Takes place during the events of the Third book. However, it is a crossover with the Darkness Within. To understand this story, you have to have read that first along with her books "Power of four" series. Kurinoone, the great and wonderful person that she is, has given me her permission to use the Darkness Within. However, I would like to note that this is not using the Rewrite. Please let me know what you think! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, The Darkness Within or the Power of Four Series. They each belong to JK Rowling and Kurinoone, or SF Mazhar, respectively.

Fourteen year old Aaron Adams couldn't believe his luck. He had been walking to met with Kyran for another huddle to try and get the legacy out of him. Just when he had been crossing the gate, three masked men in black attacked him and knocked him out. He woke to find himself in a dungeon, chained to the wall. These men had to have some connection to mages. How else would they have gotten so close to Salvador?

Shifting his weight, Aaron looked around the place he had called home for the past couple of months. At least he believed it had been months. He had lost count. The men had obviously wanted to leave him there for good when they finally didn't show up again about five days ago. That had been after they had waved their wands and caused him to ache all over. No matter how many times Aaron yelled for Kyran or his parents through the bond, they couldn't hear him. He couldn't even feel them. That thought terrified him.

Groaning, Aaron shifted again, trying to get the hazy feeling out of his head. Figures that fatigue would set in the same time that his body wanted to shut down. He hadn't had any food for days and the same could be said for water. He almost wished the idiots who captured him would come back. He couldn't access the Earth nor could he sense any Water around him. It was as if the place he was at was abandoned.

Just when he finally thought he would slip into unconsciousness, he heard the door finally open and three laughing voices could be heard. Well, shit. He should have not wished for the men to come back. Before he could think, one flicked their wand and the shackles dropped from his hands. Before he could even move, another waved his wand and Aaron went flying into the wall, his head smacking against it with a loud crack! He landed on the ground with a thud and didn't move. The blow to the head had been enough to knock him senseless. The edges of his vision was already turning black as he heard the door above blast open. He only hoped that it was Kyran, as he sunk into darkness.

Harry James Potter ran his hand through his tangled dark hair as he waited at St. Mungo's for Ron to finally come out and speak with him. After twenty years, the Death Eaters were still active and had apparently taken to kidnapping children. It had been a struck of luck that Harry and his father, James Potter, had been walking when the Death Eaters snuck by. Snuck was used very loosely. They were loud with their steps and their voices and it made it easier to follow them.

The father-son duo had followed the group of Death Eaters to an old hideout that Harry had almost forgotten about. What they saw made Harry's blood boil with rage. A kid, probably the age of twelve, was laying in the dungeon and being tortured by the Death Eaters.

Harry had wandlessly blasted the three into a wall while James had ran to the boy. They had quickly tied the rouge Death Eaters up before sending word to Kingsley that they needed help. Apparently that help didn't arrive soon enough because when they arrived at the wizarding hospital, the boy had been hanging by a thread.

The Healers, Harry's friend Ron and a few others, had quickly taken the boy back and began treating him. From what Harry could gather, he had a broken wrist, five broken ribs, a fractured pelvis and a major concussion. Ron had said it would be a miracle if the boy woke up. Besides those injuries, the boy had suffered from many bruises and cuts all over his body.

After what felt like forever, the doors finally opened and Ron came walking towards the group. James had already called his wife and youngest son once they arrived at St. Mungos. They had arrived shortly after the boy had been taken back. Harry had yet to call Ginny and didn't even want to message Izzy and Caleb while they were at Hogwarts. His daughter had just started her final year at Hogwarts in September and Caleb, his sixth year. Thankfully it was already after Christmas break or he would have two annoying teens to deal with.

Looking up at the approaching red-headed Healer, Harry quickly stood up and closed the distance between the two. He could tell by the look on Ron's face that the news wasn't very good. That was one thing about Ron being a healer. Harry could always read him easily. Nodding, Harry waited for Ron to give them an update on the kid.

"Honestly, I'm going to put this bluntly. The injury to his head is the most concerning. It fractured his skull and not amount of magic or potions is allowing it to heal. The three Death Eaters you found with him may have grabbed a muggle. Nothing is working. We had to heal his wounds the muggle way with bandages and disinfectants." Ron shook his head and sighed. "Has Kingsley talked to the three and asked where they found him? His family must be worried sick. Some of the wounds date back five months ago. So the idiots must have been keeping him since then. He is also showing signs of malnourishment and dehydration."

