Crazy trouble with love part 6

Izumo and Rin

Series: Blue Exorcist


-True Cross Academy-

It was early morning and all was quiet. The roosters crowed, the cars were nonexistent and loud snores was heard. Sleeping in her dorm silently was Izumo who's chest rose up and down slightly while deeply resting.

"Zzzzzz." She said in her sleep while moving a little to the side and fell off the bed. "Zzzz...zzzz."

As she slept she felt a shiver in her system. She groaned and yawned while her eyes began to slowly open.

"What a nice sleep." She muttered and yawned before noticing she was on the ground. "Why am I on the ground?" she pushed herself up and shook her head. 'I hope this doesn't become a habit.'

While getting herself dressed she felt a small twitch going down her body as she felt very skittish for some reason. She payed it no mind and put her uniform on while heading to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

(Sometime later)

She spat the toothpaste out while washing her hands, all the while her body was starting to twitch uncontrollably. She grabbed the counter and went wide eyed. "W-What's going on? Why is my body acting like this?" That was when she felt her body heating up and her body twitching near the head, feet and ass. 'I need to get to the nurse, and now!'

As she ran out of the bathroom she felt her feet contorted as they became fox feet with black and purple fur. She fell on her stomach with a groan and looked down before going wide eyed. "W-What's going on?!" She then felt her ears getting longer and thicker as purple and black fox ears formed where her ears were as a two long tails popped out of her tail bone and moved onto the ground. "W-Why is this happening?!"

That's when the pain stopped as she felt her body getting an itchy feeling near her face. She frowned while scratching at her cheeks and looked at her tails with horror. "A-AHHHH!"

Twitch, twitch.

"WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO ME?!" She cried out while feeling her body getting itchier. "AND WHY AM I SO ITCHY!?"

As she scratched her body her tails moved from side to side while her ears drooped down.

"Gah! This is insane!" Izumo yelled before touching her ears and shivered a little. "But it's so soft-no no no! Don't even think about it!"

She stood up and ran to the bathroom before looking through the medicine cabinet for itch cream. Only to find she was out of itch cream and only had cough medicine. "Damn it!"

Her tails stood on end while a bit of white fire appeared over the tips.

She panicked and turned the sink on before pushing the tips down to put it out.


"What is happening to me?!" she cried out while pulling them away and heard a chuckle behind her before the tips started flaming again. "W-Who's there?!"

"He he he."

She looked around, but saw no one as the laughter kept going.

"He he he he he he he he he he."

"Show yourself!"

"He he he he he he."

She scowled while letting out an animalistic growl before she covered her mouth with wide eyes. 'D...Did I just make that sound?'

"He he he he, cute little kitsune." The voice laughed while still sounding like it was all around her. "All you need is to eat some raw meat and you might be mistaken for a real fox."

"Show yourself damn it!"

"Nah, I'm content seeing you act like a fox."

Izumo growled again before her tails exploded with flames.

"Angry aren't we? Well can't blame you, you're just a human that came from a family of kitsune tamers."

"Show yourself damn it!"

"Alright alright, no need to act like a bitch in heat." they replied before she saw a translucent figure slowly appearing. It was an older woman with black hair styled in a bowl cut way with a miko outfit and with a smug smirk.

"W-Who are you?" Izumo asked while her tails started to die down in fear.

"I'm one of your ancestors."


"Yep, and I happen to be the one that fell in love with a kitsune and was cursed by my own father to become a spirit." She sighed. "But it's not all bad, I can scare people with my appearance."

"Why are you here? HOW are you here?"

She floated towards her before pointing to Izumo's ears. "I'm here because you got the gift."


"The gift of the kitsune, my hubbies power." She giggled. "And no it's not the Nine Tail Fox Spirit, that's my mother in law."

She frowned with the tails swishing. "Turn me back, right now!"

"Can't." She shrugged. "It's part of your heritage."

"I'm not a demon!"

"No, PART demon." she smirked. "Besides, think of it like this, you'll be stronger than the others in the family, at least until you have a descendent, then they might be stronger and it'll go on and on."

"I-I'm not a demon!"

"Then tell me," she smirked. "Why are you licking your paws?"

Izumo noticed she was licking her feet and blushed.

"Anyway since I'm here I guess I need to help you control your urges. Which is fine, but there are….things that are embarrassing."


"Yeah and you might get hungry for raw meat." She sweatdropped. "And lick your tails, growl at raccoon dogs, start rubbing your mate all the time, lick your pussy every hour…."

"Wait what mate?"

"You know the one you are attracted to." She said with a smirk. "And I can guess that you like a certain half demon of flames."

She blushed while the fire got larger.

"I didn't expect you to go for the child of Satan himself, but I think it could work, especially when you two get under the c-"


"Well you'll do it eventually, and between you and me, I like when my hubby uses his powers if you catch my drift." she smiled with a blush and shudder. "He knows where to rub with those tails, and don't even get me started on his tongue."

Izumo blushed red while getting itchy again. "S-Stop saying that! I don't like him like that!"

