Twice Inheritor

By: Bubbajack

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Ch.1: By the hand of Fate.

Six-year-old Izuku Midoriya was making his way home after possibly the worst day of his young life. His friendship with Kaachan felt well and truly dead after today. It was strained to the limit after he found out two year's prior that it was impossible for him to have a Quirk. That becoming a hero like All Might, for him was not possible, was soul-crushing. Then the bullying started. His classmates were lead by none other than his friend. He could endure that. He could stand being called Deku, Useless by his friend. But then, he crossed the line today. By willingly picking on someone weaker than him! The boy didn't do anything to deserve it, but he did it anyway! And when he stood up to him…well, he'd never seen him that angry before.

'I'm not useless! I can still be a hero, and I'll prove it to you and everyone else Kacchan!' The young boy thought to himself on his way home from school.

As he passed a darkened alleyway, he heard some rough voices shout, "Oi, you drunk bastard, apologize!"

Peering into the darkness, he found a dozen Yazuka types with quirks ranging from fire manipulation to quill manifestation surrounding an equally odd group of foreigners. The oldest looking of the group was a tall and lanky man with an ashy complexion and wild gray hair, with spittle dribbling from his chin. He was wearing a lab coat over an off-blue shirt and brown pants and shoes.

Hiding behind him looking more nervous than Izuku himself felt was a boy older than he was, with a mop of brown hair on his head and he wore a yellow shirt with jeans. His eyes darting around in a panic.

While the first two looked average, their companions, by contrast, looked like cosplayers. The older of the two wore was a blocky built older man with slicked back gray hair and a full, if wild looking beard, his eyes crimson glowing pinpricks in the darkness. He wore a dark foreign suit trimmed in gray with white gloves covering his hands. Both of which rested atop an ornate cane.

The last member of the group looked to be a young man in his twenties, elegant facial features, and long red hair. He was garbed in a steel and gold trimmed breastplate, with over the top pauldrons, which were placed over a white kimono.

"C'mon guys, let's teach these foreigners so manners." The one with quills coming out his body said to the others causing them to begin to move forward slowly threateningly.

He didn't even know his legs were moving till he was suddenly in front of the thugs, his whole body shaking in fear, yet he stood firm. "L-L-Leave th-them a-a-alone!"

"Eh?" The yazuka paused collectively seeing a little kid come out of nowhere. Before moving forward once again, and the leader growled out, "Get outta the way brat! The old drunk owes me for puking all over my shoes."

"T-That's a p-poor e-excuse, f-for hurting p-people."

But the delinquents didn't feel like listening. Instead, the one with the quills who had a layer of vomit coating his shoes took a swing at the boy smacking him aside and causing several of said spines to get stuck in his cheek. "I said get outta the way you brat!"

Suddenly the Yazuka found his head smashed into the wall, with one eye staring between two fingers he locked eyes with the red-eyed old man who was grinning at him. Yet it was malicious, and his smile was too broad it showed off just how sharp his teeth were, particularly his canines. When he spoke his voice a deep jovial timber, "Now lad, I realize my friend upset you-"

This caused the scientist to scoff, "Pff, Friend? Don't flatter yourself, you Twi-hard reject. If anything I see you as a potential [Burp] test subject for some of my more dangerous experiments. Meaning you a little bit more useful than my piece'a'shit son-in-law. Cause at least I can expect you to regenerate from a neutrino bomb. Now can we hurry this along? I really gotta take a shit."

"Rick, could you please look at the kid. He was kind enough to help us."

Rick Sanchez turned to his grandson, "Morty, [burp] we can't just go around helping every Grace, Dickhead, and Todd, that shows up in the wrong place at the wrong time. If anything we should be grateful he chose to be a meat shield and use it to our advantage…Like this!"

Rick pulled his Portal Gun from his jacket and proceeded to blast the ground around the Quirk users, causing them to fall into unknown alternate dimensions.

"Sanchez, you say some of the sweetest things." The older man turned his attention back to the punk in his grasp, as an almost palpable bloodlust filled the air, "Now, as I was saying, though my associate vomited on your shoes, that is no reason to harm a child. So be a good little boy, and head on home unless you want to end up like your friends."

Zelretch Kushner Schweinorg, the Old Man of the Jewels, Dead Apostle and holder of the Second Magic then dropped the now terrified wannabe gangster who ran down the alley a prominent stain in the front of his pants.

Turning to the scientist who was still arguing with his grandson he looked over to the young lad who had valiantly tried to defend them, albeit in vain. He had a messy mop of green hair, a smattering freckles dotting his pale face. Several large tines were sticking into the boy's left cheek. Turning to Rick who by now had somehow put Morty in a leg lock he said, "Sanchez, come here and give the boy a once over."

"As soon as Morty says, uncle!"

"Kiss…my…ass…Rick." Morty retorted, who had reached up and wrapped his hands around his grandfather's throat attempting to choke him even as he was sitting on his back, pulling his leg.

