AN: I think this is developing a little more of a plot than I first intended it to. It's moving slowly but it is there since I have a better idea now of what I want to do with this. Anyway, enjoy! (^^)

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CHAPTER 2: When It Pours

Everyone was a liar.

Yuki sat, the turbulence of the storm raging outside a perfect reflection of the way his mind rolled in turmoil and the sense of betrayal that beat at his heart, wondering just how many other people knew while he had remained clueless for God knew how long.

Certainly Shigure had to be in on it, he thought darkly, since he and Hatori were so close that there was no possible way that he, of all people, wasn't aware of it. Of course, that meant his brother, that long haired annoyance, probably knew also and never bothered to inform him so he could at least stop mooning over someone who was already taken. And what about Kyou? Had he known too? Was that why he'd given up the chase and taken up with Kagura? Had he gone about his merry way with the knowledge, snickering over how the mouse was making a fool of himself by chasing after someone unobtainable?

But the worst of all was Hatori.

How could Hatori do this to him? The doctor had to have known how he felt about her. How could he not? Everyone, even the stupid cat, except her seemed to know how he felt, he was sure. He couldn't place the blame for this on her because he knew how suggestible she was to the influence of others, how hard it was for her to say no to anything asked of her. No, it was definitely all Hatori's doing.

It was ironic really how the one person he had trusted the most with her proved to be the least trustworthy of everyone else.

Shigure and even his own brother, with their doubtful codes of honor, he could see making a play for her. Certainly Kyou and even Momiji with the way he was always hanging about her in his affectionate way. Hatsuharu hadn't been above his wariness to have him around her either, not with the way he treated her at times when he was in Black mode. Ritsu, after Yuki had discovered that the reason he had stayed over the first time was to speak with her in particular, had been particularly worrisome because of how similar he and she were at times. And Akito, Yuki didn't trust him around Tohru for any reason at all and suspected him of being capable of all sorts of underhanded treachery.

But Hatori?

Not once had Yuki ever pictured the staid and morally upright doctor bending the rules by going for someone so much younger than him and so different in terms of life experience and worldliness. Of all the Jyunnishi Yuki had believed would steer clear of getting involved with Tohru, Hatori had been at the top of his list. And with Hatori's strong intelligence, when compared to Tohru's, Yuki could only see how the doctor was able to take advantage of the girl's willingness to trust and believe in whatever others told her.

His expression darkened as he thought of them, remembering the last he saw of them, kissing in the rain. Despite everything, he couldn't help but think of her, wondering what she was doing now, an aching within him telling him that the answer to his ponderings was patently obvious.

She was with him.


Tohru sighed, pausing in the midst of preparing dinner to watch for a bit through the kitchen window as the rain continued to pour down in thick silvery sheets. Then she shivered a little at the sensation of a droplet of water falling from her wet hair and trailing down her skin from neck to back. Though it felt a bit uncomfortable, she smiled, remembering that her umbrella hadn't done much good in keeping her from getting wet.

After all, an umbrella only worked if it was used properly.

She blushed a little, recalling how she'd been so caught up in Hatori's kiss that she'd reached for the lapels of his suit to pull him closer, dropping the umbrella in the process. What a cold shock it had been to the both of them, like a bucket of cold water thrown over them. Only, in this case, it was more like having several dozen buckets pouring over them non- stop, drenching them both to the skin within seconds.

Perhaps it was wicked of her but she couldn't regret it and a part of her wondered if her subconscious had made her do it. After all, it was supposed to have been a quick good-bye kiss with him leaving once he'd dropped her off back home. But she hadn't wanted him to go, always wanting to be with him; the drive he'd taken her on after picking her up after school let out only making her long for his presence even more. The feeling of not wanting to be parted from him only seemed to get worse and worse as time went on; she was getting tired of keeping their relationship under wraps even if there were good reasons behind it.

