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Chapter 2: Trials

Queenie busied herself in the kitchen when Tina trudged into their apartment.

"What happened?" Queenie got up and hurried over to her sister, who was bent on looking at the grain in the wood. As they embraced, Queenie held her just a little tighter as she read her mind.

"That bad?" Tina gave a final squeeze and decided she needed to do something and not become a gargoyle cemented in place. With a cursory glance around her home, the heat from the fireplace called to her, taking her towards its source. Queenie watched her with a look of sorrow crossing her face.

"I thought I could handle it… I really did. I'm trained to handle these things. The Pensieve is normally no problem for me. But with him, Queenie, I wouldn't wish anyone to see his memories."

Puzzled, Queenie stared at Tina while still maintaining focus on the mug of hot cocoa that levitated in front of her at eye level.

"I never was able to get into his mind when he was Mr. Graves. How on earth did you pull that off?"

"We were able to extract a few. He wasn't even trying to resist giving them up which means he didn't see any importance in them. It was terrible, Queenie."

"I don't think a man such as Gellert Grindelwald has many pleasant memories."

"Being in his presence… It's like he's not even human."

"What makes you say that?"

"He's so calm. Almost calculating. And whenever I interrogate him, he gives me a grin that instantly chills me. No one can be a sane person and cause so much pain and death and-"

Tina's thoughts took over for her mouth as she slumped onto the plush couch covered in decorative pillows that offered more support than their appearance, and ran her shaking hands through her hair, willing herself to not take the grueling investigation outside MACUSA Headquarters.

"You've been through so much, and you need to relax."

"You're right. I just need a minute." She looked up just in time to reach for the cocoa stirring itself, and took a grateful sip.
"Thank you for this."
"Of course." Queenie quietly sighed in relief as she read Tina's mind; her thoughts were shifting to topics other than work and Grindelwald.
Tina seemed to get her mind out of its rut when the buzz of the drink made an appearance. Abruptly, she stood up.

"Grindelwald needs to pay for what he's done."

The flash of determination in her eyes made Queenie worried for the first time in her life. Usually, she is proud when Tina feels determined. Not this time.

"What are you saying? He will pay, Teen. I promise. That's why he's locked up."

"That's not enough! He's murdered people! So many people; wizards, witches, No-Majs… It's too much for simply incarceration."
"Do you want me to write Picquery? Because if you keep this up, that's exactly what I'm going to do! He's getting to you, and you can't let him. You know that."

By this time, Tina was at the window, and Queenie slipped a vial of Calming Draught into the cocoa, feeling like she had no other choice, and gave the mug to her sister with a concerned expression that went away as she visibly saw the tension release from Tina's body.

"I'm sorry. This case… You're right, I can't let it get to me. Or him."
"It's okay. And you'll get better at this, you always do. Everyone at that office knows you can handle leading the investigation, so that's why they put you in charge. Right?"

"Right. I'll be fine."

"Why don't we change the subject? I don't want you to get upset again." Queenie turned back to the kitchen, but not before Tina saw the glint of unshed tears in her eyes.

"It's Jacob, isn't it?" Queenie swiped at her eyes and faced Tina.

"There is no one else like him. No one."

"I know."

"Some time during that week after Newt's Thunderbird obliviated everyone, he told me about how No-Majs can marry witches and wizards in England. We can't even talk to them here." Queenie gave up with focusing on dinner and turned the stove off with an exasperated sigh.

Ignoring the flutter in her heart at the mention of Newt, Tina joined her at the table, realizing that she opted for Jacob's seat compared to her usual one, where the heat from the oven would graze her back comfortably when she didn't use magic to cook. Tina unconsciously took Newt's place and hesitantly spoke.

"I know you care for him, but-"

"Please don't say but. I already know, and hearing it again won't help, so please don't."


Queenie held her hand out to Tina, who took it in both of hers. Realizing the time, Queenie grabbed her wand with her other hand and gave a quick swipe to enchant the ingredients to cook again.

Suddenly, there was a tap on the window from an owl with patches of black, brown and orange to color his feathers. It looked tired but eager with a letter in his mouth.
"What the-?"

Tina went to the window and opened their apartment to the owl, who flapped his wings and perched himself on one of the drying racks.

"Hey buddy, what do you have there?"

The owl admired Tina as she stroked his feathers and held her hand out for the letter. When he surrendered the letter to her, he turned his gaze to Queenie, who took over the task Tina abandoned. Tina's heart rate increased as she ran her hand over the pattern in the sealing wax- a feather, and yet even more when she flipped the letter over and read "To Miss Porpentina Goldstein". If the seal wasn't a giveaway, then the handwriting she recognized from the time she stalled in giving Newt back the journal about his creatures, was. Even in his writing, she could tell how much he cared about them.

