This is a Misaki Yata X Fushimi Saruhiko doujinshi, one shot. Please enjoy it!

Yata's lips smirked a bit, his feet dancing on his board as it glided over the silver railing in a side-ways motion. He swiftly jumped, his feet releasing from the surface and the board twirled in a 360 before landing on the pavement, his feet re-planting in place on the board instantly. He turned, his arms moving with his body as he stopped the board in place. His left foot moving to stand still from it. He sighed softly, wiping the small amount of sweat that matted his forehead. Yata was in the middle of practicing his skate boarding, wanting to do more flip tricks. He sat down on a nearby bench, clicking the back of the board as it flew up towards him, and he grabbed it. He was alone, out of all days. Makoto wanted the team to take a day off, from fighting and being troublesome in town. He wore a white tank top and his everyday shorts, his headphones over his ears and muffling the world's sounds with the music. He didn't wear his hat today. It was rather hot, the sun gleaming down over the world without the normal clouds to shield daily life in protection. Closing his eyes and turning all his attention to his music calmed him down a bit. It was silent for a moment, his body still.

That is; until a certain someone came to bother him. Fushimi.

Fushimi grabbed his headphones from behind, pulling them from the other's ears in a quick moment. Yata immediately turned around in alarm, his lips turning into an irritated frown. He snatched his headphones from the other before standing up straight. He took the sight of the other in cautiously. Fushimi was smiling innocently, wearing his daily blue cloak and matching black shirt with normal pants. He clearly had his sword with him, as it stuck directly out from his belt side.

"No time long see… Mi-sa-ki~" Fushimi slurred his name slowly, making Yata growl a bit. He watched as the orange haired male backed away a bit, his small hands turning into angry fists immediately. "My my… no red team today? Oh, tell me, the red team is on a day off too because of the weather?" he asked curiously, but was full aware of the situation. He stepped forward around the bench, the invention of wood and metal screws sitting in place behind him. "I'm on a day off as well. Why don't we spend it together?" He smirked. Yata simply shook his head in disbelief.

"No thanks monkey. I'm busy today. Even if I wasn't, I'd still not spend my day off with the likes of you." Yata answered rather quickly, snarling. He growled, suddenly hearing how his response made the other laugh. Fushimi pushed his glasses up, his hand raising to scratch a specific spot on his left, upper chest. The spot that had a burned mark of Homra. Yata walked forward, grasping his hand and then his shirt, opening it a bit as the mark was revealed. "...I still can't forgive you. You just abandoned us! And yet, you still come around as if it was nothing!" He called out. He took a deep breath. "Your pathetic." He pulled away, grabbing his skate board beginning to walk away. Fushimi smiled, simply watching him leave. He shoved his hands in his pockets, waiting before following him.

"Oh my… did I hit a nerve, Mi-sa-ki? ~" He asked in an inconsiderate, teasing manner of tone. Yata swung back at him in anger, his wrist being caught by the blue haired male in response. He was then suddenly pushed against a nearest tree, wincing a bit in surprise. They were in the middle of a large skate park after all, no one else in sight. Everyone else was at home, sitting in front of a tv channel with their a/c or fan aimed at them at full speed. Only a small handful of the population wanted to be productive, regardless of the scorching weather, practically blazing the air and causing it to become stifling.

Yata struggled, his wrist being held tightly up upon the tree above his head. Fushimi was physically taller and stronger then he was. "M-monkey… that hurts!" Yata mumbled, gritting his teeth. Fushimi sighed softly, watching Yata. He was looking down on him, as if he was ashamed of him or dismissing him of being an alienable, human being to begin with. Yata looked up at the taller male, his eyes showing resistance.

"You know Misaki… I've always loved this rebelling side of you. I just wished you realized how much I care about you. Whether I left or not, did not change the way I see you or anyone else at Homra." Fushimi said softly. Yata struggled a bit, whimpering as he felt Fushimi's left knee between his legs. He shook, feeling the same knee move up higher and rubbing just between his thighs, against him.

"H-hey what are you-" Yata began, but his words were muffled by Fushimi's lips, being interrupted. Yata's eyes widened and he immediately pushed Fushimi with the little strength he had. Fushimi refused to pull away just yet, his tongue slipping its way into Yata's mouth with forced entry. Yata's eyes closed tightly and he moved a bit, his teeth encountering Fushimi's tongue. It wasn't until the moment he bit him, that he pulled away. Fushimi growled softly, holding his mouth as blood dripped down from his lips. Yata was panting, a little dribbled blood over his chin and he instantaneously wiped off the unwanted liquid.

"how dare you... Misaki." Fushimi frowned, a blue aura forming around his body. Yata hugged his board close, looking down as his cheeks were covered in a flushed red. He was embarrassed beyond belief, his heart pounding in his chest and his head spinning. He felt as though he would faint at any moment.

"D-don't call me that anymore! And K-keep that tongue of yours… in your own m-mouth then!" Yata yelled out, studdering uncontrollably. He looked up at Fushimi, not liking the deathly expression he held. He quickly turned away, running away from him. "Makoto told me not to get into any trouble with the blue's today!" Yata thought to himself, using that as an excuse to run away. He was otherwise stubborn and refused to back down; unless he absolutely had too that it. He dropped his board, swiftly moving his foot back and forth as he gained speed. He moved left and right repeatedly, not daring to look back. Fushimi simply watched him ride away, anger yet desire over that boy filling his consciousness in an overwhelming effect.

