Hey everyone! This is my first fic on this site so please don't be hard on me for it! Thanx, I hope ya like it!

     BEEP BEEP! Went the clock as Jimmy Neutron, a smart, lovestruck 16 year old waltzed out of bed slowly.

Jimmy: Shut up stupid clock!

     Jimmy pushed his alarm clock off his side table as he slowly moved towards the closet to get dressed. He put on his clothes, baggy jeans and a blue shirt with a saying on it that said, "Go on, make my day." Unfortunately Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl were still the geeks at school, Lindbergh High School. Carl is still a plump boy, still wearing his same old clothes. Sheen wears baggier pants now, but he still wears goofy old Ultralord T-Shirts. So Jimmy walks down to his kitchen and grabs a piece of toast off the counter, grabs his backpack, and heads off to school.

Jimmy: Bye mom, c ya dad.

Judy: Bye son, have a good day at school!

Jimmy: *mumbling* Sure..

     Jimmy walks to school. He doesn't bother to try to catch the bus anymore because he knows that he will just miss it. So he finally gets to school and walks down the halls to room 119. He walks in..

Mr. Peterson: And so cla..Mr. Neutron?

Jimmy: The name's Jimmy.

Mr. Peterson: Jimmy, why are you late, AGAIN?! This is the third time this week. I suppose you overslept again.

Jimmy: Sorry teach.

Mr. Peterson: Right. Take your seat please.

     Jimmy walks down the third row to the only seat left. He put his book bag down and slumped down into his seat as his eyes wandered around the class. He turned his head sideways to find a girl, about 5'5". She had long blonde hair that tumbled town he back and bright green emerald eyes. She turned her head towards him and she scowled. He just turned with a disgusted face back towards the front of the room to the teacher. This was his main problem. He really liked this girl, but she was "too popular" for him. This girl was Cindy Vortex. Over the years she has avoided him and she always seems to be too important to talk to him anymore. She talked to him, but not that much, and she wasn't intimate about their relationship. She knew that he would stare, so she did stuff to make him stare, but she did this to every boy because they would all stare. Cindy had a boyfriend, Nick Dean. He was the ever-so-popular boy. You can tell that they just went out just for looks because Nick didn't care about her. Jimmy had no luck whatsoever.

     At lunch, he walked to his locker to get his books for the afternoon. He felt a tap on his shoulder; he turns around.

Jimmy: Oh, hey Carl, hey Sheen.

Sheen: Hey Jimmy, what's up?

Jimmy: Nothing really, I'm just getting my books.

     Just then Libby walks down the hall with Cindy. Sheen, fortunately, had a little more luck with girls than Jimmy did, because Libby was his girlfriend. Cindy and Libby were still friends, and they were both popular, which is why Jimmy didn't get why Sheen had a popular girlfriend but Jimmy didn't. In fact, he didn't even have a girlfriend. Along side of him was Carl, but no one expected him to have a girlfriend.

Sheen: Hey babe. What's new?

Libby: Hmm, nothing much. I was just going to lunch. Are you guys coming?

Sheen: Yea, we'll be there in a bit.

Libby: K.

     Libby blows him a kiss and Cindy and Libby walk towards the lunchroom. Jimmy just watches them down the hall.

Carl: Well, let's go Jim. Jim? Jimmy?!

Jimmy: Huh? Oh, okay.

Sheen: Jimmy, what are you looking at?

Jimmy: Oh, oh it's nothing.

     Sheen and Carl just smirk and look at Jimmy with a doubtful look.

Sheen: Get over it Jimmy. Your never gonna get Cindy no madder what you do or try to do. As far as I see it, she's not into guys like you. To her, you're a dork. And popular girls aren't into dorky boys.

Jimmy: Thanks for the reassurance Sheen.

Sheen: I'm not trying to make it sound bad or anything but it's the truth and you're just going to have to deal with the fact that it'll never happen. So just get over it.

Carl: Yea Jim, you have about as much luck as I do in getting a girl.

Jimmy: I'm not going to give up, even if it what you say may be true. I believe that I can get her. One day, I will.

Sheen: Sure Jimmy. Well, let's go.

     So they walk to the lunchroom over to Libby and Cindy's table.

Sheen: Were here.

Libby: You can sit here with us.

     Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen sit down.

Cindy: Hey guys.

Guys: Hey.

Libby: So, what have you guys been up to?

Sheen: Nothing really..just watching Jimmy check out Ci..

     Jimmy comes over to Sheen and covers his mouth right before he can say anything.

Jimmy: Sheen, be quiet!

Cindy: What was he going to say?

Carl: Nothing. I don't think that Jimmy was going to tell anyone anyways.

Jimmy: Right.

     Jimmy goes and sits back down.

Libby: So Cindy, how's your relationship going with Nick?

Cindy: Great, just great.

Libby: You should totally dump him.

Cindy: Yea I will..one day.

     BRINGGGGG! The lunch bell rings and now its off back to class. Jimmy, Sheen, Carl, Cindy, and Libby all head off to Advanced Science. They drift through their classes in boredom. It is now the end of the day and they are all at their lockers getting and putting away books, depending on if they had homework or not. BAM! Jimmy closes his locker with a slam and says a last good-bye to his friends. He is now headed out the door and headed for his walk home. He slowly drifts down the sidewalk and down his street to his house. As he is about to go in, he sees Cindy and Nick across the street at her house. Nick kisses her and then he leaves. He watches Cindy as she waves good-bye to Nick. When Nick drives away, she notices Jimmy standing across the street at his house. Jimmy also sees her looking at him and he waves. She raises her hand and waves back to him. Jimmy puts his hand down and slowly walks inside with a little smile on his face.

Judy: Hi honey, how was school?

Jimmy: Grand, just grand.

Judy: That's good dear. Did you get any tests back?

Jimmy: Yup.

Judy: Did you do ok?

Jimmy: I got A's.

Judy: That's good dear. Go get started on your homework.

Jimmy: OK.

     Of course, Jimmy was still a genius and he still had his lab, and he also still had Goddard. He goes up into his room to find that little playful pup lying on his floor sleeping. As Jimmy opens the door, Goddard wakes up.

Goddard: Ruff ruff!

Jimmy: Hey Goddard. (He sighs)

Goddard: (His screen lights up with words) I suppose your thinking about Cindy again?

Jimmy: Yea. I just don't understand why it has to be this way, I really don't.

Goddard: (Screened words) You'll find love one day.

Jimmy: I really hope that love is her love.

Goddard: (Screened words) People can always dream.

Jimmy: Yea, I guess so.

     Jimmy gets started on his homework and after he finishes aroud 8:30 he goes downstairs to find dinner on the table. He sits down.

Hugh: How was school today Jimbo?

Jimmy: Great Dad.

Hugh: That's good. Say Sugar Booger, are we having pie for desert?

Judy: Yea dear, we are.

Hugh: Yes!

     Jimmy just rolls his eyes at the obvious obsession his Dad has with pie. Jimmy just eats his dinner and heads up back to his room to get ready for bed. He wasn't going to bed but he was just getting ready for bed. After that, he sits at his desk and boots up his computer so he can work on his blueprints for his inventions he's trying to attempt at making. While he is doing that, he looks across the street to Cindy's house and sees the light on in her room. He then sees a figure come into view, and figures its Cindy. As he sees her he just thinks about what it would be like for her to be all his. It was his dream. Then, the figure goes out of view and Jimmy works on his blueprints for his inventions and then he goes to bed.

Will Jimmy find love one day? Will he ever stop looking out his window? I hope you liked the first part of this story and I will write part to A.S.A.P! Thanx!