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(Pirate Brig Nemesis.)

Morgan walked back and forth while Harold Bowman, another of the Nemesis's crew, the Brig was anchored just off the shore of Isla Cruces, having caught up to the Interceptor 20 minutes after the smaller ship had done so.

"Mr. Gunner, what do you see?"

Morgan said from the railing as he looked over at the island, he saw some of Jack's crew on the small ship.

"Ms. Finch?"

Morgan called out, if they needed to run, he would need Nemesis to be ready to go.

"Yes, Captain?"

His First Mate asked as Morgan walked to the longboats before climbing into one.

"The first sign of the Pearl, you pick me and Jack and his crew up… If the Pearl comes within sight, you run as fast as you can and make sure the Nemesis is ready for combat… I didn't get a ship just to lose it right away."

Morgan said as Penny nodded as Morgan rowed his way to shore before drawing one of his Flintlock pistols.

"Oh, what did he get into…."

Morgan said as he crept into the cavern, he sensed someone behind him and turned to see Jack.

He looked down at the gun and then to Morgan.

"I swear you're going to get killed one day, Jack… You didn't bring the rest of the crew?"

Morgan whispered, he knew Hector Barbossa wasn't a man to face alone.

"And where is YOUR crew?"

Jack asked, Morgan was silent and shrugged.

Ok, had him there, both Pirates turned to see guns pointed at them.

"I hate Hector."

Morgan said as the undead crew closed in on him…. Morgan listened and heard the sounds of rowing.

"Oh, to hell with Will…."

Morgan said, he kicked one of the Pirates back before running off, Jack looked around at the crew and said a simple line.

"I would like to parley."

Jack said as his fellow Captain chased Will and Elizabeth.


Morgan hissed when he ran outside, his boat was gone and so were the oars, he growled in annoyance.

He contemplated shooting Turner but growled again and turned and dove into the water, if Turner and his friend had escaped, that mean Barbossa would be after them.


Penny yelled as Morgan stepped onto deck as Interceptor sailed past them.

"Chase that blasted British blemish… Jack stayed behind…. Barbossa is going to be after us."

Morgan ordered as Gunner let go of steering so he could get the cannons loaded.

"You know we can't kill them… Right?"

Penny said as Morgan drew his pistol…. Or one of them and walked to the back of the ship, the Pearl was chasing them and the Nemesis would never outrun her.

"I'm not trying to kill them… Just make sure Jack can get back to us…. Get a chain shot loaded, Barbossa is going to pass us and I know he won't be expecting the chasers…"

Morgan ordered before he turned and snapped his fingers at his crew.

"Anyone who isn't firing a canon or making sure the ship sails, get ready for a fight…. Penny, I'm going to free Jack when the Pearl gets closer…. Do keep an eye on the Nemesis for me?"

Morgan asked as he rested his other hand on his sword as Penny nodded and began to give orders as Morgan made sure he had his weapons ready.

(Black Pearl.)

Jack sat in the brig as his ship gained on the Interceptor, he was interrupted by a blast of cannon fire from the Nemesis.

"Stop shooting my ship!"

Jack yelled before a head poked up through the hole of the Pearl.

"Jack, this ship couldn't be sunk by a fleet of the best warships on this blasted Planet…."

Morgan said as he drew one of his Flintlocks and fired it, shattering the lock before Morgan turned to the hole.

"C'mon, we have to get back to the Nemesis and then find a place to hunker down against the Pearl."

Morgan said, they couldn't catch the Pearl, but they could outfight the cursed ship.

"As much as I love the plan to run away so that we may survive such a treacherous fate… I cannot leave the Pearl, Captain Morgan…. But I thank you for getting the door for me."

Jack said as the two Pirate Captains shared a look of silence at each other.

"Jack… Out of all the plans I have helped you execute… This is the most insane in existence that you have tried to handle…. You can't gamble or bargain your way out of this…"

Morgan explained, they had barley any time to make a choice… He looked at Jack's face and knew there was no reasoning with the pirate he was so closely bonded with.

"The second this goes south, I'm ending this, savvy?"

Morgan asked, Jack smirked and Morgan ran to the hole before diving into the sea as the Nemesis began to pull off the chase to flank the Pearl.


Jack said before starting to sneak away as the Pearl closed the distance.


Morgan hated swimming, at least if there was the chance of sharks appearing in the water around him.


Gunner yelled before Morgan turned to the man to give orders.

"Pull us off and flank the Pearl, when we get close enough, we will broadside her…. We can't outrun that ship… But we can outfight her…."

Morgan said as the Nemesis began to prepare to fight.

Author Notes

Phew, another chapter done…. Yeah, so Morgan came to help Jack… Who doesn't wish for his help at the moment, I also wish to point out these updates are infrequent, next chapter might be next week. I also want to point out this story will change things in Pirates of the Caribbean. Until next chapter, Lighting Wolf out!