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Chapter 1: The New Kid

Getting home from my first day at Forks High School, I can't believe Edward Cullen would beg to change his schedule to avoid being near me. Am I really that disgusting? Does my utter mediocrity offend his runway model sensibilities? I'm pissed at him for making me feel so ugly and self-conscious. Being the new kid is hard enough without making enemies on your first day. I shake my head. That should be my slogan: chasing guys away since the early '90s.

I stuff a granola bar in my coat and head outside for a quick walk to clear my thoughts. I take the path behind Charlie's house, and I get calmer with each crunch of leaves under my shoes. I know I can be pretty. I'm not really into fashion or make up, but I'll dress up for a special occasion and know I look good. Most days I'm happy to wear my uniform of jeans and a tee-shirt though. I've also never been very athletic, much to my mom's chagrin.

She tried to drag me to ballet lessons, karate and mother-daughter swim, but after a couple trips to the ER, she pretty much gave up on sharing her fitness-related hobbies with me. Charlie never really cared what I did as long as I gave him a 5 minute summary on it every week. He even went to bat for me once when Renee wanted to sign me up for after school kickball. I think the clincher was me crying to him on the phone about not wanting to get hit in the face like last time. He yelled at her for triggering my anxiety and she hung up on him for always making her seem like the bad guy for trying to "socialize" their daughter. Suffice to say, I never complained to Charlie about sports again, and eventually Renee got tired of explaining to the hospital staff why I had so many broken bones and stitches.

Instead of doing sports, I love to walk, and if nothing else, Forks has some beautiful walking trails. The crisp cool air, the smell of the pine trees, the hint of a wood-burning fireplace – they all bring a smile to my face. It's no blistering Arizona sun, but not sweating through your shirt has its perks. Maybe I won't hate it here.

There's an odd rustling noise, and I stop to listen. Now as I'm drawn out of my thoughts, the forest doesn't seem so safe anymore. My heart rate spikes involuntarily when I realize that it's almost dark. I've been walking longer than I thought, and I should probably get back to the house before Charlie finds me gone. As I turn around to head back, the eerie sensation of being watched never leaves me.

My pulse thunders in my ears, and I gasp as the most enormous wolf steps out of the trees.

"Oh shit," I breathe out quietly. I always thought wolves were the size of huskies or slightly larger, but this thing is more like the size of a bear - a really skinny, fit bear - and it's blocking my exit.

I squeak out in fear as it stalks closer to me, but I can't seem to make my body move. I know that if I run, it will chase me, but there's no hope of fighting it either.

Closer now, it sniffs loudly at me, and I hope with all my being that I'm not what smells appetizing. The wolf stops not two feet from me. It pokes its nose at my right side, and I tremble so hard my teeth chatter. It's not attacking, but it gets even closer, nuzzling at my pocket.

"OH!" I say loudly. The gray wolf jumps back growling and showing teeth. "Sorry, sorry," I try to placate him.

"I know what you want. You smell my snack don't you?" I slowly slip my hand into my pocket with my eyes on the wolf and pull out the granola bar I forgot to eat. "I really hope this will satisfy you, big guy."

I tear off the rapper and toss the bar at him. To my surprise, he catches it perfectly in his mouth like a trained dog. It seems strange to me, but maybe catching is a natural behavior for wolves.

"I know you look a little undernourished, but that's all I have, honey." The wolf still looks at me like I have more food or like I am food. I sure hope it's the former. I test out shuffling my feet, and the wolf does nothing.

"I really need to get home. It's getting late, and my dad is going to worry." The wolf whines and starts to back up into the trees. What the… is he going to let me go? I wait until the wolf has backed almost completely off the path and lays down on his stomach with his head on his paws. I guess this is the best I'm going to get.

I inch past him, holding my breath, but he doesn't move a muscle. I break eye contact to walk briskly down the trail. Once I reach the bend, I look back to see those big yellow eyes staring back at me. I have the oddest feeling looking at those eyes, like they're lonely or something. Shaking my head at my ridiculousness, I can't help but offer a whispered, "Goodbye."

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