To Bewitch the Mind

The dreams

Hermione stepped out of the Gryffindor common room. She was going to be late for breakfast again if she didn't hurry up, she knew what had made her late. Her dream. He had kept her there. She could never refuse Him if he wanted her to stay. Never. It had all started when she had come back to Hogwarts. She was in her final year and Hermione hoped it would be a peaceful year. But that's when it had started, her first night back. The dream wasn't bad but it wasn't very good either, it left her with a content feeling when she woke up. It was just eyes first of all. The pair of eyes never had any colour, but she never really puzzled about that. The dream made her forget all her troubles when she woke up. But now it was worse, much, much worse from eyes there came a face, from a face there came a body and she never knew who the person was. All Hermione ever saw was a shadow of a person even though he was solid and would often hold her hand.

Then he started speaking and Hermione's heart melted, his voice was lovely and he seemed to know every thing about her, how to please her and if she refused to stay with Him He would know how to make her stay longer, and it was now 4 months since it had all started.

She was hurrying to breakfast late once again, Harry and Ron had started worrying about her timing was getting later and later, Hermione managed to make it just before everyone started their breakfast. She suddenly noticed that Malfoy was just as late as her. She wondered about this, but not for long as Ron and Harry started bombarding her with questions.

"What took you so long?"

"We were so worried about you"

"Why are you always late lately?"

"Can't you be anywhere on time?"

Hermione finally stopped this when she raised her hand for them to stop, then she answered, "I slept in a bit, that's all" Hermione said this so calmly that they were stunned. Ron was about to say something else when Harry elbowed him in the ribs, but Ron carried on any way.

"What's wrong with you?" He asked

"Nothing! I aid I'm fine" Hermione snapped back. She then took a piece of toast and stalked out the great hall. A pair of eyes watched her leave.


Later that night Hermione lay down to go to sleep. She was sort of afraid to go to sleep, so she stayed awake as long as she could, He was coming more needy lately. Now her feelings had changed towards Him, He was making her hate Him. Then she tried to think who it could be, but she couldn't remember, his voice was oddly familiar, but she still didn't know who it was. Why, she thought was this happening to her? Finally with her eyelids getting heavy and her mind floating around, Hermione fell asleep . . .


"Why are you so late darling?" His voice was soft and sweet like honey with a touch of anger.

Here we go Hermione thought to herself. Why did she have the dreams?

"Why are you late?"

"Erm it took me awhile to er drift off" Hermione answered lamely, talking to her feet. Blushing heavily she suddenly realized she was wearing her extremely short nightdress. He was now beside her, he then lifted her chin sharply.

"Always look at me when you talk to me" He growled

"Ok" Hermione replied quite afraid and shocked. HE started circling her, she hated it when he done that. It always felt as if he was studying her, or undressing her with eyes (Which wasn't very hard).

"Lets talk about something else for awhile shall we? How about what's going on with your best friends. Ron's looking at you weirdly. You know that you're mine"

"What!?" She shouted " I'm not yours, I'm . . . never . . . yours . . ." With the last few words Hermione went dizzy and fell right into his arms. He lifted her up and whispered.

"You'll always be mine"

Funny Hermione thought as she held onto the thin thread of consciousness, how she always got dizzy and fell when I say things like that. Hermione then blacked out.