Hey guys this is a story between Naruto and Assassins Creed.

I really like the two series so I'm going to make a fanfiction out of them.

Pairings will be the same as my power of civilian pairings along with the same ages but no fairy tail pairings.

He is also going to have a musical talent so he will sing songs that I don't own.

Any how let's get to it


"Screams and Demons talk"





A young boy named Naruto Kenway walked down the streets of konoha his home village.

But this wasn't an ordinary village it was a ninja village.

They were personally mercenaries since they did missions for money weather it be escort or assassination it really didn't matter.

But there was one thing that made every ninja unique in their own way.

The ability to use chakra.

Chakra was a ninja's life force since it basically funded whatever the ninja did.

But as of the moment he was in a glum mood not even five minutes ago was he told by tsunade senju herself that he lost almost all of his ability to manifest chakra so he could only do D-rank the most basic of jutsu and anything that requires more than that will be VERY difficult.

He always dreamt of being the world's greatest ninja but now he couldn't even make anything past the most basic jutsu.

He looked at himself at a broken mirror in one of the alleys he was was passing.

He looked normal for a eight year old being four foot six, having some light gold blonde hair with some black strands that reached his shoulders and light tan skin. He was wearing a black shirt with white cargo pants and shinobi sandals. But the most distinctive thing about him was his royal blue eye and his dark chocolate brown eye.

But there was three things that made him different from other kids was that he was incredibly smart and very calm not traits that children are supposed to have.

But there was something else…whenever he focuses on something he could see everything was clearer and blurry at the same time and when he looked at people or animals they were a light blue color and that completely baffled him even though he never did show a reaction.

But the thing he never knew was that his eyes became white in color with his pupils becoming slightly bigger.

Any how as he looked over himself he couldn't help but think where he got his looks from since he was born an orphan.

He always thought who were his parents, who couldn't.

He at times thought he was a yamanaka because he had light blonde hair but soon realized that wasn't the case since he didn't have any of the yamanaka traits.

Hell one time he thought he was the yondaime's son but he immediately rejected the idea since his birthday was a year earlier of the uzumaki twins and they had different hair colors.

Once he finished his thoughts and looked over himself for a few more seconds his eyes started to become white showing that he was focusing on himself.

"The hell?" Taking back a few steps back in shock as it was his first time seeing his eyes color change he started to freak out slightly before he started to have a small headache.

He passed it off as working his brain too much and the shock of seeing his eye color change he was eight after all.

That was before the pain became more intense to the point he was openly groaning out in pain no one asked if he was alright since it was around ten at night.

The pain soon started to travel to his eyes and that is where he lost it.

Dropping to the hard cold ground he started to wither around in pain while holding both his eyes and head and in a desperate attempt at trying to get help he started to try and get up.

He succeeded but due to the headache he had blurry vision so he only succeeded in going down the alley.

He fell down again and kept holding his head as the pain became a hot intense burning pain.


Naruto let out of scream of agony as tears of blood started to go down his face before he gasped as the pain abruptly stopped.

He thought the pain was over before he felt a tug on the back of his conscious.

He then started to see what he could say were memories of two men who he never once saw in his entire life.

He watched their whole life as he received their names.

Edward Kenway and Connor Kenway or Ratonhnhaké:ton who was connors original name.

He watched as edward went on adventures while trying to quell his thirst for gold and learning all about a brotherhood called the assassins but also faced tragedies like the death of his close friends...he also had something he called eagle vision that made things clear something similar to him.

And there was also connor's memories who were similar to edwards but were also vastly different. Connor lost his mother when some people set his village on fire and had to kill both his best friend and father while also having his teacher pass away due to old age. He also helped to win a war in the name of the freedom something assassins stood for who were pretty much gone in his time...he also had the eagle vision edward had.

He also found out that edward was connor's grandfather.

Soon enough all of the memories stopped after connor buried his teacher but he did receive the something aucune of a memory featuring a bloody and crying woman with black hair, light tan skin, white eyes with slightly bigger than normal pupils, and the Konoha headband on her neck while saying "Make me,your grandfather, and your great-great grandfather proud Naruto-kun." soon the visage was over and he was left panting on the ground with wide eyes.

He didn't know what happened but he did know that the two were powerful in their own right but he also couldn't help but think of the women and what she said, he'll worry about that later.

"They were so strong and this was before the time of that myth with the one of the sage of six paths." He mumbled out in shock

He once again started again "They never used chakra and they were still able to climb any surface they came across." As he stood up he noticed that the sun was starting to come up.