"Then why are you itchy? A kitsune only gets itchy when alone from their mates for more than sixty seconds."

"I-I-I don't like him like that! Just change me back or else!"

She rolled her eyes. "I'm a cursed spirit, not a miracle worker. And I told you before it's permanent."

Her jaw dropped as the ghost floated away.

"Well I'm going to scare some people, I'll be back in a few days."

"Wait! People will see these and try to exorcise me!"

She turned invisible. "You can shapeshift remember?" before the voice disappeared.

She growled like a fox again before seeing her nails get sharper. She went wide eyed before trying to calm down.

(Some time later)

Izumo sighed while finally changing back, half way as her ears were still on her head. "If I ever see her again I'll banish her into a statue." she muttered while looking around for a hat. That's when she found a small top hat and placed it on her head.

She then sniffed that air and smelled the familiar scent of baked cakes. "Rin?" She said before getting really itchy. "No! He's just a classmate, not a mate!" She then felt very itchy as her feet moved on their own. "Ah!"

(With said boy)

"Zzzzz." Rin snored while sleeping on a chair in the kitchen. The reason was because he was up all night making a cake for himself. Said cake was being stared at Kuro with drool.

'So big.' Kuro thought before sensing an aura coming towards the room. 'Huh? What's that?'

The door opened as Izumo ran in and started nuzzling Rin's face. "Kon kon kon."


"Kon kon kon." Izumo said while smiling happily.

Rin slowly opened his eyes and jaw dropped. "I-I-Izumo-san?!"

She stopped moving and blushed. "Um….hi?" 'AAAAAAHHHH!'

"W-What are you doing?!"

"Um….looking for some food?" She said before moving away and looked at the cake. "Oh and I found some, that's lucky."

'She's acting odd.' he thought while seeing her and noticed the hat. "Uh, trying out a new fashion style?"

"Yes! I mean, yes I am." She said before eating some of the cake. "Huh, has a hit of….ham?"

"Hey I didn't even cut it." he remarked annoyed. "And I was trying out an experimental recipe."

Izumo's eyes sparkled. "It tastes so good, I love it!"

He blinked as she finished half of the cake.

"You're a great cook kon." She said before covering her mouth. 'Shit!'


"Did I say kon? I mean…..kawaii?" Izumo said before feeling her tails slowly popping out and covered her butt.

Rin looked lost while Kuro noticed the feet turning into paws.

"Um I'll just be going...thanks for the cake." she quickly ran out while Rin was lost and Kuro was munching on the other half of the cake.


"Hey! Get out of the cake!"

(A while later)

Rin was in class while looking very bored. On his left was Izumo who was looking at him instead of the teacher.

'I can't move any closer or I might lose my rational self!' She thought while her tails started to poke out and lay on the ground.

Which was bad as Shima was behind her and his feet were over her tails.


"KKKKOOOONNNN!" She cried out in pain.

Everyone turned to surprised while she hissed and gripped the desk with a low growl.

"Um Izumo-san?" Yukio asked confused. "Are you ok?"

"I'm...good…" she spoke while trying to keep from lashing out at Shima.

"Are you sure?" Shima asked before seeing her dark hate filled eyes looking back at him. "N-Nevermind!"


"KKKKKKKOOOOOOONNNN!" She screamed again as a small fire started to burn Shima's feet. She had to hide her tails as the boy sniffed and went wide eyed.

"AHH!" he jumped up and held his foot which was smoking a little. "Rin!"

"It wasn't me!"

"Then why is my foot on fire?!"

"I don't know."

"Rin." Yukio sighed. "See me after class."



Izumo ate some food while sitting next to Rin and smiled a little. As for the food, it was ham, ribs and raw burgers.

"Stupid Yukio." he grumbled. "I didn't cause any fire."

"Well you are a fire demon." Izumo chuckled while eating some ribs and gave one to Rin. "Want one? It's really raw."

"Um, are you sure that's good for you?"

"It tastes good and it's just cooked right as I don't have to get grease on my uniform." She said while licking the bone and ate the cartilage. "Just eat it and quit complaining."

He sighed before taking a bite, only to feel a little sick as it also had mayonnaise on it. 'Ew!'

She looked at him before smiling. "This is nice right? Almost like…." she blushed before shaking her head. "An outing." 'It's not a date!'

"Well it is lunch break." he spoke while trying not to gag. "And yes it's nice, even if you're eating a lot of meat today, why is that?"

"Felt like it." She said while Bon walked by, and stepped on her tails, which popped out during her meal. "AHHHHHHH!"


"That hurt kon!" She snapped. "Stop stepping on my feet!"

"I wasn't-"


He gulped while seeing a fire like aura around her body. "S-Sure, sorry."

Izumo looked at Rin as Bon walked away. "Sorry about that, but it did hurt."

"What's with the kon?"

She stiffened before feeling her ears starting to pop up. "W-What do you mean? I didn't say that."

"You did." He deadpanned before the hat started to move. "Um...did you take a kitten again?" 'I know she likes them, but putting them in her hat?'

"N-No!" She stuttered before the hat fell off revealing two fox ears that twitched a little.