Starting to get depressed with the turn her thoughts had taken, she shook it off, knowing Hatori would grow concerned about her if he saw her like this. She didn't want that, didn't want to waste their limited time together today by having him worry about her.

A ringing noise coming from the living area suddenly caught her attention and she cocked her head, listening to it. She recognized the tone as belonging to the cellular phone that Hatori had given to her as White Day gift last year, before their relationship had evolved beyond friendship. Though he had said then that she needed it in case of emergencies to contact someone for help, it was convenient now in more ways than one as they could call each other and talk without her having to use the main phone in Shigure's house where anyone could just walk by and overhear conversations. Of course, other people called her besides Hatori and, wondering who it was, she called out to whoever was in the next room to answer it for her.

"Could someone please get that for me?" she asked, raising her voice to be heard in the next room.

There was a moment of silence and then Hatori suddenly appeared at the threshold between living area and kitchen, holding her phone. He took in the sight of her standing at the kitchen counter, hands completely coated white in the flour she was using to coat the fish she was making for dinner, and shook his head ruefully. Rather than having her grab the phone and make a mess or try wiping her hands off, he moved to her side and held the phone to her ear, earning a small smile of gratitude from her in return.

"It's Hanajima-kun," he informed her.

She gave a tiny nod of acknowledgment as she spoke into the phone while he continued to hold it in place for her as she proceeded with preparing dinner.

"Hello? Hana-chan, what is it?" Tohru asked.

Hatori was content with his position, watching her as she talked and thinking thoughts of his own. Taking in the sight of her damp hair, he frowned a bit and wished she'd taken the time to dry it as he had asked her to. But she had waved aside his warnings that she shouldn't risk catching a cold by saying that she needed to get started on dinner and that it was enough that she had changed out of her soaked school uniform and into drier clothes. He had let the argument go when he saw that determined look that was gathering in her expression that had said she wasn't going to change her mind. And he supposed that it probably was enough that she was in dry clothes now, just as he was after having been handed over to Shigure to find something for him to change into, the something being a spare suit that the dog had 'borrowed' from him long ago but had neglected to return.

"Yuki-kun is there?"

Tohru's surprised tone caught his attention as he focused on the conversation she was having, growing concerned when he noticed the worried expression on her features growing at whatever her friend was telling her.

"But why?" Tohru asked. Her eyes widened. "He saw? But, still, I don't see why-" She frowned. "Should I come over?" She paused. "Really? Are you sure?" She gazed out the window as the rain continued to fall. "It's unusual but since there's no school tomorrow, it'll probably be alright." She nodded. "Yes, okay. I will." Her expression softened. "Take care. Good-bye."

She sighed, signaling that she was done and he moved the phone away and stared at her, her troubled features making him wish that he could hold her and give her a comforting hug. But he couldn't so he settled for placing a comforting hand on her shoulder and giving it a gentle squeeze.

"What is it?" he asked softly.

"It's Yuki-kun."

"Is something wrong?" he asked, alarmed at the look on her face.

"I'm not sure. Yuki-kun's at Hana-chan's. I think he's going to stay there for the night."

"Why?" Now Hatori was puzzled, knowing that Yuki was leery of Tohru's female friends.

"It seems he saw us." She bit her lip, blushing a little as she clarified, "Out in the rain when he was coming home."

"Ah." Comprehension dawned on Hatori's face. "I see."

"What?" She stared up at him, obviously confused. "Hana-chan couldn't talk for long and didn't really explain everything. She told me to ask you."

"Not now." He glanced at her flour-coated hands. "Kyou won't be back tonight, right?"

"That's right. He's staying at Kazuma-san's for the weekend with Kagura- san."

"Good." He sighed a little. "If Yuki's staying at Hanajima-kun's and Kyou will be gone, too, then we won't be interrupted."

"What do you mean?"

"This calls for a serious conversation. But it can wait for a little." He gestured to her messy hands. "We can wait until dinner and you're cleaned up."


