Your Not Alone


Summary: AU, Inu-Yasha is a freshman in Go-Shinboku College, he quickly learns the ropes, but things change when he meets a raven-haired girl that is in an abusive relationship, can he show her what real love is? [IY/Ka & M/S]


Rated PG-13 : Language, Strong Violence, Humor, Adult Content [Maybe turn to R]


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Chapter 1: Welcome To Go-Shinboku

"Alright Mr. Inu-Yasha here is the key to your dorm, number 177 on the second floor of the northern wing." A man said and the young man around eighteen bowed in thanks. The walked away in search of his room. He wore a pair of baggy jeans and a red tank top with a pair of black knuckle gloves. His silver hair was tied back in a slick ponytail at the nap of his neck, the hair came down to his waist. He had golden eyes and white dog-like ears upon his head. He was a hanyou, half human and half youkai. It was rare to see one of his kind but not all that strange after the 'Great War of Shi.' When the youkai's and humans came to trims and now lived together. Though society discouraged the mixing of the two bloods greatly.

The hanyou sighed and slid his clawed hands into his pockets as he climbed the stairs, he hated shoes but had to wear them so he choice the combat boots, they where comfy, durable and very nice to kick someone with, though he preferred to punch. He literally punched himself in the head and rolled his eyes. "Dang." He mumbled,, he had forgotten his things in his old 86' ford pick up truck. So he trudged back down the stairs and to the parking lot where his truck was parked.

Though he was born into a noble family his mother had died in childbirth and his father died in a airplane accident. He was alone, well he did have an older brother, but he didn't count. Besides it wasn't like he needed any wealth, he was happy with his small fortune of five dollars in his wallet and pennies in his car seat.

Money wasn't happiness.

He reached his truck and reached into the back of the pick-up and grabbed his large duffle-bag that was military size and military green. He slung that over his shoulder, holding it with on clawed hand, the reached through the drives window and pulled out an old beaten up katana. It was his father before he had died, so he treasured the blade and he looked at it thoughtfully before sliding it through a belt loop. With this done he proceeded up the stairs again in the northern wing.

Upon his ascend he noticed a boy around his age dragging a trunk behind him and seemed to be having some trouble. He raised an eyebrow at the boy who had black hair that was placed in a small ponytail, his ears pierced multiple times, he wore a pair of baggy pants with a unbuttoned dark purple silk shirt, under the button up was a white tank top. One thing that caught his attention the most was that the boy wore a piece of cloth rapped around his right hand also with prayer beads around the cloth.

Inu-Yasha stood there a moment in amusement as he watched the boy drag his trunk down the hallway and he shook his head. "Need some help?" the hanyou asked with a smirk and the boy looked up at the hanyou and leaned against the trunk. "If you would please spree a little time to help me, I would greatly appreciated." The boy said and so Inu-Yasha nodded and walked over to him still carrying his own bag over one shoulder. He reached down and picked up on handle as the boy picked up the other. "Where to?"

"Room 177." He said in a composed voice and Inu-Yasha blinked, "Well seems like your in luck today, otoko, that's where I'm going." Inu-Yasha informed his now know roommate who smiled at him. "Fate is with me I see, names Miroku Kaze and you?"


"Just Inu-Yasha? An original name, nice to meet you." Miroku said as they left in search of their room.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Hey Sango, thanks for the help." Kagome said as Sango laughed, "No problem, you sure you'll be okay here with your boyfriend? I mean the dorm's open." She said and Kagome smiled at her friend. "I'll be fine, besides I've known him for three years now . . . Me and him are both in the same college as you and I'm only a couple miles away from the college." Kagome grinned and her friend nodded. "Alright, well if you do want to stay at the dorm your welcome to its, only me and Kirara."

"I know, you two have been my best friends from day one." Kagome laughed as she saw Leeta's head popped out from the kitchen door and screamed out: "Dude! The guy's got chocolate and Cranberry Juice! I love him!" the brown haired girl with black tipped ends giggled and Kago and Sango rolled her eyes. "Oh please Kago, stay with us at the dorm! Or I'll have to put up with her, have you ever seen her after a litter of mountain dew and a bag of sour worm candy! Kami help us all!" Sango said as Kago laughed.

"Hey, I heard that!" Leeta yelled and came into the room, she wore cameo pants, combat boots and a black T-shirt, her eyes where hazel and she stared at her friends. "I'm not that bad!" Instantly Kago and Sango broke out in laughter, "Oh please you kept giggling and almost killed Kagome with a extremely bad and out dated jokes." Sango teased

"Hey I like 'why did the chicken cross the road' jokes!"

"Yeah, well get some new ones." Kagome laughed and looked at Sango who wore a pair of hip huggers and a T-shirt that reads : 'Men Are Pigs' and under these words was a picture of Mimi's face from The Dure Cary Show. "Nice shirt."

"I know it speaks the truth."

"Really?" Came a male voice and the source of the voice entered the room. It was a man about three years older then Kagome, he had long black wavy hair that was kept in a high ponytail, his eyes where blue and he had a mischievous look on his face. He wore a pair of khaki jeans and a white t- shirt, he then smiled at the three girls. "Hello Naraku." Sango said with a fake smile. Naraku himself was a hanyou, he grinned at Sango. "Nice to see you too." He added and Leeta walked up to Kagome and whispered. "Forget what I said earlier . . . from the look in his eyes . . . I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw the bastard." She said and then shot a glance at Naraku. "Well catch ya later, take care." With that and a wave of her hand she left the room.

"Yeah, see ya Kago." Sango said and hugged her friend good bye. "See ya in class tomorrow." Sango said and left. That's when Naraku placed his strong arms around the human girl and rested his chin onto her shoulder. "Well Ai, shall we finish unpacking your things?"

"Hai." She stated and broke out of his grasp and started to finish her unpacking as Naraku went into the kitchen and grabbed himself a beer and snickered to himself.


* * * * *

Ai -Love

Hanyou- Half demon

Hai -yes

Otoko - man

Shi -Death

* * * * *

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