"Enough!" The Wizard Marshal's voice boomed through the alleyway having nothing to do with acoustics, shaking the dust off the buildings.

Rick just stared as the vampire's eyes glowed threateningly brighter before looking down at his grandson, who said, "Please Rick?"

Huffing, the jaded scientist got off his sidekick and his way over to the injured boy. Taking a tool out of his coat, he did a quick scan with it before flatly replied, "Kid's got a goose egg on his head, and spines sticking in his face, but other than that, he's okay."

Can you help him, Rick?" Morty who by now had picked himself up off the ground and made his way over asked, concern and worry in his tone.

"I can." Yet he stood there doing nothing.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Morty asked after a moment's pause.

Rolling his eyes, Rick replied, "I said I 'could' help, I never said I 'would.' [Burp]."

Taking him by the coat and shaking him Morty raved at his callous grandfather, "God Damnit Rick! I know he didn't have to, but he tried to help us. That's gotta mean something, I mean, cmon!"

Shoving Morty away, the super-genius replied, "Alright, alright already! I'll help just get off your damn period Morty."

Hand going into his jacket once more, Rick pulled out a familiar syringe Morty Recognized. "Hey isn't that the broken bone formula you got from that one dimension?"

"Yep. I [burp] kept some of it, reverse engineered it, and [burp] then improved it. Now it can fix anything short of death. Observe [burp]."

He pricked the boy in the arm with the needle and injected most of the serum into his veins. Seconds later, the keratin-coated spines popped one by one out of his cheek and the goose egg on his head shrunk into nothingness moments before he awoke with a gasp. "W-Wha-?"

"Easy, you're ok little guy," Morty said easing him into a sitting position.

Shaking his head, to clear it of cobwebs, Izuku asked, "What happened?"

"You got [burp] knocked the fuck out, doing something stupid [burp]. That's what happened." Rick told the boy standing up.

Sirzechs who had remained quiet this entire time, finally spoke up, "On the contrary, I found him to be quite the courageous little hero."

[Burp] "Of course you did."

Sirzechs continued on as if Rick hadn't spoken, "Yet I can't help but wonder why you would get yourself involved with us?"

Standing up on shaky, nervous legs, Izuku replied, "Y-You were a-all in t-t-trouble. T-that's all-l the r-reason I-I n-n-needed."

Upon hearing this, Zelretch couldn't help himself. He threw his head back and laughed. 'This boy, so reckless, so willing to put himself on the line for others, he reminds me of him.'

Turning his crimson gaze onto the young lad in question, "You remind me of someone I knew once lad. You act just like him. Tell me, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

"Ah-I…I r-really want t-to be a hero, sir."

Hearing this, Zelretch grinned showing his fangs, "Yes, you're just like him."

The young boy suddenly became glum, but I'm not sure if I can though. I don't have a Quirk."

A cough was heard, and Rick rudely interrupted, "It's not like I hate to interrupt your trip down memory lane or anything, but I thought you brought us here because you claimed you found the quote 'best katsudon in the multiverse' end quote."

Smacking his cane into his open palm Zelretch got back on track, "Right, so I did. To Katz-Sedan."

"Katz-Sedan?" Izuku questioned.

"Yeah, you've been there? Is it as good as they say?" Morty asked, having never had Japanese food before much less the 'best in the multiverse.'

"Yeah, you could say that…my mom's a chef there." Izuku admitted.

Zelretch put his hands on his face and exclaimed, "Oh. My. God! Your mom…is the chef…At Kats-Sedan?"


"Well then, what're we waitin' for, lead the way! Consider getting us a bite to eat a thank you for savin' your sorry butt." Rick said grabbing the boy by the arm and dragging him out of the alley only to be stopped by Morty who said, "Rick! We can't take advantage of a little kid!"

Only for Izuku to interject and say, "It's fine. A-After the day I-I've had, s-some katsudon sounds good r-right about now."

"You heard the kid Morty, let's go!"

Thus, the group of five made their way down the street.

By the time they arrived, Izuku had managed to stutter out the history of the Katz-Sedan restaurant. It was owned by the businessman Don Neko. He tried opening two businesses before Katz-Sedan really took off. The first was a pet shop geared towards cats. It went out of business in ten months. So he reinvented the store, turning it into a Sedan dealership. That lasted a year and a half but still ended up sinking. But, before it got bad, he reinvented his store again. Taking leftover bits and pieces from his previous stores he opened up a restaurant.

As they entered, they could see exactly what the young boy meant. Seats out of cars had been converted into booths which circled around the establishment, the legs of the tables consisted of cat trees. The floor was red and black checkered linoleum, and in the middle of the open floor was a giant square flat top grill which had several people cooking over it. Customers could pick what they wanted in their katsudon and then the chefs would cook it right in front of them. It was something the owner picked up when visiting America.

