"Candy Candy" Manga is written by Kyoko Mizuki, Yumiko Igarashi.


Avatar drawn by ELSA. Thank you.


"I" = Neal


Less than two years after the manga ended...


I was attending the wedding ceremony of Candy and William.

It was torturing.

A minute ago the bride and the groom just kissed formalizing their relationship as a husband and wife. To avoid scandal, I struggled to put a smiling expression on my face and to clap my hands excitedly with the rest of the guests. Half of the attendee were the same folks who attended my doomed engagement party with Candy.

Later, I took my place in line with other immediate family members to congratulate the happy couple. As my turn got closer, I started to wonder if Candy would skip me. I had prepared to throw my face and to snort bitterly if that happened. But to my great surprise, Candy put her arms around me and hugged me!

"Thanks for coming Neal," Candy said very sweetly.

Perhaps because she was exceptionally happy today or perhaps she had forgiven me but she seemed to forget that I was her worst nemesis. She looked up at me and smiled, that smile that never failed to make my breath stall.

I was stunned.

At that moment, I felt like being snapped awake from a long murky dream. Remembering how unhappy she looked when I forced her to marry me made me realize how wrong my attitude must be to her.

"Congratulations," I managed to respond. I was so closed to her. Her curly hair touched my face. I hugged her back relishing as much of her as I could. I love you, Candy... so much!

It took every ounce of my strength to finally let her go. She looked so beautiful in her white wedding dress, flowers in her hair... Reluctantly, I watched her go into William's arms and went to their honeymoon.

My beloved girl is marriedwith another man.

I never failed to get what I want in life until she rejected me. Unfortunately, she was the one that I wanted the most.


-To be continued-