He started to walk towards his home with a slight limp in his step and dried blood on his face eyes no longer white all along the way he couldn't help but think of the two assassins he witnessed.

They all were so similar to ninja and yet so different.

As he arrived at his home which turned up to be a slightly run down apartment he opened the door before plopping down on his bed.

As he went under the sheets of his bed he gained an idea that caused him to grin.

"I'm going to be just like them." Before he drifted off to sleep.


At around twelve naruto decided to wake up before he went to a desk he had with some blank sheets of paper and some pencils and pens.

He wanted to be like the related assassins and to do that he had to look like them and fight like them.

"If I can't use chakra then I'll use what they used...weapons."

He already decided that it had to be one of the costumes that edward wore or something similar, connors looked too bulky for him to wear and edward simply had more costumes to wear.

So as of now he was remembering what costumes edward wore which were quite a lot mind you.

'It looks like this is going to take some time' the future assassin thought before he continued his thinking.

After about ten minutes of thinking he finally thought of a costume that will suit him perfectly.

Edward once wore what people called the mayan armour which had the ability to deflect flying metal objects and was very flexible along with the fact that ninja used shuriken and kunai it was perfect for him.

"My favorite color is red so that's a must but I'll be an assassin so I need to blend in so black is also a must." He took a slight pause so his hand could relax slightly before continuing "The original armour didn't have a hood so I'll need to add in a hood and with how the armour actually looks I'm pretty sure it'll make me look badass." as he says that he realizes there is one slight problem.

"Edward had pouches to hold his stuff like meat and bullets and I really don't want them to get cut off in a fight so how am I going to attach them to my outfit?" As the eight year old questioned where to add his pouches.

"AHA!" An idea came to the eight year old as he leaped out of his seat.

He quickly scanned inside of a drawer he kept in his room before he found what he wanted.

"Basics to Fuinjutsu." With a grin the blonde haired orphan scanned through the book before he found the page he wanted to see.

"There we go instead of using pouches I'll use storage seals." And with a grin he scurried back to his desk with the book.

A thought came to his mind...how much chakra does it take to make a storage seal.

Now with a frown marrowed on his face he slowly walked back to his desk.

Laying down the book he read how to make a storage seal and slowly started to copy what was shown with a paintbrush he had on his desk.

"This is easier than expected." The boy mumbled out before he finished drawing the seal "Now let's see if I can actually make it work." He said in a slightly hesitant voice before he added chakra to the seal.

To his immense joy the seal actually worked and the best thing was that he didn't feel all that tired...wait- 'how come I'm not tired tsunade said that doing a D-rank jutsu will make me feel as if I ran an three laps around the hokage's tower so how come I feel as if I ran across the street' he furrowed his eyes in frustration before looking over to the the book that laid on his desk.

"I wonder." The young kenway said before he read the book and soon enough he understood why he wasn't as exhausted as he originally thought 'apparently this is an E-rank jutsu so it'll be much easier than doing a D-rank and to actually summon stuff requires less chakra than when I make the seal same can go for putting stuff in the seal' naruto was smiling this was an alright jutsu.

"Alright I know that I'm going to wear the mayan armour and instead of sandals I'm going to wear boots because people can take advantage of my toes." As the boy said this he took of the shinobi sandals that he had (and slept with) before he threw them in a nearby trashcan.

"I'm pretty sure that I have the costume down so now I need to move onto weapons." There was a soft and hesitant tone in his voice once he realized that he'll have to kill people.

The two kenway's took killing as a walk in a park hell connor took his first kill when he was a teenager will he be able to do the same?

"They killed people that did wrong and never killed the innocent and if I do the same I'm sure killing will get easier ." With a fire in his eyes naruto began to work on his weapons.

"The hidden blade is a must I'll make one like the ones that edward had and the other that connor had, I can also add the bow while storing the arrows in a seal, connor's tomahawk, there is also the fact that I can fight with my feet so I'll add a hidden blade inside my boot, and for the final touch I can add a sword from edward's time." With a grin naruto began to draw designs of the weapons.

As said naruto was going to have edwards hidden blade which looked like any hidden blade which had black leather to hold the blade and the way to put it on someone's lower forearm, for the actual blade it was a foot long with a light silver color and the mechanic that holded the blade was a dark silver trimmed in gold while having a pirate skull under the assassin's crest.