As he walked in with his…acquaintances? Yes, the young boy supposes that would work, he was met by Neko-san himself. He was a balding if kindly and well-meaning man who always looked after his employees and treated both them and their families well, "Ah, Midoriya-kun, how are you?"

"I-I've had better d-days Neko-san. H-How are y-you?" he asked bowing politely.

Looking the boy over and seeing him covered in scorch marks his clothes covered in dust, the owner of the katsudon restaurant frowned but nodded, "Yes I see. Well then, have a seat with your friends, and I'll bring a menu right over yeah? I keep a table reserved in the back just for you."

Izuku's face lit up like a tree on Christmas before he muttered out, "T-thank you s-sir. B-But you don't need to do that."

"Think nothing of it, my boy. I'm sure you'll make good use of it when you bring all your future girlfriends here on dates."

"G-G-Girlfriends? I don't have any g-girls who are my friends…Anymore anyway. And what's a d-dates?"

Laughing awkwardly due to forgetting the young boy's age, Neko-san told him, "You'll figure it out when you're older. For now, just go have a seat. I'll be by in a minute with menus."

Izuku was confused, but he just decided to nod and do as the older man said. Leading the group towards the back were several bright red bucket seats had been set in a circle around a large round table with enough space to seat almost thirty people.

Taking their seats, Izuku ended up in-between the older boy and the man with the cane. 'I don't even know their names.' He realized with a start.

Deciding to rectify that, he pulled on the sleeve of the elderly man with the cane. When prying crimson eyes locked onto his green one's Izuku froze. Yet he smiled like a kindly grandpa, but the effect was ruined somewhat by the grin revealing his canine-like fangs. "What's wrong lad, something on your mind?"

"I-I just realized I-I d-don't k-know your n-n-names."

Giving an awkward little chuckle the elderly man bowed slightly at the waist, and introduced himself, "We did skip that part, didn't we? I am Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. But you can just call me Zelretch. Everyone does."

"I'm Morty, and this is my grandpa Rick." The older boy on Izuku's opposite side commented.

"[Burp] Sup kid?" Rick greeted after taking a sip from his flask.

The cosplayer spoke last, "I am Sirzechs, Sirzechs Louis Cipher."

"N-Nice to m-meet you a-all, I'm Midoriya Izuku…" He then paused for a moment considering his next words carefully before finally saying, "Forgive me for saying t-this but, f-for foreigners you a-all speak j-Japanese p-perfectly."

"I travel a lot," Zelretch replied.

"I'm a polyglot, it runs in the family." Sirzechs chimed in.

"I [burp] created a throat lozenge that can teach anyone [burp] any language."

Izuku looked at the elderly scientist in wonder, "Really?" Seeing him nod apathetically he asked, "Do you have any that would teach English?"

This caused Rick to smirk, "Only four and already looking to cheat the system huh?"

"N-no, I w-was just." Izuku tried to deny only for Rick to ruffle his hair affectionately and say, "Good for you kid. You recognize school for what it is, a bunch of crap used to indoctrinate children, and teach 'nem a bunch of bullshit."

Reaching into his coat pocket, Rick pulled out a rainbow colored lozenge, and forcing it into Izuku's mouth said, "Hope you don't mind tutti frutti, English is kinda the bastard love-child of a lot of languages, so it tastes like that."

"Oh, and what's Japanese taste like?" Zelretch inquired his crimson eyes gleaming with mirth as Izuku started choking, his face turning a hue of blue.

"If you must know, it tastes like grilled fish and soy sauce. I wonder what vampire tastes like. Care to donate so I can find out?"

"We taste like ash and mildew, or so I've been told by a friend of mine."

Rick nodded before taking a swig of his flask while Morty proceeded to smack Izuku on the back, "I bet you [burp] do taste like ass."

"Ack." After a final good whack on the back from Morty Izuku finally managed to swallow the lozenge that had been trapped in his throat.

"You ok Izuku?" seeing the boy nod, Morty turned to his Grandpa and said, "Rick you almost killed him! Not cool man!"

"Almost only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and [burp] attempted murder Morty."

Before the boy could retort, Don came back with their menus. "I'll give you a moment to look this over. But before that, drinks?"

"Do you [burp] serve sake? Cause I'll have some of that. When in Japan do as the Japanese do right, eh, amirite? Hehe you know I am."



The waiter and proprietor's smile seemed forced before turning to the young boy and saying, "How exactly did you meet such a…colorful cast of characters Izuku-kun?" Before telling the men, "Yes we do serve sake."

"He was kind enough to help us out of a rough spot with some delinquents on our way here," Zelretch informed the man.

"Wubba Lubba Dub-dub! Let's get smashed! Sake in the house! [Burp]!"

Shaking his head at Rick's enthusiasm, Don turned to the two minors, "And you two?"

"Soda?" They both said at the same time.

"Coming right up." He scribbled on his menu before walking off.

After he walked off, Rick asked his host, "So, anything, in particular, you'd recommend kid?"

"I'm a fan of s-sauce Katsudon myself. They smother the pork cutlet in Worcester sauce."