Harry's thoughts turned dark as he thought of everything he could put those Death Eaters through. He guessed that it was a good thing that he didn't know the extent of the damage they did when they first captured them. Else they would have been six feet under by the time Kingsley had came to pick them up.

"Kingsley said that the group isn't making much since." Said Sirius as he walked over to the group. "Talking about tears in reality and something about the elements. Sounds like a bunch of hogwash to me."

Harry felt like someone had doused his body in ice water. Tears? Elements? Could they really have done what Voldemort forbid his Death Eaters from doing? Were they that stupid to attack those people?

The group surrounding Harry jumped when he punched a chair, succeeding in breaking it in half with one strike. Everyone was wise to not say anything as Harry paced back and forth between the group.

"Are they really that stupid? The morons! Do they want to start another war?" Ranted Harry as he racked his hand through his dark hair for the second time that day.

"War?" Parroted Harry's younger brother Damien as his eyes widened. "What are you talking about, Harry? How could they start a war? Muggles don't know about use."

"Muggles don't but Mage's do. And if those ideas did what I think they did, we are in big trouble. Sirius, can you remember exactly what Kingsley said? I need to know everything. I mean everything."

The group blinked at Harry before turning to Sirius. His face was white as a sheet when he realized who exactly Harry was talking about. Gulping, Sirius relayed the information to the group. How the Death Eaters had found a tear in reality and ended up in another realm. How they had came across a tall white door that opened and the boy who they had kidnapped walked out. He gave as much information as possible but they hadn't said much to Kingsley before they stopped talking.

"Mages? How come we haven't heard about them before? How do you know about them, Padfoot? I understand that Harry would know about them because of Voldemort."

"You forget, Prongs, that the Black family has one of the biggest libraries filled with information on different types of magic and surprisingly muggle stuff. There were a few books on Aric and his descendants but they were falling apart when I found them. I didn't throw them out but I came very close to it before I realized what they were."

"Mage's are the descendants of the first mage named Aric. He was brought here to rid the world of demons and other monsters. Such as Lycans, who are similar to our werewolves but they are much worse. After a while, Heaven called back the other mages that were sent to help Aric but he decided to stay. Down the line, he fell in love and married a human woman, Angela. From there they had six children: Aedus, Aftons, Avira, Adams, Aargon and Athona. Each of the oldest four have control of the elements. Father," Harry cut his eye to James but his dad didn't react to the name anymore, "had a book that listed the names and their specific powers.

Aedus had Fire, Aftons had Water, Avira had Air and Adams had Earth. The last two, Aargon and Athona, had minor affiliation with different elements. Each of the Elementals, as they were called, had something known as a legacy. It was a person who held the most power of the Element. Usually, it's an eldest son or daughter but it can be nieces, nephews, cousins, or even brothers and sisters if the current legacy holder died and didn't have any children. They don't use wands like most wizards do. Which is a problem for pretty much everyone now that those three jackasses attacked a mage. Let's just hope that it someone from the youngest two of Aric. If not, we may as well say our prayers."

"They're that big a deal, huh?" Said Damien as he plopped down into the seat behind him, dropping his head in his hands. "Any idea when the kid will wake up, Ron?"

"Honestly, right now it looks like he may never wake up. If he did, there may be some problems with his brain activity. The blow to his head caused some fragments of his skull to imbed into his brain. We couldn't use magic because it wouldn't work. We did the best that we could. Did that book of your's have anything else, Harry?"

"Mage's heal very fast but some of the books had spells that would block the healing process or stop it all together. Sadly, those books were in the library that Death Eaters raided after Father passed away. There were even spells that severed the bonds between mages' and their family. Each mage can physically feel a family member. If that person dies, the bond breaks. I wouldn't put it past the imbeciles to use all the spells in that book. I can't even remember what the spells were."

"Blimey," said Ron as he shook his head and looked back towards the room where he had just left. "That kid must have been through a lot. Hopefully, they didn't use the spell you were talking about. Else that kid is in major trouble. I'll head back in a few and check up on him. I'll have to let 'Mione know I'm staying over at work."

Ron turned and walked in the direction of his office. Harry watched him go with a heavy heart. He really hoped that the kid was alright. He, shockingly, prayed that the Death Eaters weren't smart enough to use that spell. If they did, they would probably have a war on their hands again. And this time, no one could save them.

I hope everyone likes this idea. there isn't enough stories for the "Power of Four" series. Special shout out to Kurinoone for letting me use her Darkness Within idea and for creating two amazing ideas. I have fallen in love with Kyran because of her series. Let me know what you guys think of this story.