"I don't know, something isn't right. Jenny keeps on telling me that she saw Bret change into a car." Kyle tells the rest of TKR. "Maybe this line of work has finally gotten to her." Erica states. "Then there is only one thing to do, we must send her somewhere where she will get some professional help." Kyle says and walks out of the situation room followed by the rest of TKR. He goes down to the garage where Jenny is with Domino telling her that she did see Bret change into a car, "Jenny I need to talk to you." Kyle says. "What about Kyle?" Jenny asks. "About these hallucinations you are having." Kyle states. "I was not hallucinating, Kyle, I am telling the truth." Jenny argues. "Ok, Jenny, calm down." Kyle says and without her noticing gestures for Duke to come over and help him restrain her. Before Jenny knows what hits her, Duke grabs her from behind pinning her arms at her sides. "Let me go, Duke, let me go!" she exclaims. "No way, Jenny, you are getting professional help." Duek says and tightens up on her arms. They finally manage to get her under control and force her to walk over to Dante, Dante opens his passenger side doors and Kyle forces her inside. "Where are you taking me?" she asks Kyle. "To a hospital." he says and drives Dante down the ramp. They shortly arrive at the Institution for Mental Health, "You placing me in a psych ward?" Jenny asks disbelieving Kyle's actions. "Sorry, Jenny, it has to be this way. You need help." Dante answers. "I will not go, you can't make me." she says fighting Kyle's efforts to get her out. "Let go of me, Kyle." Jenny snarls. Kyle grabs her arms and flings her out of Dante and to the ground. "Sorry, about this, Jenny, but it has to be done." Kyle says, "ok, Dante, fire one of your sedative darts into her." Dante does so and knocks Jenny out, Kyle picks Jenny up and carries her into the Institution. After signing some papers, Kyle leaves, and they place Jenny in a room with some other people. Jenny wakes up to an older man looming over her, "Well, what have here, a young beauty gone crazy?" he asks no one in particular. Soon she is surrounded by more people who crowd in on her, "Get away from me!" she yells at them and gets to her feet fleeing to a far wall away from them, but they continue to come closer to her. "Don't come any closer, I know self defense." she warns through gritted teeth. One of the men in the room grabs her by the tank top and pulls her to the ground, she struggles against him but he holds her roughly down to the ground. She passes out.