"Well, I know what I'm getting." Rick leaned back in his bucket seat, hands on his head, placing his feet up on the table as he did so.

"Have you decided?" Don asked returning with their drinks and shooting Rick a mild glare for having his feet on the table. Something the old foreigner completely ignored as he was currently too invested in picking his nose.

After their orders were placed, the Wizard Marshal turned to his mousy host, "Midoriya, I have a question for you."

"Y-yes Zelretch-san?"

The Dead Apostle Ancestor chuckled, "Just Zelretch is fine." His grandfather façade dropped, and his face and tone suddenly became deathly serious, "Just how far are you willing to go to become a hero? Would you endure great pain, suffering, and emotional turmoil just to have a chance to achieve your dream?

"I-I-"Izuku locked eyes with the elder vampire his gaze firming, all fear and hesitation leaving him. When he next spoke, his tone was clear and unwavering, "I will do anything to become a hero. To save people with a smile, that is my dream!"

The intensity in his eyes wavered, and the shakiness returned as he asked, "W-why do you a-ask, Zelretch-san?"

Just then, their food arrived, and the Old Man of the Jewels replied, "I'll tell you after we eat."

As Izuku graciously accepted his meal, he couldn't help but wonder what the odd man wanted to say to him in the back of his mind.

Plates, empty sake jugs, and four glasses of soda were stacked in the middle of the table while the now satisfied occupants picked at their teeth with toothpicks. Rick let out a contented sigh, "Ya know, I had my doubts considering this recommendation was coming from a walking corpse, who's even more of a piece of crap than me but after trying it myself-Best-Katsudon-in the multiverse. [Burp!]"

"I'm glad you enjoyed my cooking, sir."

Izuku's eyes lit up upon hearing that voice, "Mom!"

Sitting up, the foreigners beheld Inko Midoriya for the first time. She was a curvaceous woman with pale skin and violet eyes in her early thirties, with her midnight black hair tied up in a simple ponytail. She was wearing a pink uniform with a frilly white apron.

Morty was the first to regain his wits, "Thanks for the food Mrs., it was awesome."

"It's no problem young man it's good to see my son making friends. Tell me how did you all meet?"

Izuku jumped in before anyone could speak up, "T-they needed directions here, and I was on my way anyway after s-school so I-I showed them the w-way h-here."

Mentally sighing, the young boy was glad he could spare his mother any undue duress. That was, until…

"Yeah, after you got knocked the hell out by a bunch of thugs for trying to be a hero. [Burp!]"

"Izuku…" Seeing the tears gathering in her eyes, he tried to explain, "Well, I-I saw them in trouble, and I couldn't just sit by and do nothing."

"And the next thing you're going to say is, you could've gotten hurt!" Zelretch said while pointing a finger at the elder Midoriya.

"You could've gotten hurt!" Inko blinked staring at the grinning elderly man with the cane, "How did you do that?"

"Years of practice. Now, Midoriya-chan, I would just like to point out that your son is fine. He what he did was very foolish yes."

He paused, and Inko picked up where he left off chastising her son, "Especially since he doesn't even have a-"

"I know!" Izuku cut his mother off, raising his voice to her for the first time in living memory. "I know I don't have a quirk, I know I can't do anything! But if I stood by and did nothing, how could you expect me to look at myself in the mirror the next day or any day after?"


Before a touching moment between mother and son could occur, the Wizard Marshall cleared his throat and announced, "About that talk, I wanted to have with you Midoriya-chan. What if I told you that my…Quirk allowed me to give you superpowers?"

"Give me superpowers? A Quirk?" Seeing the man nod he gripped him by the collar of his coat and all but yelled, "Can you really do that?!"

"I can."

"Why?" It was Inko who asked this. It's not that she wouldn't be grateful for this man for helping her son, but for him to seemingly appear out of nowhere and apparently grant a miracle seemed almost…Too fortuitous to be believed.

"Well I have to pay him back for his aid, directions, and free food somehow don't I?"

"Free food?!" Izuku inquired panicked. He knew he didn't have any money on him, and even if he did, Izuku also knew he didn't have enough to pay their collective tab.

"But of course! Your money's no good here kid, not when your mom's the reason for my success."

Looking past his mother, Don standing behind her wiping his hands on his apron. "The food is free…the amount of alcohol you all consumed on the contrary…"

In response to this, a rainbow colored portal the size of a vinyl record with various shapes fading in and out of view disappeared only for a stack of yen to fall out and into the man's waiting palm. Taking several thousand yen from the pile, he tossed it on the table looking at the owner questioningly.

"That'll cover it, though I would ask that you not use your Quirk in public, it's illegal you know? Plus, you're scaring my customers."

Glancing around and seeing his fellow diners looking at him nervously Zelretch laughed and said boisterously, "My friend, out of everyone at this table, I am the least dangerous. That honor goes to the crazy scientist here."

