Chapter 2

Virgil walked in to hear screaming on the other end of the counter and just shook his head. Well today is already off to a bad start. he thought to himself. He put on his apron and went to the counter to see the "Prince of Pretty" arguing with one of his co-workers. "I made a very specific order and you guys messed it up. I cannot have anything but perfection in my life and that includes my coffee as well!" he screamed before he spotted Virgil. "At least he didn't mess up my order yesterday. May have messed up my name but I can live throught hat," he mumbled the last part to himself.

Virgil sighed to himself and went up to Roman. "What was your oder sir?" he asked as politely as he could. "I am sorry my co-workers got the order wrong you'll get this one right and on the house."

"Finally someone who understands customer service. I asked for a Quad Grande, Non Fat, Extra Hot Caramel Macchiato Upside Down. What's so hard about that?" he questioned to no-one in particular. Virgil wrote it down quickly making sure that everything was precise.

"They made it right-side up didn't they?" he asked randomly.

"Precisely. How did you know that?"

"Because I'm the only person who can do upside down's correctly," he said as he went into the kitchen getting to work before coming out shortly afterwards. "Here ya go Ramen," he chuckled.

"It's Roman," he said reading the name tag, "Virgil. But thank you for the coffee," he said before leaving shortly afterwards. This type of exchange happened every day afterwards, each drink more rediculous than the last but one day it just got weird. Roman came into the shop, strutted, yes strutted, up to the counter and said, "Yes I'd lik 8," without missing a beat.

Virgil wrote it down without knowing but then stopped. "Okay rediculous orders I can handle but I have never seen nor heard of this before. Explain," he said planely.

"Oops my mistake I must have recited my phone number by accident. My apologies I'd like a Iced, Half Caff, Ristretto, Venti, 4-Pump, Sugar Free, Cinnamon, Dolce Soy Skinny Latte," he said.

"Coming right up Ramen," Virgil said as he headed into the kitchen when his co-worker stopped him.

"Virgil I don't think he mistakenly gave you his phone number."

"Of course it was a mistake."
"Virge how many people mistakenly recite their phone numbers at a barista they've been flirting with for weeks?" he said blatantly.

"He has not been flirting!" Virgil shouted a bit louder than he meant to. After a second though,a s he started to think he noticed a familiar pattern. A pattern that his roommate would indeed call flirting. "Well whatever it doesn't matter. I-I mean I'm not even into guys," he tried to lie.

Each of his co-workers just stopped what they were doing, gave him a look of knowing and just shook their heads. "Yes you do Virgil," the one who stopped him said before letting him go. Virgil contemplated what to do as he made the drink when he thought of something risky.

He went to write down the name on the drink but as he did he also wrote down his own phone number with the words "call me after 6." He got to the counter and called out, "Roman your drink is ready."

"Well it's about time you started to address me properly," he huffed and grabbed his drink, not looking at the cup until he left the establishment, but by then Virgil had already taken off for the day.