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Chapter 1:

Percy's life couldn't be better. They had just defeated Kronos, the war was over, and Annabeth was officially his girlfriend. Though it had been several days since they won, there was still an air of celebration throughout the camp. Percy was currently on the beach, showing off his control of water to Annabeth, making all sorts of designs and shapes with the water.

"While this is entertaining," Annabeth eventually spoke up, looking over at her boyfriend rather than the water. "Is there any reason for all this seaweed brain?"

"Not really, wise girl," Percy said, letting the latest design fall back into the water. "Just wanted to show you I could do more than just fight."

"I knew that," Annabeth rolled her eyes playfully, giving him a small nudge with her elbow. "You're also a pretty good kisser."

"And you would know, wouldn't you," Percy teased back, sitting close to her.

"I have had plenty of first-hand experience," Annabeth replied with a sly grin.

"And you about to have another..." Percy began, leaning in.

"Guys! Guys!" Grover's shout startled the couple, making them pull away from each other with a blush at being caught. They turned to see the satyr running to a stop in front of them.

"Was I interrupting something," Grover asked briefly before moving on with a wave of his hand. "Doesn't matter. Chiron needs to see you guys right away! He said it's really important!"

Hearing this, the couple jumped up and began following Grover the big house.

"Do you know what it's about?" Percy asked, trying to get information.

"Not really," Grover replied with a shrug. "I think he said something about finding a possible half blood, but I couldn't really say more. I just know Chiron really needs you guys!"

Percy and Annabeth exchanged worried glances and the three of them picked up the pace. When they got to the main house, Chiron was outside waiting for them.

"What is it Chiron?" Percy asked once they got to him. "What's so urgent?"

"We have gotten a lot of reports of monster attacks in a small town called Amity Park, Illinois" Chiron replied. "We believe that there's an unknown demigod there and probably a powerful one by the number of monsters. I need you three to go and get whomever it is right away. The monster attacks have been increasing and it's unlikely that they will survive much longer without proper training."

"When do we leave?" Annabeth asked seriously, already planning what she would need.


Danny Fenton ran down the street, anxious to meet up with his friends. He came to a stop in the local fast food restaurant, the Nasty Burger, and entered. He easily spotted Sam and Tucker sitting in a booth and walked over to them.

"There you are," Sam greeted as Danny took a seat next to her. "We were starting to get worried."

"And we already ordered for you," Tucker added, glancing up from his PDA.

"Thanks," Danny replied sincerely, relaxing into his seat with a sigh.

"Was it those weird ghosts again?" Sam asked as their food arrived, Danny and Tucker eagerly biting into their burgers.

"Yeah," Danny said between bites, wiping his mouth with his hand. "It's bad enough that they seem to resist my ecto blasts, but because they don't get sucked into the thermos I have to battle them until they vanish in a cloud of gold dust. It's so exhausting, but I haven't found anything else that works."

"At least they only started showing up recently," Sam encouraged. "And you seem to be handling them pretty well."

"Hopefully they'll be gone before school starts or life is going to suck for you," Tucker said, causing Sam to glare at him. "What! It's the truth."

"But I'm trying to be positive for Danny," Sam growled, kicking him from under the table. "And you're not helping!"

"But he's right Sam," Danny sighed, slouching slightly in weariness. "If I don't find some way to stop them permanently from coming here, my attendance and grades will hit an all time low! I barely made it through school last year as it is!"

"Don't worry Danny," Sam comforted, placing her hand on his shoulder. "I'm sure we'll be able to come up with something. I'll keep researching these new ghosts, I still feel like I've seen them somewhere before, but I just can't seem to remember."

"Hopefully you do find something soon," Danny sighed, returning to his meal. "If we can figure out more about these strange ghosts and where they come from, then I know we'll figure out how to beat them."

"Too bad Sam's memory is what slowing us down," Tucker teased, his mouth still mostly full. "If you ate meat, your memory would be perfect and we wouldn't have this problem."

"Oh please, if anything that would make things even worse. Then I'd be brain dead like you."

"Is that so? Well, I say..."

Danny couldn't help but smile as his two friends began their usual meat vs. veggie argument. He appreciated their attempt to cheer him up and keep things normal... well as normal as his life as a secret half-ghost hero could be. Tuning out his friend's argument Danny concentrated on his food, realizing just how hungry he was. His meal was cut short as he sensed another one of those strange ghosts nearby. It wasn't the normal chill going up his throat that he had grown used to, but more of a tingling going down his spine. With a sigh, Danny put his food down, immediately getting his friends attention.

"Another one?" Tucker asked in disappointment. Danny nodded in response, getting up from the table.

"We can come with you and help out," Sam immediately said, preparing to stand. "You don't have to do this alone."

"No," Danny replied with a shake of his head. "We all know your weapons aren't effective against them and there have been one too many instances of them targeting you guys to get to me already. I'll draw it away from the crowds and take care of it once we're alone. You guys head to the movie theater, I'll meet you there once I'm done."

"Alright Danny," Sam gave in. "But you better call us if you get injured or need help. If you don't I'll beat you worse than any ghost!"

"I know Sam. Thanks for your concern. I'll be back as soon as I can."

With one last wave to his friends, Danny ran off to find the ghost.