Said crazy scientist flipped him the bird and said, "Fuck off, you can't prove shit."

"You turned flies into the dominant species on earth in one dimension on a whim." Zelretch's tone was deadpan flat.

"Hey, hey, I was trying to create an eco-friendly way to get rid of the trash. I just miscalibrated the potency of the growth hormone that's all." Rick retorted arms cross defensively over his chest, a scowl on his face.

"The flies killed everyone." The Wizard Marshal reminded him.

Seeing everyone looking at him horrified, flipped them the double deuces and said, "Fuck you all I'm not beholden to any of you." Turning to the vampire, he said, "Now, are you gonna do this or not? Hurry up cause I really gotta take a shit."

"Umm, the bathroom is over there." Inko pointed out.


With that, he got up and left towards the back. "Wait Rick-ah man." Turning to the mortified looking woman, he said, "I'm sorry about my grandpa, he's been like this for as long as I've known him. To everyone. So please, don't take it personally."

Frowning sympathetically, Inko thought 'What could possibly make a man so callous jaded?' Giving the young boy a pleasant understanding smile, she replied, "No need to trouble yourself Morty-san, I understand."

The sound of cracking knuckles was heard, and a moment later Zelretch placed a hand on Izuku's unruly mop of green hair, grinning like a loon he said, "Well let's get started!"

"Wha-no wait!"

But the vampire paid his protests no heed, instead intoning, in a profound and powerful voice, "The Infinite Spiral, viewed through broken stained glass. Regimes Rise, and Fall. Some endure, others Collapse. Heroes become Villains, and Villains, Heroes. For every choice a consequence. One choice. A million different outcomes! The tree forks with every decision. I can see it all…Infinite patterns. Unknown Civilizations. Lost Histories. All thanks to my, Kaleidoscope!"

Then there was a flash of Rainbow-hued light…

When Izuku next opened his eyes, he found himself laying in the lap of an unknown woman. Seeing him awake, she smiled lazily and said, "Ah, you're awake, good."

Sitting up Izuku looked around in confusion. He now found himself in a lavish traditional Japanese estate. A pool with two koi fish circling each other was just in front of him and just beyond the perfectly manicured lawn was a grove of bamboo that stretched beyond the height of the outer wall.

Returning his gaze to the woman upon whose lap he was resting upon he took in her form. She looked beautiful as she did elegant. Inky black hair framed her pale, aristocratic face, with eyes like a shadowy dark void staring warmly back into his green. She wore an off-white furisode-style kimono, long billowing sleeves trailing down from her arms, with images of wheat expertly woven into the fabric. A red obi with red tassels held the garment closed around her waist.

She had a warm yet knowing look in her eyes much like he had seen older siblings give their juniors in matters they had greater experience in. After a moment of looking into each other's eyes, the older of the two giggled, "You sure are a strange one aren't you Izuku-kun?"

"Me, what about you…who are you by the way?" the young boy asked, curious as to how she could've known his name.

She smiled like a Cheshire cat, "I'm," A pause like the void filled the space between her answer. "Ryougi Shiki."

He nodded accepting it as quickly as one did breathing without question. A comfortable silence fell between the two, and they enjoyed the quiet. The night was cool yet not cold, even with the light breeze present. Finally, Izuku asked, "So, uh, do you happen to know why I'm here?"

"Who knows?" Shiki said with a noncommittal shrug. "But if I had to guess, it has to do with the meddling of a particular old man."

Izuku nodded not having it in him to disagree with her at all. She was right anyway, Zelretch was the reason he was here right now. His gaze settled on the spiraling koi fish. Around and around they went. Back and forth, a circle. No beginning and no end. It was both calming and hypnotic.

"A lot of things are like them you know?"

"Hmm?" he asked turning a quizzical gaze back to her.

Nodding, she explained, "Things are circular. Like the koi fish or two sides of a coin. I also believe that humans are naturally inclined to be evil."

"I don't-"He stopped when she raised her hand, allowing her to finish.

"But just because I believe that, doesn't mean I'm not rooting for the heroes. It does make one wonder about the why though."

Cocking his head to the side, Izuku inquired, "Why?"

"Yes, why are some inclined to do good and others evil? Also is one who does evil truly doing it for the sake of doing evil or do their actions have good intentions?"

Seeing she was confusing the young boy she gave a simple easy to understand example, "Say a man steals food from a store. He doesn't have money to pay for it, but he only does it, so he and possibly his family doesn't starve. He broke the law, so he should be a villain. Yet, his intentions were not evil, merely for self-preservation."

Izuku found himself conflicted. Yes, what the man did was wrong, but if someone did it for reasons like that then…

"I couldn't consider that person a villain no. If anything I would offer to pay for the bread, so he doesn't get in trouble."

Shiki smiled warmly seemingly satisfied with his answer. She then continued, this time more introspective than before. "Another example would be this. One person's Villain can be considered a Hero by another. Take the Vigilantes' for example. Heroes and Villains, they need each other. One cannot exist without the other. In order to remember an existence, one must first abandon the existence. In order to save an existence, one must forget the existence. Longing and return are two sides of the same coin. Just like life and death. It's a Paradoxical Spiral."

