June 5th, 2018

Dear fans and followers,

We have just posted the final chapter to part one (Chapter 31) on our joint account - you will need to head over there to read and follow it! We have decided to move this story in it's entirety to our joint account. Because we do not wish to lose anyone in the transition, we will keep this faux document up for now. We will post here when chapters 30 and 31 are posted on the other account so you have time to make the transition. Our new account can be found at:

www DOT fanfiction DOT net / u / 10283698 /


Username: SnowblindLissaDream


Simply go to my "Favorite Author's" section, and you can find us there, as well.

We have also moved A World Not Fit to Live In and posted a new story entitled Runaway.

All our love for your patience with this transition,

Snowblind12 & LissaDream