A/N: Thank you for all the support and PM's I've been sent. As requested by ThePennyTealeaf here is a fanfic for The Royal based on Gordon's first marriage. We don't really know much about Caroline so this is a bit of AU. Excuse me for making it up :) R&R


It was merely a routine check-up: a hotel manager with arthritis. But during the check-up Gordon noticed a young woman say mid-twenties, dashing around the place. She was rather ordinary, not particularly beautiful, but not an eyesore to look at. She had a plain black dress on that stopped at her knees and a white apron that finished just above the dress hem-line. Something about her caught his eye, maybe it was the mischevious glint her eyes held. She appeared rather clumsy, carrying a tray that was shaking, despite the two hands griping it. She was jumpy and tripped several times over nothing but air.

"It's her first day, poor lass, ever so jumpy I tell you. She can't stop shaking!" the stocky hotel manager, with greying hair said.

Gordon chuckled inwardly and then the girl caught his glance and looked rather sheepish, the mischevious glint faded and was replaced with a curious one. She thought to herself that he was the most gorgeous man she'd ever seen. His soft eyes entwined with grey and the occasional blue-ish fleck. She was so engrossed that she forgot she was walking and stepped in front of her, only to go tumbling down three flights of stairs. Luckily they were carpeted, which padded her fall.


Her neck was sore, her arm in agony and she had a thumping headache. When she opened her eyes, she saw his eyes, glistening and looking directly into hers.

"Heaven?" she muttered, groggily.

"No just the bottom of the stairs." he laughed softly. She laughed then winced.

"My ribs." she put her hand to her ribs just below her right breast.

"Anywhere else hurt?" he asked in a hushed tone. Spectators and staff were now gathering.

"My neck's sore, my arm kills and I have a headache."

"Well I suspect you have concussion, bruised a few ribs, probably given yourself whiplash and broke your arm. You know what that means?"

"Hospital?" she asked.

"I'm afraid so, yes."

"Damn, how could I screw up on my first day!" she croaked, angrily.