She then gave an awkward little laugh, "I apologize. Most of that must've gone right over your head. Just forget about it alright?"

But Izuku Midoriya was smarter than Shiki Ryougi was giving him credit for. Though young, he understood the gist of what she was saying it made him pause. It made him think. He began to mutter to himself. Something he did unconsciously when he was nervous or trying to figure something out. "She's right. Without Villains, Heroes would be out of a job. But with Villains, comes danger to people. I never really thought about why villains did what they did before though."

As his head filled with such conflicting thoughts, his eyes began to droop. Shiki immediately took notice. "Maybe you should lay back down?"

Izuku didn't think twice about accepting her offer so caught up in his thoughts was he. Yet even distracted as he was, he couldn't help but ask, "Shiki-san, is this a dream?"

"Who knows?" She shrugged, "But if it is, it's pleasant for the both of us."

Izuku nodded his eyes growing heavy, but he still managed to ask one final question, "Will I see you again Shiki-onēsan?"

Stroking her hand through his green locks, Shiki told him, "We will."

He smiled moments before nodding off. Shiki placed a kiss on his brow, moments before his body faded away like a mirage. Shiki Ryougi stared off into the night. Her serene smile never leaving her face.

The pain was the first thing Izuku felt. Mind-numbing, and intense enough to awaken the primal part of his mind. He couldn't even cry out as his throat seemed to just seize up. He wanted to escape the pain, yet it was impossible. As it felt like someone had stabbed him in the spine with almost thirty red-hot iron rods. The closest thing he could compare it too was all the times Kaachan had used his explosions on him only about ten times more potent.

Such was his agony that he didn't even register the needle piercing his flesh, but he felt the wave of relief it brought him. Finally able to release a pain filled groan he managed to crack his eyes open and hissed at the brightness of the lights. After trying and failing several times to form a coherent sentence, he managed to get out, "What hit me?"

"Kaleidoscope has its kinks. Especially when used on someone else." The voice of Zelretch replied, sounding only a little bit sympathetic.

"Oh geez Rick, is Izuku gonna be ok?"

"He'll be okay Morty, you moron. Quit your bitching. I injected him with the good stuff…again."

Izuku, are you alright dear?" Izuku heard his mother's voice and what he assumed was her hand on his shoulder.

"I'm having trouble seeing at the moment, everything's too bright. Help me sit up please?"

Several pairs of hands pulled him into a sitting position. Izuku blinked owlishly giving himself time to adjust. The first thing he saw once his vision finally came into focus was Zelretch looking at him curiously, "Well, that wasn't supposed to happen."

"The pain?" the youth asked, having regained his wits now that said pain had been toned down to a dull if throbbing, ache.

"No, that's normal, I'm talking about your eyes. That's unusual."

Fear shaking his voice he asked, "W-what's wrong with my e-eyes?"

In response, Zelretch spawned a mirror, uncaring of Don's squawk of indignation, and held it out for the boy to see. Shakily taking it, he leaned forward, he gazed at his reflection. His eyes were green completely green. Both iris and pupil had been turned a vibrant emerald green. Izuku let out a sigh of relief. 'I thought it was something serious.'

"You had me scared there for a minute Zelretch-san. My eyes do look different, but it's not super noticeable."

"Oh?" The vampire said knowingly, before pulling some foreign change from somewhere and showing him both sides. One had a human head and the other an eagle. "I'm going to give this coin a toss, and I want you to tell me what it's going to end up on. Heads or Tails."


"Just do it, it'll confirm my suspicions." With that said, the Wizard Marshall tossed the coin into the air.

Focusing on the coin as it made its ascent, both results appeared in his mind's eye. Various other factors like rotation speed and height were taken into account, and then, the image of the result appeared in his mind's eye. "Tails."

It landed in Zelretch's outstretched hand, it was tails. Grinning he did the same thing nine more times. Every time, he called the result, and every time, he got it right. Then, the crafty old man added another coin.

This time, he saw four different outcomes. Panicking he picked at random this time. "Left is heads, right is tails!"

Much to his surprise, he got it right. The exercise was repeated four more times to the exact same result. Finally, Rick asked what everyone was thinking, "How the hell is the kid doing that?"

"Just as I expected. When I gave you your powers, everything didn't…settle in properly. Nothing bad is going to happen of course, but it's given you a unique skill. A particular set of eyes."

Rifling through his bag, Izuku pulled out his notebook and flipped to a specific page. "You mean like Eraserhead? He's a hero who can cancel out other people's Quirks on eye contact. They said to turn red when he does."

[Burp] Mind if I take a look at that notebook kiddo?"