And connor's hidden blade had brown leather that held the blade and to put it on someone's lower forearm, yet the blade has more like a foot long dagger you held in reverse with the part you hold the blade had another little knife that was an inch long at the end but the thing that was special about connor's hidden blade was that it pops out of the sheath to where your hand reaches.

With the bow it was going to be around an entire yard long that was made out of strong steel with a foot long dark brown leather in the middle he also added an extra detail which was an eagle head on the top of the bow.

For the tomahawk it was going to be exactly like connor's which was a sturdy piece of wood that was a foot and six inches long with leather being strapped around the the beginning of the wood before stopping at around eight inches and then there was a metal that could pierce flesh was shaped to look like the assassin symbol it also had some feathers to show connors native culture but in between the leather and metal were three carved diamonds that were connected together like a chain.

And for the hidden foot blade he was going to make the boot out of hard leather that reaches up to his knee with the bottom being and entire inch of hard and spiked rubber with the hidden blade being in the middle of the two but since he didn't know what my foot size will be I need to make this a few months before the academy graduation but I'm sure I'll manage.

As for the sword he decided to use was the pistol sword edward used it had a claw like edge with at the lower part of the blade was a mechanic to fire bullets that were pulled by a trigger that was located in the hand guard which had dark wood with carvings that had a piece of long metal going over the trigger before finally ending with a dull sphere of metal.

With a grin on his face a he started to check over all the designs he made before his vision became more clear and with a gasp of surprise he quickly went to a mirror that was in his bathroom.

Upon entering the bathroom he checked his eyes and couldn't let out another gasp as what he saw truly amazed him.

His eyes looked so pure and delicate as if the two organs came from kami herself.

They looked so enticing.

The young boy finally realized something so obvious that he wanted to slap himself over one million times.

Edward had the same color hair as him while connor also had black hair that was the same color of the strands of his hair, he had a combination of edwards and connors skin tone, but the thing that was most obvious was that...they all could use eagle vision and had the same last name.

Soon enough the words and appearance that the women from the day before came blazing to his mind.

"I had a...family." There was a hesitant tone in his voice but before soon he started to let out a few tears as he now realized that the three people he saw were his family.

He then began to laugh joyously finding out he had a family was the happiest moment of his short life.

After a few minutes he began to calm down but he still had a smile on his face soon he turned to the mirror once again before he notice that his eagle vision still hasn't turned off.

"Weird whenever I stop focusing on something this turns off so how come it didn't turn off when I started crying?" The young orphan said generally confused as to why eagle vision wouldn't turn off before he decided to test something.

The young boy sent a mental command to turn off his eagle vision and to his surprise it actually did work. Sending another command to turn on eagle vision just as expected his eagle vision turned on.

"Wonder why I can suddenly use eagle vision by command?" The eight year old thought before he walked back to the room with the designs of his weapons and armour eagle vision now off.

As he sat back down on his chair he looked at the time and was surprised that it was seven pm.

"Hmm that took longer than expected I still have time maybe I could see if that song is good." once he finished the sentence the young boy went into his room.

Upon entering he went to a drawer he had before taking out some pieces of paper with words on before he started to sing in a soft voice.


Ready to fight-Rob Frayers


You once said,
I'll never walk away,
I'll never sail away,
I'll never go
And I was there standing outside your door
Waiting for you to show me how to stay

I've been there before,
Hoping and trying to make things right
But now I don't know
Honey, these arms that won't held you are
Ready to fight
Ready to fight

You once said
I'll never walk away,
I'll never sail away,
I'll never go
And I was there, standing outside your door
Waiting for you to show me how to stay!

I've been there before,
Hoping and trying to make things right
But now I don't know
But now I don't know
Honey, these arms that once held you are
Honey, these arms that won't held you are
Ready to fight
Ready to fight

Home is everywhere your heart is,
I can be that home if you please
Walk with me, and we'll be gone, dear!
Home is everywhere your heart is,
I can be that home if you please
Walk with me, and we'll be gone, dear!

Honey, these arms that won't held you are
Ready to fight

Yeeee-yeeeeah, ready to fight
Yeeee-yeeeeah, ready to fight
Honey, these arms that won't held you are

The young musician finished his song and couldn't help but smile at the irony of him singing a song that related so much to him.

He finished the thought as he changed out of his clothes before putting on some sleep wear that consisted of a white T-shirt and some track pants before he looked over the village he resided in.

With white eyes the descendant of assassin said "I may not be able to fully use chakra but that won't stop me from making those I know proud of me, I'm not a ninja...but an assassin."


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