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"Thanks for everything, guys," Deidre said. "Mirkwood's a lot nicer than I expected. I'll actually miss visiting here."

"Feel free to come back whenever you want to," Legolas offered.

"And the sooner the better!" Tavor said enthusiastically. "Mirkwood will be all the more wonderful for your presence."

Brethil rolled his eyes, but was cut short by an odd sight. Deidre, obviously on the spur of the moment, had hugged Legolas. Legolas hugged her back, until they realized what they were doing.

"Erm, bye," Deidre said, leaving as she realized what she had done. The twins would never stop teasing her about that! And why did she even hug him? It's not like she had any feelings for him. He was just a friend. Just a friend. "Namarie!" Deidre called out as the party left Mirkwood.

"You are so lucky," Tavor said once Deidre was out of earshot. "You got to hug the most beautiful maiden in Arda and she didn't even injure you! You have no idea how jealous I am."

"I guess I am lucky," Legolas said dreamily, while thinking of Deidre, and how wonderful she was. He was hooked. Little did he know that it would be over a thousand years before he and Deidre met again.

**************************************************************************** ********************************************************************

"Deidre! Deidre! You're home! Oh, and Elladan and Elrohir are, too. I was hoping they'd get eaten by spiders," Arwen said disappointedly as she saw her brothers.

"Well," Deidre said, dismounting from her horse and leading Swiftrun to the stall, "They didn't get eaten, but they did get caught in a web, courtesy of Gwibess, Prince Legolas's pet spider."

Arwen's eyes widened. "Prince Legolas has a pet spider? Cool! I want you to tell me my bedtime story tonight! I like yours way better than mommy's. Yours are full of action and adventure!"

"Oh, and speaking of Prince Legolas," Elrohir drawled. "Deidre made quite an impression on him, and he on her. I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up dating!" Unfortunately for him, he was so wrapped up in teasing Deidre, he didn't notice the manure shovel headed straight for his head.

Ah, Deidre thought. Arwen's overjoyed to see me, Elladan's laughing his head off, and Elrohir is unconscious. Yep, things are back to normal once more.


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