Seeing no harm in it, but slightly nervous about what the man would make of his hobby, he handed it over to the mad scientist. Who began flipping through it as the Wizard Marshalln explained, "What you've got there lad, are a rare set of eyes. So rare in fact, that only one person has ever had them before you."

He paused for dramatic effect and then said, "Miyamoto Musashi."

Izuku felt his jaw drop. Even though Quirks and Heroes had become the norm over the last two-hundred years, the name of Miyamoto Musashi was still highly regarded. As he was venerated to this day, as the Saint of the Sword. "Y-You're kidding right?"

"I am not. These eyes are the Empyrean Eyes also known as the Eyes of Heaven. The reason you always got your guesses right, is because these eyes not only allow you to see the future but influence their outcomes through sheer force of will."


"Yes, you've got a pair of good eyes now, but that doesn't mean a damn thing unless you know how to defend yourself which brings us to our next topic. Getting you some proper teachers."

"Wait, what?"

Grinning the Dead Apostle Ancestor replied, "I'll explain once we arrive."

"What do you-" Izuku didn't get a chance to finish as a multi-hued portal opened beneath him swallowing him whole.

He landed with a small thud, sitting up he found himself in what was unmistakably a dojo. Long polished wooden floors stretched to the far wall, where several katana sat. The place was lit by the slowly fading rays of the sun casting the place half in shadow. "While this place is amazing, why did that madman send me here?"

"That's an excellent question." A strong if elderly voice agreed.

Spinning on his heel, Izuku turned and gasped. Two old men were sitting a shogi board and a small tray of tea between them, their gazes locked on him. The first had a head of spiky silver hair complemented by bushy eyebrows and a thick mustache, piercing blue eyes peered out from his tanned weathered and lined face. He was wearing a simple black shirt and white shorts.

The other had gray streaks in his hair, which was up in a topknot. He had a long jagged scar on the left side of his face, trailing from his temple to the end of his chin crossing over his eye. He wore a hooded red cloak over a black haori which covered a plain white kimono and hakama pants.

Izuku being the hero nerd he was, recognized them instantly. They were the First Generation Heroes before Quirks became prevalent. Silverfang and Atomic Samurai. Both also went by their names of Bang and Kamikaze.

"Your S-Silverfang and A-A-Atomic Samurai!"

They both adopted looks of surprise when he called them by their hero names. Bang then spoke, his tone kindly and grandfatherly, "My, my I'm surprised one as young as you knows about us old relics. Most kids your age look up to Heroes with flashy Quirks like All Might."

"W-while I do l-look up to All Might. I r-really look u-up to y-you two as w-well." A look of shock crossed the young boy's face, and he suddenly bowed saying, "I'm sorry, I d-didn't introduce m-myself! I'm Midoriya Izuku! It's an honor to meet you both!"

This caused both retired heroes to chuckle, and Kamikaze then said, "No need to be so formal kid, we're retired. But we're curious as to how you know that meddlesome piece of crap vampire."

"Vampire? You mean Zelretch-san?" Seeing them nod, he replied, "He said something about getting me training and teachers then I'm here."

Kamikaze shared a look with Bang, "You don't think he means?

"Probably, yes," Bang replied.

Suddenly a multi-colored portal opened, and the Wizard marshal stepped through saying, "COMING THROUGH A PORTAL LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!"

'There's nothing normal about coming through a portal out of nowhere.' The three thought simultaneously.

Grinning like a loon, Zelretch said, "I see you three have become acquainted." Speaking directly to the retired heroes he said, "I assume you figured out why I brought him here already?"

"You want us to train him." Bang said, shocking the young boy, "Not that I'm opposed to the idea, but why him?"

"It would amuse me. Plus Izuku, a boy with no Quirk, really wants to be a hero. I thought it…appropriate that he be trained by you two."

The two heroes turned to the boy in surprise, and Atomic Samurai asked, "Oi, kid, is it true? Do you really intend to try and become a hero without a quirk?"

"Y-Yes, sir. It's why I look up to you two. You were Heroes without Quirks meaning its p-possible even for s-someone like me to become a Hero."

Upon hearing his answer, Kamikaze tossed the boy two things. An apple and one of his swords. Seeing the questioning look he was receiving, the samurai said to his would-be pupil, "Take that sword and cut the apple. Depending on how well you do, I might decide to teach you a thing or two."

Izuku picked up the sword first, feeling drawn to it for lack of a better term. He pulled it out of its sheath and looked at it. The sword, Hocho Toshiro was an heirloom of the Ashikaga shogunate, forged almost seven hundred years ago in the year 1569. It had a two shaku and seven sun long blade that had been folded over several times during the forging process giving it a ripple pattern on the edge. Possessing simple circular guard made of solid iron, with the grip wrapped in genuine rayskin and silk cord. Two brass pegs held the blade securely to the handle, with an iron cap on the end.

Simple, elegant, and deadly. The blade was thin and sharp like a kitchen knife. This sword had spilled much blood in its day, mostly human but also the blood of inhuman things. Due to its bloody history, it had a thirst for blood and a desire to cut things into mincemeat.

