"Jon, wait," Sam stammered as Jon became distant and started to turn away from them. Jon didn't know what to think as Bran and Sam explained to him that he was never a bastard at all. He was the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark- a Targaryen who was wanted and would have been loved if his parents had survived.

Since coming to Winterfell from King's Landing, not even the merriment of the feasts nor the laughter that rang through the halls could mask the despair everyone was feeling. The notion that Night King and his army of the dead could arrive within the next few days always lingered in his mind. He didn't want to believe Bran's revelation as it only added to the growing list of complications.

He could hear Sam shouting for him to come back as he tried to get as far away from the Godswood as he could. He knew his portly friend tried to follow him, but Jon soon got ahead and lost him. His insides felt numb, and he wouldn't have been able to talk to Sam about everything even if he tried.

Jon soon found himself stumbling into the Great Hall as the onslaught snow and wind mixing with his troubled thoughts momentarily disoriented him. It was almost as if he had drank all of the wine that Tyrion insisted they had to bring with. (Apparently there was nothing more appealing than imported Dornish wine from King's Landing or so he was told.) However, he had picked the wrong time to want to be alone. The room was filled to the brim with people all partaking in the nightly feasts that had been happening as of late. Luckily, no one paid him any attention as they were too busy basking in what could be their last moments. Jon would have gladly joined, but now he could only think of all the times he was forced to leave because Catelyn Stark didn't want a bastard anywhere near. This whole time she never knew that Ned always been faithful to her, that he was never a stain to Ned Stark's precious honor.

He unsuccessfully tried to leave without anyone noticing his arrival. A few drunken northmen clapped him on the back shouting King of the North as they came up behind him, and little Lyanna Mormont waved at him from the high table as he glanced up. His heart sank as brilliant silvery white hair caught his eye further down. Daenerys was sitting in the very middle of the table, and she looked more beautiful then ever. He couldn't help but smile as she laughed at something Arya said to her. Sansa seemed to have taken his seat next to Daenerys, and he was pleasantly surprised that she also seemed to be amused.

It was Arya who had been the most welcoming towards Daenerys and Sansa the most cold. Perhaps, Arya had found a newfound respect for Dany as she answered all of his sister's- no cousin's- probing, nearly offensive questions with the grace of a queen and had complemented her swordsmanship on several occasions. Needless to say, Tyrion had been forced to sit further away from his queen as Arya continually wanted to be by her side. He often heard them talk about Aegon's conquest and other Targaryen history that no one ever wanted to mention when Arya thought no one was watching.

"I know you love her," Arya had told him a few days after they had come back from the trip to King's Landing. She had seen too many lingering eyes and subtle caresses between the pair of them to not suspect anything. He had been prepared to deny her claims as he and Daenerys had already decided to keep their relationship quiet for the time being, but what she said surprised him. "I thought that the infamous Dragon Queen would be different, but she is good and kind and brave... Almost like Visenya," Arya responded with a dreamy look in her eyes. "She is good enough for you, and I approve." Jon nearly couldn't believe it.

Even Sansa, who warned him not to get too close to her and didn't support his decision to bend the knee (as if pledging himself to Daenerys and the weeks of lovemaking could be undone), seemed to be coming around as she too began to laugh.

Everything was perfect, except now it was all chaos in his mind. Daenerys was his aunt, and she was the love of his life. Perhaps if he had been born in a time where the Targaryens still ruled he wouldn't view incest as being morally wrong Nothing had ever felt so right- not even his first love could compare to his queen. Ygritte may have been kissed by fire, but Daenerys was fire. Every intimate moment spent with her burned him alive, and he never wanted the love they shared to extinguish.

He almost pitied the Lannister twins. He had only known the truth for several minutes, while they had known they were related their entire lives- always longing to have someone the realm deemed they couldn't have. But Jon was now a Targaryen, and only Gods and Targaryens were above the laws of men.

He just hoped it didn't matter to Daenerys.


Jon couldn't face her when the truth came out. He couldn't bare to see disgust and betrayal in her violet eyes, so he left without looking at her. He left without facing any of the people he loved.

Hours later, Daenerys found him in his chambers on the balcony overlooking the great Northern horizon. She came up next to him and watched the snow fall over the soldiers practicing in the tilt yard. It would have been peaceful if they weren't preparing them for slaughter.

"If only I knew that you had been on the other side of the world this whole time," Daenerys said breaking the thick silence. She looked down at her gloved hands on the railing trying to blink away the tears that threatened to spill down her cheeks.

"So you could have had me killed, your grace?" Jon whispered turning towards her. She looked ever so radient in her white furs that Sansa had no doubt sewn and embroidered for her. Daenerys could have been an angel sent to him from the heavens, and the nearly invisible halo of snowflakes in her hair made it sparkle whenever she moved. He didn't want them to be enemies. He loved her more than he could fathom, but she probably hated him now.

"So I wouldn't have been alone." Daenerys looked up at him with sadness etched on her face as she broke into a meek smile. He cupped her cheek in his hand and looked into her eyes. Slowly his lips were on hers, and all of his doubts were burned away with the fiery passion of their kisses. As they broke away to get air, Daenerys sank into his embrace, while he stroked her silvery hair. Apparently, she felt the same way.

"We were meant to be together," she said with certainty. If Rhaegar would have won the war, she would have been betrothed to Jon anyway. Instead, she had chosen him and he had chosen her. Her feelings hadn't changed- in a way they grew stronger.

"Aye, this changes nothing. You will always be my Queen." Jon said. He would bend the knee a thousand times to prove his undevoted loyalty if she wanted him to. Anything to show her that the iron throne was only meant for her.

Daenerys smiled and took Jon's hand in her own, "You were right." He looked at her with a furrowed brow as she placed his hand over her stomach. "And you'll be our King."

Jon stared at her for a moment before sinking to his knee. He grabbed her hand and kissed the top as tears pricked in his eyes. She was already crying in happiness, for he had given her the one thing she thought she couldn't have, and something that he dared not even dream of; a baby. He held out Longclaw in front of him to begin his vow, "Daenerys Targaryen, My Queen, I will shield your back and keep your counsel and give my life for yours if need be. I swear on the old gods and the new that I will protect you and our child. I renounce my claim on the iron throne. It's yours."

"No," she said. He stared at her in confusion. She tugged on his arm and he reluctantly stood up. "It's ours." While he didn't want the iron throne, the thought of them doing it together made his eyes cloud with lust.

"Marry me," he said instead and she nodded. He kissed her with fervor, and easily picked her up so he could bring her to his bed. The Godswood could wait until the morning.

After, they were fully sated he held her close to him and stroked her little swollen belly. "I hope she has your beautiful eyes and silver hair," he said thinking of a little princess with Daenerys' looks and a spit fire personality. "And that she will rule over a nation in peace, with no threat of the Night King or the Lannisters." He kissed the top of Dany's head, worried for the battle to come. He would do anything to keep her and his child alive, even if that meant he didn't survive. He may never get to see Daenerys take the iron throne or his child being born.

"Visenya," Dany said snuggling closer to him with a sigh of contentment. She had a feeling it was a girl, too. "Arya would like that."

"Aye," he said pulling up the furs around them. "And so would I."