TBBT 2050, sequel to my earlier stories "The California Reunion", "The California Musical Road Trip" and "Fun with Pirate Flags." Leonard and Amy, now a married couple and both retired from Caltech watch a 34 year old video of their late spouses. Part of the 2017 BBT Fall (or should I say Autumn) Challenge # 1: Talk Like A Pirate Day. Everything belongs to Lorre and Prady.


September 2050. Leonard had just got off the phone with their San Diego harp friend when his wife Amy called him into the spare bedroom they used as a office and storeroom for all their scientific papers.

"You called me dear Amy, I was just on the phone with Helen the harp, she asks if we can visit her in San Diego on Friday instead of Sunday for our music practice. Her granddaughter is visiting at the weekend."

"That shouldn't be a problem for an old retired couple like us. Now my dear Leonard, come and look at what I have just found, I was searching for some old files in our archives and I found this old video."

"What is this, Dr. Sheldon Cooper presents 'Fun with Flags'! Oh my dear Amy, I have not seen one of those Sheldon flag videos for decades. Is this just Sheldon or are you in this one with him?"

"No Penny and Sheldon are in this one, remember the Pirate Flag video? We both helped them with the recording of this video way back in 2016. Come, sit down and watch this with me."

So Amy and Leonard sat down and watched Sheldon and Penny, both dressed as pirates presenting a special "Talk like a Pirate Day Fun with Flags."


Ten minutes later it was all over, Amy and Leonard were holding hands with tears in their eyes as they watched their late spouses together.

Finally Leonard spoke "Aaar me hearties! I remember the Pirate film Penny was in, 'Raise the Jolly Roger!'. It was dreadful, it made 'Serial Ape-ist' look good."

Amy replied "Look how young and healthy looking they were back then. They looked very different when they got older, they were both seriously ill in their last years."

Leonard "Yes they were, look how beautiful Penny was."

Amy "Yes that was my beautiful bestie and that was my beautiful Sheldon."

Leonard "Those two had a special relationship together."

Amy "Yes, they really cared for each other. You know sometimes I could get jealous seeing the two of them together even though I was glad that they were such good friends."

Leonard "I know what you mean, sometimes I would have nightmares that Penny would leave me and she would run off together with Sheldon."

Amy "Me too, but Sheldon and Penny loved each other like a brother and sister."

Leonard "I wonder if we had both died first if they would have got married to each other?"

Amy "Shall we watch the video again?"

Leonard "That be a grand idea Cap'n Amy..."