Queenie didn't have to ask who it was from with all the thoughts racing through her sister's head.

"Well go on and open it!"

Tina gave Queenie a sympathetic glance, not wanting to read the letter from Newt while she was still upset.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be okay. Why don't you see what that Magizoologist has to say?"

Tina nodded and went into their room and sat at the desk. Taking a deep breath, she opened the seal.

December 20th, 1926

Dear Miss Porpentina Goldstein,

I hope you have been doing well since we last saw each other. I'm back in London, though when I'm not at the Ministry, I'm in my case, which is where I am right now writing this letter. Usually by this time of the night, things would be relatively quiet. Though I just finished playing an unintended game of hide and seek with Dougal that lasted three hours, and he riled up the entire case while hiding from me. Dougal and Frank were very close, and he hasn't been taking Frank's absence very well, but this is the first time he's stayed invisible for so long. Though I'm sure he made it back home to Arizona where he belonged, I feel like I should have somehow warned Dougal or let them say goodbye. I know animals can't exactly say "goodbye", but you know what I mean. Maybe that would have helped. Everything happened so fast, and it's my fault that Dougal is upset. I miss Frank, too, but I did get to send him off.

Onto a happier note, how are you doing? It's even closer to Christmas now, so I'm guessing New York is about as crazy as Diagon Alley the day before the Hogwarts Express leaves. At least, that's what it's like in London right now, which is why I am trying to avoid London as much as possible. Though there is work. I know my schedule is going to drastically change once I send my manuscript to Obscurus Books within the next few days, so I'm doing the best I can to enjoy these last few moments of freedom.

This brings to mind the promise I made to you in New York. Once my book is published, I will be on my way to New York to give you a copy. Maybe during my visit, I'll run into Jacob? I hope he got the loan he needed for his bakery.

I do look forward to seeing you and Queenie again, and I know my creatures feel the same way. The Occamy you held misses you, so hopefully you won't mind holding her after I arrive?

Speaking of New York, how is the situation going with Grindelwald and MACUSA, if I'm allowed to ask? My brother, Theseus made me give at least three statements about what happened in the subway station and every other occurrence I had with him. I'm not sure why he wants so many, but that's classified to me. I hope you and the other Aurors are staying safe, even if he's locked up with every spell and charm known to wizard kind that I imagine him to be.

As for the owl who delivered my letter, his name is Cyrus. Go ahead and laugh, but I chose it because he's a strong flyer. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? He is very tame and loves when you stroke his feathers. I'm sure this letter will arrive before Christmas, so I would like to wish you and Queenie a Merry Christmas (how is she holding up, by the way?) and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Newt Scamander

Tina couldn't help but smile as she read the letter over again. He wrote her! The game of hide and seek amused her as she imagined Newt running around his case looking for Dougal, but that thought transitioned to a longing to reach out across the ocean to comfort him with his guilt of releasing Frank so suddenly. Like he said, everything did happen so fast, and he can't blame himself for it.

Looking outside, snow was falling gracefully to the ground a few stories below, and she wondered what it would be like to take a stroll through Diagon Alley with him, bundled up in layers of clothing as snow fell around them. Shaking her head of those thoughts, she pulled herself together. Nothing he said in the letter indicated of feelings for her. He did mention coming back to New York and worried about her safety with Grindelwald, but he was coming back to keep his promise of giving her his book, and so she could see his creatures, which she did come to be amazed by. As for Grindelwald, he was worried about all the Aurors, not just her.

I do look forward to seeing you and Queenie again. He mentioned Queenie in that sentence, not just her. Though the fact that he mentioned his concern for Queenie warmed her heart.
I look forward to hearing back from you. That sentence lingered in her mind as she sat on the bed, placing the folded letter in one of her dresser drawers. While getting lost in her thoughts, she ran her hand along the comforter Newt used…

Tina abruptly stood up and almost ran into Queenie.

"Sorry! I, um, dinner smells amazing… Let's eat, I'm starving!" Tina looked down and walked over to the table.

"Why are you so jumpy?" Queenie showed little effort to hide her grin.

"I'm not jumpy!" She gave the chair a little too hard of a jerk, making her cringe at the screeching noise it made across the floor.

Queenie's "really?" look answered for her.

"Okay, fine. I'm happy he wrote me."

"I can tell you are. Your thoughts were loud as you went back and forth analyzing what he said."

"It's my job to analyze! I can't always help it when I take that home!"

Queenie's laugh answered for her as she placed the napkin on her lap.

"Well we'll still have the comforter when he gets here."

Tina turned beet red and focused intently on the meal before her. Queenie smiled and looked out the window, wondering where Jacob was, and if he was also watching the snow.

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