Le Renard Rouge II: Rogue Agent

Chapter 2: Back in the Field

Dr. Emma Fox was now a fugitive, but she had a feeling that she knew who was behind this. Because of his reputation, it was an even bigger challenge convincing the world that Dr. Rayne Frost-Wolf has ulterior motives. Rayne had sent Rosetta to dispatch her sister, while he was working on his latest project. The biggest he has ever conducted.

Emma was alone in the field. She had to earn back her spot with the Loonatics, and she is wanted by MI-6, and several other world agencies. The tight blue jean-wearing fox decided to have a look around. Little did she know she was being watched as she made it to the roof of Rayne's building in downtown, "Like a mouse in a maze," said Rayne,

The vixen looked around the roof through a maze of piping, and air conditioning units. She looked down the shaft of an elevator when suddenly she was attacked from above by surprise. The clone had a surprised look in her eye to see whom she was a clone of. Emma regained herself, and fought her clone on the edge of the outside elevator shaft.

Through a fury of kicks and punches between the foxes, the clone had kicked Emma off the edge, and had her hanging on by her finger tips. The clone went up, and stepped on Emma's hands, trying to make her fall off the edge. Instead something odd happened, as the clone tried it a second time, she had stopped halfway and made a light gasp.

Emma got herself back on the roof, and saw the skintight black snakeskin-wearing fox run to the other side of the building, jumping to her death. She went over with haste to where the fox jumped, but there was no body, 'This is just getting more bizarre by the minute' thought Emma, the clone looked exactly like her except for a few differences.

She went back to her penthouse with thoughts on her encounter, 'That...other me, she was one behind the attack, yet she had the chance to kill me right there and then, why didn't she?' Emma thought, looking out the window and sipping a glass of red wine, 'Dr. Wolf did have a cloning program during his time in the T-Agency, was that his work?'

"That may not be the last I've seen of her," Emma said to herself

'Still though, how did she jump from that height, and there wasn't a body left, how strange' She thought to herself,

Emma had deduced a difference between them besides the suit, 'Brown eyes' Emma thought, knowing how to spot her the next time around. She went to her bedroom, and unclicked her suitcase and pulled out her black leather suit, and smirked to herself, 'Looks like we'll working together again' she thought, and suited up to deal with the clone.

"Nice to see you again, Emma," said Rosetta coming out from the shadows in her halter top red leather suit, and pointing a Walther P1, "I thought she would have done the job, but it seems you have to learn to do things yourself, you're under arrest," as Rosetta said that, a squad of T-Agents came in, and had Emma Fox arrested for her crimes.

Rosetta did not stay long to see her sister being taken back to MI-6, "Target has been detained, I will keep you informed of our progress, message ends," said Rosetta, Emma had a few tricks up her tight black leather sleeves. Little did Rayne or Rosetta know that Emma did have a little help. The big problem was trying to convince her to help her.

Emma was detained in a white padded cell in a strait-jacket. Rosetta was looking down at her from the window in the upper guardroom, "Hello little sister, welcome to MI-6, now you and I are going to have a little talk, more like a family of sorts if I must say so," said Rosetta using a microphone that was connected to the cell's intercom system,

"Spare me the lecture, Rosie, you always wanted me out of the way, and now you've sided with Dr. Wolf, looks like you got your chance, you two make a perfect match by the way," said Emma, Rosetta the Black Fox lightly growled in annoyance at her sister's cheekiness, "topnotch work on that clone by the way, not much of a talker, I must say,"

"That's it, now you're just playing games," Rosetta said, and exited the room. The clone entered first, leaning her right hip to the right, and Rosetta sprayed Emma in the face with knockout spray. If Emma was going to kill as a last resort, she figured there is some way to get to the clone. Emma was slow to wake up, and found herself in a balloon.

Resting her head on a chocolate brown blanket, she saw the clone working the controls while Rosetta was sitting at the controls of the silver covered balloon, "I have Miss Fox onboard, I'm heading back to base, we'll keep you informed of our progress, message ends," said Rosetta via two-way radio. Emma looked out to see she is now over London.

'Alright...here we go, I've got to lure the clone out' Emma thought,

'That is the reason why she didn't kill me when she could have, a conscience' she added to her thoughts,

Emma slipped out of the basket, and got outside and pulled at the coolant tubes until they came loose and spewed gas. The flames of the balloon heated her face as Emma went to work on the second tube. When it came loose, the beeping inside basket alerted the clone. She looked toward the entrance and noticed that the real Emma was gone.