Hey guys, something new again. This might be a one-shot but if you guys like it enough I can make it a small series. It's gonna have a few messed up themes here and there but it will all tie itself together... eventually. Anyways, I hope you enjoy. If you have anything you might want to see for a one-shot, go ahead and pm me. And, as always, I own none of this.


Hey there guys, I'm... Who am I again? Oh, that's right, I'm Jaune Arc, nice to meet you.

Anyways, I'm out at this bar getting wasted before I have to go to this school my dad always told me about.

Something to do with a spotlight, or something.

But yeah, I'm here drinking anything they've got on tap and getting wasted because I know for a fact tommorow is gonna be hell. How do I know? Because school is where dumb people go to learn, which means I'm probably going to be surrounded by idiots.

I'm leaning against the counter hanging out and waiting for some random bar fight to happen. Why? Because they're fun to watch.

Then I see the really hot blonde girl walk through the door, I would totally aproach her, but she's probably looking for trouble.

I see her start talking to my pal Junior about something, but then she does the unthinkable.

She grabs him by his... well y'know and starts talking about she needs info. I guess I should step in.

I start walking over so I can get her to let go of my source of drinks, "Hey, do you think you can let go of Junior please, I really doubt that's comfortable." I say with a slur in my voice. What, I've been drinking since this morning.

"This guy owes me some information, if he doesn't tell me what I want to know, some stuff might happen to his future, if you catch my drift." The blonde chick says, is her hair naturally long?

"Well, he's my source of drinks, so I'll ask you nicely. Let go of my bartender or your gonna lose an arm." I say, I'm not fucking around today.

She seems to have some gauntlets, "Is that a threat?" she says.

"Yeah, it is. Now, do you want to take this outside, or do you want all these people to see me whoop your ass?" I say as I pop my knuckles.

"Lets take this outside." She says with a determined face, if she weren't trying to crush Junior dick a minute ago I would have bought her a drink.

As we walk outside something I notice about her gauntlets is that they take shotgun ammo. That means they have to reload eventually. Good.

Once we're on the sidewalk we stare each other down, ready to tear each other apart.

"You can keep your gauntlets on if you want, you won't be needing them after I'm done." I say. She fucked with my drinking supply, I won't let her get away with it.

"Funny, I was gonna ask if you wanted me to take them off." She says, why the fuck is she smirking?

She rushes me and throws a large series of punches, to which I dodge most of them, except the last one.

With that, I go flying into a wall nearby and she starts walking away.

"Who said I was done?" I say as I get up. She seems surprised, what do I have something on my face?

I rush towards her with nothing but my bare fists and throw a few punches, nothing that will keep her occupied for too long.

She dodges a few, but I still got my hits in.

Now she's starting to use her gauntlets from a distance and she's using her ammo, good.

She takes a few shots at me that are aimed for my legs. I jump over her shots and rush her.

With one good punch to the ribs I send her flying back into a wall. She gets back up and starts shooting again, and then I hear the magical noise.

Click, Click.

She's out of ammo. She starts to reload by throwing up two rolls of shotgun shells, She throws up her arms to catch them.

With that, I see opportunity. I rush her and grab her arms and sweep her legs from out beneath her.

Now I have her arms behind her and her laying on the ground.

"Now are you done? Because I have a drink to get back to." I hear her grunt, I guess I have to give her some insentive.

"Y'know, I hear aura doesn't fix dislocated arms very well. It would be a shame if a lady, such as yourself, dislocated her arm. Don't you think?" I say, that should be enough.

"Alright, fine, you win. Now let me up!" She doesn't sound too happy, wonder why?

"What will stop you from going back in and messing with my drinks, I mean the club?" I say.

"You have my word as a huntress in-training, now let me up you drunken bastard!" The Blonde girl says.

"Your a Huntress in-Training? Whats your name Blondie?" I say as I help her up, kinda weird to say blondie when I myself am blonde.

"The name is Yang Xiao Long and yes I'm a huntress in-training."

"Nice to meet you, although, maybe it was a little much with the whole 'punching you in the ribs' thing. My bad."

"Yeah, still stings a little. What's your name drunky?"

"Hey, I'm not a drunk! I'm a Pirate. And the names Jaune Arc."

"How are you a pirate?" She says, I'll explain.

"Drinking Rum before noon doesn't make me a drunk, it makes me a pirate."

It must have been funny since she's laughing. It takes a few minutes for her to regain her composure.

"Whatever makes you sleep at night drunky."

"Hey, we just had this discussion, I'm not a drunk! But since we're on the topic of drinking could I interest you in a drink?" I ask. What? It's best to offer someone a drink after whooping their ass, it's common etiquette. What do you mean it's not?

"Nah, I got to get ready for school tommorow, maybe some other time." She says, yeah she's got a good point, plus I'm pretty damn tired after those... how many drinks did I have?

"Yeah, I've got school too, doesn't school just suck?"

"Yeah, it does. Well, I'll see you around drunky." She says as she gets on her motorcycle.

"See you around, hopefully next time you'll actually hit me to the point where I won't get up."

That seems to make her chuckle, "See ya." She says as she speeds off on her motorcycle.

"Well, that was interesting" I say as I start walking back to my hotel room. Maybe I'll see her at school? Pfft, probably not.


I have no regrets now that I have written this. I know, this isn't original in any way, I just did it for fun and because it's not done very much and because it's fun. Lemme know what you guys think. Like it? Hate it? Review it and let me know. Cya