Yata soon returned to Homra after his chase. He hadn't stopped or looked back to see if Fushimi followed him, but just assumed otherwise. He was panting heavily, now completely drenched in sweat. His body felt gross and sticky. Yata walked into the bar, everyone but Izumo was gone. He sat at the bar and was then given an ice-cold drink. Izumo smiled, polishing some cups with a handkerchief. "What happened to you? Weather getting to you?" He asked softly. Yata gripped the bone-chilling bottle, beginning to gulp It quickly. Some dribbled down his chin and neck. But he didn't mind the mess. He slowly pulled the bottle from his lips, setting it down on the shiny counter top.

"...It's nothing." He mumbled back, not wanting to tell Izumo about what happened. He pretended as though he came back just for the sake of escaping the heat outside. Izumo nodded at his answer, taking little to no notice of his slight attitude.

Yata then stood up and grabbed his stuff before walking to the back room behind the bar. There was steps up there and he followed them, one by one until he walked into a small bedroom; his bedroom. He lived in one of the few rooms the Homra building had. His room was a bit messy, a single large window which was open. The filled space consisted of his bed, a desk, dresser and some book shelves. The walls were covered by unrelated posters, small and spread about in an unorganized pattern. One in particular was a picture of Fushimi and himself, which was tacked to the mirror above his dresser. A smaller room that was connected to his was for a bathroom, which accorded with all the basic necessities. Yata walked into the bathing room, pulling off his articles of filthy clothing and trailing them across his floor. He thought about taking a quick shower and washing the salty feeling of sweat from his body. Climbing in, he closed the clear shower doors and turned on the water without a moment's rest of hesitation.

"Damn… monkey…" He mumbled to himself, frowning. He couldn't get the kiss from earlier out of his head. His mind was telling him no and that it was a bad idea, yet his body; especially his lips were saying yes. They felt a bit numb, almost as if wanting more contact. Yata looked down as the water covered his head and made his hair drip down with no more volume. His eyes widened a bit and he could only help but whimper. He was hard; excited from the other male's experienced kiss. Yata sighed, his hands gripping the base of his erection and beginning to move to a steady paced rhythm. His voice was let out softly as his head tilted up a bit. The steam from the lukewarm water slowly covering the mirrors and the shower doors with condensation. Only his blurry frame of him masturbating could be seen though them.

Soon enough, yata was completed with his shower and his little 'play time'. He walked out from the room, a towel around his waist as water slid down his chest and another towel wrapped around his neck, which he used to dry his hair. He stopped mid-walk, noticing Fushimi in the same room. His back was towards him and he noticed; Fushimi was looking at the picture of the two of them, posted on his mirror.

"I didn't know you still had this." Fushimi said softly, causing Yata to bite his bottom lip. "What the fuck are you doing here." Yata spat, making Fushimi turn around to face him. Fushimi was smiling; a creepy smile that looked to belong to a mad man who was planning something. He walked over grabbing Yata by his wrists without warning and slamming him down over the bed. Yata cried out, struggling to quickly get up; only to have the tip of a sword against his neck. It pierced his skin a bit, causing him to lay back down flat on the bed. The sword stayed in place as Fushimi held it, climbing on the bed over the smaller male.

"What are you going to do?" Yata asked quietly. "kill me?" Fushimi's expression turned a bit blank, not a smile nor a frown at this point. He shook his head lightly to answer Yata's question. His hand dropped the sword to the floor and moved up, his slim fingers trailing up Yata's chest. Yata turned his head away, almost as if in disgust and whimpered softly.

"Yata ... let me make love to you." Fushimi whispered. He wasn't embarrassed or anything at this point. He was honest as well as very direct and was determined to accomplish whatever he had set his mind too. And this mission was to admit his feelings to the smaller male, to tell him the truth of why he left Homra; why he left him behind.

Yata looked up at him with frightened eyes and a distrustful expression. "N-no. stop messing around with me." Yata mumbled. He gripped the bedsheets from under him, looking away once more. Fushimi brought his head down slowly, kissing down yata's neck. He didn't care if Yata wanted this or not; he felt as though he couldn't hold back anymore. Yata simply squirmed and made uneasy gasps of unwanted pleasure, continuously. "S-stop it!" yata shouted, raising his arms to cover his eyes. He grit his teeth, sudden tears sliding down his red cheeks. Fushimi gently touched his cheek.

"Misaki. Look at me." He whispered. Yata refused, sniffling. Fushimi gripped his arms, slowly pulling them away. "Misaki I love you." He admitted softly. Yata looked up at him. He squirmed under him lightly, his movements deciding to give up. He knew he was rather weak but still hesitated to admit something as foolish as that. He talked big, but his actions were small.

"You're such a liar. You knew how I feel about you and still you … try to mess with me. What the fuck is wrong with you!" Yata asked, sniffling. He pouted, frowning as he tried to act tough, strong as he always did. Fushimi simply smiled and chuckled. "My troubling Misaki." He whispered. He leaned down, taking Yata into his arms as he kissed him deeply. Yata didn't bother pulling away or continuing to struggle. He simply kissed back, mentally tired of fighting with his feelings. He was so sick of running away all the time, and this time thought he'd face his predictiments.

A ch. 2 will be coming soon! Ch. 2 rated M.