Izuku didn't question how he knew all of this. To him, it just felt normal, much like breathing. A human didn't question why it happened. It did and was accepted as normal.

Placing the blade back in its scabbard, he held it loosely in his left hand before picking up the apple. He gave it a quick toss into the air. In one smooth motion, his legs spread bent slightly at the knees, his right hand rested on the sword, and he turned his waist slightly. When the fruit reached the apex of its toss, it stopped. He drew.

Dozens of transecting flashes of light crisscrossing over each other happened in mere moments. When the apple finally did hit the ground, it did so in finely cubed bits. Silence reigned in the dojo as both retired heroes stared in shock. Atomic Samurai in particular. After all, it wasn't every day you saw some kid perfectly replicate his signature Atomic Slash. Managing to pull himself together he grinned like a wolf saying, "Well, I think I've made up my mind."

Izuku waited with bated breath for the hero to speak. Finally, he did, "You'd better show up here tomorrow after school,n understand?"

Grinning from ear to ear, he bowed at the waist and said, "Y-Yes sir! I p-promise I won't d-disap-point you!"

"I'm sure you won't. Before you go." He disappeared and came back with a brochure to the dojo Atomic Waterfall Slashing Rock.

'They just combined the names of Bangs combat style and his Signature Move.' Izuku thought to himself feeling sorry for the two men. But now he knew it was located just a short train ride away in the Aichi prefecture with the address only a few blocks from the train station.

"I-I'll be here."

"Excellent. Well, lad time to get you back to your mom before she floods the place with tears." Without another word, Zelretch opened up another glowing portal and tossed the boy through it by the scruff of his neck before walking through himself. Only to stop when Bang said, "What would you have done if we refused to train the boy Vampire?"

"I would have reminded you that you both owe me a favor. Teach the kid. Do a good job, and we'll call it even eh?"

"Saitama is he still…?" Bang questioned.

"Still fighting? Yes. But even he can't keep it up forever. To kill such a concept you need a stronger concept."

Bang nodded, "I see."

With that, the wielder of the Second Magic walked out of their lives for the second time in twenty years.

When he arrived back at the Katz-Sedan, Izuku was immediately squeezed almost into unconsciousness by his own mother. She began to shoot off questions in rapid-fire. "Izuku are you alright? Did you get hurt? What happened? Did that strange man hurt you again?"

"Air!" He pleaded.

She released him, and after he caught his breath, he answered, "Yes, no, I got to meet two of my favorite heroes next to All Might who chose to take me on as their apprentice, and no."

Inko released a sigh, "Thank goodness."

Looking past his mother, he spotted Rick who was now sporting a couple of lumps. Sirzechs was looking rather smug. "What happened to you Rick-san?"

"I was-ah, convinced to help you with this whole hero thing." Sirzechs snickered.

"I would've done it anyway. You're one smart cookie kid." He said while handing him back his notebook, "Not on my level of course, but still. So here's the deal. You scratch my back I'll scratch yours. In other words, you help me with the occasional problem, and I can make with the super science and make you things like armor or whatever. Deal?"

Rick held out a hand, which Izuku shook vigorously, "Deal Rick-san! Thank you so much!"

"Yeah, yeah, leggo my arm-o. Where the hell is that nutjob…He ditched us didn't he?" Rick's tone was flat.

Sirzechs nodded, "That sounds like him…I don't suppose you'd be willing to give me a lift back home?"

Rolling his eyes, Rick replied, his tone drier than Death Valley in the middle of summer, "Sure, why not? I'm being super charitable today."

"Thanks." He then turned to Izuku and said, "I may have some work for an aspiring hero in the future. If something comes up, you'll be the first person I call. How's that sound?"

"G-great! I-I'll do my best if y-you need me S-Sirzechs-san."

Ruffling his hair, the Daimou replied, "I'm sure you will good luck in your studies Izu-kun."

Rick then pulled out his Portal Gun and shot it into the floor. "First stop the ninth circle of hell."

Izuku was beginning to think Rick-san had a rather morbid sense of humor calling wherever Sirzechs called home hell. 'Is it New Jersey? One of the few times he's ever called home, dad said that place was hell on earth. Something about a terrifying monster called a Snookie. Whatever that is.'

Regardless he didn't get a chance to ask as Sirzechs cannonballed into the green portal. Once he was gone, the portal closed, and Rick hit a few more buttons saying to his Grandson, "Say goodbye Morty, we're leaving."

"Seeya later little buddy. We'll be in touch." Was all Morty could get out before Rick dragged him backward into the portal.

Izuku couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. Within the span of a few hours, he'd made quite a few friends, got some kind of superpower that still needs to figure out, has two of his favorite Heroes taking him under his wing, and could even get some experience under his belt in heroism. Yes, indeed things were looking up…If he had even an inkling of what kind of hell he would be in for over the next few years, he would've run in the other direction. Very far, very fast.

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