah, you're the 'skilled' one, and yet you forget I'm the better fighter between the both of us…"

Morgan muttered as Jack walked past him, holding the purse of the harbormaster in his hand as Morgan lightly smiled.

"You truly are the most ridiculous Pirate in existence, Jack."

Morgan stated as Jack turned.

"But you have heard of me, Morgan, that's what counts."

Jack put in as Morgan rolled his eyes.

"It's 'Captain' Morgan Douglas, 'Captain' Sparrow."

Morgan put in he turned to see Jack had already disappeared as the Pirate Captain saw his friend sneaking towards a small British warship as Morgan sighed and snuck towards the small ship as Jack slipped aboard the ship.

"Always trying to outwit the world, Jack."

Morgan whispered as he climbed aboard from behind the wheel, pulling himself onto the ship to see Jack talking to 2 Royal Marines who pointed their muskets at the Pirate, Morgan couldn't hear they're chat as he pulled himself up.

"I'm going to kill him, fellow pirate or not, I'm going to kill him one day."

Morgan muttered as he heard Jack walk away from the wheel of the ship, Morgan silently pulled his pistol and sword out as Jack spoke.

"Alright, you got me, it is my intention to commandeer one of these ships, pick up a crew in Tortuga, raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer my weaselly black guts out… With the help of my crewmate."

Jack responded as he walked forward.

"Partner, Sparrow, it's partner."

Morgan muttered as the Marines turned as one leveled his musket at Morgan as he pointed his flintlock at the Marine and leveled his sword at the other.

"I said no lies!"

One of the marines yelled as Morgan turned to Jack.

"I think he was telling the truth."

The other marine muttered as Morgan turned to look at Jack.

"You have a sliver tongue but your forgetting I'm the fighter between the both of us, Captain Sparrow."

Morgan put in as Jack shrugged.

"You have to be honest, Captain Morgan… You would have attempted the same if you had my sense of opportunity."

Jack responded as Morgan rolled his eyes.

"I wouldn't have picked an oversized dingy to captain, Jack and you know-…"

Morgan started to say as he noticed Jack was continuing to talk to the two Royal Marines that had just threatened him.

"Honesty, sometime I can't believe I agreed to help you, Sparrow."

Morgan muttered, holstering his weapons as he leaned back against the railing as he looked at the dock to keep watch for any more marines.

He only barely heard Jack's chat with the Marines when a splash behind him caused him to turn his head around.

"What the hell was that?"

Morgan asked as he turned around to see Jack talking to the two royal marines.

"What are you three doing?"

Morgan asked as he ran over as Jack turned to him after handing the Marines his pistol, sword and hat.

"Well, one of us has to save the lady, it'd be better if I go."

Jack put in as Morgan was about to speak up when Jack jumped into the ocean waters.

"Does he always do that?"

One of the Marines asked as Morgan sighed and nodded.

"Yes… Yes, he does, he'll be fine… I think."

Morgan put in ask he looked at the still waters below.

Author notes

Ok, I know I didn't make the best first chapter, my first chapters are always messy since I don't have a clear picture of how to open the story. I do want to point out Jack will still be Jack and Morgan isn't going to pop up in every scene Jack is in. this story will take place through the movies with some extra scenes mixed in. Until next chapter, Lighting Wolf out!