"Are….those fox ears?"

"No! They're….headphones! Yeah they're for my….love of music." 'He's going to find out!'


She gulped before Shiemi walked by and noticed the ears.

"Aw, how cute." She cooed while rubbing one. "Just as soft as a real fox."

"Ahh! D-Don't do that!" She blushed while her nails grew.

"Oh sorry, didn't mean it, but your ears looked so cute." She said before taking the hands off of the ears. "And like?"

"Yeah, almost like they're real." remarked Rin.

Izumo gulped as her ears folded down half way.

"It moved!" Rin said in shock.

"Maybe it's a new automatic headphone?" Shiemi said while just as surprise.

She gulped while feeling very stir crazy and wanted to get out of there. Before she knew it she jumped and took off running.

"Hey where are you going!?" Rin called out while Izumo ran out on four legs. 'What the….ok this is getting strange.'


'Oh god! T-They saw my ears!' She thought while hiding in a random dorm room. The reason why she didn't return to her own room was because she was too embarrassed to think rationally. 'Now they'll probably find out!'

As she tried to calm down she didn't hear the door open as we find the son of Satan walking in with a sigh.

'Ok get out of this uniform then go find Izumo.' He thought before walking into his room and noticed two tails hanging from the side of his bed. He blinked and got an idea, thinking it was Kuro, before slowly moving towards them. 'Time for some payback for eating the rest of the cake.' He rubbed the tails and started to tickle them as the moved wildly.

'Eeep!' She thought while feeling her body stiffening up and her ears stood up.

"I got you now Kuro!" he grinned while moving his hands up and around them.

She felt her tails moving out of control as she felt very strange, like she was being tickled by puppies. Her tails then started to slowly burn up as her ears moved back. "K-Kon~"

Rin blinked. 'Wait, kon? Kuro never said anything like that.' He then squeezed one of the tails gently.


"Kuro? Are you ok?" he saw the tips glowing red before flames appeared and jumped back. "W-Wait a sec! You're not Kuro!"

Izumo groaned as she moved her tails under the blankets. 'Shit!'

"W-Who are you?! Wait...Yukio get out of my bed, if this is payback for something I did it's going too far!"

'Please just wake up from this horrible dream!' She thought before hearing Rin getting into the bed and pulled off the sheets. "KON!"

"I-I-Izumo?!" He said in shock.

She curled up into a ball while covering herself in white fire. "Don't look!"

Rin blinked as he saw the fox like features and the flames before pointing at her. "Y-You're…."

'Here it comes, the fear.'

"You're a salamander!"


"You're a salamander, by god that's cool!" He said with stars in his eyes. "I always wanted to see a giant salamander!"

"I'm not a amphibian!" She snapped. "I'm a kitsune, I mean I'm a human!"

He blinked before facepalming. 'The tail and ears, duh!'

"I get it, you're freaking out. I can't blame you...I am a kitsune after all." She said while downcased.

"More like confused."

Izumo blinked as the flames died down. "...huh?!"

"I mean, when did this happen? Have you always been one?"

" happened this morning and…"

(One explanation later)

Rin's jaw dropped while Izumo finished her tale and started licking her paws. "So you're...a half demon like me?"


"And this happened, only now today?"

She nodded.

"...that's crazy, but believable. I mean I found out in one day as well."

"So you're not going to run away in fear or look at me in disgust?" She asked as her ears drooped.

"Izumo, I'm literally a son of Satan, what do you think?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Sorry but I just thought you would find me….gross."

"If I thought that I would have called myself gross long ago." He said serious as Izumo felt her heart stop a little. "Honestly those ears and tail are soft looking and probably feel it too, right?"


"And personal, I think it suits you Izumo."

"But look at me! I was fine before, now when I go out I'll probably be attacked by exorcists who don't know me at all!"

Rin pulled out his tail. "You just have to stick with me. I have experience with hiding tails."

Izumo blushed at that while feeling happy as her tails swished from side to side.

"Plus can't you just will them away?"

"Well yes but…."

"Then you have nothing to worry about." He smiled before asking. "By the way, if you were nuzzling me because you saw me as a mate, doesn't that mean…"

She gulped.

"You like me as a boyfriend?"

She gritted her teeth while feeling her instinct kick in and tackled Rin to the floor. "Kon kon kon!"

"Gah! Hey get off!" He blushed as Izumo nuzzled him and gave him licks to the face.

"Kon~" she yipped while licking his cheek.

He gulped while feeling her wrap her arms around him and her tails swish around faster.

"Mine." She said as the camera cut to Yukio, who was visiting Shiemi at the moment.

Knock knock.

"Coming." She said while rushing out and met him, but looked different as she had some flower petals around her shoulders and arms and had a few leaves on her head as she had two elf like ears. "Oh Yukio-kun, what brings you here?"

He jaw dropped while pointing his finger. "S-Shiemi-san?!"


"But...what happened?!"

She shrugged. "No idea, but I think I'm a Greenman."

He stared without blinking and was stiff as a board. 'Oh god!'