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The orange male sighed, sitting at a certain Homra bar. His skateboard was on the ground besides him, the footing place cold as if the board hadn't been used in hours. The bar was empty, everyone else on a mission. Izumo was cleaning glasses on the other side of the table, paying no mind to the other. Yata was clearly depressed. He let out yet another sigh, his breathing warming up the counter underneath him.

Izumo slowly walked over, setting the emptied glass down which was followed by a clinking sound. "What's wrong, Yata?" He asked, pushing up his glasses over the bridge of his nose. "get dumped or something? Your still young …"

Yata looked up, avoiding his gaze with the taller male. He noticed Izumo lean over the counter a bit. "Izumo… it's not like that. It's more of… revealing the relationship to adults you know will disapprove. Mainly friends." He answered, his voice sounding more depressing as each word was slurred from between his soft lips. Izumo let out a quiet chuckle, closing his eyes slightly. "afraid of telling Makoto and everyone else about your relationship with Saruhiko?" He asked. Yata looked at Izumo with a look of surprise and immediate defense.

"I-it's not like that- "

"I know it is, Yata. You think I wouldn't know? I own this bar, let alone check around for protection over my residents who live upstairs. I saw him leaving your window that one time." Izumo explained, raising a hand to his forehead. He brushed his own hair back slowly, which showed more of his forehead temporarily. Yata stared at him, mouth open and practically speechless. He simply looked around the interior of the building, trying to think of what to say.

"Saruhiko explained to me the situation once he saw me outside. I don't disapprove… but I don't know how Makoto would handle it. So casually like me, I mean." He sighed, continuing to clean the other glasses across the room. The silence was broken by the clanking of the dishes against one another, and Yata's words.

"You don't mind?" Yata asked, feeling slightly relieved. His hands stopped trembling over the counter top. He had forgotten, the ring which he hid on a necklace underneath his shirt, the engagement ring he received from Saruhiko about a week ago. "I'm a lil glad. But what can I do?" Izumo shrugged nonchalantly.

"Guess you'll just have to break it to them when they get back." Izumo responded. "It'll be fine. But only you can do it. " Izumo turned his full attention to Yata. "so… what is Saruhiko doing today?" he asked. Yata stared up at him, thunderstruck without words. He knew, and his body language made Izumo understand what it was too. Now they both knew what was happening. The room was passed by with short silence.

"Fushimi! This is unacceptable! With a red… I won't accept it! They are just a bunch of trouble makers, sought out by us to protect those who they interfere negatively with! No third-in-command will under-go this debauchery!" Munakata yelled out, looking down at the blue soldier he just threw to the ground. Fushimi Saruhiko laid on the ground, his left cheek red and stinging. He sat up quietly, taking in a deep breath as he showed no response to the sudden violence. He had just told the other about Yata and his relationship as well as the engagement. Munakata looked away, his narrowed eyes searching briefly around the room, especially around the windows with open curtains, which seemed to let the large amount of light enter the building. The interior lighting had a blue under tone due to the curtains and floors the light reflected off.

"The problem with this… is member crossing between us and those hooligans! I won't allow this corruption!" Munakata spat, sitting back down in his seat. Beside him was a surprised Seri Awashima. She stepped up, "You understand very well of the situation between us and the reds. In time of that, they will undergo every chance they get to get the blue secrets and maybe even end the blue clan. Yata's probably just using you to gain information." Saruhiko stood up with pride and hope.

"Not possible! Misaki is just- " Saruhiko was cut off, interrupted.

"Misaki Yata is nothing but a fool! Compared to the rest of them! Fushimi. End this now. Or I will, before things get out of hand." Munakata demanded, gazing rudely at Saruhiko. "You know how this will turn out if you disobey orders. Remember last time at that high school? It won't be the same outcome. This time, there won't be a single drop of red in their bodies." Munakata's eyes stared into the other's blue eyes with dangerous intent, a well-known gaze that wasn't to be taken lightly. Saruhiko bowed down in front of him slightly, closing his eyes as he grits his teeth.

"Understood …." He mumbled, his voice shaking a bit with anxiety.