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*This is set a few years after my first fic. Deidre has settled down again to life in Imladris, and Arwen is the equivalent of seven or eight (she has a minor role in this fic, but it'll be more realistic, as my little sister is seven, so I have good inspiration).

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Chapter One:

Storytelling/ A Prank is Planned

Deidre and Arwen were in Arwen's room, talking. Suddenly, Arwen looked out her window toward the Misty Mountains. There was a long plume of fiery smoke coming from one of the mountains, lighting up the night sky. "Deidre, what's the smoke coming from? Is there a dragon?"

"I don't think so, tithen muinithel," Deidre said, looking out the window as well. "Most likely someone's traveling in the mountains and what we're seeing is the smoke from their campfire. Then again, it could be something else."

"Like what?"

"It could be a pheonix rising out of the ashes," Deidre replied. "But no, it couldn't be. They're too rare. Most of them are in Valinor now. Still, you never know."

Arwen looked interested. "What's a pheonix?"

Deidre shrugged. "You wouldn't be interested, it's just something I read in a book."

"I am too interested! Tell me!" Arwen had her hands on her hips, pouting.

"Well, let me go get a book out of my room, and I'll show you." Deidre ran to her room, said the words that opened the trunk at the foot of her bed, and pulled the scarlet leather-bound book out. Locking the trunk again with the word her grandmother had taught her, she went back into Arwen's room. She sat down on Arwen's bed, and Arwen plopped down beside her as Deidre opened to the right page.

"This is a pheonix," Deidre said, showing Arwen the illustration. It was a picture of a flame-red bird, with emerald eyes, a golden beak and talons, and a large plume. It had graceful wings and a long tail.

"It's beautiful. Tell me about them, please?" Arwen gave Deidre her pleading look, the one that children everywhere use when they want something.

"All right. You see, pheonixes have always been loved by our people, for they are the embodiment of fire. They are immortal, and every three thousand years they burst into flame, and emerge from the ashes anew. Once they used to be very common, but danger drove them to seek the Undying Lands. Now there are few left in Middle-Earth, but they are all the more treasured for their rarity. To see one is good luck, but it is extremely unusual to see one close up. Most often, one sees the fire of their ashes as one of them is reborn and rises from death to seek life again, rising from sorrow to find hope."

Arwen thought that over for a minute and said, "You know what, Deidre?"


"You're kinda like a pheonix. You've got a fiery heart, and you've always been good luck for me. Plus, you're always the one who finds hope, who's the best at cheering people up! But I'd rather have one you than a thousand pheonixes." Arwen hugged Deidre.

"Thanks, Arwen," Deidre said, tickling her. Arwen laughed and tickled back. Before long, it had turned into an all out-tickle fest. It was so fun spending time with her, Deidre thought.

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Meanwhile, Elladan and Elrohir had sneaked into Deidre's bathroom and picked the lock on the cupboard where she kept all her hair stuff. "Are you sure this is going to work?" Elladan asked his twin.

"Of course it will! It worked perfectly well on that rabbit we experimented with, didn't it? Now give me that bottle. Not that one, the one with the stopper in the shape of a willow tree! It's her hair stuff, the stuff that she uses to keep it from tangling!"

Elladan handed his brother the bottle, wincing as he remembered the poor rabbit they had caught to test their prank on. "Why that bottle?"

Elrohir looked at his younger (by fifteen minutes) brother with disgust. "Because it's already the right color! She won't notice if we put the stuff in! Hold this while I pour some of the stuff out so there's room." Elladan obeyed as Elrohir poured some of the liquid down the drain, then pulled a vial out of his pocket and poured it into the glass bottle, then replaced the stopper and shook it up so the two liquids mixed.

He then put the bottle in the exact same place on the shelf, fixed the lock and re-locked the cupboard, and their prank done, they stole out of the room to wait. The next morning, Deidre would get quite a surprise, that's for sure.

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*Next Chapter: Deidre' 'surprise' is discovered, and we find out that she does have a girly side, after all!