"It'll be okay." He leaned in to give her a light, reassuring kiss. "Please, don't worry. We can decide what to do once we've all had a chance to sit down and talk it out. Okay?"

She nodded, trusting him.

He smiled down at her in response. "Then I'll just go tell Shigure. But I'll be back to help with dinner." He placed a gentle finger on her mouth when she opened it up to protest. "No, it'll be faster with two people. And the quicker we finish, the sooner we can sit down and talk."

She sighed but nodded again, giving in to him.

Giving her shoulder another comforting squeeze, Hatori left for the next room. Only then, when he was turned away from her, did he let the worry at this newest development chase across his features.


Saki hung up the phone, hoping that Tohru wouldn't worry too much and that the doctor would be able to ease any fears of hers that might crop up. Then Saki pushed away her concerns over what might be occurring at the moment in someone else's house.

She had issues of her own to deal with.

In the kitchen, she was preparing tea for two when her little brother came up to her. Megumi stared at her for a while, expression as blank as hers, as she placed everything on a small tray before speaking up.

"Saki, is there anything I can do?" he asked.

"No," she said calmly, shaking her head. "Leave this to me." She smiled slightly. "Besides, you're letting him share your room tonight. I think that's enough."

"But if you need anything," Megumi told her, "let me know."

"Saki-chan can handle it," said their mother as she came up to stand behind Megumi. She smiled at Saki. "Don't worry. I'll talk to your father when he comes home from work about our overnight guest." She raised her eyes to the ceiling, a concerned look appearing on her face. "Poor thing."

She shook her head, recalling her first sight of the young man drenched from the rain and staring with hollow eyes. The sad sight had tugged at her heart and made her want to immediately go to him and offer him a comforting hug. But, however much she wanted to help, she knew that the person who could give him comfort wasn't herself. That's why she gave her daughter a serious glance.

"Saki-chan," she said. "I'm not sure exactly what's going on but we'll try not to make too much noise and give you as much space as possible." Her expression softened. "And don't worry about dinner. When it's ready, it'll be taken up to your room so you don't have to bother coming down."

"Thank you," Saki said, warmth in her tone. She glanced at Megumi, recalling his offer to help. "You, too."

Megumi gave his sister a slight smile.

"Now," said their mother. "Saki-chan, you should go up and take care of your friend. It's not nice to keep a guest waiting too long, you know."

Saki nodded and turned to go, tray of tea in her hands.

"Oh, and Saki-chan?" She smiled warmly. "Good luck."


He broke from his swirling thoughts when he heard the opening of the door. Silently, he watched as she came into the room, placing the tray she'd brought on the table before him. Saying nothing, she sat down beside him and took one of the cups and placed it in front of him, taking the remaining one for her own. He continued to watch her as she sipped her tea, both hands cradling the cup, maintaining a silence of her own. How long this went on, he didn't know. But, when he finally had enough of the wordless quiet that stretched between them, he broke it.

"Aren't you going to say anything?" Yuki asked, depressed.

Saki calmly took another sip of tea then placed the cup gently back onto the table, settling her hands loosely in her lap as she turned to gaze at him. She regarded him for a moment, expression collection. Then her head tilted a little to the side.

"Are you feeling more comfortable now that you're out of those wet clothes?" she inquired.

"Ah." Yuki looked down blankly at what he was wearing. "Yes, thank you."

"No need to thank me." She gazed back at him calmly. "They're my father's clothes, after all. Not mine." She blinked, expression distant as if she were thinking of something. "Although that would be interesting, wouldn't it?"

Yuki stared back at her warily, grappling with the idea that she appeared to be making jokes at a time like this when he wasn't in the mood for her odd sense of humor. He frowned, recalling how she had refused to say anything no matter what he said until he had changed into dryer clothes, promising to answer all his questions once he had. Well, here he was, changed and dry, and now he wanted those answers.

"Hanajima-san." Yuki's was determined. "You promised to tell me what you know."

"Yes." Her expression was collected as she gazed at him. "Where would you like me to begin?"